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Submission + - Some Plain Talking On Deciding On Factors In Athearn Trains (

titusrtaw writes: Vintage Athearn GP9 Train Set — Model Railroader Magazine — Model Railroading, Model Trains, Reviews, Track Plans, and Forums There was a Milwaukee road GP7-9 set with a silver caboose but the cars were different. The cars you mention were indeed in train sets of different roads, but no match with the M.Road That being said, depending where it was sold and to who, there might have been a switch of those cars to something that the purchaser desired more. If that is not your set, it might be that your set is the one made up with what was left over from the switch. I have checked in the Athearn Guide to Model Trains and also on HOSeeker. But all units do fit into that time period and into sets of those times. Johnboy out........................................... Posted by MisterBeasley on Thursday, December 13, 2012 2:12 PM To the best of my knowledge, this is what my original Athearn set consisted of: There's the Milwaukee geep up front. Mine was a rubber-band drive. Next, a gon filled with some sort of silver cannisters. Then a Burlington reefer and a TOFC with Wabash trailers. The yellow MKT stock car, a bulkhead flat and that silver Milwaukee caboose bring up the rear. I'm pretty sure of most of these, but the Burlington reefer is questionable. Every one of these, by the way, is in running order and most are on my layout right now. The belt-drive GP9 has been gutted and upgraded with a road number and handrails, and has a sound-only decoder. Everything has Kadees. On my project list is repainting and re-decalingthat silver caboose, too. These are old friends to me. When I pulled my trains out of the cardboard boxes they'd lived in for 40 years before I got back to the hobby, it was important to bring them back to life. information acknowledgement: view more The.ars could be obtained in simple kit form, or ready-to-run. On top of that, this web site available now has a good deal more complete S scale trains media in addition to info.In the 1970's Cox trains complete line of HO products consisted almost entirely of Athearn produced items, including F-7A and B diesels, GP-35 diesels, SW-1500 diesels, U28-C diesels, PA-1 and Hustler locomotives. New owners took control in 1994, but continued to follow Athearn's commitment to high-quality products at reasonable prices. A major international hobby distributor, Horizon Hobby is head quartered in Champaign, Illinois . New owners took control in 1994, but continued to follow Athearn's business model. See what Athearn's been upto. In 1980 Athearn released its version of the Fairbanks-Morse Trainmaster. A Practical Overview Of Picking Out Primary Details In Mth Electric Trains — nitaryrsdahl

Submission + - Narendra Modi Biography : NAMO (

An anonymous reader writes: Narendra Damodardas Modi, born 17 September 1950 is an Indian politician who is the 14th and current Prime Minister of India, in office since 26 May 2014. Modi, a leader of the BJP, was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014, and is the Member of Parliament from Varanasi.

Submission + - Why Small Businesses Aren't Spending More on Tech (

JanosG writes: Seems to be a rather trivial statement, but CompTIA thinks tech companies may not be seeing one of factors that would help them sell more products and drive technologies into the business market faster. It even appears that there’s some resistance building toward new tech, because companies don’t understand the way how new tech benefits their bottom line. If tech companies were to better explain the ROI of their products, CompTIA suggests, they could easily remove adoption barriers and sell more.

Submission + - NASA eyes $10 Quintillion asteroid (

kugo2006 writes: NASA announced a plan to research 16 Psyche, an asteroid potentially as large as Mars and primarily composed of Iron and Nickel. The rock is unique in that it has an exposed core, likely a result of a series of collisions, according to Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Psyche's principal investigator. The mission's spacecraft would launch in 2023 and arrive in 2030.

Submission + - Obama's Parting Gift to Trump: Expanded Surveillance Powers (

mirandakatz writes: In his final week in office, President Obama made several feel-good moves that played to his base. He transferred 10 Guantanamo detainees to Oman. He commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning. He donated his children’s swing set to a D.C. shelter. And then he quietly expanded surveillance powers—effectively handing Donald Trump a much easier path toward a frighteningly strong surveillance state. At Backchannel, Ben Snyder examines the legacy of public discourse affecting policy when it comes to surveillance, calling on the media, the tech community, and the public at large to insist that mass, warrantless surveillance is a problem, and demand that it stop.

Submission + - Microsoft to integrate VR directly into Windows 10

SmartAboutThings writes: Microsoft is preparing to set a new operating system standard and revolutionize the tech industry once again. The latest Windows 10 Creators Update build features a Holographic entry on the main page of Settings. This suggest that Microsoft has kicked off the transition to VR. We believe this is only the beginning and the Redstone 3 OS will be centered around VR, just as the Creators Update OS is centered around 3D.

Submission + - Colleges Turn Research Lens On Themselves With New Centers (

jyosim writes: Colleges are good at research. But they've been terrible at using research to improve their own teaching and businesses.

That may be changing. Since the hype around free MOOCs emerged three years ago, a growing number of colleges have set up new R&D units on campus focused on continually improving their practices.

A meeting last week marked a key moment in what leaders hope will be a movement. They brainstormed ways to create tools to help more colleges set up similar centers.

But there was some anxiety over whether these elite colleges will stick with these efforts for the long haul. After all, companies often set up innovation efforts that they later abandon.

The practice is also so new that colleges don't quite know what to call it. "Academic innovation" is the usual, though others say "precision education" or "educational inventors" might be more fitting.

Submission + - Man doxxes laptop thief by taking control remotely and pilfering her Facebook (

drunkdrone writes: A Canadian man took matters into his own hands after his laptop was stolen when he logged into it remotely and posted the thief's misdeeds online. Stu Gale, from Cochrane, Alberta, had his computer swiped after leaving it in an unlocked car and days later received a notification informing him that someone had logged onto the device.

The 51-year-old computer security expert tried to access his computer by beginning a remote connection, which allows someone to connect to and take control of a device from another location. To begin with the thief kept closing the pop-up window, but she eventually left the room, unwisely while still logged into her Facebook account.

Submission + - Star Trek Discovery Gets Delayed Again As Spock's Father Is Cast (

An anonymous reader writes: CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed again as the series continues casting. The revival for the streaming platform has cast James Frain as Spock's father, producer CBS Television Studios announced Wednesday, as sources confirm that the show's planned May debut has been pushed. "Production on Star Trek: Discovery begins next week. We love the cast, the scripts and are excited about the world the producers have created," reps for CBS All Access said in a statement. "This is an ambitious project; we will be flexible on a launch date if it's best for the show. We've said from the beginning it's more important to do this right than to do it fast. There is also added flexibility presenting on CBS All Access, which isn't beholden to seasonal premieres or launch windows." Frain will play Sarek, the famed father of Spock who was first introduced in the original Star Trek and who has made several appearances throughout the franchise's many incarnations over the past five decades. The CBS All Access show features the franchise's Enterprise, now known as the U.S.S. Discovery. The drama will introduce new characters seeking new worlds and civilizations while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966. Star Trek: Discovery was originally scheduled to debut in January and was pushed back to May, with The Good Wife spinoff The Good Fight now set to be the first scripted offering on CBS All Access, the network's VOD platform. This marks the second delay for the series, which saw former showrunner Bryan Fuller step down to focus on his Starz drama American Gods.

Submission + - It Takes a Village to Produce Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Page

theodp writes: Q. How many Facebook employees does it take to produce Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page? A. More than a dozen! CNET's Ian Sherr offers his take on the news that Facebook has a team that handles Mark Zuckerberg's page: "Ever notice the photos, videos and posts on the profile page for Facebook's CEO are a lot nicer looking or better written than yours? Don't feel bad. Mark Zuckerberg has a team of people who are increasingly managing his public persona, according to a Wednesday report from Bloomberg Businessweek. Not only do they help write speeches and posts, but they also take photographs of his family and his travels, interspersing them with infographics about the company's user growth and sales. There're even people who delete harassing comments and spam for him. A Facebook spokeswoman said the company's service is an easy way for executives to connect with people." Wonder how many people it took to help craft the latest post, in which Zuck fired back at "some misleading stories going around" about "some land" he purchased in Hawaii (which another Zuck post noted also serves as a petting zoo of sorts for his daughter).

Submission + - Senate bills ends visa lottery, gives U.S. grads preference (

dcblogs writes: A new bill in Congress would give foreign students who graduate from U.S. schools priority in getting an H-1B visa. The legislation also "explicitly prohibits" the replacement of American workers by visa holders. This bill, the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act, was announced Thursday by its co-sponsors, U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), longtime allies on H-1B reform. Grassley is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which gives this bill an immediate big leg up in the legislative process. This legislation would end the annual random distribution, via a lottery, of H-1B visas, and replace it with a system to give priority to certain types of students. Foreign nationals in the best position to get one of the 85,000 H-1B visas issued annually will have earned an advanced degree from a U.S. school, have a well-paying job offer, and have preferred skills. The specific skills weren't identified, but will likely be STEM-related.

Submission + - Atomic clocks on 9 of 72 European GPS satellites have failed (

schwit1 writes: The atomic clocks on 9 of the 72 European Galileo GPS satellites, designed to compete with the American, Russian, and Chinese GPS satellites, have failed.

No satellite has been declared “out” as a result of the glitch. “However, we are not blind If this failure has some systematic reason we have to be careful” not to place more flawed clocks in space, [ESA director general Jan Woerner] said.

Each Galileo satellite has four ultra-accurate atomic timekeepers — two that use rubidium and two hydrogen maser. Three rubidium and six hydrogen maser clocks are not working, with one satellite sporting two failed timekeepers. Each orbiter needs just one working clock for the satnav to work — the rest are spares.

The question now, Woerner said, is “should we postpone the next launch until we find the root cause?”

That they are even considering further launches with so many failures of the same units seems absurd. They have a systemic problem, and should fix it before risking further launches.

Submission + - Scottish Government Targets 66% Emissions Cut By 2032 (

An anonymous reader writes: The Scottish government has outlined a new target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 66% by 2032. Climate Change Secretary Roseanna Cunningham set out the government's draft climate change plan for the next 15 years at Holyrood. She also targeted a fully-decarbonized electricity sector and 80% of domestic heat coming from low-carbon sources. Ministers committed last year to cut harmful CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050, with a new interim target of 50% by 2020. The previous interim target of 42% was met in 2014 — six years early. However, the independent Committee on Climate Change said the decrease was largely down to a warmer than average winter reducing the demand for heating. Ms Cunningham said the new targets demonstrated "a new level of ambition" to build a low-carbon economy and a healthier Scotland. Goals to be achieved by 2032 include: Cutting greenhouse emissions by 66%; A fully-decarbonised electricity sector; 80% of domestic heat to come from low-carbon heat technologies; Proportion of ultra-low emission new cars and vans registered in Scotland annually to hit 40%; 250,000 hectares of degraded peatlands restored; Annual woodland creation target increased to at least 15,000 hectares per year. The 172-page document sets a road map for decarbonising Scotland. The aim — although not new — is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds by 2032. Among the policies are making half of Scotland's buses low-carbon, fully-decarbonising the electricity sector and making 80% of homes heated by low-carbon technologies.

Submission + - Linux 4.9 Confirmed as Next LTS Kernel Series, Supported Until 2019

An anonymous reader writes: From a Softpedia report:

"The story behind Linux kernel 4.9 becoming the next long-term supported series dates from way before it's launch last month, on December 11, when Linus Torvalds officially announced the new branch. It all started back on August 12, 2016, when Greg Kroah-Hartman dropped a quick Google+ post to say "4.9 == next LTS kernel." Immediately after, the media reporting began, informing the Linux community that Linux kernel 4.9 will become the next long-term supported branch, but it didn't happen because Kroah-Hartman changed his mind a month later, on September 6, when he reserved his right to mark Linux 4.9 as "longterm" on the website. Fast forward to present day, and after Linux kernel 4.9 already received four point releases, the latest being Linux 4.9.4, Greg Kroah-Hartman announced that Linux 4.9 is ready to be marked as "longterm" by saying "Yes, 4.9 is the next longterm kernel. I've been saying that for a while, but somehow if it wasn't on the website, no one believed me.""

Submission + - South Korean Court Dismisses Arrest Warrant For Samsung Chief (

An anonymous reader writes: A South Korean court on Thursday dismissed an arrest warrant against the head of Samsung Group, the country's largest conglomerate, amid a graft scandal that has led to the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye. But the reprieve for Jay Y. Lee, 48, may only be temporary, as the special prosecutor's office said it would pursue the case. Lee, who has led Samsung since his father, Lee Kun-hee, suffered a heart attack in 2014, was still likely to face the same charges of bribery, embezzlement and perjury, legal analysts said, even if he is not detained. The special prosecutor's office said it would be continuing its probe but had not decided whether to make another arrest warrant request, and the setback would not change its plans to investigate other conglomerates. Spokesman Lee Kyu-chul said the prosecution was unconvinced by the Samsung chief's argument that he was a victim of coercion due to pressure from Park. The office has accused Lee of paying multi-million dollar bribes to Park's confidant, Choi Soon-sil, the woman at the heart of the scandal, to win support from the National Pension Service for a controversial 2015 merger of two Samsung Group affiliates. The merger helped cement Lee's control over the smartphones-to-biopharmaceuticals business empire.

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