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passengerlifts writes: propertylifts.com is one of the best lift manufacturers in Bangladesh. They are the leading importers of Lift, Elevator and Generators in Bangladesh a sister concern of PRAN-RFL GROUP Since after its inception in 1988, Property Lifts is serving the market importing superior quality lifts of European and China origin.

Providing site services including installation, testing, commission and service and maintenances of lifts. Currently, they are representing Macpuarsa of Spain, Monitor of Italy, United elevator and Sunny elevator of China for lifts.

Property Lifts provides many types of lifts in Bangladesh. It includes passenger lifts, hospital lifts, elevators, capsule lift, cargo lift, etc. We are manufacturing passenger lifts for long time in local market. If you want to know passenger lift price in Bangladesh, visit our website.

If you worried about services, don't worry at all. We do services well.

Comment Safe for whom? (Score 1) 235

Lets put the three laws into a different perspective:
A slave may not injure a master or, through inaction, allow a master to come to harm.
A slave must obey the orders given it by master except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
A slave must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

If machines ever do achieve true intelligence, whatever we take that to mean, are we going to treat them like slaves? Putting aside whether there are unintended consequences to the laws is there a fore fundamental question about the relationship there will be between man and machine? Do 'human rights' even have relevance for a AI? It can't really die, might not have the same kind of individual existence, wand it's concerns may be totally difference to ours. However, perhaps it is prudent not to take a approach which emphasizes control and authority of humans.

Comment Re:Luddites! (Score 2) 211

We have no evidence that GMO is harmful, and no plausible mechanism why it should be.
You mean: not more harmful than "normal breeding". Correct.
However you can manufacture stuff with genetical modifications that you can not breed.
That is hard to "test". And yes, we have "evidence that GMO is harmful", we know that since the 1930s, where GMO was not even invented. Was a german PhD work, by a woman ... hm, probably it was 1910 already.

Why don't you put this into google: "horizontal gene transfer in plants"
Wow ... it is so easy to learn something ... if one just wants.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom asks company with pink color theme to 'cease and desist' - Phone Arena (google.com)

Phone Arena

T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom asks company with pink color theme to 'cease and desist'
Phone Arena
Quiz time. What company do you think of when you see the color magenta? Most of you would answer T-Mobile. And that is why the carrier's parent, telecom giant Deutsche Telekom, is opposing a trademark application filed in England by a Brighton based...

and more

Comment Re:I hope more people will do this (Score 1) 251

and being a single mother which is more often than not NOT the choice of the woman.

A woman can use contraception, she can use abortion, she can give up the kid for adoption, she can leave the baby at a "safe haven baby box", she can even choose not to have sex before marriage. In what possible way is "being a single mother" not entirely and completely the choice of the woman?

The main problem is here that they are not allowed to choose to not become a single mother...

Again, who is "not allowing them" that? Who are you claiming is taking away their choice?

Comment Re: The activists ate my homework! (Score 2, Insightful) 211

I guess there are different types of anti GMO people :D
I'm only against GMO'ed food. And GMO'ed plants in the wild that are sterile.
I don't care about GMO bacteria that produce medicine or vitamins, why would I?
And: we want it labeled. Hence we have laws according to it in Europe ...

And reading your rant: you obviously never ever really bothered to read anything about the topic, shithead Oh, Europe ... you hate us so much? Sorry, we don't like America, and its world politics, but we like americans, the people visiting us, or who we meet in other countries overseas are always nice and educated. You seem not so much ...

Comment Re:so how do you prevent from scanning your plate (Score 2) 239

People also have the right to take pictures in public, which would be impossible if you couldn't include private property in your shot. If you're that concerned, there are other options... park your car such that your plate can't be seen without trespassing on your property, or cover your plate up every time you park at home and take it off again before leaving. Or if you're really extreme unscrew the plates and take them inside with you. The latter two options there are some places with local ordinances against, so check first.

Comment Re:Super Flatulence (Score 1) 211

Methane gets destroyed relatively quickly.
More cows only mean a higher level, not an constantly increasing amount.

If you get "farts" from beans, the beans are prepared badly.

Usually you put them over night into a pot of water, pour out the water in the morning and put fresh water in, pour that out before cooking and you are fine. https://cooking.nytimes.com/gu... Ah, they call it "soaking" :D

Comment Re:Four legs good, two legs better! (Score 1) 163

Pretty much describes the life cycle of every large country and corporation, from its idealized conception to its fall into the corrupt and greedy abyss.

FTFY. And it's an important distinction because there are a lot of small countries and corporations that are neither corrupt nor greedy. Norway, Finland, Denmark New Zealand etc all do well in the quality of life/low corruption indexes and they each only have population around 5 million. Maybe the solution is a physical hard limit to the amount of people any one organisation/country can grow to?

Someone smarter than me describes the problem here: http://www.cracked.com/article...

Comment Re:"too burdensome for automakers to adhere to" (Score 1) 118

Yes, when the government tells companies they aren't allowed to sell their customers what their customers want in their products, then yeah, they "point the finger".

If the government told Elon Musk that he couldn't sell battery-powered cars unless they had a 2,000 mile range, then yeah, he'd "point the finger" as well.

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gardrrpberthoud2 writes: If you need installation service for your home or business garage door then make sure it’s done right and done safely! One call to Berthoud Garage Pros ensures that as we provide safety conscious service that is far and away the best in town. If you have a new garage door for us to install, we’ll do it following our popular 25 point safety and performance standards.
Call Us: (970) 429-5275. http://garagedoorrepairberthou...

Comment Re: Feminism at work (Score 1) 571

Your dishonesty was , e.g. in "If someone offers me a gift, and if I accept that gift".

Many chivalrous activities don't require any active acceptance - and not minding at times means just not throwing a hissy fit at someone holding a door open for you.

In the above statement of yours that I quoted, I would like you to show how accept means not mind , replace" accept " with "not mind" and hilarity ensues.

Comment Re:Human success rate (Score 1) 211

scourge of Tofu to spread from San Francisco to New York(l)
Tofu is fine if you use it how it is intended to be used (and it si a good Tofu, not an industrial packed white thing that tastes like nothing)
However: using it as Ersatz-Cheese or Ersatz-Sousage is not the way how you eat Tofu.
Unfortunately it is hard to find a recipe on the internet where Tofu is not a western degraded variation :D

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Journal Journal: Selain Tidur yang Cukup, Ini Rahasia Supaya Lulus Tes Kesehatan

Lulus tes kesehatan merupakan salah satu tahap yang harus dilewati saat melamar pekerjaan. Umumnya, tes kesehatan menjadi tahap akhir rangkaian tes suatu perusahaan. Seseorang diterima bekerja jika lulus tes kesehatan perusahaan tersebut. Nah kali ini Finansialku akan membahas rahasia supaya lulus Tes Kesehatan. Yuk simak artikel berikut! https://www.finansialku.com/lulus-tes-kesehatan/

Comment Re:Case-in-point: why Trump is not a good POTUS (Score 1) 352

Your signature implies you might have a slanted view of the world. I'm not a big fan of political team sports and both sides have their flowers and their weeds, but a minimum standard should be the ability to talk like an adult, yet the most recent Republican presidents lack this simple skill. How does anyone find that acceptable?

Comment Re: Would you like to buy a bridge? (Score 1) 172

In industry, the goal is to get the solution out as quick as possible and not to say to mangement "nothing can be done". They could just ignore the problem and just let phones go blank in hours. Or they could make use of the power saving features built into the hardware and underclock the CPU based on battery capacity.

There is nothing worse than having a low battery level on a smartphone (close to 1%/0%), enough for one last outgoing call, when some Facebook notification or recruiter spam activates the wireless network and shuts down your phone.

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johnwatt1230 writes: Bank Jobs 2018 – Are you looking for jobs in banks in India? We provide complete information about all bank jobs notification and other details related to job at careerchamber.com. You can see SBI, IBPS and other banks job with us.
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Journal Journal: Rough Start To The Royal Wedding: The Officiant Just Introduced Meghan Markle As

It s hard to picture a more high-pressure statu than performing a royal wed that hundreds of millions of people are check, and that adversity is clearly getting to officiant Justin Welby, who in his opening address exactly interposed bride Meghan Markle as Michael Morgle. After announcing the groom, Prince Read more http://bit.ly/2wWnz6t

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