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Journal Journal: Mengenal Akad Mudharabah Pada Perbankan Syariah

Apa yang dimaksud dengan akad mudharabah? Bagaimana penerapannya pada sistem perbankan syariah? Kali ini Finansialku akan membahas tentang akad mudharabah pada perbankan syariah.

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Comment Wrong priorities (Score 1) 84

Ill bet that 50% of Windows apps still crash and refuse to run at all on Wine. I doubt that many Wine users care about android, and would rather more advances had been made toward supporting 99% of windows apps (Windows Desktop apps on a phone, good god).

Comment Re:EDM? Maybe 15 years ago (Score 1) 476

Imagine Dragons? Really?

To be honest, their music is actually pretty interesting and I want to like it, but the production quality is absolutely abysmal. Almost every one of their songs has been over-compressed to the point that it sounds like absolute shit. It's noticeably worse than other current pop music, which is already compressed to hell.

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Comment Re:Stay out of L.A. (Score 1) 80

Yeah— it seems like a very odd list with more than half the locations completely unworkable. NY/Philly (3), DC (3), LA, Chicago, and even Denver seem almost impossible to work effectively. I see the logic of Dallas/Austin, and Atlanta. I think Indy would be a great city for it, as might Nashville— but my money would be on Columbus; it is the hub of their air operations.

Or Toronto to piss off/on Trump.

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Comment Re:uh, what? (Score 1) 58

Apple was rumored to be working on a car for a long time. I don't think they could actually build one, a car is a complicated thing to build and involves a lot of regulatory approvals and a massive investment in manufacturing. I'm not sure the regulatory requirements would also line up with Apple's marketing style, either.

It's not that Apple doesn't have or can't hire the right talent, and they are good at supply chain management but a car is a different product than Apple knows how to make.

Tesla has shown that building cars from scratch isn't easy or easily scalable.

My guess was always Apple was looking for sideways entry to being inside cars or involved with user interfaces and controls. "Building a car" was just a design exercise to see where they could best apply their talents.

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