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Call us at (215) 302-7924
We are located at 58 Peddlers Village, Buckingham, PA 18912, USA.

Comment Free wifi routers (Score 1) 189

My experience with ISPs that supply a free WiFi router is that they will supply the cheapest POS that they can. The WiFi has been crap with drop outs, dead zones requiring the whole thing to be reset. My Airport express has always just sat there, working, excellent coverage. I have my USB printer plugged into it, and that works just fine. I guess after all the promises and delays the Mac mini will be DOA too as will the Mac Pro.

Comment Not so fast! (Score 2, Insightful) 237

There is growing concern over stuff like this. DNA tests often only test a small subset of information which means that false positives are possible and when you have a whole database to match against the greater that chance of a false positive happening.

We already know that law enforcement is sloppy, lazy, and corrupt. Until accuracy and better controls on this data have been instituted then this is going to result in more innocent people getting fucked over while the real criminals get of Scott free with society ignorantly believe it has its man.

Comment Re:So if incompetence can't explain it... (Score 1) 104

Sounds like a plausible explanation of how you might break compatibility. However, given that the new protocol had no noticeable effect on the user experience - and given how quickly they reversed it probably no non-noticeable benefits either - that still suggests a dubious motivation for making it.

How do you KNOW it had no noticeable effect on User Experience? Have you horse-raced all the combinations of firmwares and displays?

Maybe Apple just decided that the difference wasn't worth the negative press. Unfortunately, we'll probably never know.

Comment Re:Loss Of Heratige (Score 1) 288

There must have been a Soviet joke about that, da? Maybe this one (stolen from wikipedia):

Stalin loses his favourite pipe. In a few days, Lavrenti calls Stalin: "Have you found your pipe?" "Yes," replies Stalin. "I found it under the sofa." "This is impossible!" exclaims Beria. "Three people have already confessed to this crime!"

Comment Re:Sensationalist statistics (Score 5, Informative) 173

What used to cost us $60 cost over $150 when we dropped cable. We went from 20Mb to 100Mb, picked up Netflix, Hulu & Prime (commercial free, multi-viewer packages) and still came out at least $40 cheaper a month. We can't watch everything we might want, but we can always find things we actually want to watch.

Split the hair any way you like. Cable's been constantly rising in price and there's no added value for the added cost. Cable isn't worth the money any more.

Comment Re:Rats fleeing a sinking ship (Score 1, Insightful) 173

It's foolish to trust the predictions of a pundit (or a fund manager) who won't commit their own money.

Pundit? Fund manager? From whence come these straw men?

I have to say I find it fascinating that when I express an opinion on a discussion board I get the functional equivalent of "$10,000, Rick". This is clearly a touchy subject for some of you.

Since you clearly don't believe your own predictions, why should anyone else believe you?

I actually don't care if you believe me or not. You likely have more than enough Google bux to splash around on the casino table that you'll be fine. I fear, though, that poor Karen has overextended herself. Maybe you can spot her a few when things go thud.

User Journal

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nexgardvietnam writes: Vi s phat triên cua thi trng phim cach nhiêt thi xuât hiên a dang phim cach nhiêt khiên ban không biêt ia chi ni nao dan phim cach nhiêt chông nng nong ca sô nha kinh gia re tai tphcm? Bai viêt sau ây se giup ban tim hiêu vê iêu o

Comment Re:No appeal (Score 1) 39

Or the retired. Me. I'm a big movie fan anyway, and generally see almost everything. I got the 1-year subscription because I figured this would happen. I've had the card about a month, it cost me $105.35, and I've already got my fee back in the equivalent saved movie ticket prices, even tho I get the $8.50 senior price.

We're entering a time when its less lucrative, the summer, when the big movie providers only provide 1 movie per week. OK, will buy them too. Am going to enjoy the next 11 months, and may or may not renew with Moviepass. Probably, if they still have a single price for 4 movies per month.

Comment Re:What's the reasoning? (Score 1) 288

Computers are becoming more so, but they're not there yet for all writing systems. Before Unicode, you could do ASCII-based alphabets just fine, but anything else was variable. (Hint: /.)

There's still lots more to supporting a writing system than having code points for all the letters. Even after Unicode was invented, Arabic script was hard for a long time--not only right-to-left, but also with some characters that changed shape depending on their position in a word. There's an entire block of Unicode which is a kludgy solution to this problem (Arabic Presentation Forms). Fortunately, fonts have caught up, and that block is no longer strictly necessary for Naskh or Kufic styles. The Nasta'liq style of Arabic script (which is, btw, quite beautiful as a script) has been approximated with less or more success for some time; SIL recently came out with a Nasta'liq font that is quite nice (IMO). But it wasn't long ago--maybe a decade (and for all I know, more recently)--that Urdu newspapers were written by calligraphers (humans!) and then printed by photo-offset, because Nasta'liq is so hard to get right.

Another script that can still be difficult to render well on computers is Burmese. Indic scripts aren't that easy; some versions of TeX (notably LuaTeX) don't do well with Indic fonts (including those for both Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages). (But XeTeX does well with virtually all of these, afaik.)

And the last time I checked (maybe five years ago), Java-based apps mess up on Thaana (used for writing Dhivehi). There's been a bug report on that for a long time (ever since I noticed the bug--the folks at XMLMind submitted the report, IIRC), but afaik it's still not fixed.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Nintendo is releasing a new mobile RPG this summer - The Verge (

The Verge

Nintendo is releasing a new mobile RPG this summer
The Verge
Nintendo is partnering with mobile games company Cygames on a new action RPG for phones. The game, Dragalia Lost, will be released in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau this summer, with subsequent launches to follow in North America and Europe ...
CyberAgent Soars on Partnership With Nintendo for Mobile GamesBloomberg
Nintendo Partnering With Cygames on New Mobile RPG Dragalia LostTwinfinite
Nintendo Announces A New Action-RPG For SmartphonesGameSpot

all 21 news articles

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hangchalift writes: Renting a forklift is accessible in long and short tenure. The vast majority of the forklift hire firm offers the services of their own authorized forklift drivers or if the leasing organizations like to utilize their own particular drivers then the rentals give them satisfactory training to drive it. The adaptability to forklift hire by days, weeks or months is the key advantage of the Hangcha Lift firm.

Submission + - A Big Deal for Small Business | Rosemont Capital Solutions | Duluth, Ga (

rosemontcapital writes: The results are clear: Tax reform is working. As you know, a growing list of top businesses are sharing the benefits of historic tax cuts with workers.

While many companies handing out bonuses are household names (i.e. Disney and Walmart), there are scores of small businesses doing the same.

As Speaker Ryan said last week, “In less than eight weeks, we have tracked nearly 350 companies that have handed out bonuses as a result of tax reform . . . and we know that there are plenty of other small businesses who are doing the same that are just doing it under the radar.”

In fact, according to a recent survey, confidence among small-business owners just hit a record high, driven by tax reform. Small businesses are the engine of our economy, so this means more jobs and more opportunity in communities across the country.

Here is a handful of the many recent examples of how tax reform is working for America’s small businesses:

Haciendas at Grace Village: This New Mexico-based assisted living and memory care facility announced that it will be hiring more employees and be giving existing employees a pay raise. CEO Gary Coppedge said, “The decision was not firmly made until the tax reform went through.”

  Xante Corp.: Located in Mobile, Alabama, this small business provides high-end printers and related software. After enactment of tax reform, with Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) on hand, CEO Robert Ross handed out$1,200 bonus checks to employees. Ross said the new tax law “allows us to fund new businesses within our business,” and would lead to “a new level of growth for our company.”

  Citizens Bank of West Virginia: All 66 of Citizens Bank employees received a $1,000 bonus earlier this week. Citizens Board Chairman Max L. Armentrout said, “There are several ways we will put the tax savings to work for Citizens. However, we are most excited about paying this bonus to the great employees we have working at our bank, serving our customers and shareholders.” One employee said, “This money is going to go a long way in helping me pay down my college loan.”

Comment Not Enough (Score 2) 32

Firstly the one thing people need to understand is that the data mining that has been going on is by third parties through Facebook's APIs with API keys aka Facebook Apps, that anyone has the ability to create and get immediate public access to Facebook's user base without any scrutiny from Facebook. Now they've made a number of revisions to their APIs and wound back a lot of the privileges however the lack of scrutiny is the issue.

Developing apps on most other platforms which open up users in an ecosystem to data mining by a third party usually involves submitting the app to the company that created the ecosystem. The process of getting an app published on Google or Apples market places is quite involved. Many apps never get authorised by Google's/Apple's platforms due to the app not meeting the platforms technical or privacy standards.

What Facebook needs is to stop this free for all public access to their APIs and restrict public access to apps that have passed some form of review process administered by a team at Facebook.

Comment Re:I’m shocked! (Score 1) 39

Hmmm... lotsa good flix, tho. And a few sci-fi to make it worthwhile. There was Maze Runner, Annihilation, Rampage (yeah, its an action flick too...), Pacific Rim (stupid, just use shore batteries), Ready Player One, Geostorm, Planet of the Apes series, Valarian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Colossal (maybe more fantasy than sci-fi), Arrival, The Space Between Us, Rogue One, Independence Day, Looper, and The 5th Wave, all within the last couple years.

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Dari banyak permainan judi online yang tersedia, permainan judi bola menjadi salah satu yang paling populer dibanding dengan yang lainnya. Karena memang cukup populer, maka sebaiknya ini menjadi bahan pertimbangan untuk anda juga ikut bermain kemudian.

Jika anda bisa mengetahui alasan kenapa sebuah permainan jadi populer dan banyak diminati, maka ini akan sangat menguntungkan untuk anda agar bisa mengambil keputusan dengan tepat dan bijak dan tidak salah sebetulnya.

Nah apa saja alasan yang dimaksud itu sebetulnya? Anda akan menemukan jawabannya dalam beberapa tulisan berikut ini:

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Dalam hal ini, anda harus bisa memahami dengan baik kalau memang alasan itu bisa anda tetapkan dulu dengan matang diawal agar and apunya semangat yang jelas dan tinggi saat akan coba untuk mengikuti permainan yang dimaksud dalam bola88.

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Anda harus bisa mengerti dan juga harus bisa mengetahui akan pentingnya pemilihan cara yang lebih bagus dan lebih bijak dijalankan. Jika memang sistem yang dilakukan cukup praktis dan fleksibel, maka sudah pasti kalau semuanya bisa dijalankan dengan fleksibel, anda bisa coba gabung dan main dengan cara yang mudah.

Tak hanya itu, anda juga bisa memainkan game dengan cara praktis pula yakni dimana saja dan kapan saja anda mau.

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bonus sebagai pilihan. Ada banyak sumber penting dan terpercaya lain yang harus anda coba pikirkan dan perhatikan dengan seksama.

Beberapa alasan diatas itu sebetulnya hanya beberapa alasan saja karena sebetulnya selain beberapa alasan itu, ada banyak alasan lain yang sangat penting sekali. Silahkan anda temukan alasan lain dalam bermain judi bola itu.

Deskripsi: Jika diperhatikan sepertinya game judi bola menjadi permainan paling populer dan diminati selama ini.

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Don Lego writes: Should you purchase affordable car insurance? What are the advantages and how to find the right one? Should you protect your car with a cheap one? To find more information, read here with easy understanding.

Comment Re:AE is a great Airplay Device with optical out. (Score 1) 189

A little known fact is that you can AirPlay to an Airport Express and it'll output digital PCM to whatever's on the other side. I have a bunch of them feeding into different stereos all over the house, for cheap whole-home audio. Pretty good for a $30 device (used).

And by "little known," you mean specifically listed on the box, in the manual, in iOS, in iTunes, and on Apple's website?

Speaking of used Airports, a great place to get them cheap is Goodwill. I know a guy who picked up a lot of four for $20.

Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Informative) 189

That was just the first Google hit. MikroTik in particular have a long, long history of 0day in their firmware.

A quick search in the CVE database shows that MicroTik with all their products combined have the same number of vulnerabilities than the AirportExtreme alone, and the number is 7. You're full of shit, fanboi.

Comment Clarification needed (Score 4, Informative) 278

I find the summary in great need of clarification. Let me attempt to clarify it in the hope that will be useful to other readers.

First, the linked article links to a much better summary written by one of the team members, Matt Woolley. I recommend you read it instead:

Second, the summary conflates *mass* with *distance*. The experimenters claim to have entangled remarkably massive objects (compared to the mass of atoms, for example). But the summary says 'any attempt to increase the sizes has caused problems with stability' and that, taken literally, is not true. For example, here's an experiment from 1998 in which entanglement was maintained over a distance of kilometers:

Finally, the summary claims 'a major step forward in our understanding of quantum physics' but I doubt that. It sounds to me like a major accomplishment but one that *confirms* our previous understanding of quantum physics in more massive systems.

Comment Re:Cox just raised the price of internet (Score 1) 173

by $20-$60 dollars in my area by imposing bandwidth caps

Yup, because all those people shouting "cut the cord!" from the rooftops somehow imagined that the big telco companies would just sit idly by, while their profits dropped. With less fools happily paying $100+/mo for 100s of channels of garbage, the costs of keeping the cable company in the black just gets passed on to the rest of us.

the current (Republican) administration isn't likely to regulate them for abusing their duopoly (yeah, there's one other provider, who's exactly as bad).

At least with the option of another broadband provider, you can take advantage of any "new customer" promotional rates by switching between them. My neighborhood is served by a single land-based broadband provider (Spectrum). They literally have no competition.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 189

I have a Time Capsule, and it has been working flawlessly since I got it, as an internal router. It has been regularly patched, and although it doesn't have advanced functionality (manual ACLs in and out, so I can block port 25 outgoing just for sanity reasons), it has been decent. The Time Capsule also is a decent NAS, although with it being a single drive unit, one still needs a secondary backup system for documents, just in case.

For being a primary backup device, with documents backed up via a separate method, it was pretty close to ideal.

I just hope Apple opens the Time Capsule "protocol". Synology and QNAP devices support it, but it would be nice if any CIFS/SMB share could be used for remote Time Machine backups.

As for a router, it is hard to find a vendor with a good security reputation. Apple hasn't had many attacks against its AirPort routers, and they patched often. I wonder what a good home router vendor is that is a suitable replacement. Of course, the best answer would be a PFSense appliance, but it would be nice to have a mainstream vendor with a good reputation for security (as in no backdoors "accidentally" left behind).

Comment It's very hard for old folks (Score 5, Interesting) 173

I sometimes talk about cord cutting with my elderly fixed income customers, but it's not a rewarding experience. They find the alternatives confusing, and I haven't figured out a good way to explain things to them. Even just clarifying that cancelling 'cable' is not the same thing as cancelling all services from their cable company involves more time than one would think. Then I find I have to start getting into:

Bandwidth caps: "I like to have the tv on in the background 16 hours a day"
Service confusion: "What channels do I watch? I don't know."
Lack of a familiar interface: "How do I surf channels?"

What usually breaks me is when they mention in passing that they have a "VIP" bundle. When I have to get into alternative voip services and devices on top of streaming services and devices, it's time for me to give up. At that point I've been clarifying stuff for fifteen minutes and have to help someone else google the right ink for their printer.

Comment Re:Apple's 'achievements' (Score 1, Informative) 189

Apple still sells wired keyboards.

But you also forgot these items that Apple discontinued:
- Floppy drives
- Apple-branded rechargeable AA batteries
- Apple-branded DVD-ROMs
- Apple-branded dialup modems (The last one was built into the original iTit Airport)
- Apple-branded scanners
- Apple-branded digital cameras
- Apple socks (iPod cozies)
- Apple-branded printers

Fortunately, the Wintel equivalents will live forever in discount Chinese websites thanks to Microsoft lemmings.

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Townsend01Stone writes: It is often a plant that stem through the Eastern continent, more particularly India, can be pointed in order to work by reduction of your starvation. This is an exceptionally highly effective home if utilized being a fat loss aid, on account of the reality if an individual "much less starving", probabilities of you overindulging are considerably lessened. Garcinia Cambogia also functions by improving your brains quantities of Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in your mind that accountables for any state of mind. Normally, the better we feel, the far less inclined we are to overeat as an effect of a touch that we all feeling.Before making any purchase of supple

Comment Re:He got it right (Score 1) 578

I would never hire anyone anywhere for a job requiring analytical skills who would live in a rental.

Live with mom and dad or with 5 room mates crammed like sardines while putting away a legitimate down payment for an affordable flat.

Pay that for 2-5 years and hope the market rate goes up... as it usually does, though with the occasional catastrophic hiccough.

Move into something more comfortable once you're further along.

I would never under any circumstances hire anyone who is going to bitch about the cost of rent and how they can't get ahead in one of the highest paying places on earth when they're simply throwing away their money.

I was making $50 an hour after 4 years without any degree in Oslo, Norway. Cost of living is peanuts compared to the valley. Flats and semi-detached are pretty reasonable here. Ranging between $250,000 and $1.5 million... the desirable stuff lingering around $800k. You could of course get a big expensive house, but there's no real value in that. The country is liberal... not SV liberal nutjob liberal... but liberal in the sense that a good quality of life for everyone is a good quality of life for everyone.

Of course, SV is really exciting if you want someone to define you for yourself. SV hasn't ever been famous for personal mental health. The personality adaptation it requires for you to survive in the valley is horrifying to outsiders. I'm heading to Seattle in a week and I'm actually frightened because I'm worried it will be like SV on steroids. Like "We're nothing like the valley... we're so much better". I never liked the toxic overly judgmental environment of the north west.

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