Submission + - Warning: Dangerous Fake Emails About Google Privacy Changes ( 3

Lauren Weinstein writes: One can assume that Google’s privacy team has been putting in yeoman’s service to meet the EU’s dictatorial demands, and it’s logical that Google decided to make other changes in their privacy ecosystem at the same time, and now is informing users about those changes.

Unfortunately, phishing crooks are apparently already taking advantage of this situation — in particular several aspects of these Google notification emails.

Submission + - Germany introduced ethics for self driving cars ( 1

AmiMoJo writes: In a country known for its production of premium vehicles, new ethical guidelines have been set not for these car’s drivers, but for the cars themselves.

- Autonomous driving systems become an ethical imperative if the systems cause fewer accidents than human drivers.

- Human safety must always take top priority over damage to animals or property.

- In the event of an unavoidable accident, any discrimination based on age, gender, race, physical attributes, or any other distinguishing factors are impermissible.

- In any driving situation, the party responsible, whether human or computer, must be clearly regulated and apparent.

- For liability purposes, a “black box” of driver data must always be documented and stored.

- Drivers retain sole ownership over whether or not their vehicle data is forwarded or used by third parties.

- While vehicles may react autonomously in the event of emergency situations, humans shall regain control during more morally ambiguous events.

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