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Medal ULA Interns Launch Record-Breaking 50-Foot Rocket 11 comments
Medal Tech Takes Its K-12 CS Education and Immigration Crisis To the DNC 19 comments
Tor Project Confirms Sexual Misconduct By Developer Jacob Appelbaum 176 comments
Tesla and Autopilot Supplier Mobileye Split Up After Fatal Crash 64 comments
Hyperloop One Announces Opening of Its First Manufacturing Plant 69 comments
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Funding Leads To New Genetic Findings 23 comments
Office 365 Gets New Word, PowerPoint and Outlook Features 63 comments
Amazon Debuts a Dedicated Shop For Kickstarter Products 17 comments
One Billion iPhones Have Been Sold, Apple Says 87 comments
Comcast Excited To Have Lost 4,000 TV Subscribers This Spring 52 comments
Rio Olympics Will Be First Sporting Event Watched By 'Eye In The Sky' Drone Cameras 26 comments
C Top Programming Language For 2016, Finds IEEE's Study 225 comments
New York DA Wants Apple, Google To Roll Back Encryption 222 comments
Medal James Cameron: Theater Experience Key To Containing Piracy 283 comments
Medal You Can't Turn Off Cortana In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update 295 comments
Olympics Committee Says Non-Sponsors Are Banned From Tweeting About the Olympics 214 comments
Medal Medal Trump Calls For Russia To Cyber-Invade the United States To Find Clinton's 'Missing' Emails 814 comments
Google Play Rolls Out Family Sharing 39 comments
Android's New Feature Can Share Your Exact Location In Emergency Situation 103 comments
Xiaomi Launches Mi Notebook Air Windows 10 Laptop Featuring 1080p Display, Starts at $520 88 comments
LastPass Accounts Can Be 'Completely Compromised' When Users Visit Sites 130 comments
Florida Regulators OK Plan To Increase Toxins In Water 171 comments
Nintendo NX Is a Portable Console With Detachable Controllers, Says Report 146 comments
Subscribers Pay 61 Cents Per Hour of Cable, But Only 20 Cents Per Hour of Netflix 172 comments
'Sister Clones' Of Dolly The Sheep Have Aged Like Any Other Sheep, Study Says 66 comments
Medal Medal Tesla Model S In Fatal Autopilot Crash Was Going 74 MPH In a 65 Zone, NTSB Says 570 comments
EU Plans To Create Database of Bitcoin Users With Identities and Wallet Addresses 128 comments
Highest-Paid CEOs Run Worst-Performing Companies, Research Finds 168 comments
Apple Q3 Earnings: iPhone Sales Continue To Slide, But Apple Beats Estimates 54 comments
AR Helmet Startup Skully Has Crashed and Burned 42 comments
Norway Is Building The World's First 'Floating' Underwater Tunnels 79 comments
Facebook Open Sources 360 Surround Camera With Ikea-Style Instructions 31 comments
Harrison Ford Could Have Died In Star Wars Set Incident, Court Hears 146 comments
Popular Wireless Keyboards From HP, Toshiba and Others Don't Use Encryption, Can Be Easily Snooped On 83 comments
Chinese Giant LeEco Buys Vizio For $2 Billion, Gets Instant Foothold In US Market 56 comments
Motorola Confirms That It Will Not Commit To Monthly Security Patches 152 comments
Obama Creates a Color-Coded Cyber Threat 'Schema' After the DNC Hack 131 comments
Medal Medal 'DNC Hacker' Unmasked: He Really Works for Russia, Researchers Say 675 comments
BlackBerry Says Its New Android Smartphone DTEK 50 Is the 'World's Most Secure' 92 comments
Notorious Group OurMine Hacks TechCrunch 12 comments
Pop Star Tells Fans To Send Their Twitter Passwords, But It Might Be Illegal 113 comments
Medal Medal Steam On Windows 10 Will Get 'Progressively Worse': Gears of War Developer 400 comments
54C Recorded In Kuwait Likely Hottest On Record In Asia 350 comments
Slashdot Asks: What's Next For Netflix? 189 comments
AMD Unveils Radeon Pro WX and Pro SSG Professional Graphics Cards 53 comments
Apple's Electric Car Project To Be Led By Bob Mansfield 137 comments
Chinese State Company Unveils World's Largest Seaplane 155 comments
Feds To Deploy Anti-Drone Software Near Wildfires 168 comments
NIST Prepares To Ban SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication 147 comments
Vine's Source Code Was Accidentally Made Public For Five Minutes 42 comments
Amazon Partners With UK Government To Test Drone Deliveries 44 comments
China Releases Test Footage of Ballistic Missile Defense System 68 comments
Nvidia Claims Its New Chip Is the 'World's Fastest GPU' for Game and VR Design 35 comments
Bitcoin Not Money, Rules Miami Judge In Dismissing Laundering Charges 149 comments
MIT Developed A Movie Screen That Brings Glasses-Free 3D To All Seats 98 comments
Medal Facebook Admits Blocking WikiLeaks' DNC Email Links, But Won't Say Why 270 comments
Twitter, a 10-Year-Old Company, Is Still Explaining What Twitter Is 106 comments
Medal Millennials Are Obsessed With Side Hustles Because 'They're All' They've Got 343 comments
Researchers Discover 110 Snooping Tor Nodes 45 comments
Solar Impulse 2 Plane Takes Off From Egypt On Final Leg Of World Tour 44 comments
Sprint CEO Hints at Price Hikes Ahead of iPhone 7 34 comments
Nintendo Shares Plummet After Investors Realize It Doesn't Actually Make Pokemon Go 192 comments
Suspect Required To Unlock iPhone Using Touch ID in Second Federal Case 229 comments
Medal Windows 10 Anniversary Update: the Best New Features 365 comments
China Bans Internet News Reporting As Media Crackdown Widens 68 comments
Microsoft Cuts Xbox One Price To $249 - Would You Buy or Recommend One? 137 comments
Microsoft Can't Shield User Data From Government, Says Government 190 comments
Once Valued at $125B, Yahoo's Web Assets To Be Sold To Verizon For $4.83B, Companies Confirm 205 comments
Kurzweil Argues Technology Improves The World, Compares DNA to Code 203 comments
Can Computerized Brain Training Prevent Dementia? 49 comments
New Illinois Law Limits Police Use Of Cellphone-Tracking Stingray 34 comments
Glassdoor Exposes 600,000 Email Addresses 94 comments
Medal Medal Clinton Campaign: Russia Leaked Emails to Help Trump 764 comments
Linux Kernel 4.7 Officially Released 60 comments
Yahoo Ordered to Show How It Recovered 'Deleted' Emails 80 comments
Programming Language Gurus Converge on 'Curry On' Conference 86 comments
Medal Transistors Will Stop Shrinking in 2021, Moore's Law Roadmap Predicts 128 comments
7-Eleven Just Used a Drone To Deliver Slurpees and a Chicken Sandwich 117 comments
EU To Give Free Security Audits To Apache HTTP Server and Keepass 67 comments
Laser-Armed Martian Robot Now Vaporizing Targets of Its Own Free Will 73 comments
Medal Homeland Security Border Agents Can Seize Your Phone 317 comments
UK Cybersecurity Executives Plead Guilty To Hacking A Rival Firm 14 comments
Star Trek's 50th Anniversary Celebrated at Comic-Con 106 comments
Valve Threatens Counter Strike Gambling Sites 37 comments
Can Iris-Scanning ID Systems Tell the Difference Between a Live and Dead Eye? 93 comments
Medal Medal Phones Without Headphone Jacks Are Here... and They're Extremely Annoying 530 comments
Do We Need The Moto Z Smartphones' New Add-On Modules? 56 comments
Turn Your Android Phone Into a Laptop For $99 With the Superbook 125 comments
'High-Risk Vulnerabilities' In Oracle File-Processing SDKs Affect Major Third-Party Products 11 comments
Salesforce CEO Told LinkedIn He Would Have Paid Much More Than Microsoft 64 comments
Google Tests Ads That Load Faster and Use Less Power 117 comments
Almost Half Of All TSA Employees Have Been Cited For Misconduct 128 comments
Medal Medal Maximizing Economic Output With Linear Programming...and Communism 506 comments
Avast Suckers GOP Delegates Into Connecting To Insecure Wi-Fi Hotspots 109 comments
Microsoft Rewrites Wassenaar Arms Control Pact To Protect The Infosec Industry 20 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: When Do You Include 'Unnecessary' Code? 239 comments
Tinder Scam Promises Account Verification, But Actually Sells Porn 29 comments
Sega Announces Two New Sonic Games That Seek To Recapture The Glory Days 45 comments
CRISPR: Chinese Scientists To Pioneer Gene-Editing Trial On Humans 93 comments
Cyanogen Inc. Reportedly Fires OS Development Arm, Switches To Apps 124 comments
Auto Industry Publishes Its First Set of Cybersecurity Best Practices 38 comments
Medal Hillary Clinton Chooses Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine As Running Mate 382 comments
VW Has Emissions-Cheating Fix Ready, Says Report 64 comments
Issa Bill Would Kill A Big H-1B Loophole 248 comments
Comcast To Offer Pay-As-You-Go TV, Broadband Service 43 comments
Edward Snowden At Comic-Con: 'I Live a Surprisingly Free Life' 52 comments
Scientists' Biggest Search For Dark Matter To Date Just Turned Up Nothing 157 comments
MasterCard Is Buying the Core of the British Payments Infrastructure 27 comments
Apple: Pokemon Go Sets Record For Most Downloads In Its First Week 35 comments
Google Fiber Reminds People It's a 'Real Business' 104 comments
FCC Calls On Phone Companies To Offer Free Robocall Blocking 120 comments
China Wants To Be a Top 10 Nation For Automation By Putting More Robots In Its Factories 140 comments
Fortune 500 Company Hires Ransomware Gang To Hack the Competition 65 comments
Medal Medal 'The Hillary Leaks' - Wikileaks Releases 19,252 Previously Unseen DNC Emails 460 comments
How Apple and Facebook Helped To Take Down KickassTorrents 105 comments
Sony Is the Only Remaining Obstacle To PS4-Xbox Cross-Play 57 comments
Samsung Fights Back, Sues China's Huawei For Patent Infringement 24 comments
Hacker Steals 1.6 Million Accounts From Top Mobile Game's Forum 30 comments
Verizon Nears Deal to Acquire Yahoo 70 comments
NVIDIA Drops Surprise Unveiling of Pascal-Based GeForce GTX Titan X 134 comments
Medal Scientists Find Chemical-Free Way To Extend Milk's Shelf Life For Up To 3 Weeks 255 comments
Large Source Of Hydrogen Gas May Lie Near Slow-Spreading Tectonic Plates Under The Ocean 79 comments
Man Builds $1.5 Million Star Trek-Themed Home Theater 161 comments
Spotify Is Now Selling Your Information To Advertisers 107 comments
Texas Man Who Acted As Russian Agent Gets 10 Years' Prison 83 comments
McDonald's 'Make Burger History' Site Hijacked With Offensive Burger Ideas 192 comments
Medal Tesla's Autopilot Mode Reportedly Saves Pedestrian's Life 219 comments
Amazon Wants To Sell You Everything, Including Student Loans 49 comments
Apple To Make $3 Billion From Pokemon Go 79 comments
Microsoft's Surface Hub Is a 'Hit', Demand Outstrips Supply 67 comments
Police 3D-Printed A Murder Victim's Finger To Unlock His Phone 97 comments
'The Wolf of Wall Street' Movie Was Financed With Stolen Money, Says DOJ 160 comments
IsoHunt Launches Unofficial KAT Mirror 66 comments
Google Gets Rid Of App Launcher In Chrome 52, Browser's Mac Client Gets Material Design 67 comments
Facebook Took Its Giant Internet Drone On Its First Test Flight 43 comments
Apple Patches Stagefright-Like Bug In IOS 23 comments
Medal Medal Verizon To Disconnect Unlimited Data Customers Who Use Over 100GB/Month 420 comments
EFF Is Suing the US Government To Invalidate the DMCA's DRM Provisions 93 comments
Microsoft Responds To Allegations That Windows 10 Collects 'Excessive Personal Data' 157 comments
Smartwatch Shipments Fall For the First Time; Apple Only Company In Top 5 To Decline 129 comments
Edward Snowden's New Research Aims To Keep Smartphones From Betraying Their Owners 107 comments
Medal Amazon Loses Huge Footwear Company Because Of Fake Products, a Problem It Denies Is Happening 345 comments
Tesla's 'Master Plan, Part Deux' Includes Trucks, Buses and Ride-Sharing 174 comments

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