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Journal Kris_J's Journal: The amazing collapsable social life

I believe that the current preferred financial term is "adjustment", or possibly "correction", but the house of cards I lovingly (and laughingly) refer to as my social life looks about due for a major collapse.

Life's good, don't get me wrong, it's just that some speculative investments aren't paying off and it's time to decide if I cut my losses.

The major disappointment is the West Australian Greens party. From the inside it looks like it's falling apart. That's not to say that elected representatives won't do a good job, but just that the adminstrative structure is ready to implode. Basically it's run like a charity, not a political party.

More generally, I have a bunch of creative things I want to do -- stuff I've always enjoyed -- but I haven't been able to find time for them given the amount of pre-packaged entertainment I consume. World of Warcraft plus a Netflix-like service plus a two-foot pile of books do not leave any time for anything else.

So, the Bigpond Movies trial has been fun, but I won't be buying the service. My World of Warcraft subscription ends a few days into next month and I'll be taking at least a two and a half week break. The Greens can go do their own thing, I'm not interested in giving any more time or money when they're just going to waste it. Add in six strategic annual leave days I'm cashing in over the next six weeks and I might just catch up with all the things I've been neglecting by the end of next month.

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The amazing collapsable social life

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