Comment Re:AI (Score 3, Insightful) 152

You may have been downsized because of this, but don't believe all the hype. AI only helps partially. Youtube still needs human reviewers (even if they're unwilling to pay them).

Remember what prompted the advertiser pullouts last year, youtube was still incapable of filtering very obvious unambiguous swear and racist language from the text subject lines and the text descriptions of its hosted videos. To me, that just means that they didn't care, and/or that they were unwilling to pay for that kind of manual sifting by actual human beings.

Comment Re: The Best People (Score 1) 529

Americans. Right. It's all about Americans.

And the killing off of a huge portion of the marine biomass falls under a dumb reason to take action as well, I take it.

Or no, you won't believe in that either, because of some other graph comparing two different things as if they were equal in order to mislead you, which you take at face value.

Meanwhile I have seen it with my own eyes, but hey, saying that to someone is being nasty, right?

Comment Re-introduction of species similar to ones extint (Score 5, Interesting) 245

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Take species that are alive right now, and re-introduce tem in areas where animals similar to those species became extint.

This is not unprecedented. In the pleistocene, there were horses in America, those became extint, and later re-introduced, with little or no effect in the ecosystem

Same with the Hippos in colombia (imported by no other than Pablo Escobar Gaviria, of "Narco" fame). Here, the efect on the ecosystem is low, but since the animals are very territorial, the populalition has a relationship with them of "Awe and respect"

In Venezuela there used to be an animal called Mixotoxodon Larensis, similar (but not related to) rhinos and hippos. It went all the way from brazil to Texas (the toxodon originated in patagonia, but our variation traveled more). We could re-introduce rhinos in venezuela and Brazil. Rhinos eat grass, like cows, so no biggie for the ecosystem, and are not a huge problem for humans (unlike Hippos hicha are VERY territorial).

In Venezuela we used to have a thinguie called the mastodons (other parts of america had them too, they came from the north), similar to elephants, so we may as well adopt elephants, either african, assian or both. Again, vegetarians, big, no biggie for the environmet.

Also, we used to have gavialoids (there are crocodiles, aligators, and gavials), but they became extinct, so may as well get gavials and "fake gavials" (which, funny enough, turned out to be true gavials ;-) ) which are on the brink to extintion, and re-deploy. Since they eat only fish, are no danger to humans, and could deploy in places with "bad" fish (think piranha or electric eels).

I think a similar case could be made about the other continents.

The opportunities are plentyfull, is just the disposition.

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Comment Not fucking bricked (Score 0) 109

This being a tech site and all I figure that people can use the word "bricked" correctly. No windows will not "brick" your computer. Unless you need to pop out the BIOS chip or connect up a JTAG programmer then your computer isn't bricked. Even then a quick firmware rewrite and things are fixed. Call me when one BGA solder joint goes bad and you need to reflow the board, then it's bricked.

Comment Not the first time the big ones have died off (Score 2) 245

Most mass extinction events end up with fewer large animals surviving, including those long before people arrived. See Lilliput effect. ( The point of the article in the summary is that people are driving this extinction event, but I'd be cautious about making that correlation too casually. We're also living in the only time in biological history when one species was trying to preserve the others.

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Comment Re:Who Judges?? (Score 3, Insightful) 152

So, if Google/YouTube had some point of view, or points of view, that they wished to either promote or demote... how do we know if they are protecting us or harming us? I do data science sorts of things as part of my job. I know that very, very minor tweaks to algorithms provide quite different results.

Well, as long as they haven't nuked my '80s retro videos, then I'm good. Ah, Leah!

It's quite possible now to place individuals and groups into internet "algorithm ghettos". Like the Nazis did to Jews in Poland by crowding them into a section of the city and erecting tall walls both to prevent escape and so the people outside the walls didn't see what went on inside, companies like Google, Facebook, and others can place individuals and groups into a digital algorithm ghetto where what they can access is controlled & filtered and what they publish/post/send can be filtered or blocked such that you'd have no way to tell nobody could actually see what you uploaded even to your own website, especially with a well-trained AI tasked with the job. If you call a friend to ask them to verify it the AI will know who you know and listen/monitor the call/message and make it visible to him so you remain unaware that the greater web doesn't know you exist.

This is an extremely dangerous time where how we react or don't right now to control these technologies and the governments and corporations that use them will have very serious and long-lasting consequences for many generations to come around the world.


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Comment Re:Coal rockets and a gay ban in space? (Score 1) 529

Yes, Virginia can formulate a plan; move. Build a sea wall. -- but my favorite is to "retroactively prosecute people who actively participated in dis-informing the public about global warming and prudent steps to prevent sea level rise, and then packing them up and putting them on Marshall Islands, so they can discuss the cultural value of their position that this isn't a big deal so stop whining about it."

There you go again with your concentration camp schemes. For every reasonable blue team voice on climate, there seem to be 5 haters and death camp architects like you.

User Journal

Journal Journal: What is Digital Art? |

Digital artwork is like any other artwork. It is made using different tools compared to more traditional arts. There is no reason why we would not see art created on a computer not used by exhibition display services or in a famous gallery.

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Comment Re:We would know it. (Score 1) 457

I really don't think so. I work with geoscientist and geologic engineers. We poke holes all over God's green earth. If there was any significant advanced civilization that caused any significant amount of changes to the environment, we would have seen it by now.

It's like SETI. Sorry, it's a fun thought but it's just not there.

Comment break up Google (Score 1) 151

Google has gained too much monopoly power, and has become far too intrusive into people's private lives. It's time for Uncle Sam to step in and break up Google.

At very least, each of the units below needs to become a fully separate company that is legally barred from exchanging data with the others.

Surveillance ("advertising")
Cloud platform
Media content (play music, play books, etc)
Chrome browser

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Comment Re: The Best People (Score 1) 529

Small wonder you're not convinced. Or that you're red.

On climate, I’m more on team "I do not care." Partly because I'm against empowering government to screw everyone over. Partly because when the dire consequences of climate change get discussed, it's either some made up bullshit ("ice free North Pole by 2005") or like the Marshall Islands in 2050. The distant future of tiny Pacific islands isn't on my top 1000 list of concerns. It certainly seems like a dumb reason for people to be nasty to their fellow Americans.

Comment Re:16:9 is Not quite 'right' (Score 1) 411

Also known as CGA (when adjusted to make the pixels square). Most computers in the 80's used this format, though they stretched the screen to make it fit into a 4:3 aspect ratio. Back in my Amiga days, I hated the fact that circles looked like ovals, so I adjusted the vertical scaling so NTSC always displayed in wide 16:10 format. I liked it that way. When I was doing graphics, I'd just switch to PAL mode and get a 320x240 display, which is conventional 4:3.

Interestingly enough, I currently have a 1680x1050 monitor, which is the same 16:10 aspect ratio I used in 1985.

User Journal

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Comment Re:Superman vs God (Score 1) 40

Yes! that's what the whole principle of adversarial learning is based on.

But then wouldn't the face swap detection algorithm also be getting better via adversarial learning at spotting face swaps?

My question is, who wins, the face swap detecting algorithm or the face swap detecting algorithm trying to create the perfect face swap?

Comment non-minimalistic mode? (Score 1) 76

They need to add a non-minimalistic mode. I have no problem with minimalism as a heavy user, but from my experience light users prefer a more traditional interface where everything isn't hidden. Firefox allows you can turn the menus back on so that takes care of many of the problems.

I never recommend Chrome to my low tech friends (or parents) for this reason.

Comment Re:Too expensive (Score 1) 188

my range is great. when i take trips, it's always within 1% of its predicted range.

like i said, we took a 550 mile trip recently and it was wonderful. you seem to have a real grudge against Tesla for some reason, but i'm in love with this car. by far the best and most fun car i've ever owned.

feel free to respond with more snark and anger, but all i have to report is happiness with my vehicle.

Comment Re:We would know it. (Score 1) 457

If the stone working species never ascended past basic hand axes and only lasted for a few thousand years, I could see how it would have been possible to miss up to this point. There might be a few hundred thousand hand axes spread all over the world buried tens of feet below the surface.

Nevertheless. I'm not a "true believer" in Occam's razor, but the easiest explanation for the complete lack of evidence to the contrary is that we are the first -both on Earth and in the entire galaxy.


Cow Could Soon Be Largest Land Mammal Left Due To Human Activity, Says Study ( 245

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The cow could be left as the biggest land mammal on Earth in a few centuries, according to a new study that examines the extinction of large mammals as humans spread around the world. The spread of hominims -- early humans and related species such as Neanderthals -- from Africa thousands of years ago coincided with the extinction of megafauna such as the mammoth, the sabre-toothed tiger and the glyptodon, an armadillo-like creature the size of a car. "There is a very clear pattern of size-biased extinction that follows the migration of hominims out of Africa," the study's lead author, Felisa Smith, of the University of New Mexico, said of the study published in the journal Science on Thursday. Humans apparently targeted big species for meat, while smaller creatures such as rodents escaped, according the report, which examined trends over 125,000 years. In North America, for instance, the mean body mass of land-based mammals has shrunk to 7.6kg (17lb) from 98kg after humans arrived. If the trend continues "the largest mammal on Earth in a few hundred years may well be a domestic cow at about 900kg", the researchers wrote. That would mean the loss of elephants, giraffes and hippos. In March, the world's last male northern white rhino died in Kenya.

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