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Comment Re:Look backwards. (Score 1) 201

Nope. That is NOT different. During every other wave of automation, there were people like you who firmly believed there would be no new jobs to for the displaced.

It's probably pretty easy to automate someone who only reads one sentence before smashing the keyboard.

When manufacturing jobs were disappearing, NOBODY could foresee that the new jobs would be for pizza deliverers, graphic artists, app developers, and Starbucks baristas.'re kidding, right? Pizza delivery (and food delivery in general) is not new. Try 1800s. Nor are artists. Nor are the wait/kitchen staff that you now call baristas. And "app developers" started being a thing in the 1950s, when manufacturing jobs were massively growing. Changing the name of a job is not inventing a new job.

Ten minutes later a robotic vehicle picks it up and delivers it to a repair shop. An hour later it brings the fixed toaster back to your house

Why is the repair shop staffed by humans?

See, it's the nexus of AI and robotics that's different this time. The previous times the advances in robotics/machinery could replicate some relatively simple tasks, but left work for the humans because those advances could not handle anything outside their narrow scope. Good enough AI can fix anything that went wrong with your toaster without human intervention. Especially one designed with automated repair in mind. And that AI does not need to be anywhere near pseudo-human to fix any problem that comes up with a toaster.

And that's assuming you're dumb enough to pay 3x the cost of a new toaster to get the old one repaired. It's not like autonomous vehicle service is going to be free, nor are the parts and the repairs.

It's the shitty quality of replies like yours that make this a worthless subject to discuss. You're unwilling to see the train roaring down the tracks because you personally were not run over in the last 10 minutes.

Comment Re:I beg to differ (Score 1) 308

No,you can NOT power America 100% from yellowstone. That has been shown through multiple studies.
BOTH MIT and NASA say that if develop ALL of the geo-thermal available by 2050, we could power about 1/3 to 1/2 of America. And that would be the destruction of yellowstone as well.
Here is a forbes article that you likely read, but read wrong. The problem with this is that it speaks of powering the earth twice over, but for only a short time.
And here
And here is MIT

One item missing out of BOTH NASA and MIT report, is that with magma that close, combined with heated water, it will be carrying LOTS of minerals. That is lots of minerals that can be mined. In fact, by adding various additives to the injected water, it should be possible to grab different types of minerals and then later pull them out.

Like nuclear SMRs, this is such a missed opportunity for America.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: iOS 11.3.1 Fixes That Thing Where Third-Party Screen Repairs Made iPhone 8 Touchscreens Stop Working - Gizmodo (


iOS 11.3.1 Fixes That Thing Where Third-Party Screen Repairs Made iPhone 8 Touchscreens Stop Working
Apple has released iOS 11.3.1, which includes what the tech giant says is a fix for an issue where people who used third-party repair services to replace their displays had their devices become unresponsive. According to release notes, “iOS 11.3.1 ...
Apple Releases Important iOS 11.3.1 Update: What Features Are Included?Forbes
Apple Releases iOS 11.3.1 Update With Fix for Third-Party Display Repair IssueMac Rumors
Apple releases iOS 11.3.1 alongside security updates for macOS 10.13.4Ars Technica
AppleInsider-SlashGear-BGR-Gotta Be Mobile
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Comment Re:Boo hoo. (Score 1) 303

In Colorado at a "March For Our Lives" demonstration there were people rolling coal as a sort of counter-protest.

At least 2 drivers were cited under Colorado law. It's only a traffic citation though, not an assault charge.

Driver slapped with ticket after ‘rolling coal’ toward ‘March For Your Life’ protestors in Steamboat

2nd driver ticketed for “rolling coal” at protesters during Steamboat’s March for Our Lives

I've seen it a couple of times but more common are diesel pickups which are either modified or poorly maintained (why not both?) that just spew smoke whenever they accelerate.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 3, Insightful) 201

"Hopefully most of all current jobs can be automated so we can find new things for people to do."

That only works if somehow they are also things robots can't also do better and cheaper.

If you develop AI/automation that generically approaches or exceeds median human capability, then it doesn't really matter what 'new jobs' you invent, because robots will do them cheaper and better than most people can.

Most people won't be able to find work at that point; it doesn't matter how many jobs there are. Either they'll be jobs they aren't able to do, or they'll be jobs the robots can do cheaper and more efficiently.

Think about it.

Heres another example. Most of the world's land mammal mass is in cattle, bred for slaughter. billions of them. Suppose we come up with vat-meat-substitute that is cheaper, needs less space, and tastes as good. What happens to the cattle?

Are we going to find a new use for the population? Sure a small number will survive, perhaps let wild, others in small organic farms for wealthy people to 'eat the real thing'. But the rest? There's nothing for them to do, we can't retrain them to help operate the vat-meat plants, they can't write novels... we'd pretty much wipe them out relative to their current number.

Humans are no different. If we come up with something that can outperform what the majority can do, the people displaced will not be able to find new work... without a fundamental change in how we think about work and wealth distribution there will be a revolution, war, and massive loss of life.

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Comment OTOH - Tesla (Score 1) 201

On the other hand, Tesla just found out the hard way that replacing people with automation doesn't always work out. But, I expect that it seemed like it would work out before they made the attempt. So, I wonder how many more of these predicted replacements of people turn out to be more successful in theory than in practice.

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Comment Before saying it is good or bad : example ? (Score 4, Interesting) 314

I mean I usually suspect the industry to want to hamstring the EPA, after all it forces them to take into account externalities, which they could otherwise ignore and cut corner. But what sort of research would be private and have an impact ? Before deciding either way I would need example. I am no friend of "trust us we were told that XYZ is bad for you" (The only counter example I can think of is military research, but I guess that would be exempt).

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Comment Re:Anyway (Score 1) 90

Ah the classic 'there's no evidence against Trump, therefore no investigation to search for evidence should occur' argument.

Such a wonderful strawman and you knock it down so well. Too bad my post said nothing of the kind. After a year of "investigation" of anything, anyone, and everything possibly linked to Trump there's nothing, nadda that proves Trump did anything illegal. This is Ken Starr all over again.

I don't like Trump. He's an asshole with no fixed ideological principles and doesn't know when to shut up. Still, it's blatantly obvious to all but the blindly partisan that Mueller's "investigation" is purely partisan and a politically-driven attempt to destroy Trump by any means.


Feed Google News Sci Tech: 2019 Lexus ES adds F Sport model and Apple CarPlay tech - CNET (


2019 Lexus ES adds F Sport model and Apple CarPlay tech
There's a brand-new Lexus ES for 2019, and it's better in all the right ways. Not only is it prettier to behold, the sixth-generation ES gets a healthy tech upgrade. And with its longer, lower, wider dimensions -- not to mention some chassis upgrades ...
A New Level Of Performance And Sophistication -- The Next Generation Lexus ESPR Newswire (press release)
2019 Lexus ES revealed, features 44-mpg 300h hybrid sedanGreen Car Reports
2019 Lexus ES revealed, will likely replace GSMotor Authority
Motor Trend-The Car Connection-Autoblog (blog)
all 16 news articles


EPA Proposes Limits To Science Used In Rulemaking ( 314

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed a rule on Tuesday that would limit the kinds of scientific research it can use in crafting regulations, an apparent concession to big business that has long requested such restrictions. Under the new proposals, the EPA will no longer be able to rely on scientific research that is underpinned by confidential medical and industry data. The measure was billed by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt as a way to boost transparency for the benefit of the industries his agency regulates. But scientists and former EPA officials worry it will hamstring the agency's ability to protect public health by putting key data off limits.

The EPA has for decades relied on scientific research that is rooted in confidential medical and industry data as a basis for its air, water and chemicals rules. While it publishes enormous amounts of research and data to the public, the confidential material is held back. Business interests have argued the practice is tantamount to writing laws behind closed doors and unfairly prevents them from vetting the research underpinning the EPA's often costly regulatory requirements. They argue that if the data cannot be published, the rules should not be adopted. But ex-EPA officials say the practice is vital.

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Comment Re:Look backwards. (Score 1) 201

The difference is there was some other job the workers could move to.

Nope. That is NOT different. During every other wave of automation, there were people like you who firmly believed there would be no new jobs to for the displaced.

When manufacturing jobs were disappearing, NOBODY could foresee that the new jobs would be for pizza deliverers, graphic artists, app developers, and Starbucks baristas.

But do you really think that ubiquitous, immediate, and dirt cheap transportation by autonomous vehicles won't open up huge opportunities for new businesses? Your toaster broke? Just scan the QR code on the side, and put it on your porch. Ten minutes later a robotic vehicle picks it up and delivers it to a repair shop. An hour later it brings the fixed toaster back to your house. There will be millions of businesses like that.

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An anonymous reader writes: 12 200

                                  , () , 12 200 ( ) 10 , () ( )

            : , , , 17 5 , 200

Comment Re:AI? (Score 1) 80

I'd be surprised if they haven't shown up to XYZ headquarters with a warrant, a gag-order, and a fat check to cover the cost of pushing a selective update to a (hopefully) select individual.

Apple got in the news for resisting a request/command for breaking their iphone security wholesale. You wouldn't hear about the companies that comply with the gag order. But even Apple's canary has been dead for years. So has Reddit's. [].

Which all just further proves that the biggest threat to America (and much of the rest of the free world) is the US Government which abandoned any pretense of "Constitutionally limited powers" long ago.


Comment Re:This is about the 8th or 9th of these (Score 1) 201

Now would be a real good time for us to figure out what we're going to do when a quarter of the population is unemployable.

Try reading a history book. Automation has eliminated WAY more than 25% of the jobs in the past. In fact, it has happened multiple times, with the invention of the steam engine, again with the invention of the automatic reaper, and yet again with electrification.

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