Submission + - Are there any non-evil email providers out there these days? 5

Shane_Optima writes: I've just been locked out of my own Gmail account, yet again, on the basis of behavioral profiling. I'm not even sure I'll be able to get back in this time, since I had the audacity to move 300 miles *and* get a different phone number since the last time I logged in to that account. The last time this happened, I tried to prevent it from happening again with any of my accounts by setting security questions (which I normally give garbage answers to), only to discover that Gmail no longer supports them. What was Google's old unofficial motto, I swear it's on the tip of my tongue...

So anyway, I'm thinking it might be nice to be able to change ISPs, go a few weeks without checking the inbox, perhaps even use a VPN now and then without the default assumption being that I am a Chinese hacker. In short, I would prefer to use something utilizing a radical security model wherein possession of my password (randomized, and not used for anything else) is the only credential needed for accessing my email.

Are there any major web mail providers left that haven't embraced this godawful band-aid approach to security?

(I may not be a hard core anonymity nut, but I would also prefer to sign up for an email account without providing a driver's license photo / social security number / DNA sample.)

Submission + - My Initial Impressions of Google's New Gmail User Interface (

Lauren Weinstein writes: Google launched general access to their first significant Gmail user interface (UI) redesign in many years today. It’s rolling out gradually — when it hits your account you’ll see a “Try the new Gmail” choice under the settings (“gear”) icon on the upper right of the page (you can also revert to the “classic” interface for now, via the same menu).

But you probably won’t need to revert. Google clearly didn’t want to screw up Gmail, and my initial impression is that they’ve succeeded by avoiding radical changes in the UI. I’ll bet that some casual Gmail users might not even immediately notice the differences.

Submission + - Largest Star Map Ever Drops Online, Thanks to the ESA (

S810 writes: The European Space Agency has released a treasure trove of data from its Gaia Spacecraft; totaling around 1.7 billion stars. This star map is the largest of it's kind to date. In addition to the star map, the data also contains motion and color data of 1.3 billion stars relative to the Sun.

From the article, the data also includes "...radial velocities, amount of dust, and surface temperatures of lots of stars, and a catalogue of over 14,000 Solar System objects, including asteroids."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Are you going to accept Oath to keep Yahoo? ( 2

shanen writes: Looking over the new terms of service and noticed several bits that I didn't like. Not sure if I just didn't notice how bad Yahoo was or if Oath is making it worse. I didn't accept them, and it let me continue for now, but I assume they are going to ram this down my throat soon, but it also seems like a lot of hassle to deal with the death of that old email address... Suggestions? Your own course of action? Right now I feel like allowing my Yahoo account to die and see what happens.

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