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Journal Nyder's Journal: just so you stupid mods know...

I am definetly not trolling when I tell AC to log in and post their comment. What I am trying to do, is hopefully get losers to realise that if they log in, even under a different name, that what they say might be more accepted.

But what I'm discovering is the mod points is very much a waste of a system. AC is almost a waste, but I wouldn't call then anonymous cowards, i'd call them dumbshits who aren't smart enought to log in.

I never use AC, and I don't give a fuck about karma. I enjoy slashdot when we got decent posts with comments on topic. I don't mind AC comments, just hate the ones where AC say "Mod this person down, he's a known ...(fill whatever here)" that is stupid. If you got a problem with a person that posts, log in and say it. AC posts like that are a waste. But what cracks me up the most, is people are wasting their points and karma to mod me troll then offtopic (though i'm not sure offtopic takes mod points).

This is why I almost never use my mod points anymore. And it's sad, that suddenly when I post, I get mod points. Like the system is desperate for mods or something. So for everyone person like me, their must be 10 loser with mod points.

This was a good system, now, I'm not so sure. But I do enjoy reading the stories and some comments from people that know (and the slamming the people who know do to people who think they know, but don't.)

Well, Happy fucking Easter to you all, may all your rights disappear since you are sitting back and doing nothing about our corrupt government.

Be seeing you...

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just so you stupid mods know...

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