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Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 148

The "international community" is a blend of supefyingly dull simpletons, hysterical dolts and Machiavellian assholes.
I completely agree.

Welcome my new Overlord! Where do you live that I come and praise you? Please bless me with your presents and put your hand on my head!

I'm just a worm in your presence ... please enlighten me!!

Comment Re: Ruining it for everyone (Score 1) 98

Not in this state.... ALL land is Posted--you do not have to mark it as such. Legally you must have written permission to cross private property unless your name is on the deed. For practical purposes this is not taken to the extreme, but during hunting season it's enforced quite a bit. If you really work in land records, you should know that laws vary from state to state.

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Comment Re: This is victim blaming. (Score 1) 33

Companies choose to outsource based on two (often realtors) issues: talent availability and cost. Some jobs have a rational pay ceiling; when you exceed this they are ripe for outsourcing.

Suppressing pay is not a noble goal, but if an employer can reduce the education debt that an employee has then maybe the salaries can be kept closer to the break-even point for outsourcing. Maybe we can increase the talent pool as well...

User Journal

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Comment Re:'Batch Tuesday'? (Score 1) 104

There should be a single blog, yes. But there should also be the ability to choose which patches you want, if necessary. Say a particular graphics driver is known to kill a certain game, or a certain network update conflicts with a utility, there should be a way for advanced users do opt-out of them.

But then, Microsoft is trying to create an environment as closed as Mac, with user tracking beyond the pale of Google, accompanied a fee stream to rival any subscription service. It's not about what users want anymore, just about extracting maximal dollars.

Comment Re:Ruining it for everyone (Score 1) 98

I'm not sure how you can argue it was not invading privacy when it was downed with a shotgun. The maximum effective range is around 75 yards and you can pretty much shoot at people 300 yards away and pose no danger (do not do this obviously).

75 yards is damned near the minimum height at which you can legally fly an airplane, upon which you can mount a big fancy camera. The drone does not pose a privacy risk that isn't already posed by aircraft, when operated legally. Does it potentially "violate" your notional privacy? You betcha. Does that give you the right to shoot it with your shotgun? Nope. You shoot it with a camera, show that its camera was or at least could have been facing your daughter, and go to the DA. If they're doing their job, after consulting an expert they can file suit on your behalf and subpoena any camera footage if there is a legitimate privacy concern.

While the law may be somewhat incomplete, you are an asshole if you fly a drone close people or their dwelling on their property.

You're also an asshole if you shoot a drone out of the air with a shotgun where it may pose a significant fire hazard. There's assholes all around in this story.

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Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 148

Japan has had no serious nuclear accidents; at least, not serious in terms of public safety.

You are an idiot.

Japan had 100ds of small nuclear incidents and plenty of them where close to become a disaster.
That is not reported at news in your country, because no one cares about Japan, in my country it is.

Go google ...

Your SF reactor I like to copy for my next game, please excuse me that I will build some hazards around your non working design.

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