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Journal Mmm coffee's Journal: YOU ARE AN IDIOT, THEREFORE YOU ARE MY FOE. 1

I have signatures disabled. I loathe signatures, I could care less about people's snippy little sayings or advertisments. They're annoying, I detest them, I do not wish to see them.

Over the past few weeks I've noticed more and more that people are using a fake signature, where they add to the end of thier posts -

This is my idiotic signature blah blah

to get around those of us who have sigs disabled. This. Pisses. Me. Off. I do not want to help you get a "free" iPod. I don't want to know about your shitty web design company. I don't want to see your name appended to every post because quite frankly, unless you're on my friends list I do not give half a shit about you.

Therefore, I have started to put everybody who appends their post with a fake sig in my foes list. This list is set to hit your comments with a -245643 bonus so I never see them. If you are on my foes list and wonder why, it is because you are an inconsiderate moron. Fuck off and good day.

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