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Journal MrHanky's Journal: Heh 2

Sometimes, during metamod, I find little gems like this. And I have to decide whether 'interesting' is fair. Well, is it? It's definately not correct, but when some dickless pagan with no sense of humour moderates it 'flamebait', it's probably fair to give it an 'interesting' mod. Oh, and the moderation made me laugh a bit as well.

So, brave moderator: Fear not.

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  • I always assume the moderator is being humorous themselves, or trying to boost the karma of the poster (since Funny mods don't boost karma) or maybe both :-)
    • Of course. But I can't metamod 'funny' on an 'interesting' or 'insightful' moderation, only 'fair' and 'unfair'. I was just rationalizing how it could be fair.

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