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Ocean-wide Sensor Array Provides New Look at Global Ocean Current 17 comments
Chrome 64 Now Trims Messy Links When You Share Them 45 comments
Microsoft Finally Documents the Limitations of Windows 10 on ARM 48 comments
How UPS Delivers Faster Using $8 Headphones and Code That Decides When Dirty Trucks Get Cleaned 65 comments
Vietnam's Internet is in Trouble 66 comments
Flight Sim Company Embeds Malware To Steal Pirates' Passwords 150 comments
Virgin Hyperloop One is Coming To India 59 comments
Microsoft Stops Pushing Notifications To Windows 7 and 8 Phones 52 comments
Mitsubishi Electric Believes Its AI-enhanced Camera Systems Will Make Mirrors on Cars Obsolete 145 comments
Medal Man, Seeking New Copy of Windows 7 After Forced Windows 10 Upgrade, Sues Microsoft 280 comments
Humanity's Biggest Machines Will Be Built in Space 114 comments
Scientists Grow Sheep Embryos Containing Human Cells 41 comments
Medal IBM Sues Microsoft's New Chief Diversity Officer To Protect Diversity Trade Secrets 162 comments
Medal Salon Magazine Mines Monero On Your Computer If You Use an Ad Blocker 290 comments
Chrome Extension Brings 'View Image' Button Back 73 comments
Google Trains AI To Write Wikipedia Articles 54 comments
Sweden Considers Six Years in Jail For Online Pirates 186 comments
The Wikipedia Zero Program Will End This Year 72 comments
Medal Occupational Licensing Blunts Competition and Boosts Inequality 336 comments
'Microsoft Should Scrap Bing and Call it Microsoft Search' 203 comments
AI Can Be Our Friend, Says Bill Gates 69 comments
Tokyo To Build 350m Tower Made of Wood 104 comments
Give Workers 10,000 Pound To Survive Automation, British Top Think Tank Suggests 191 comments
Contractors Pose Cyber Risk To Government Agencies 77 comments
Medal Who Killed The Junior Developer? 342 comments
US's Greatest Vulnerability is Ignoring the Cyber Threats From Our Adversaries, Foreign Policy Expert Says 98 comments
New AI Model Fills in Blank Spots in Photos 52 comments
Medal We've Reached Peak Smartphone 209 comments
Facebook Plans To Use US Mail To Verify IDs of Election Ad Buyers 120 comments
Google is Making it Easier For 911 To Find You in an Emergency 49 comments
Silicon Valley Singles Are Giving Up On the Algorithms of Love 238 comments
Deep Neural Networks for Bot Detection 39 comments
Facebook Admits SMS Notifications Sent Using Two-Factor Number Was Caused by Bug 48 comments
Medal Most Cities Would Welcome a Tech Billionaire, But Peter Thiel? 273 comments
How Does Chinese Tech Stack Up Against American Tech? 168 comments
LinkedIn Users Will Soon Know What Jobs Pay Before Applying for Them 62 comments
YouTube Red is Having an Identity Crisis 41 comments
Medal Medal Learning To Program Is Getting Harder 375 comments
New Scanning Technique Reveals Secrets Behind Great Paintings 26 comments
Pirates Crack Microsoft's UWP Protection, Five Layers of DRM Defeated 120 comments
Medal Medal FreeBSD's New Code of Conduct 824 comments
Twitter Kills Its Mac App 50 comments
NBC Publishes 200,000 Tweets Tied To Russian Trolls 267 comments
73 Percent of Fish In the Northwestern Atlantic Have Microplastics In Their Guts 82 comments
Would You Fear Alien Life or Welcome It? 213 comments
Distracted Driving: Everyone Hates It, But Most of Us Do It, Study Finds 139 comments
Coffee Beans Are Good For Birds, Fancy Brew Or Not 32 comments
Phishing Attack Scores Credentials For More Than 50,000 Snapchat Users 11 comments
The Future of Free and Open-Source Maps 56 comments
The Slow Demise of Barnes & Noble 119 comments
Medal Medal Labor Board Says Google Could Fire James Damore For Anti-Diversity Memo 590 comments
Apple Says That All New Apps Must Support the iPhone X Screen 79 comments
Judge Won't Let FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal Stop Lawsuit Alleging Charter Throttled Netflix 33 comments
Scientists Are Failing To Replicate AI Studies 88 comments
Facebook Must Stop Tracking Belgian Users, Court Rules 83 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Could Linux Ever Become Fully Compatible With Windows and Mac Software? 348 comments
A Hacker Has Wiped a Spyware Company's Servers -- Again 63 comments
Medal Medal US Charges Russian Social Media Trolls Over Election Tampering 489 comments
Apple's New Spaceship Campus Has One Flaw -- and It Hurts 214 comments
Intel Hit With More Than 30 Lawsuits Over Security Flaws 99 comments
Concussions Can Be Detected With New Blood Test Approved by FDA. 21 comments
Atari Is Jumping on the Crypto Bandwagon 67 comments
AI is Being Used To Raise Better Pigs in China 47 comments
Google Exposes How Malicious Sites Can Exploit Microsoft Edge 51 comments
Two Years After FBI vs Apple, Encryption Debate Remains 174 comments
Federal Judge Says Embedding a Tweet Can Be Copyright Infringement 149 comments
China Reassigns 60,000 Soldiers To Plant Trees In Bid To Fight Pollution 125 comments
Microsoft Launches LinkedIn-Powered Resume Assistant For Office 365 Subscribers 23 comments
Household Products Now Rival Cars As a Source of Air Pollution, Say Scientists 84 comments
Medal Electronics-Recycling Innovator Faces Prison For Extending Computers' Lives 284 comments
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Is Under Investigation Over $3.9 Billion Media Deal 144 comments
Bloomberg Starts Tracking Tesla Model 3 Production 53 comments
Medal Medal Pro-Gun Russian Bots Flood Twitter After Parkland Shooting 698 comments
Google To Kill Off 'View Image' Button In Search 152 comments
Windows 10 Compatibility Issues Forcing US Air Force To Scrap a Significant Number of Computers 150 comments
119,000 Passports, Photo IDs of FedEx Customers Found On Unsecured Amazon Server 34 comments
France's Telecom Regulator Thinks Net Neutrality Should Also Apply To Devices 38 comments
Uber CEO: We Could Be Profitable -- We Just Don't Want To Be 106 comments
EFF Urges US Copyright Office To Reject Proactive 'Piracy' Filters 55 comments
Coinbase is Erratically Overcharging Some Users and Emptying Their Bank Accounts 143 comments
Gmail Go, a Lightweight Version of Google's Email App, Launched on Android 55 comments
AI is Helping Seismologists Detect Earthquakes They'd Otherwise Miss 32 comments
Medal Medal Hey Microsoft, Stop Installing Apps On My PC Without Asking 509 comments
Mac and iOS Bug Crashes Apps With a Single Indian-Language Character 113 comments
Snapchat Petition Attracts One Million Signatures 51 comments
UK Blames Russia For Cyber Attack, Says Won't Tolerate Disruption 143 comments
MIT Develops New Chip That Reduces Neural Networks' Power Consumption by Up to 95 Percent 55 comments
Ubuntu Wants To Collect Data About Your System -- Starting With 18.04 LTS 207 comments
Windows 10 Is Adding an Ultimate Performance Mode For Pros 151 comments
Cryptocurrency Miners Are 'Limiting' the Search For Alien Life Now 135 comments
SpaceX Hits Two Milestones In Plan For Low-Latency Satellite Broadband 81 comments
Medal Ultra-Processed Foods May Be Linked To Cancer, Says Study 321 comments
Tickbox Must Remove Pirate Streaming Add-ons From Sold Devices 70 comments
Facebook Is Spamming Users Via Their 2FA Phone Numbers 119 comments
YouTube TV Is Adding More Channels, But It's Also Getting More Expensive 79 comments
New Silicon Chip-Based Quantum Computer Passes Major Test 22 comments
Tesla Roadster Elon Musk Launched Into Space Has 6 Percent Chance of Hitting Earth In the Next Million Years 148 comments
FBI, CIA, and NSA: Don't Use Huawei Phones 232 comments
Valve Bans Developer After Employees Leave Fake User Reviews 91 comments
Apple's HomePod Speakers Leave White Marks on Wood 86 comments
Medal Medal Even Apple and Google Engineers Can't Really Afford To Live Near Their Offices 368 comments
Best Linux Distribution 215 comments
Crypto-currency Craze 'Hinders Search For Alien Life' 109 comments
Apple's Software 'Problem' and 'Fixing' It 93 comments
MPEG-2 Patents Have Expired 143 comments
Messenger Kids Advocates Were Facebook-Funded 35 comments
Kaspersky Lab Sues Over Second Federal Ban 97 comments
Medal Germany Considers Free Public Transport in Fight To Banish Air Pollution 321 comments
To Fight Fatal Infections, Hospitals May Turn to Algorithms 4 comments
Google's Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Tomorrow 211 comments
AMP For Email Is a Terrible Idea 177 comments
The Next Falcon Heavy Will Carry the Most Powerful Atomic Clock Ever Launched 128 comments
New Horizons Probe Captures Images At Record Distance From Earth 55 comments
Hospitals May Turn To Algorithms To Fight Fatal Infections 55 comments
New York Times CEO: Print Journalism Has Maybe Another 10 Years 208 comments
Kaspersky Says Telegram Flaw Used For Cryptocurrency Mining 42 comments
Seattle To Remove Controversial City Spying Network After Public Backlash 83 comments
Medal Medal Trump Administration Wants To Fire 248 Forecasters At the National Weather Service 523 comments
Google Is Adding Snapchat-Style Stories To Mobile Search Results 21 comments
Huawei Got People To Write Fake Reviews For An Unreleased Phone 39 comments
Trump's Infrastructure Plan Has No Dedicated Money For Broadband 103 comments
Many ID-Protection Services Fail Basic Security 47 comments
Facebook is Pushing Its Data-tracking Onavo VPN Within Its Main Mobile App 40 comments
Porsche Is 3D Printing Hard-To-Find Parts For The 959 And Other Classics 82 comments
Google Launches AMP For Email To Bring Web-like Actionable Content To Gmail 98 comments
LoopX Startup Pulls ICO Exit Scam and Disappears with $4.5 Million 122 comments
Countries that Are Most Highly Invested in Automation 57 comments
'Troll' Loses Cloudflare Lawsuit, Has Weaponized Patent Invalidated 48 comments
Bill Gates: Tech Companies Inviting Government Intervention 150 comments
Medal The Most Popular Linux Desktop Programs 228 comments
US Senators Voice Concern Over Chinese Access To Intellectual Property 115 comments
YouTube CEO: Facebook Should 'Get Back To Baby Pictures' 119 comments
Microsoft: We're Developing Blockchain ID System Starting With Our Authenticator App 57 comments
In the Wake of Fake News, Several Universities Including MIT and Harvard Introduce New Course On Ethics and Regulation of AI 177 comments
Comcast Sues Vermont Over Conditions On New License Requiring the Company To Expand Its Network 180 comments
Amazon Is Designing Custom AI Chips For Alexa 70 comments
Medal Medal Daylight Saving Time Isn't Worth It, European Parliament Members Say 425 comments

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