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Role Playing (Games)

Journal shomon2's Journal: Fps deathcamp simulation

Map is recreation of existing torture or concentration camp eg San Siro in Trieste where people were brought in under the noses of the locals under the pretense it was food processing. Graffiti and scratches are still on walls and it would make good basis for texture photographing and map building. Half life 2 source engine would be good: you can play as a guard or as a prisoner, and as a prisoner you get no weapon, and are somehow really easily killed. Player skins could be just thin-ness: pale diseased skin, hair falling out, rags and skin and bones, scanned/reconstructed from period photographs of dead people from those camps.

Prisoners have no weapons. Guards could have tasers or machine guns. Period stuff would be best, but actually feel is what I'm after rather than authenticity. Every game is team deathmatch mode. You can have guards with the "not-damage-each-other" bit set so the only thing you can do is kill prisoners if you're a guard. Every prisoner dies if map is run to completion. Objective for guards is to herd prisoners into gas chamber. Objective for prisoners is to stay alive as long as possible.

Could be extended to allow graffiti-ing, or game could be modded to do more with bodies once players are dead. Could be videoed for a machinima event and destroyed.

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Fps deathcamp simulation

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