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Journal mirko's Journal: Geeks & God 13

I was just wondering how many of the Slashdotters were actually Believers, how many were Agnostics, Atheists... For example, Larry Wall is a Christian while Amnon Barak is Jewish. Well, I just wanted to get an unbiaised idea of your relation to ${DEITY}.

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Geeks & God

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  • I'm Catholic, but I think that if they could see inside my head the Church would be unhappy with me. :-) Probably mostly Catholic roots, but with an admixture of Taoist, Bhuddist, and maybe even a little Pagan. The ultimate expression of God is the organizing principle of the universe, something that I see expressed in the creative dynamic and the connection between Truth and Beauty. Not easy for me to explain (yet), but I understand it. I think.
  • and god and i get along just fine, though they'd like it better if i'd stop name dropping.

    meh. Johndiii got me into taoism a bit.

    i don't believe in a big overlord type god. The universe is more a being made of everything the way we are beings made of cells.

    which is why i think good deeds are worth more than plaintive prayers.

    • Hi Sol
      Nice to meet you again.
      I am surprised that relatively many people answered this post, which actually prove they've got something they want to share about it. Good.
      I had formal problems during my whole life too: Using some kind of colorful language is not compatible with people orthodoxy.
      Like Kevin Smith explains in Dogma, what is good is the message. Whatd decided me to get up that early today and to catch a train to pay an hommage to the old Dude in Rome is when I listened to the radio Sunday: A Rabb
  • by grub ( 11606 )

    I'm a hard atheist.

    Was never raised to believe in any particular mythology. My views on religion are quite harsh but you never asked for that much detail :)

  • Agnostic. I've seen way too much in my life to not believe that there's something out there, although I have no idea what's really going on in the grand scheme of things. But I do know in my heart of hearts that there's something going on.

    I'm not a big fan of organized religion, thier viewpoints on god and the universe seem way the hell off (and too limited). Many mistake me as athiestic because of my reaction to many of those who believe in God, whom I am generally _NOT_ a fan of. I'm sorry, but I've been
    • Glad you answered. Really :)
      Frankly, I'm Catholic. I think this is due to my education (born of Cathoholics -poun intended- in a Cathoholic country) now, I just realized when the Pope died that we indeed lost somebody really Great because he managed to make the Message something even obvious for Atheists (I also capitalize their name as we shall all get along)... So I wanted to know how many people did felt a loss after JPII's death.
      • Great because he managed to make the Message something even obvious for Atheists

        Interesting, what message is that? Seriously, I'm not trolling (you are in my friends list ;)), I just viewed JPII as a leader of a religion.
  • recovering christian.

    went from die hard christian to athiest to taoist (yea technically I suppose a taoist could be considered an athiest but dont get picky here).
    • And I'm your foe ?
      I might have trolled you a little too much.
      Sorry, I just love to start absurd discussion as it usually lead to interesting points of view :)
      • lol, honestly, I cant say off the top of my head how you wound up on my foe list (though as you can see, it is a quite extensive list). You probably just managed to say something that infuriated me incredibly ;)

        dont worry, you'll prolly find your way off the list in the future.
        • I don't worry, my Friend, I systematically mark my freaks as people I am fan of.
          I just want to mess this stupid system up. You cannot seriously judge peopel over their internet communication. :)

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