Submission + - A Gigantic IoT Botnet Has Grown in the Shadows in the Past Month (

An anonymous reader writes: Since mid-September, a new IoT botnet has grown to massive proportions. Codenamed IoT_reaper, researchers estimate its current size at nearly two million infected devices. According to researchers, the botnet is mainly made up of IP-based security cameras, routers, network-attached storage (NAS) devices, network video recorders (NVRs), and digital video recorders (DVRs), primarily from vendors such as Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, GoAhead, JAWS, Vacron, AVTECH, MicroTik, TP-Link, and Synology.

The botnet reuses some Mirai source code, but it's unique in its own right. Unlike Mirai, which relied on scanning for devices with weak or default passwords, this botnet was put together using exploits for unpatched vulnerabilities. The botnet's author is still struggling to control his botnet, as researchers spotted over two million infected devices sitting in the botnet's C&C servers' queue, waiting to be processed. As of now, the botnet has not been used in live DDoS attacks, but the capability is in there.

Submission + - Facebook Marketing And Advertising Agency (

An anonymous reader writes: Thanks to Facebook for lots of people are now connected with each other. In these days, Facebook has become largest social media network in the world. The platform has opened up to so many opportunities not only to normal users but also to business people to expand their business through the so-called Facebook marketing approach.

Submission + - its to ask - tips and current best practice for a tech patent application

An anonymous reader writes: no scoop — just that the body of Slashdot give thoughts on how they found patent application in the last 18 months — the good and the bad. ideally US and UK — though the process ought not to differ.
A poor PhD. researcher is asking who doesn't have a trustworthy guide to ask

Submission + - con artist (

sephho01 writes: Most of you almost certainly have never heard about Dennis Yu. That is rarely a astonishment because he is the epitome of the mediocre web marketer. There are a large number of them out there. They to use all on digital point discussion boards, feverishly refresh john chow for ideas, buy a caricature passion avatar to work with all over the place as their branding because zac johnson achieved it, etc. Dennis Yu is CEO of his definitely own local subject advertising company called blitzlocal. Hypothetically, in a global where his concern were successful, he had appeal to local event customers and set up to make general public them online. This may appear whenever a smart idea for some, but to almost all of you who have been in this industry for some time, this can be an proven fact that was hashed away and re-hashed more than 2 yrs ago in a number of threads on wickedfire discussion boards. But Dennis local business mammal a supreme inability based after almost all metric conceivable is not truly the idea.

Submission + - Measures to troubleshoot HP printer issues? (

hpcomojpro writes: A failed or missing Printhead issue or a paper jam or any other printer issue of your will be visible on the control panel of printer. These errors are most prevalent in HP printers which can be avoided in several ways. We have some easy measures to resolve printhead error and initiate prints of high quality. For more details please contact us at +1-855-718-4110 for any further queries.

Submission + - Security code review for your web and mobile apps (

Bondstephanie writes: Code review is probably the single-most effective technique for identifying security flaws. When used together with automated tools and manual penetration testing, code review can significantly increase the cost effectiveness of an application security verification effort. Security code review simplified.

Submission + - Find the Perfect website to View Private Instagrams of any users (

privateinstagrams56 writes: Social media network is now the popular means of communication on the planet. The need to talk about and post on various activities, encouraging certain causes of curiosity, word out for forthcoming businesses or brands are the kind of things shared via the social websites. A person spends over the necessary amount of time on social networking sites. More than a trend it has become a way of life for the planet added with the obsession. Many studies have suggested against which makes it a part of life as it may have some damaging outcomes.

There are many apps in use and presence today such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. Due to unknown risks and hackers, hacking into people's accounts and invading their privacy every societal media app has integrated the privacy setting. This setting managed to block those followers or users from viewing peoples profile or accounts without their consent.

Instagram is among the most frequently used social networking app. It has over 700 million users from every corner of the planet. The privacy setting could be present but there are some certain situations where some users wish to test other users account without them finding out about it. With this and a number of other reasons, programmers set up a site that will enable folks to View Private Instagrams secretly. To get new information on this kindly visit find out here

The approaches utilized by the various sites to View Private Instagrams are legal. Folks can safely View Private Instagrams of other people and just continue with their life without anyone ever finding it out. The site to View Private Instagrams does not need any prior computer education; the simple basic knowledge will suffice. It's a few steps procedure and users do not have to download unneeded or different software to begin using it.

Submission + - BY-VM190P Super-Cardioid Microphone (

sevenoak88 writes: The BOYA BY-VM190P has a super-cardioid pickup pattern to capture audio from the front, while minimizing pickup from the sides and rear. It’s compact and lightweight design with a rugged construction that's ideal for use with HDSLR cameras, camcorders, and audio recorders. Integrated shockmount conveniently mounts the microphone onto any camera accessory shoe while effectively suppressing handling and vibration noise. Three gain settings(-10dB, 0dB, +10dB) help adjust the level of sound capture whether from a close-up or long shot, while a bass roll-off switch cuts low-frequency noise. One 9 Volt battery can be used for approximately 100 hours.

Submission + - SiteGround Black Friday Sale (

An anonymous reader writes: Is it accurate to say that you are prepared for a huge discount from SiteGround? Here's a huge 70% discount SiteGround black Friday deal for 2017 on the majority of their facilitating plans. In the event that you are intending to profit online by propelling a blog or site this year, this is presumably the BEST time.

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jasejass writes: In the traditional times, kings and many royal folks used to Zmass Testo Boost rely on herbal potions and remedies to cure their sexual health problems. Now, the same remedies that are in use since centuries are available in the Zmass Testo Boost Reviews shape of capsules. Having the remedies accessible as pills makes it way a lot of convenient and simple for consumption instead of getting all the herbs and making the potions yourselves. Read more: http://www.healthsuppreviews.c...

Submission + - Importance of Mobile Friendly Online Presence for your Website (

adultseostrategy writes: According to the reports based on research conducted by Google Analytics in 2015, web searches done from mobile phones have outnumbered the desktop web searches by a huge margin. This trend doesn’t seem to stop till date. This significant rise in mobile phone web searches prompted Google to develop special search algorithms that emphasised on mobile friendly interfaces. Though the impact of this algorithm is yet to be known, it is a certainty that it will be beneficial in the days to come.

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