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Journal pentalive's Journal: Statement of Though.

1) Trusted Computing - BAD

Trusted computing will destroy the ability of the "little guy" to enter the software market. It will remove the ability from the rest of us to write and enjoy our own software, or gift software from others.

Some of the implications of trusted computing and email and documents are chilling, including a 1984 type ability to "dissapear" other people's documents.

Unfortunatly Trusted computing may be a reaction to copyright violation, or copyright violation may be a convenient excuse. Either way Its comming and it will ruin computers for those of us who program.

Copyright Violation

I think it's ok to move music to new media for your own personal use. Where the trouble begins is where music is shared.

I belive one should abide by the restrictions one agrees to when one obtains a performance. If one agrees not to copy then one should not copy.

Some artists don't mind if you give away thier work, the Greatful Dead for instance, others do.

I also think the use of the labels "Pirate" and "Thief" don't help the discussion, unfortunatly "Copyright Violator" is too long and cumbersome.

Pop Up Adds (and pop behind adds and...)

Ok we asked for these when we insisted on blocking banner adds. I for one would rather have the banner adds. (Well not the blinking flashing ones)


I think spam should not be illegal, but it should be more highly regulated. Spam should be easily filtered and should be marked as to subject. After all at some time I may want to re-finance my home, sometimes not. I wouldn't mind spam at all if I could filter for things I am looking for and filter out uninteresting things.

Each spam should, by law have the following things: and actuall actionable address for the sender, and for the business advertised, and a correct filterable subject.

People reciving Spam missing any of these thing should be able to sue both the sender and the business for a very large sum. A print out of the offending spam-mail should be all that's needed.
And the right to sue should be transferable, If I get a spam that's actionable I should be able to donate the spam to EFF who would then sue in my behalf.


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Statement of Though.

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