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Journal stuffduff's Journal: Slashdot Insurance

Slashdot has it's way of finding things. That's good for me, 'cause I get to find out all kinds of neat things, that I probably wouldn't find out about otherwise. With each member empowered to be a cub reporter of sorts, Slashdot finds its way into everything sooner or later. And when it does, we race for the cliff, herded there with all the furry frenzy of a Walt Disney documentary. The Slashdot Effect is well documented (just Google 'slashdot effect'). And with that power (aka known as the Slashdot DDOS attack) comes responsibility. Perhaps someone could develop the market niche which would address this problem. Slashdot Insurance would provide coverage, for a reasonable fee, to insure both that your bandwidth would be paid for and that your site would remain accessible, by providing monitoring and mirroring as your insured threshold was crossed. It seems that Slashdot would be in the best position to offer said insurance, but I wonder what the RICO statutes would have to say about a company that can offer you protection from the adverse effects of their own business practices?

Hmmmmm..... Maybe this one needs a little more thought. I'll file it with the RFID Shielded Wallet and the RFID currency impersonator and we'll see what happens.

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Slashdot Insurance

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