Submission + - AP Analysis Shows How Bill Gates Influences Education Policy

theodp writes: Lost in all the When-Bill-Gates-Met-Donald-Trump coverage hoopla this week was perhaps an even bigger Gates story. According to an AP analysis of grants, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given about $44 million to outside groups over the past two years to help shape new state education plans required under the 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The spending, the AP reports, paid for research aligned with Gates' interests, led to friendly media coverage and had a role in helping write one state's new education system framework. Among other things, ESSA recognized K-12 computer science as important an academic subject as math and English, putting it on equal footing with other subjects when state policymakers decide how to dole out federal funds. Claiming credit for "pressing lawmakers" into finally making CS a core K-12 subject under ESSA was tech-bankrolled Code.org, which has received $3+ million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and another $1+ million from Bill Gates. Not too surprisingly, Code.org — which earlier this year thanked BillG as it celebrated its success in "changing education policies in forty states" — offers a few ideas for Putting Computer Science Into State Plans for the Every Student Succeeds Act on its website.

Submission + - New Model Unites Classical & Quantum Physics: Describes Dark Energy & Bi (linkedin.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A new paper presents a complete description of modern theory in quantum terms, thus unifying classical and quantum physics.


In addition to unification, the paper goes into great detail describing the expansion of the universe, dark energy, dark matter, gravity, quantum entanglement, energy/mass and their relation, the birth of the universe from a quantum fluctuation, the ensuing inflationary period, the trigger event that causes inflation to end and the resulting release of energy that we now see as the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). Calculations of the quantity, age, density and temperature of the CMB are precise to the best measurement data available.

A reader friendly narrative of the physicist may be found here:


In total the paper presents 27 verifiable results which may be found here:


Submission + - Using Google's Daydream VR Headset for Augmented Reality and Positional Tracking (vortex.com)

Lauren Weinstein writes: At first glance (no pun intended) one would assume that Daydream headsets are unsuitable for “augmented reality” VR applications that require use of the phone camera, since the Daydream flap that holds the phone in place completely blocks the back of the phone and the camera lens. This also seemingly eliminates the possibility of Daydream headset experimentation with “inside-out” 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) applications, that leverage the phone’s camera and Google’s “ARCore” platform to provide “positional tracking” capabilities that conventionally have only been available with far more expensive VR headsets.

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