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New Solar Plane Plans Non-Stop Flight Around The World 2 comments
SSD Drives Vulnerable To Rowhammer-Like Attacks That Corrupt User Data 28 comments
The Lawyer Who Founded Prenda Law Just Got Disbarred 37 comments
IT Crash Causes British Airways To Cancel All Flights 76 comments
Alpine Linux 3.6.0 Released 38 comments
Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, Others Ante Up Another $30 Million To the World 42 comments
Wormable Code-Execution Bug Lurked In Samba For 7 Years 63 comments
New Zealand Joins Space Race With Successful Launch Of Lightweight 'Electron' Rocket 38 comments
Investigation Demanded Over Fake FCC Comments Submitted By Dead People 95 comments
Medal Accused of Underpaying Women, Google Says It's Too Expensive To Get Wage Data 246 comments
Medal A New Amiga Arrives On the Scene -- the A-EON Amiga X5000 98 comments
Medal Hackers Have Targeted Both the Trump Organization And Democrat Election Data 188 comments
A Third of the Nation's Honeybee Colonies Died Last Year 108 comments
UCF Research Could Bring 'Drastically' Higher Resolution To Your Phone and TV 94 comments
10 Years Later: FileZilla Adds Support For Master Password That Encrypts Your Logins 70 comments
Facebook Bans Sale of Piracy-Enabling Set-Top Boxes 56 comments
Two Different Studies Find Thousands of Bugs In Pacemakers, Insulin Pumps and Other Medical Devices 48 comments
Apple Is Working On a Dedicated Chip To Power AI On Devices 47 comments
Chipotle Says 'Most' of Its Restaurants Were Infected With Credit Card Stealing Malware 111 comments
Comcast Customer Satisfaction Drops 6% After TV Price Hikes, ACSI Says 49 comments
Sean Parker Is Going To Great Lengths To Ensure 'Screening Room' Is Piracy Free, Patents Reveal 127 comments
NASA To Make Announcement About First Mission To Touch Sun 81 comments
Music Streaming Service Tidal Loses Third CEO In Two Years 19 comments
Medal Medal 80% of Millennials Say They Want To Buy a Home -- But Most Have Less Than $1,000 538 comments
The Gig Economy Workforce Will Double In Four Years 59 comments
With Nothing Left To Sell, RadioShack Is Selling Itself To People 208 comments
Disney Chief Bob Iger Doesn't Believe Movie Hack Threat Was Real 26 comments
Major US Tech Firms Press Congress For Internet Surveillance Reforms 37 comments
In a Throwback To the '90s, NTFS Bug Lets Anyone Hang Or Crash Windows 7, 8.1 120 comments
Medal Former Mozilla CTO: 'Chrome Won' 250 comments
Opera Abandons iOS Platform 61 comments
Medal Medal Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in His Harvard Commencement Speech 703 comments
Messenger App Kik Debuts Its Own Digital Currency 51 comments
Scientists Develop Technology That Burns Natural Gas With No CO2 Emissions 147 comments
Juno Spacecraft Reveals Spectacular Cyclones At Jupiter's Poles 22 comments
Chinese Company Offers Free Training For US Coal Miners To Become Wind Farmers 201 comments
US Senator Introduces the First Bill To Give Gig Workers Benefits 151 comments
Amazon's Drive-Up Grocery Stores Are Now Open To the Public In Seattle 36 comments
More Than Half of Streaming Users In US Are Sharing Their Passwords, Says Report 69 comments
Facebook's Instant Articles Platform To Support Google AMP, Apple News 23 comments
Devuan Jessie 1.0 Officially Released 218 comments
Proposed Active-Defense Bill Would Allow Destruction of Data, Use of Beacon Tech 68 comments
T-Mobile's 'Digits' Program Revamps the Phone Number 47 comments
83 Percent Of Security Staff Waste Time Fixing Other IT Problems 205 comments
Firefox Marketing Head Expresses Concerns Over Google's Apparent 'Only Be On Chrome' Push 184 comments
Apple's Jonathan Ive Says Immigration Vital For UK Firms 123 comments
It's Time For Academics To Take Back Control Of Research Journals 72 comments
Egypt Blocks 21 Websites For 'Terrorism' And 'Fake News' 54 comments
Newly Discovered Vulnerability Raises Fears Of Another WannaCry 107 comments
Cord-Cutters Are Ditching Their Cable Packages At the Fastest Rate Ever 201 comments
And Now, a Brief Definition of the Web 62 comments
The Cable TV Industry Is Getting Even Less Popular 98 comments
Google AI AlphaGo Wins Again, Leaves Humans In the Dust 133 comments
Medal US Intelligence Community Has Lost Credibility Due To Leaks 338 comments
Bitcoin Surges 10% To All-Time High Above $2,700, Has Now Doubled in May 139 comments
Medal How Facebook Flouts Holocaust Denial Laws Except Where It Fears Being Sued 307 comments
Medal 8 In 10 People Now See Climate Change As a 'Catastrophic Risk,' Says Survey 373 comments
Boeing Will Make the Military's New Hypersonic Spaceplane 89 comments
Medal Medal Manchester Attack Could Lead To Internet Crackdown 378 comments
Vermont DMV Caught Using Illegal Facial Recognition Program 109 comments
Facebook Signs BuzzFeed, Vox, Others For Original Video Shows 15 comments
Study Finds Magic Mushrooms Are the Safest Recreational Drug 198 comments
Robot Police Officer Goes On Duty In Dubai 49 comments
Windows Switch To Git Almost Complete: 8,500 Commits and 1,760 Builds Each Day 194 comments
Consumers Trust Robots For Surgery Over Savings, Research Finds 67 comments
Airbnb Is Running Its Own Internal University To Teach Data Science 32 comments
Intel Drops Thunderbolt 3 Royalty, Adds CPU Integration and Works Closely With Microsoft 106 comments
Fitness Trackers Out of Step When Measuring Calories, Research Shows 81 comments
Medal The Trump Administration Wants To Be Able To Track and Hack Your Drone 215 comments
Apple Wants To Turn Community College Students Into App Developers 124 comments
Scientists Are Using Gene Editing To Create the Perfect Tomato For Your Salad 124 comments
Imzy, the Kinder and Gentler Reddit By Ex Employee, Is Shutting Down 199 comments
Microsoft To Launch Its Netflix-Style Game Pass On June 1; Live Gold Subscribers Get Early Access 35 comments
JSON Feed Announced As Alternative To RSS 201 comments
Medal Medal US International Tourism Market Share Is Falling Under Trump 427 comments
China Censored Google's AlphaGo Match Against World's Best Go Player 93 comments
Amazon Brings Its Physical Bookstore To New York 36 comments
Malicious Subtitles Threaten VLC, Kodi and Popcorn Time Users, Researchers Warn 126 comments
Wikimedia Is Clear To Sue the NSA Over Its Use of Warrantless Surveillance Tools 60 comments
DEFCON Conference To Target Voting Machines 105 comments
Renewable Energy Powers Jobs For Almost 10 Million People 128 comments
Researchers Find Dozens of Genes Associated With Measures of Intelligence 264 comments
When AI Botches Your Medical Diagnosis, Who's To Blame? 200 comments
Medal Medal Republicans Want To Leave You Voicemail -- Without Ever Ringing Your Cellphone 438 comments
Open19 Launches Open Hardware Project Targeting Edge Computing 15 comments
Google Following Your Offline Credit Card Spending To Tell Advertisers If Their Ads Work 146 comments
Uber Plans Millions In Back Pay After Shorting NYC Drivers 32 comments
FCC Won't Punish Stephen Colbert For Controversial Trump Insult 305 comments
DJI Threatens To 'Brick' Its Copters Unless Owners Agree To Share Their Details 192 comments
Medal President Trump's Budget Includes a $2 Trillion Math Error 354 comments
Engineer At Boeing Admits Trying To Sell Space Secrets To Russians 70 comments
'Sony Needs a Fresh Hit' 123 comments
Ask Slashdot: ISPs That Respect Your Online Privacy? 90 comments
At Google, an Employee-Run Email List Tracks Harassment and Bias Complaints 90 comments
Comcast Proves Need For Net Neutrality By Trying To Censor Advocacy Website 153 comments
Medal 'Coding Is Not Fun, It's Technically and Ethically Complex' 354 comments
Hackers Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 With Fake Iris 75 comments
Chinese Giant Huawei Gets Serious About PC Business, Announces Plans For Global Expansion 53 comments
Nokia Uses Lawsuit To Make Apple Its Friend 8 comments
Google's AlphaGo AI Defeats the World's Best Human Go Player 186 comments
Microsoft's New Surface Pro Features Faster Intel Kaby Lake Processor, 13.5 Hours of Battery Life 65 comments
Microsoft Announces 'Windows 10 China Government Edition', Lets Country Use Its Own Encryption 108 comments
LeEco Said To Lay Off Over 80 Percent of US Workforce 103 comments
Medal Medal Could Giant Alien Structures Be Dimming a Far Away Star? 394 comments
Resident Evil Getting Rebooted Into a Six-Film Franchise 201 comments
Sperm Stored In Space Produces Healthy Baby Mice On Earth 53 comments
Java Creator James Gosling Joins Amazon Web Services 90 comments
Samsung's Galaxy S8 Active Looks Like a Rugged LG G6 31 comments
PayPal Sues Pandora Over 'Patently Unlawful' Logo 136 comments
Remote Pacific Island Is the Most Plastic-Contaminated Spot Yet Surveyed 132 comments
Microsoft Says a Chinese 'Gaming Service' Company Is Hacking Xbox Accounts 31 comments
Microsoft Wants To Use DNA For Cloud Data Storage 50 comments
Ethereum Could Be Worth More Than Bitcoin Very Soon 84 comments
Medal Baking Soda Shortage Has Hospitals Frantic, Delaying Treatments and Surgeries 250 comments
Amazon's 1.7 Million Free Bananas 'Disrupting' Local Fruit Economy 112 comments
Self-Driving Cars Could Cost America's Professional Drivers Up To 25,000 Jobs a Month 190 comments
How Fonts Are Fueling the Culture Wars 222 comments
Tech-Savvy Workers Increasingly Common in Non-IT Roles 124 comments
Pittsburgh Is Falling Out of Love With Uber's Self-Driving Cars 82 comments
Mark Zuckerberg Is Working On a Way To Connect You To People You 'Should' Know 140 comments
Ford Ousted Its CEO And Is Doubling Down On Self-Driving Cars 122 comments
Facebook Flooded With 'Sextortion' and Revenge Porn, Files Reveal 54 comments
The Supreme Court Is Cracking Down on Patent Trolls 112 comments
Medal Medal 'Science Must Clean Up Its Act' 666 comments
Hackers Hit Russian Bank Customers, Planned International Cyber Raids 19 comments
Bitcoin Price Hits Fresh Record High Above $2,200 172 comments
Privacy-Focused Debian-Based Tails 3.0 Reaches RC Status 32 comments
Linux 4.10 Kernel Reaches End of Life 57 comments
Medal Medal Switzerland Votes To Abandon Nuclear Power In Favor of Renewables 380 comments
Julian Assange Still Faces Legal Jeopardy In Three Countries 234 comments
Why The US Government Open Sources Its Code 58 comments
Medal Did China Hack The CIA In A Massive Intelligence Breach From 2010 To 2012? 112 comments
Ex-IBM Employee Guilty of Stealing Secrets For China 71 comments
How AI Can Infer Human Emotions 25 comments
Vint Cerf Reflects On The Last 60 Years 66 comments
FCC Won't Release DDoS Logs, And Will Probably Honor Fake Comments 82 comments
Soon You'll Be Able To Build Your Own 4G Network Over Wi-Fi Frequencies 52 comments
Texas Legislature Clears Road For Uber and Lyft To Return To Austin 107 comments
Movie Piracy Blackmail Plot Fails In India, Six Arrested 47 comments
New Battery Technology Draws Energy Directly From The Human Body 97 comments
Indian Election Officials Challenges Critics To Hack Electronic Voting Machine 52 comments
Endless OS Now Ships With Steam And Slack FlatPak Applications 95 comments
Medal Netgear Adds Support For "Collecting Analytics Data" To Popular R7000 Router 110 comments
Medal Medal The Working Dead: Which IT Jobs Are Bound For Extinction? 580 comments
Attackers DDoS WannaCry Kill Switch 73 comments
Medal Possible Radioactive Leak Investigated At Washington Nuclear Site 94 comments

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