Submission + - Toronto Officer uses Brain, not Gun when Confronting Mass Murderer Suspect (

Actually, I do RTFA writes: In Toronto, someone recently used a van to kill 10 people and send 9 others to the emergency room. When the first officer on the scene caught up with the suspect, things could have gone very wrong or gotten very violent. Instead, the officer had been trained in peaceful deescalation techniques. Even when the suspect threatened the officer with a gun or advanced on the officer, he kept his cool and managed to avoid even having to use a baton, talking him into surrendering.

Nice change of pace from the more trigger happy officers south of the border.

Submission + - Instagram Launches 'Data Download' Tool To Let You Leave (

An anonymous reader writes: Two weeks ago TechCrunch called on Instagram to build an equivalent to Facebook’s “Download Your Information feature so if you wanted to leave for another photo sharing network, you could. The next day it announced this tool would be coming and now TechCrunch has spotted it rolling out to users. Instagram’s “Data Download” feature can be accessed here or through the app’s privacy settings. It lets users export their photos, videos, archived Stories, profile, info, comments, and non-ephemeral messages, though it can take a few hours to days for your download to be ready. An Instagram spokesperson now confirms to TechCrunch that “the Data Download tool is currently accessible to everyone on the web, but access via iOS and Android is still rolling out.” We’ll have more details on exactly what’s inside once my download is ready.

Submission + - Incredible New Gif Shows Cosmic 'Snow' on the Surface of a Comet (

Press2ToContinue writes: What you’re looking at is the surface of the comet 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which is orbited by the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe. The photo comes from Rosetta’s OSIRIS, or Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System. The raw data was collected on June 1, 2016, and posted publicly on March 22 of this year.

Submission + - Amazon abets money laundering

DavidHumus writes: Need to launder some ill-gotten gains? Simply advertise someone else's book on Amazon but charge a substantial premium, then buy the book and pocket the clean money you receive as the seller.

This scam has prompted at least one author to give away his books for free: .

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