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Nintendo Offers Up To $20,000 To Hack the 3DS 4 comments
Qualcomm Debuts 10nm Server Chip To Attack Intel Server Stronghold 12 comments
Google, HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Sony Join Forces To Create Global VR Association 24 comments
T-Mobile's 'Digits' Solution Lets You Use One Phone Number Across All Your Devices 24 comments
Bluetooth 5 Is Here 60 comments
Google Is Removing 'In the News' Section From Desktop Search After Criticism 44 comments
Information Overload No Problem For Most Americans: Survey 44 comments
Pebble Gets Acquired By Fitbit - Ends Production and Ceases Support Of Its Existing Lineup of Smartwatches 143 comments
Medal YouTube's $1 Billion Royalties Are Not Enough, Says Music Industry 161 comments
Falsely Accused Movie Pirate Deserves $17K Compensation, Court Says 47 comments
Backdoor Accounts Found in 80 Sony IP Security Camera Models 46 comments
Google Further Shrinks the Size of Android App Updates 48 comments
Medal Bitcoin Could Rise By 165% To $2,000 in 2017 Driven by Trump's 'Spending Binge' and Dollar Rally 210 comments
Microsoft Likely To See a Boost in Windows 10 Sales This New Year 133 comments
Sony Has Sold 50 Million PlayStation 4 Units 63 comments
Medal Apple's Top Assembler Foxconn Confirms Plans for US Investment, To Create 50,000 Jobs 265 comments
Doyodo RetroEngine Sigma Is a Linux-Powered Classic Video Game Emulation Console 86 comments
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Makes Game For Third Annual Hour of Code 129 comments
NASA Awards $127 Million Contract For Refueling Mission Spacecraft 36 comments
'The Circle' Trailer Looks An Awful Lot Like Google 71 comments
Microsoft Researchers Offer Predictions For AI, Deep Learning 74 comments
Medal Medal Weather Channel To Breitbart: Stop Citing Us To Spread Climate Skepticism 450 comments
Apple Launches Single Sign-On Service To Make Logging Into TV Apps Less Time-Consuming 28 comments
New Stegano Exploit Kit Hides Malvertising Code In Banner Pixels 183 comments
Former Samsung Engineers Build Smart Umbrella That Tells If It's Going To Rain 85 comments
Scientists Develop Robotic Hand For People With Quadriplegia 22 comments
Apple Says Air Exposure Is Causing iPhone 6s Battery Problems 74 comments
Apple To Start Publishing AI Research To Hasten Deep Learning 25 comments
T-Mobile CFO: Less Regulation, Repeal of Net Neutrality By Trump Would Be 'Positive For My Industry' 156 comments
Some Children's Headphones Raise Concerns of Hearing Loss, Report Says 75 comments
Vinyl Records Outsold Digital Downloads In the UK Last Week 180 comments
Medal Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy S8 Flagship Smartphone Won't Have a Headphone Jack: Report 311 comments
YouTube Pays Music Industry $1 Billion From Ads 71 comments
Supreme Court Rules For Samsung in Smartphone Fight With Apple 100 comments
Supreme Court Considers When US Patent Violations Are 'Induced' Abroad 31 comments
Google Says It Is About To Reach 100 Percent Renewable Energy 169 comments
HP Shutting Down Default FTP, Telnet Access To Network Printers 83 comments
Medal Medal China Chases Silicon Valley Talent Who Are Worried About Trump Presidency 401 comments
Netflix Says People Watch Same Amount of Movies Regardless of Perceived Quality or Depth 156 comments
Apple, Which Doesn't Reveal Watch Sales Data, Says Watch Sales Are Great 106 comments
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft Will Create 'Hash' Database To Remove Extremist Content 244 comments
White House Silence Seems To Confirm $4 Billion 'Computer Science For All' K-12 Initiative Is No More 276 comments
Facebook Begins Asking Users To Rate Articles' Use of 'Misleading Language' 112 comments
California State Senator Introduces Bill That Would Mandate Reporting of 'Superbug' Infections, Deaths 75 comments
Windows 10 'Home Hub' Is Microsoft's Response To Amazon Echo and Google Home 97 comments
Medal Medal Fake News Prompts Gunman To 'Self-Investigate' Pizza Parlor 762 comments
Google Is Rolling Out Android 7.1.1 75 comments
Google Preparing 'Invisible ReCAPTCHA' System For No User Interaction 56 comments
Panasonic Announces 1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio LCD Panel To Rival OLED 101 comments
Engineers Explain Why the Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire 281 comments
Millions In US Still Living Life In Internet Slow Lane 205 comments
Dailymotion Hack Exposes Millions of Accounts 23 comments
Interns At Tech Companies Are Better Paid Than Most American Workers 157 comments
Medal Medal Many CEOs Believe Technology Will Make People Largely Irrelevant 519 comments
Most DVR Owners Are Recording Live Sports, Survey Says 136 comments
Apple Says It Is Working On Self-Driving Cars 131 comments
Google's DeepMind is Opening Up Its Flagship Platform To AI Researchers Outside the Company 22 comments
Netflix Keeping Bandwidth Usage Low By Encoding Its Video With VP9 and H.264/AVC Codecs 75 comments
New Google Trusted Contacts Service Shares User Location In Real Time 89 comments
Amazon Unveils 'Self-driving' Brick-and-Mortar Convenience Store 120 comments
Opera Developer Comes With Address Bar Speculative Prerenderer Feature 58 comments
Embedding Isn't Copyright Infringement, Says Italian Court 25 comments
Medal EU Threatens Twitter And Facebook With Possible 'Hate Speech' Laws 369 comments
BMW Traps A Car Thief By Remotely Locking His Doors 367 comments
Tech Billionaires Award Top Scientists $25 Million In 'Breakthrough' Prizes 55 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Have You Read 'The Art of Computer Programming'? 376 comments
Does Windows 10's Data Collection Trade Privacy For Microsoft's Security? 180 comments
Linux Mint 18.1 'Serena' BETA Ubuntu-based Operating System Now Available For Download 137 comments
Canonical Sues Cloud Provider Over 'Unofficial' Ubuntu Images 47 comments
70 Laptops Got Left Behind At An Airport Security Checkpoint In One Month 168 comments
How Microsoft Lost In Court Over Windows 10 Upgrades 121 comments
Sysadmin Gets Two Years In Prison For Sabotaging ISP 131 comments
Virginia Police Spent $500K For An Ineffective Cellphone Surveillance System 36 comments
Medal Are We Seeing Propaganda About Russian Propaganda? 324 comments
For The UK's 'Snoopers' Charter', Politicians Voted Themselves An Exemption 134 comments
CO2 Researchers Are Now Hacking Photosynthesis 119 comments
UK Health Secretary Urges Social Media Companies To Block Cyberbullying And Underaged Sexting 71 comments
Crooks Need Just Six Seconds To Guess A Credit Card Number 109 comments
Medal Why MakerBot Didn't Kickstart A 3D Printing Revolution 273 comments
Medal Devuan's Systemd-Free Linux Hits Beta 2 321 comments
iOS's 'Activation Lock' For Stolen iPads And iPhones Can Be Easily Bypassed 54 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Linux Laptop? 283 comments
Medal The US Government Funds A War On Online Fake News 356 comments
Our Brains Use Binary Logic, Say Neuroscientists 68 comments
It Will Soon Be Illegal To Punish US Customers Who Criticize Businesses Online 89 comments
VM-Neutral Node.js API Unveiled, As NodeSource Collaborates With Microsoft, Mozilla, Intel and IBM 28 comments
Drupal Event Apologizes For Giving Out Copies Of Playboy 250 comments
China's New 'Social Credit Score' Law Means Full Access To Customer Data 83 comments
Chrome 55 Now Blocks Flash, Uses HTML5 By Default 98 comments
Encryption Backdoor Sneaks Into UK Law 136 comments
Perl Advent Calendar Enters Its 17th Year 37 comments
Medal Medal Of 8 Tech Companies, Only Twitter Says It Would Refuse To Help Build Muslim Registry For Trump 588 comments
Survey Says: Elon Musk Is Most Admired Tech Leader, Topping Bezos and Zuckerberg 119 comments
Alien Life Could Thrive In the Clouds of Failed Stars 67 comments
Paris, Madrid, Athens, Mexico City Will Ban Diesel Vehicles By 2025 240 comments
Nikola Motor Company Reveals Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck With Range of 1,200 Miles 104 comments
The 'USB Killer' Has Been Mass Produced -- Available Online For About $50 237 comments
Hackers Steal $31 Million at Russia's Central Bank 78 comments
Mercedes Unveils Digital Headlights That Project Street Signs, Markings Onto the Road Ahead 64 comments
Reuters Built An Algorithm That Can Identify Real News On Twitter 121 comments
Foxconn Employee Faces 10-Year Prison Sentence For Stealing 5,700 iPhones Worth $1.5 Million 45 comments
Medal Medal Stephen Hawking: Automation and AI Is Going To Decimate Middle Class Jobs 468 comments
Lawyer Sues 20-Year-Old Student Who Gave a Bad Yelp Review, Loses Badly 89 comments
FCC Calls Out AT&T, Verizon For 'Zero Rating' Their Own Video Apps 56 comments
Medal Climate Change Will Stir 'Unimaginable' Refugee Crisis, Says Military 331 comments
Facebook Commits Millions to Help Silicon Valley's Have-Nots 58 comments
Free TV-Show Streaming Hurts Online Sales, Research Finds 67 comments
Fake Apple Chargers Fail Safety Tests 120 comments
Russia Says Foreign Spies Plan Cyber Attack On Banking System 88 comments
Facebook Knows What You're Streaming 100 comments
Taking a Stand Against Unofficial Ubuntu Images 103 comments
UK Homes Lose Internet Access After Cyber-Attack 33 comments
Four New Elements Finally Get Their Official Names, Added To Periodic Table 102 comments
Medal Medal US Economy Added 178,000 Jobs in November; Unemployment Rate Drops To 4.6 Percent 530 comments
Multiple Vulnerabilities In AirDroid Opens At Least 10 Million Android Users To MITM Attacks, Hijackings 30 comments
China Is Censoring People's Chats Without Them Even Knowing About It 76 comments
Erich Bloch, Who Helped Develop IBM Mainframe, Dies At 91 38 comments
Russian Supply Rocket Malfunctions, Breaks Up Over Siberia En Route To ISS 135 comments
International Authorities Take Down Massive 'Avalanche' Botnet, Sinkhole Over 800,000 Domains 53 comments
Medal Medal French Man Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Visiting Pro-ISIS Websites 412 comments
Medal Nestle Discovers 'Breakthrough' Method To Cut Sugar In Chocolate By 40% Without Affecting Taste 327 comments
Apple Will Use Drones To Improve the Quality of Apple Maps 44 comments
'Fatal' Flaws Found in Medical Implant Software 38 comments
Earthquake-Sensing Mobile App 'MyShake' Detects Over 200 Earthquakes Large and Small 25 comments
Medal South Korea To Kill the Coin in Path Towards 'Cashless Society' 258 comments
Destructive Hacks Strike Saudi Arabia, Posing Challenge to Trump 184 comments
Cyanogen Inc and CyanogenMod Creator Steve Kondik Part Ways 75 comments
Motorola Has No Plans For a New Smartwatch 38 comments
Bitcoin Exchange Ordered To Give IRS Years of Data On Millions of Users 203 comments
Facebook Developing AI To Flag Offensive Live Videos 104 comments
Microsoft Says Summer's Windows 10 Upgrade Fit For Business 119 comments
UK ISPs To Start Sending 'Piracy Alerts' Soon 70 comments
Mozilla Puts New Money To Use Fighting For 'Internet Health' 110 comments
AngelList Acquires Product Hunt 25 comments
Plex Media Player Now Doesn't Require a Subscription; Pass Users Get Kodi Plug-in 84 comments
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is Being Emergency Evacuated From the South Pole 184 comments
Google's New Public NTP Servers Provide Smeared Time 179 comments
Nokia Dials Back Time To Sell Mobile Phones Again 128 comments
Fitbit Is Buying Smartwatch Maker Pebble For Around $40 Million, Says Report 93 comments
FDA Approves Large Clinical Trial For Ecstasy As Relief For PTSD Patients 150 comments
ULA Unveils Website That Lets You Price Out a Rocket 'Like Building a Car' 58 comments
Medal Google Earth's Timelapses Offer a 32-Year Look At Earth's Changing Surface 85 comments
Medal British Film Institute To Digitize 100,000 Old TV Shows Before They Disappear 124 comments
Medal Medal Twitters Says It Will Ban Trump If He Breaks Hate-Speech Rules 1054 comments

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