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Journal Hemos's Journal: Weeding

I've been recovering from a summer cold for the last few days, which sucks. Summer colds are the worst, IMHO, because you can see how nice it is outside, and you think that you should feel as nice - but then you just feel run down and achy. So, I've coughed up roughly 50 gallons of phlegm, but am finally starting to feel good again. Now, if my ears would just stop popping, I'd be back on track.

Yesterday, one of the circuits in my house had a short circuit. I called the electricians, they came out and fixed it. But it was definitely a scary feeling - the last time I had something like that happen, the house then burned down a week later. That was the house that I was living in with Dem Bones - not the one with Nate. Nate burned that one. But not really done. Just kinda surface burns. Anyway, I keep expecting the smoke detectors to go off. *sigh*

And in another sign of sibling resembalance, my brother, who's been hanging out with CowboyNeal lately, exhibits the same behavior I do when in Neal's backyard. Weeding. Ah, that's something from my father definitely. Heh.

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