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SpaceX Shows Off Its Interplanetary Transport System in New Video 6 comments
World's First Baby Born With New '3 Parent' Technique 56 comments
IEEE Sets New Ethernet Standard That Brings 5X the Speed Without Cable Ripping 69 comments
Yahoo's Delay in Reporting Hack 'Unacceptable', Say Senators 44 comments
Microsoft Is Killing Yammer Enterprise in January 2017, Will Start Integrating Office 365 Groups First 28 comments
Mozilla Has Stopped All Commercial Development On Firefox OS -- Explains What It Plans To Do With Code Base 61 comments
Why Data Is the New Coal 60 comments
Facebook Told To Stop Taking Data From German WhatsApp Users 34 comments
Medal YouTube-MP3 Ripping Site Sued By IFPI, RIAA and BPI 213 comments
Medal Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Water Plumes That Rise Up About 125 Miles 81 comments
Medal SpaceX Tests Its Raptor Engine For Future Mars Flights 102 comments
Roller Coasters Could Help People Pass Kidney Stones, Says Study 109 comments
Medal Medal US Department of Labor Is Suing Peter Thiel's Startup 'Palantir' For Discriminating Against Asians 350 comments
Study: Earth Is At Its Warmest In 120,000 Years 150 comments
Trump Takes On 'Crooked Hillary' With Snapchat Geofilter 115 comments
Windows 10 Will Soon Run Edge In a Virtual Machine To Keep You Safe 131 comments
Researcher Modifies Sieve of Eratosthenes To Work With Less Physical Memory Space 71 comments
ISP To FCC: Using The Internet Is Like Eating Oreos 194 comments
Mozilla's Proposed Conclusion: Game Over For WoSign and Startcom? 109 comments
Japanese To Pay Utility Bills Using Bitcoin 34 comments
China's Giant Radio Telescope Begins Searching For Signals From Space 46 comments
As We Speak, Teen Social Site Is Leaking Millions Of Plaintext Passwords 124 comments
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Have Become Top Carbon Polluters 215 comments
Plex Cloud Means Saying Goodbye To the Always-On PC 160 comments
UK's Top Police Warn That Modding Games May Turn Kids into Hackers 149 comments
Windows 10 Now On 400 Million Active Devices, Says Microsoft 147 comments
Adobe To Run Some Of Its Creative Cloud Services On Azure 17 comments
Medal California Enacts Law Requiring IMDb To Remove Actor Ages On Request 286 comments
HERE, Automakers Team Up To Share Data On Traffic Conditions 52 comments
Google Is Planning a 'Pixel 3' Laptop Running 'Andromeda' OS For Release in Q3 2017 55 comments
Uber Is Researching a New Vertical-Takeoff Ride Offering That Flies You Around 133 comments
Boot Linux (or OpenBSD Or Oberon Or FreeDOS) In Your Browser 91 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Is My IoT Device Part of a Botnet? 272 comments
Medal Medal Which Programming Language Is Most Popular - The Final Answer? 370 comments
Amazon Pursues More Renewable Energy, Following Google, Apple, And Facebook 83 comments
What Vint Cerf Would Do Differently 122 comments
'Transformer' BMW Turns Into A Giant Robot 45 comments
Moving Beyond Flash: the Yahoo HTML5 Video Player 95 comments
Google Open Sources Its Image-Captioning AI 40 comments
Medal Medal Scientists Study How Non-Scientists Deny Climate Change 640 comments
Microsoft Patents A User-Monitoring AI That Improves Search Results 68 comments
Ask Slashdot: Who's Building The Open Source Version of Siri? 185 comments
Krebs Is Back Online Thanks To Google's Project Shield 139 comments
California Launches Mandatory Data Collection For Police Use-of-Force 112 comments
The Ig Nobel Awards Celebrate Their 26th First Annual Awards Ceremony 33 comments
Medal How ITT Tech Screwed Students and Made Millions 326 comments
Kentucky's Shotgun 'Drone Slayer' Gets Sued Again 297 comments
Street Fighter V Update Installed Hidden Rootkits on PCs 120 comments
Medal Tuesday Was Microsoft's Last Non-Cumulative Patch 219 comments
97% of the Top Companies Have Leaked Credentials Online 21 comments
Cisco Blamed A Router Bug On 'Cosmic Radiation' 142 comments
Medal US Panel Extends Nuclear Power Tax Credit 231 comments
Malware Evades Detection By Counting Word Documents 68 comments
Poor Scientific Research Is Disproportionately Rewarded 81 comments
A New Programming Language Expands on Google's Go 171 comments
Spam Hits Its Highest Level Since 2010 45 comments
Medal Senators Accuse Russia Of Disrupting US Election 197 comments
Accenture Patents a Blockchain-Editing Tool 85 comments
Snapchat's 10-Second-Video Glasses Are Real And Cost $130 Bucks 91 comments
U.S. Funds Challenges To North Korea's 'Information Shield' 86 comments
The Verge's Deputy Editor Chris Ziegler Was Secretly Working For Apple For Two Months 78 comments
Our Atmosphere Is Leaking Oxygen and Scientists Don't Know Why 164 comments
Hacker Who Aided ISIS Gets 20 Years In Prison 131 comments
Yahoo Sued For Gross Negligence Over Huge Hacking 56 comments
Why the Silencing of KrebsOnSecurity Opens a Troubling Chapter For the Internet 203 comments
From Bicycles To Washing Machines: Sweden To Give Tax Breaks For Repairs 146 comments
40 Percent of Organizations Store Admin Passwords In Word Documents, Says Survey 113 comments
UPS Is Starting To Test Drone Deliveries In the US 44 comments
Medal Medal VR Devs Pull Support For Oculus Rift Until Palmer Luckey Steps Down 635 comments
Judge Skewers Oracle Attorney For Revealing Google, Apple Trade Secrets 53 comments
People Are Drilling Holes Into Their iPhone 7 To 'Make a Headphone Jack' 200 comments
Google To Introduce Google Wifi, Google Home and 4K Chromecast Ultra Devices On October 4th 49 comments
SpaceX Blast Investigation Suggests Breach in Oxygen Tank's Helium System 78 comments
Amazon Is Killing Off Its $12/Year Plan For Unlimited Photo Storage 49 comments
Sad Reality: It's Cheaper To Get Hacked Than Build Strong IT Defenses 183 comments
Medal You're Paying 40% More For TV Than You Were 5 Years Ago 218 comments
Apple Is Getting Ready To Take On Google and Amazon In a Battle For The Living Room 114 comments
Amazon UK Found Guilty Of Airmailing Dangerous Goods 56 comments
Probe Of Leaked US NSA Hacking Tools Examines Operative's Mistake 57 comments
Indian Students Score a Partial Win in Facebook Privacy Dispute 47 comments
Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon Are In Talks With Twitter For a Potential Acquisition 65 comments
Facebook Inflated Video Viewing Stats For Two Years 49 comments
Akamai Kicked Journalist Brian Krebs' Site Off Its Servers After He Was Hit By a Record Cyberattack 206 comments
Jawbone Fails To Pay Key Business Partners and Has Almost No Inventory In Stock: Sources 67 comments
Medal Computers Decipher Burnt Scroll Found In Ancient Holy Ark 234 comments
Senate Panel Authorizes Money For Mission To Mars 134 comments
Medal Medal Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Is Secretly Funding Trump's Meme Machine 850 comments
Tesla Sues Michigan Over Sales Ban 256 comments
Google Play Starts Bringing Android Apps To Chromebooks 14 comments
SolidRun x86 Braswell MicroSoM Runs Linux and Full Windows 10, Destroys Raspberry Pi 205 comments
TypeScript 2.0 Released 87 comments
Taiwan Asks Google To Blur Its Military Facilities In South China Sea 51 comments
Verizon Says It Knows You Don't Need Unlimited Data 222 comments
Medal Stephen Hawking Wants To Find Aliens Before They Find Us 280 comments
19-Year-Old Jailbreaks iPhone 7 In 24 Hours 97 comments
Hacker Leaks Michelle Obama's Passport 122 comments
Elon Musk To Unveil Solar Roof With Storage, Charger Next Month 79 comments
Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach, 500 Million Users Impacted [Updated] 169 comments
Cops Are Raiding Homes of Innocent People Based Only On IP Addresses 240 comments
Hackers Seed Torrent Trackers With Malware Disguised as Popular Downloads 64 comments
Charter Fights FCC's Attempt To Uncover 'Hidden' Cable Modem Fees 65 comments
Germany Unveils a Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train 198 comments
At Least 26 Claimed Galaxy Note 7 Fire Reports Were Untrue, Samsung Says 106 comments
Microsoft Asked To Compensate After Windows 10 Update Bricked PCs 178 comments
Uber's Terrifying 'Ghost Drivers' Are Freaking Out Passengers in China 80 comments
Medal Medal Oversight Orders Reddit To Preserve Deleted Posts In Clinton Investigation 382 comments
Scientists Discover That Horses Can Use Symbols To Talk To Us 167 comments
Appeals Court Decision Kills North Carolina Town's Gigabit Internet 222 comments
Smoking Permanently Damages Your DNA, Study Finds 175 comments
Medal Medal Trump Opposes Plan For US To Hand Over Internet Oversight To a Global Governance 526 comments
TV Manufacturers Accused of Gaming Energy Usage Tests 86 comments
W3C Set To Publish HTML 5.1, Work Already Started On HTML 5.2 84 comments
Reddit Brings Down North Korea's Entire Internet 137 comments
Medal Medal With 3D Printer Gun Files, National Security Interest Trumps Free Speech, Court Rules 425 comments
Stop Piracy? Legal Alternatives Beat Legal Threats, Research Shows 133 comments
Blizzard Is Getting Rid of the Name 31 comments
Nokia Says It Can Deliver Internet 1,000x Faster Than Google Fiber 75 comments
YouTube Is Looking for Volunteers To Improve Its Site 124 comments
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Announce $3 Billion Initiative To 'Cure All Diseases' 161 comments
'Corporate Troll' Wins $3 Million Verdict Against Apple For Ring-Silencing Patent 84 comments
Lenovo Denies Claims It Plotted With Microsoft To Block Linux Installs 181 comments
Microsoft and Sony Are Debating Over Whose Console Really Offers 'True 4K' 147 comments
GNOME 3.22 Desktop Environment Officially Released 120 comments
Samsung's 960 Pro and 960 Evo SSDs Marry Crazy-Fast Speeds With Roomy Capacity 38 comments
Apple Approaches McLaren About A Potential Acquisition: FT 136 comments
Medal Medal Microsoft Signature PC Requirements Now Blocks Linux Installation: Reports 475 comments
Google Backs Off On Previously Announced Allo Privacy Feature 84 comments
Netflix Wants 50% Of Its Library To Be Original Content 187 comments
Tesla Fixes Security Bugs After Claims of Model S Hack 76 comments
Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over 7km of Cable 189 comments
Google Allo Messaging App Launches For iOS and Android 98 comments
Wildfire at Vandenberg Air Force Base Threatens ULA, SpaceX Launches 55 comments
Medal Activity Trackers May Undermine Weight Loss Efforts, Says Study 210 comments
MIT Scientists Use Radio Waves To Sense Human Emotions 91 comments
Medal Apple Patents a Paper Bag 201 comments
College Student Got 15 Million Miles By Hacking United Airlines 79 comments
Medal Microsoft Will 'Solve' Cancer Within The Next 10 Years By Treating It Like A Computer Virus, Says Company 259 comments
A Shocking Amount of E-Waste Recycling Is a Complete Sham 166 comments
macOS Sierra Is Now Available For Download 200 comments
Microsoft Unveils $37 Nokia 216 Feature Phone 57 comments
North Korea Has Just 28 Websites 138 comments
Amazon Says It Puts Customers First - But Its Pricing Algorithm Doesn't 110 comments
Firefox 49 Arrives With Improvements 129 comments
AT&T Is Phasing Out the U-Verse Video, Broadband Brand 43 comments

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