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Submission + - Funny LEGO Animation (

An anonymous reader writes: This is an animated short movie about an angry waiter so wrapped up in his emotions, he forgets to practise focus and patience.

Submission + - Uberification and what it really means for the G20 (

An anonymous reader writes: @AbbottMaverick pitched a mobile flight ride sharing service SPTN he wrote after flight school to Facebook and Duncan Davison in 2007. Thereafter Kim Dot Com's friends cost shared an aircraft and @AbbottMaverick found himself in Queenstown, New Zealand, talking to Bill Trenchard about @AbbottMaverick ( Limited / RealWorld — "Reality Virtualised for the Real You" Limited) mobile ride sharing IP, as Bill Trenchard was doing 'due diligence' before proceeding with the investment in what was to become Uber. @AbbottMaverick, a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, farmer, pilot, and privacy advocate has been involved in designing and building proof of concept projects that have become highly celebrated in Silicon Valley but never received any remuneration for those efforts. These projects included Uber, Fove, MagicLeap, Vive, UploadVR and PokemonGo. He is redoubling his effort to the sharing economy, "Sharing is Caring" as he sees the potential for his startup RealWorld — "Reality Virtualised for the Real You" Limited to be remunerated and benefit the people and the many team members that have got him thus far. In a political reform post Snowden, where the UK, Canada and New Zealand were found breaking their own surveillance laws, he devoted time to create the InternetMana party which contested the general election. He remains disillusioned with the highjacking of the InternetMana party executive from introducing true change and accountability to the John Key led government. @AbbottMaverick met John Key prior to the Apec 2007 in a Sydney bar. @AbbottMaverick facing ongoing persecution by corporate and foreign actors, was forced into politics and whisteblowing efforts on what he saw as the beginnings of mass surveillance and the destruction/theft of the innovation of the middle class. He had just released a Window's Live for Mobile Certified Instant Messenging Client on the Bullant "Relevance" smartphone platform and had no idea of the trouble that was to follow him thereafter. He has face time with many high profile people including, at one time, Bill Trenchard, and another, Melinda Gates. While he apologises for the directness and seemingly arrogant approach @AbbottMaverick defines the cost of corporate espionage to New Zealand (to say nothing of innovators in other countries) by Samsung and others to be as high as 30 billion dollars per year. @AbbottMavrick is an advocate of the GCSB taking better care of New Zealand innovations and citizens. For those that have access to the Bullant wiki, there should exist a TamogotchiWarriors (PokemonGo) page he created before he left Bullant 2007/2008, and those painting him in a negative light are most likely disinformation agents acting against a Tesla esque character (He tried to patent the MP3 car audio and iPod[Video] technologies in 1997 but was turned away from a Christchurch IP lawyer, and in 2013, Baldwins in Wellington, on eye tracking and AR/VR patent proposals for lack of cash). It should be assumed of no surprise when you look into the background, businesses and associations of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Trenchard, Travis Kalanick and Kim Dot Com. What was particularly hurtful was that his fiancee's family was in 2007 through 2009 owners of a taxi company, and Uber could/would/should of have been a New Zealand company, champion of the sharing economy, held to a higher ethical standard, as he believes Didi-Chuxing could yet be. @AbbottMaverick has also faced down gang violence and people otherwise employed to make him keep his mouth shut. He was active in supporting Occupy Wall Street and believes that John Key has been going easy on foreign agents and foreign corporate/illegal interests in New Zealand, even actively promoting the mud slinging, as opposed to former prime minister for eight years Helen Clark, and current UN Secretary General nomineee, who sought to have those actors investigated thoroughly. New Zealand media has been unwilling/unable to cover these developments, and official information act requests to find out whether @AbbottMaverick was among the 88+ illegally spied upon by the New Zealand government have remain unanswered. He is coming forward at this time with the hope the the G20 will be a success, and of the four I's of Innovation, Invigoration, Interdependence and Inclusiveness, nothing will be forgotten.

Submission + - Young grads in India aim to land a robot on the moon. (

GillBates0 writes: Team Indus ( is one of the 16 remaining from the 29 that had entered the $30 million Google Lunar XPrize (GLXP: competition. It plans to use ISRO’s ( workhorse — the polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV) to send the spacecraft to the moon. Among it's rivals are – Israeli non-profit organisation SpaceIL and US-based start-up Moon Express. An official designated as ‘Skywalker’, said that such space missions used to be limited to extremely elite people and PhDs in the past. That stereotype is now breaking. “I was just a college student a couple of years ago and now I am working on an actual space mission, how cool is that,” said Karan Vaish, 23, who is helping the team to design the lunar rover. Eighty per cent of the team is reported to be less than five years out of college (

Submission + - Announcing the Winners of the Gear Design Contest (Tank Edition)! (

ffxivforum writes: Aspiring designers from across the realm have worked tirelessly to create their own ideal forms of tank armor, and today we’re pleased to present the winners that have been selected from the 43 finalists along with commentary from Lead Designer Takeo Suzuki. We would like to thank everyone who submitted their amazing designs!

Submission + - G.E., the 124-Year-Old Software Start-Up (

mspohr writes: The NY Times has an interesting article about GE "reinventing" itself as a software start-up.
"It may not qualify as a lightning-bolt eureka moment, but Jeffrey R. Immelt, chief executive of General Electric, recalls the June day in 2009 that got him thinking. He was speaking with G.E. scientists about new jet engines they were building, laden with sensors to generate a trove of data from every flight — but to what end?

That data could someday be as valuable as the machinery itself, if not more so. But G.E. couldn’t make use of it.

“We had to be more capable in software,” Mr. Immelt said he decided. Maybe G.E. — a maker of power turbines, jet engines, locomotives and medical-imaging equipment — needed to think of its competitors as Amazon and IBM."
They have a software center with 1,400 employees in San Ramon, Ca and are developing a new OS, Predix, designed to work with sensor data from machines.
"G.E.’s success or failure over the next decade, Mr. Immelt says, depends on this transformation. He calls it “probably the most important thing I’ve worked on in my career.”

Submission + - The Unintended Consequence of Congress's Ban on Designer Babies (

schwit1 writes: By tucking two crucial sentences inside a federal spending bill last year, the U.S. Congress effectively banned the human testing of gene-editing techniques that could produce genetically modified babies. But the provision, which is up for renewal this year, has also flustered proponents of a promising technique that could help mothers avoid passing certain devastating genetic disorders to their children.

The language in the bill is a clear reference to the use of techniques like CRISPR to modify the human germline (see “Engineering the Perfect Baby”). Most scientists agree that testing germline editing in humans is irresponsible at this point. But regulators have decided that the description also fits mitochondrial replacement therapy, which entails removing the nucleus from a human egg and transplanting it into one from a different person to prevent the transmission of debilitating or even deadly mitochondrial disorders to children.

Submission + - EPA spills again in Colorado (

schwit1 writes: The Environmental Protection is admitting to a spill from a treatment plant it set up after it dumped 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater into a Colorado river last year.

The EPA said Thursday night that the spill happened on Tuesday, and officials are still attempting to determine how much and what metals were contained in the sludgy discharge, according to the Associated Press.

Submission + - The court that rules the world (

schwit1 writes: Imagine a private, global super court that empowers corporations to bend countries to their will.

Say a nation tries to prosecute a corrupt CEO or ban dangerous pollution. Imagine that a company could turn to this super court and sue the whole country for daring to interfere with its profits, demanding hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars as retribution.

Imagine that this court is so powerful that nations often must heed its rulings as if they came from their own supreme courts, with no meaningful way to appeal. That it operates unconstrained by precedent or any significant public oversight, often keeping its proceedings and sometimes even its decisions secret. That the people who decide its cases are largely elite Western corporate attorneys who have a vested interest in expanding the court’s authority because they profit from it directly, arguing cases one day and then sitting in judgment another. That some of them half-jokingly refer to themselves as “The Club” or “The Mafia.”

And imagine that the penalties this court has imposed have been so crushing — and its decisions so unpredictable — that some nations dare not risk a trial, responding to the mere threat of a lawsuit by offering vast concessions, such as rolling back their own laws or even wiping away the punishments of convicted criminals.

This system is already in place, operating behind closed doors in office buildings and conference rooms in cities around the world. Known as investor-state dispute settlement, or ISDS, it is written into a vast network of treaties that govern international trade and investment, including NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Congress must soon decide whether to ratify.

Submission + - Obamacare exchange sign-ups fall FAR SHORT of forecasts... (

An anonymous reader writes: Enrollment in the insurance exchanges for President Obama’s signature health-care law is at less than half the initial forecast, pushing several major insurance companies to stop offering health plans in certain markets because of significant financial losses.

In other Obamacare news ...
Obamacare insurance market near collapse in Tennessee, state official says
one-third of U.S will have no health insurance choices
Aetna, the nation’s third largest health insurer and faced with $300 million in loses, has decided against expanding its participation in the Obamacare exchanges. They also announced that they are re-evaluating their entire participation in the remaining exchanges.

Obamacare rates are likely to go up from 23% to 45% in Illinois, and 17.3% in Michigan.
Humana, one of the nation’s largest heathcare companies, has decided to leave almost half of its Obamacare markets next year.
Health insurance rates on the Obamacare exchange in California will rise 13% next year.
Presbyterian Health Plan, a major insurer in the New Mexico marketplace, has announced that it will be dropping out of the Obamacare exchange next year.
Oregon’s Health CO-OP in folded July
Within three months of signing up for Obamacare more than 13%, or 1.6 million people, in 2016 have dropped coverage by not paying their premiums.
Blue Cross Blue Shield is losing money in states across the nation, forcing them to request rate increases of more than 50 to 65 percent.
Almost a hundred thousand Coloradans are about to lose their health insurance because of Obamacare.
Ohio’s Obamacare co-op announced in June that it is shutting down, making it the 13 of 23 co-ops to fail.

Submission + - ISRO successfully test-fires scramjet engine (

neo12 writes: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Sunday successfully tested its own scramjet — an engine that takes atmospheric oxygen to burn engine fuel — a senior ISRO official said.

Submission + - Deep Politics, Dark Money and Fraud Join the Solar Party (

An anonymous reader writes: Ahead of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) workshop on June 21, Politico Pro reported that New York Rep. Yvette Clarke (D) signed her name to a letter written by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), a trade group representing investor-owned utilities. The letter claims that rooftop solar deals are a threat to consumers and calls on the FTC to commit resources to greater regulatory oversight. Grist published a copy of the document here.

The letter singles out third-party-offered leases and power-purchase agreements as risks, drawing a comparison to the 2008 housing crisis. “The consumer takes all of the financial risks inherent in these long-term deals, risks that electricity prices and rate structures may change, that subsidies may go away and the like,” the letter states. “The imposition of risks on the customer enables the developer to package and resell these leases to large financial interest, just as mortgage sellers packaged high-risk mortgages a decade ago.”

The letter also cites aggressive sales tactics and claims there has been a “dramatic increase in consumer complaints about abusive or deceptive acts and practices in solar sales, marketing, and financing.”

Submission + - Nova Scotia wind turbine speeds out of control, collapses (

An anonymous reader writes: This large wind turbine failed on August 17. Before the 80-metre-tall wind turbine buckled and toppled over, Enercon officials confirm that workers were told to leave, the Toronto Star reports. In addition to their towering height, the turbines have a blade length of 40 metres, the CBC notes.

Fortunately the turbines operate in a wooded area away from residents, so no one was injured. An evacuation protocol was also put in place.

Enercon and Nova Scotia's provincial government are conducting investigations to determine if there were any safety violations at the time of the incident.

Another 10 turbines in the area remain in operation, unaffected by the collapse. The cause of the collapse remains unknown.

Submission + - ISRO successfully test-fires Scramjet Rocket Engine

An anonymous reader writes: Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), on Sunday, successfully tested two indigenous scramjet engines. India is the fourth country to demonstrate the flight testing of scramjet engine after the US, Russia and European Space Agency.

According to a report, the scramjet will bring down the launch cost of weather satellite INSAT-3DR which is a weather forecast system designed for enhanced meteorological observations and disaster warning. The satellite scheduled to be launched in August earlier, but it has been postponed to September.

Submission + - Retailers bending refund policies for unhappy No Man's Sky players. (

thegarbz writes: As was covered previously on Slashdot the very hyped up game No Man's Sky was released with to a lot of negative reviews about game crashing bugs and poor interface choices. Now that plays have had more time to play the game it has become clear that many of the features hyped by developers are not present in the game, and users quickly started describing the game as "boring".

Now, likely due to misleading advertising, Steam has begun allowing refunds for No Man's Sky regardless of playtime, and there are reports of players getting refunds on the Play Station Network as well despite Sony's strict no refund policy.

Submission + - Open Source House (

An anonymous reader writes: WIkihouse — Is an open source house building system based on parts and designs that can be distributed as a code and manufactured locally.

Submission + - India successfully tests scramjet rocket engine (

knwny writes: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Sunday successfully tested its own scramjet — an engine that takes atmospheric oxygen to burn engine fuel — a senior ISRO official said.
According to an official statement, "The mission was successful. Two scramjet engines were tested during the flight. The scramjet engines were ignited 55 seconds into the rocket's flight. The engines were tested for six seconds."

Submission + - Is LED, light-emitting diode, making DST, daylight saving time, obsolete?

Max_W writes: More and more countries stop using the DST, daylight saving time. These are India, China, Russia, Brazil, etc. The LED technology significantly reduces energy consumption on lighting. Do we really need this trouble of changing time on our clocks twice a year? Besides, the DST makes the software excessively complicated and prone to "fluid time" bugs.

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