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Journal SimianOverlord's Journal: 30/330 1

I have been known to troll the frontpage from time to time. I'm pretty sure it's the only rational response possible to the front page. I draw the line at trolling journals, I have standards. Here are some trolls that I especially enjoyed writing, saved for posterity. Knock yourself out.

The SCO/ butter caper. One of my first, and probably the most successful. I was joking about, and was honestly surprised at how many people seemed to feel the need to respond to this. The people who wrote 1000 word essays correcting an analogy hopelessly flawed by design to begin with are pretty funny.

Some of the best trolls take a point of view you can almost, but not quite justify. I particularly enjoyed the absurd conclusion to this troll about REAL Security Problems. I got 4 new foes after this one, yes, 4 people who FOE someone because they insult Apple owners.

Defending the indefensible is always entertaining. The follow up was somewhat more successful.

I occassionally needed to let off some steam regarding certain geopolitical situations. Consider it therapy.

I felt necessary to remind everyone that we Brits invented the Internet whereas you Yanks are all just evil spammers. Firefox attracts such fanboiism that it irks me from time to time. I turned the stupidity dial up to 11 with this set of posts...

...and left it there: GOOGLE THIEVES, POLITICIANS ARE REPRESSED GAYS, Kerry's spirit impresses me, and ANIME IS OUTSOURCING.

Anyway, that's it. Out of 330 comments, I've made about 30 trolls. I write them because they make me laugh, and I want them to make other people laugh. As far as I'm concerned, posts like the Firefox ones aren't trolls: they're clearly jokes. Unfortunately, some people will just never get it. Some people will hold it against you if they feel you've somehow tricked them. And anyone on this site is going to take karma hits if they try to make people laugh, because +1 Funny doesn't count, but the moron modding -1 Offtopic does. I think its a shame, and it's why I spend more time in journal land than the frontpage, you're just freer to write whatever you want.

P.S. I posted ruined by the GNAA and ruined again, and was vastly amused to see one GNAA member on Wikipedia: Votes for Deletion arguing GNAA was notable because it "cost this one guy his job".
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