Submission + - Unusual discovery of new African monkey species ( 1

rhettb writes: In a remote and largely unexplored rainforest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), researchers have made an astounding discovery: a new monkey species. The new primate, which is name the lesula and described in a paper in the journal PLoS ONE, was first noticed by scientist and explorer, John Hart, in 2007. The discovery of a new primate species is rare nowadays. In fact, the lesula is only the second newly discovered monkey in Africa in the past 28 years.

Submission + - MP seeking to outlaw 'written accounts of child abuse' (

Anduril1986 writes: A UK Conservative MP is seeking to expand censorship in another 'think of the children' debate. The plan this time is to make it illegal to possess written accounts of child abuse. According to Sir Paul Beresford, the MP for Mole Valley such writing "fuels the fantasies" of offenders and could lead to the physical abuse of children.

FYI Paul Beresford is the MP responsible for campaigning to make it illegal to forget your encryption keys..

United States

Submission + - The Awful Film That's Ignited Anti-American Fury in the Middle East ( 1

pigrabbitbear writes: "Yesterday a chanting crowd of approximately 2,000 Egyptians stormed the walls of the American embassy in Cairo, while another mob in Benghazi stormed the U.S. consulate there. In Egypt, the mob scaled the embassy and tore the U.S. flag to pieces while raising a black Islamic flag of their own. In Benghazi, RPGs were fired at the consulate which was also set to flames. Twenty gunmen fired rounds and rockets, one of which killed Chris Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya who’s spent the last five years serving there. Three other Americans were also killed on the consulate grounds in Benghazi last night.

Amateurish films funded by religious fundamentalists aren’t uncommon. But translate them into the language of other religious fundamentalists, and you can spark a hell-storm of murderous fury."

Submission + - Eve Online Players Rename Universe To Commemorate Dead Player (

An anonymous reader writes: Sean Smith, Known as Vile Rat in Eve Online was killed in an attack on the US Consulate In Benghazi. While most news agencies lead with the death of the US Ambassador in the same incident the Eve Online community has rallied around Vile Rat. In the game he was a Director and Diplomat for Goonswarm Alliance, and a former member of the Council For Stellar Management. Hundreds of outposts, Starbases and Spaceships are being renamed in rememberance of Vile Rat. Even enemies of goonswarm's current campaign are honoring the passing of this hugely popular player.
The Courts

Submission + - Dutch court rules hyperlinks illegal

Ubi_NL writes: "In today's ruling of Playboy (via publisher Sanoma) vs Dutch blog Geenstijl, the court ruled that hyperlinking to copyrighted material was itself infringement of copyright. The court ordered the blog to remove all links to the infringing links (court ruling in dutch). How this ruling fits into the supreme court ruling that hyperlinks cannot by themselves infringe copyright is still to be discussed, possibly in an appeal. An interesting detail of the case is that the anonymous source that pointed Geenstijl to the images did this from an IP address within the Sanoma organisation..."

Submission + - Journalist goes undercover making the iPhone 5 at Foxconn (

An anonymous reader writes: The news feeds will be filled with talk of the iPhone today, and most of it is probably going to be positive. However, the Chinese new agency Shanghai Evening Post has posted a pretty scathing review of the working conditions at Foxconn, and in particular the iPhone 5 production line.

The agency managed to get one of its reporters a job working undercover in a Foxconn factory where the iPhone 5 is being manufactured for Apple. He spent 10 days there and then wrote up the entire experience to demonstrate just how bad it is for the thousands of workers Foxconn employs.

In summary, the dorms are infested with cockroaches, smell of sweat and foam, and only offer dirty sheets. Facilities are mostly free, but rundown and in need of serious attention. Working conditions are just as bad. Loud machinery and the smell of plastic fills the air while the journalist had to accurately place (within 5mm) one oil dot on an iPhone 5 every 3 seconds for 10 hours. Rinse and repeat. Add to that the 7-day intensive training and 70 penalties that can be incurred compared to the mere 13 rewards that can be earned, and you have a very stressful environment.


Submission + - Chip and pin (EMV) 'weakness' exposed by Cambridge researchers (

another random user writes: A vulnerability in the widely used chip and pin payment system has been exposed by Cambridge University researchers.

Cards were found to be open to a form of cloning, despite past assurances from banks that chip and pin could not be compromised.

In a statement given to the BBC, a spokeswoman for the UK's Financial Fraud Action group said: "We've never claimed that chip and pin is 100% secure and the industry has successfully adopted a multi-layered approach to detecting any newly-identified types of fraud."

Submission + - Over 200,000 Tons of Deep Water Horizion Oil and Gas Consumed by Bacteria (

SchrodingerZ writes: The University of Rochester and Texas A&M University have determined that in the five months following the Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, bacteria have consumed over 200,000 tons of oil and natural gas. The researched was published in the journal; Environmental Science and Technology (abstract available, full text pay-walled). 'A significant amount of the oil and gas that was released was retained within the ocean water more than one-half mile below the sea surface. It appears that the hydrocarbon-eating bacteria did a good job of removing the majority of the material that was retained in these layers," said co-author John Kessler of the University of Rochester.' The paper debuts for the first time 'the rate at which the bacteria ate the oil and gas changed as this disaster progressed, information that is fundamental to understanding both this spill and predicting the behavior of future spills'. It was also noted that the oil and gas consumption rate was correlated with the addition of dispersants at the wellhead . Still an estimated 40% of the oil and natural gas from the spill is still in the Gulf today.

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