Input Devices

New Video Game Controlled By Kissing 72

unassimilatible writes "Artist Hye Yeon Nam has put her video game where her mouth is — literally — with the creation of a new bowling game that's controlled only by passionate (and awkward) French kissing. The Kiss Controller, as it's called, has two components: a headset that functions as a sensor receiver and a magnet that provides the sensor input, Time reports. Could this be the first example of technology that Slashdotters will be unable to use, as they likely won't be able to get a controller?"
The Courts

Are DMCA Abuses a Temporary or Permanent Problem? 163

Regular Slashdot contributor Bennett Haselton wrote in with a story about the DMCA. He starts "On January 16, a man named Guntram Graef who invoked the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to ask YouTube to remove a video of giant penises attacking his wife's avatar/character in the virtual community "Second Life", retracted the claim and stated that he now believes the video was not a copyright violation. (He had sent similar notices to BoingBoing and the Sydney Morning Herald just for posting screen shots of the video.) His statements in a C-Net interview suggest that he didn't mean to alienate the anti-censorship community and was probably angry over what he saw as a sexually explicit attack on his wife. But the event sparked renewed debate over the DMCA and what constitutes abuse of it. I sympathize with Graef and I admire him for admitting an error, but I still think the incident shows why the DMCA is a bad law." Hit that link below to read the rest of his story.
Portables (Games)

PSP As Home Remote Control 31

LiquidIce writes "Control your house with a PSP, using the wipeout browser hack. Currently, you can control a TV, DVD, and Lighting using the WiFi on the PSP. There are so many more possibilities for using a PSP as the controller to a home automation system."

Commodore 64 TV Game for Sale 371

KodaK writes "The Commodore 64 Direct to TV is on sale at QVC. QVC bought all available units (250,000 or so) so, for now, this is the only place you can get them. This is a full C=64 in a joystick form factor with 30 games included, meaning you can hack this sucker to add a keyboard and/or other IEC peripherials (like a disk drive). The full BASIC ROM is included. Buy one now and impress your friends. BTW, this was developed by Jeri Ellsworth, the engineer responsible for the C-One. Cool stuff." We mentioned the development of this earlier.

NASA Mars Rover Opportunity Lifts Off 155

Joost Schuur writes "At 11:18 PM EDT on Monday, Opportunity, the second of 2 NASA Mars Exploration Rovers took off aboard a Boeing Delta 2 Heavy rocket after several delays and begun its 305 million mile trip to the Red Planet, where it will join its sister vehicle Spirit, which launched June 10th. Spirit and Opportunity will land on opposite sides of Mars, travelling up to 40 meters a day, and use a series of instruments to search for water, including the Rock Abrasion Tool, which will grind into rocks to give scientists a peak inside. Things are going to get crowded next January in orbit, as both NASA missions join the European Mars Express mission also launched this month and the Japanese Nozomi probe, which would finally complete its troublesome 5 year journey. Those stuck on Earth can take advantage of the closest Mars opposition in 60,000 years and watch with a telescope, or follow the images provided by the International MarsWatch 2003 group."

Sony's Head Mounted Display (Cont) 70

madsatcom noted that the Sony Head Mounted Monitor that we mentioned awhile back is actually available now on the Sony Website. I can't find a resolution on that page, but it simulates a 30" screen, weighs 4.2 ounces, and costs a woppin' $2600... If anyone at Sony is reading, repeat after me: "Rob Must Test One of These Screens. Contact Him Now And Offer Him a Sample Unit". Seriously, wearable computing is getting closer, it just ain't getting much cheaper.

GNOME 0.30 Cont.

Version 0.30 of the gnome-core, gnome-utils, and gnome-media modules have been released. Featuring lots of improvements and bugfixes, they are sure to please. In addition, version 0.2 of the GNOME spreadsheet, Gnumeric, has been released. This one sounds neat, since it uses the gnome-xml module. Finally, raster has released version 1.8.1 of imlib. Check the GNOME home page for more info.

What the Hell is Happening Here Cont.

Well folks, as everyone has noticed, we're having some problems. These problems are not being solved because after this weeks move, I don't yet have a phone line, and hence, no Internet Access. I'll hopefully solve this tomorrow and things will get back to normal. So bear with us- rest assured, this is pissing me off more than you guys (sigh).

Netscape & the GPL Cont.

The response to Slashdot's first editorial has been pretty feisty. I recieved email from an engineer at Netscape (who requested anonymity) in response to the editorial. He raises a number of very important issues that relate to this controversial idea. He admitted that the idea of releasing the Netscape Source Code has been discussed internally. Follow allong and I'll discuss a few more issues that haven't been hit on yet.

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