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Media (Apple)

Journal blanks's Journal: My view of itunes

I saw a post about itunes DRM and wanted to comment, but it was allready saturated. So i'll just post it here.

To start off is with the issues with the Ipod battery,  I dont know if they have fixed this problem, but if they still have the battery hardwired into the system, so if the battery dies as they allways do, you buy a new ipod, very simular to most of apples equiptment, where if one piece breaks, you throw it away and buy it new.

As for Itunes, I only run PC's and I hate items sitting in my application tray,  I only want specific items there, and I dont want to kill off items I dont want everytime I reboot.  Also the last time I ran itunes using my dual 3p 1000 machine, it ran so slow and so poorly, that I couldnt even stand it.

Now, heres my problem with the DRM.

Lets say my cd collection of about 350 cd's I had instead bought on Itunes,  we will say about 12 songs per cd so its about 4200 songs.  I can play them on my PC ONLY with Itunes, or I can burn them to cd instead (defeates the idea of not buying cd's).

What happens when my ipod breaks,  I dont know anyone whos Ipod has lasted for 18 months, and naturally with mac people, they toss it out and buy a new one.

So lets say I say fuck the Ipod, and I buy a different media player, what happens?  or lets say I want to play the media in my car (carputer) or if I want to listen to my music using anything else other then itunes or an ipod.  Your fucked.    Your restricted to a single DRM that restricts you to one piece of hardware, or one piece of software.  Unless you make it into a playable CD, but why bother then!

And finally itunes TOS says you do not BUY the song, you purchase a license that gives you the right to listen to it.  Can you sell this license to someone else?  General opinion on this is no, you can not.
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My view of itunes

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