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Medal Japanese Spacecraft Spots Massive Gravity Wave In Venus' Atmosphere 1 comments
Study Finds Link Between Profanity and Honesty 86 comments
Apple To Offer 32GB of Desktop RAM, Kaby Lake In Top-End 2017 MacBook Pro, Says Analyst 100 comments
Oculus Accused of Destroying Evidence, Zuckerberg To Testify In $2 Billion Lawsuit 68 comments
Amazon Seeks FCC Permission To Run Wireless Tests In Washington State 20 comments
AT&T Denies Refunds For DirecTV Now Customers, Despite the Service's Performance Issues 60 comments
ISIS Is Dropping Bombs With Drones In Iraq 108 comments
Microsoft Patent Hints At Foldable Tablet Design For Surface Phone 23 comments
Raspberry Pi Upgrades Compute Module With 10 Times the CPU Performance 42 comments
NASA Astronaut Gene Cernan, Last Man To Walk On the Moon, Dies At 82 65 comments
Medal China, Europe Drive Shift To Electric Cars as US Lags 277 comments
South Korea Prosecutors Seek Arrest of Samsung Chief Jay Y Lee For Bribery 34 comments
Apple Exec Jimmy Iovine Confirms Company's Interest in Making 'Pop Culture' TV Shows 78 comments
Medal Medal Microsoft: Windows 7 Does Not Meet the Demands of Modern Technology; Recommends Windows 10 396 comments
Google Reveals Its Servers All Contain Custom Security Silicon 106 comments
Don't Call Switch a Tablet, Also It's Not Here To Oust the 3DS, Says Nintendo 85 comments
Flying Car Prototype Ready By End of 2017, Says Airbus CEO 124 comments
China Orders App Stores To Join Register 22 comments
Deutsche Bank Switches Off Text Messaging 65 comments
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Warns Against 'Hubris' Amid AI Growth 123 comments
Medal Windows 10 Gets A New Linux: openSUSE 178 comments
Researchers Create A Lithium-Ion Battery With Built-In Flame Retardant 61 comments
Microsoft's Security Bulletins Will End In February 33 comments
Medal Windows 10 Upgrade Bug Disabled Cntrl-C In Bash 266 comments
Medal Medal How A Professional Poker Player Conned a Casino Out of $9.6 Million 376 comments
Apple/Samsung Patent Case Returns To Court To Revisit Infringement Damages 79 comments
Google-Funded Project Envisions Nation's Librarians Teaching Kids to Code 193 comments
Driverless Electric Shuttle Deployed In Downtown Las Vegas 79 comments
Meet Lux, A New Lisp-like Language 184 comments
Hackers Corrupt Data For Cloud-Based Medical Marijuana System 137 comments
Thousands Of Cubans Now Have Internet Access 69 comments
Medal Medal Will The Death of the PC Bring 'An End To Openness'? 464 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's The Best Place To Suggest New Open Source Software? 216 comments
Debian 8.7 Released 118 comments
SpaceX Returns To Flight, And Nails Another Drone Landing 128 comments
Medal Medal California's Bullet Train Hurtles Towards a Multibillion-Dollar Overrun 392 comments
Medal 'Superbug' Resistant To 26 Antibiotics Kills A Patient In Nevada 287 comments
Amateur Scientists Find New Clue In D.B. Cooper Case, Crowdsource Their Investigation 132 comments
D-Wave Open Sources Its Quantum Computing Tool 42 comments
Student Hacker Faces 10 Years in Prison For Spyware That Hit 16,000 Computers 174 comments
Tor Onion Browser's Creator Explains Free Version For iOS 26 comments
Hamas 'Honey Trap' Dupes Israeli Soldiers 97 comments
Node.js's npm Is Now The Largest Package Registry in the World 132 comments
Medal Petition With Over 1 Million Signatures Urges President Obama To Pardon Snowden 268 comments
Moon Express Raises $20 Million In Series B-1, Fully Funds Trip To The Moon 60 comments
Someone Is Trying to Sell Those Stolen Three-Screen Razer Laptops in China 48 comments
SpaceX Accident Cost it Hundreds of Millions 66 comments
Medal Medal Congress Will Consider Proposal To Raise H-1B Minimum Wage To $100,000 526 comments
Medal Medal Millennials Earn 20 Percent Less Than Boomers Did At Same Stage of Life 476 comments
Headphone Users Rejoice: Samsung Reportedly Not Killing the Galaxy S8's Headphone Jack 78 comments
Drone Maker Lily Robotics Faked Promotional Video, Gets Sued For False Advertising and Misleading Business Practices 37 comments
Head of Sony Entertainment, Michael Lynton, To Step Down 9 comments
Faulty Phone Battery May Have Caused Fire That Brought Down EgyptAir Flight MS80 138 comments
Open Source Codec Encodes Voice Into Only 700 Bits Per Second 128 comments
Facebook No Longer Clearly Labels Edited Posts 52 comments
Trump's Cyber Security Advisor Rudy Giuliani Runs Ancient, Utterly Hackable Website 273 comments
Creator of Android Andy Rubin Nears His Comeback, Complete With an 'Essential' Phone 73 comments
Virginia 'Broadband Deployment Act' Would Kill Municipal Broadband Deployment 199 comments
eBay To Combat Counterfeiters With Professional Authenticators That Inspect High-End Goods 64 comments
Medal Medal Half the Work People Do Can Be Automated, Says McKinsey 402 comments
US Appeals Court Revives Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple 121 comments
Chrome is Getting the Ability To Play FLAC 76 comments
Microsoft's New Windows 10 Game Mode Will Maximize Gaming Performance 129 comments
Security Experts Rebut The Guardian's Report That Claimed WhatsApp Has a Backdoor 111 comments is Shutting Down 30 comments
Google's New Compression Tool Uses 75% Less Bandwidth Without Sacrificing Image Quality 103 comments
US Puts Bumblebee On the Endangered Species List For First Time 126 comments
Nintendo Switch Will Launch On March 3rd For $299, Won't Feature Region-Locking Software 155 comments
Study Shows Wearable Sensors Can Tell When You Are Getting Sick 54 comments
Medal CVS Announces Super Cheap Generic Alternative To EpiPen 371 comments
Tesla To Power Gigafactory With World's Largest Solar Rooftop Installation 110 comments
Medal Rural Americans At Higher Risk From Five Leading Causes of Death: CDC 371 comments
Switzerland Agrees To Its Own New Data Sharing Pact With the US 15 comments
Consumer Reports Now Recommends MacBook Pros 161 comments
Fingerprinting Methods Identify Users Across Different Browsers On the Same PC 88 comments
Europe Calls For Mandatory 'Kill Switches' On Robots 172 comments
Obama Changed Rules Regarding Raw Intelligence, Allowing NSA To Share Raw Data With US's Other 16 Intelligence Agencies 200 comments
Arizona Plans To Sue Theranos Over Faulty Blood Tests 31 comments
US EPA Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Excess Diesel Emissions 125 comments
Amazon To Add 100,000 Full-Time US Jobs in Next 18 Months 185 comments
Medal Medal Cassettes Are Back, and Booming 562 comments
Hacker Steals 900 GB of Cellebrite Data 69 comments
HTC's New Flagship Phone Has AI and a Second Screen, But No Headphone Jack 205 comments
Amazon Launches Anime Channel for $5 Per Month, Its First Branded Subscription Channel 114 comments
The Flying Lily Camera Drone is Dead, Buyers Will Be Refunded 88 comments
Opera Neon Turns Your Web Browser Into a Mini Desktop 78 comments
Apple Planning To Make Original TV Shows and Movies as Hardware Sales Soften 130 comments
Amazon Just Got Slapped With a $1 Million Fine For Misleading Pricing 159 comments
New FCC Report Says AT&T and Verizon Zero-Rating Violates Net Neutrality 74 comments
Scientists Use Stem Cells To Regenerate the External Layer of a Human Heart 51 comments
Japan Researchers Warn of Fingerprint Theft From 'Peace' Sign 119 comments
Scientists Calculate the Moon To Be 4.51 Billion Years Old 139 comments
SpaceX Details Its Plans For Landing Three Falcon Heavy Boosters At Once 101 comments
Implantable Cardiac Devices Could Be Vulnerable To Hackers, FDA Warns 60 comments
Buggy Domain Validation Forces GoDaddy To Revoke SSL Certificates 33 comments
Latest Adobe Acrobat Reader Update Silently Installs Chrome Extension 144 comments
Comcast Remains America's Most-Hated Company, Survey Finds 111 comments
Medal Microsoft Anti-Porn Workers Sue Over PTSD 297 comments
JetBlue Giving All Passengers Free In-Flight 'Fly-Fi' High-Speed Wi-Fi 69 comments
Windows 10 Will Soon Lock Your PC When You Step Away From It 172 comments
New Research Suggests the Appendix Has a Purpose After All 133 comments
Facebook's 'Journalism Project' Seeks To Strengthen Online News 119 comments
Bitcoin Slides as China's Central Bank Launches Checks On Exchanges 43 comments
Samsung Says Over 96% of Galaxy Note7 Phones Returned To Date 62 comments
Google is Killing Its Solar-Powered Internet Drone Program 59 comments
Streaming TV is Beginning To Look a Lot Like Cable 208 comments
AMD Set To Launch Ryzen Before March 3rd 91 comments
Instagram Stories Hits 150M Active Users, Adds Advertising To Instagram Stories 31 comments
Medal Wireless Headphone Sales Soared After Apple Dropped Headphone Jack 252 comments
Amazon Now Gives Away 5,000 Bananas a Day 124 comments
Regulators Criticize Banks For Lending Uber $1.15 Billion 134 comments
Amazon Still Lags Behind Apple, Google in Greenpeace Renewable Energy Report 84 comments
Alcohol Switches the Brain Into Starvation Mode In Mice, Increasing Hunger and Appetite, Study Finds 130 comments
Monopoly May Replace Iconic Pieces With Emoji Faces and Hashtags 123 comments
An Asteroid Passed By Earth At About Half the Distance Between Our Planet and Moon 133 comments
Medal Author of Swift Language Chris Lattner is Leaving Apple; We're Interviewing Him (Ask a Question!) 338 comments
Medal Medal Why You Shouldn't Trust Geek Squad 389 comments
MIT Unveils New Material That's Strongest and Lightest On Earth 148 comments
Sonos CEO John MacFarlene Steps Down From the Company He Helped Found 23 comments
Medal Microsoft To Enhance User Privacy Controls In Upcoming Windows 10 Update 183 comments
LinkedIn's and eBay's Founders Are Donating $20 Million To Protect Us From AI 74 comments
AT&T Imposes Another $5 Rate Hike On Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans 58 comments
Pentagon Successfully Tests Micro-Drone Swarm 113 comments
Apple Patent Paves Way For iPhone With Full-Face Display, HUD Windows 75 comments
Apple Said To Be Working on AR Glasses With Carl Zeiss 66 comments
Volkswagen Closes In on $4.3 Billion US Settlement in Diesel Scandal 123 comments
LG's Upcoming Smartphone G6 Will Have 5.7-inch QHD+ Display Featuring 18:9 Aspect Ratio 132 comments
Medal Consumer Reports Updates Its MacBook Pro Review 246 comments
Wikimedia Foundation Nabs $3 Million Grant To Improve Accessibility of Free Commons' Content 33 comments
Fitbit Buys Vector, Romanian Startup's Existing Smartwatches Won't Receive Software Updates Anymore 101 comments
'Tooth Repair Drug' May Replace Fillings 130 comments
WhatsApp, Gmail Roped Into Tougher EU Privacy Proposal 36 comments
Scientists Predict Star Collision Visible To The Naked Eye In 2022 125 comments
WeChat Beats Google in Releasing Apps That Don't Need Downloading or Installing 69 comments
Two Triple-Screen Laptops Were Stolen From Razer's CES Booth 165 comments
AMD Announces X300 and X370 AM4 Motherboards For Ryzen, All CPUs Unlocked 71 comments

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