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Journal shomon2's Journal: xscreensaver::webtxtcollage

text on screens all divided and growing pulsating with text being written by furious typers flaming nine geese a braying writing up validating working pushing papers on their desk. Random channel terms grabbed from /lists from searches from online chats from java and all kinds of plugins, but never for a useful cause except harming the monitor and showing you the never ending typing of people around the world intent bleary eyed fingers wired like extensions in a dreamlike rsi-less world of computing and progress and work and serious talk about emotionless crap. Or blogs, emotional drivel. Teenage angst. And the side project is providing texts for readings text for poetry, disjointed words in freedom for typographic abuse. But the first step is a simple system for putting random boxes on the screen before filling them in with typing from an text based internet source. Access, parse, input, show on screen.

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