Classilla, a New Port of Mozilla To Mac OS 9 170

oberondarksoul writes "Every now and then, you hear about a new port of Mozilla to one of the lesser-used platforms. Recently, a new version of Mozilla has been released for Mac OS 9 — an operating system no longer sold or supported, and with no new hardware available to buy. Dubbed Classilla, it aims to provide 'a modern web browser running again on classic Macs,' and the currently-released build seems to work well on my old PowerBook 1400 — despite being a little memory-hungry."

Scalable-Font Tools? 16

DarkVein writes "My question is twofold. First, with the introduction of WebFonts from W3C, are there any projects underway to develop a real Web Font format, or are Type1 and Truetype thought to be sufficient? Secondly, I seem to be at a loss to find any decent and open font creation tools, especially ones capable of Unicode. The best I've found is GETO which seems to have been abandoned about a year and a half ago, without notice. I've had a long standing desire to get my feet wet designing one or two decent Unicode fonts, but most of the options seem to only be available for MacOS9, Win32 and require far higher prices."

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