Comment Who's coordinating this? (Score 5, Interesting) 171

I mean, six months ago there weren't these constant drumbeats of anti-facebook stories. Now they're everywhere. Is this tied to the idea that Zuckerberg wants to run for President? The well is being poisoned so he won't pose a threat? After all, he's an outsider with no political experience. Trump was a total outsider, Sanders was a Democrat outsider, and look at all the dirty tricks that were played against them. Personally, I think insiders are the problem as they run our system for the benefit of themselves, not us. Plus, it would be very interesting to have Zuckerberg as America's first Jewish president.

Comment Re:Fixed cost vs incremental cost. (Score 1) 384

It looks like the industry average is to spend about 17% of revenues on R&D. More than 17% is spent on marketing.

So I'd say that recovering R&D is definitely NOT the main reason for the price, though "increasing profits" (the largest part of revenues) does sound rather less noble.

It doesn't sound like they are trying to "increase profits" but rather trying to "keep profits the same" now that it's likely that doctors are going to start prescribing a lower dose. Without looking at their books and seeing what their R&D debt is, the number of actual and potential patients each year, etc... there is no way to really know whether they are gouging the patient or not.

Comment Re: Isn't surprising (Score 1) 423

No. THey will whine to congress how unfair the free market is and immediately government intervention inverse socialism is needed to bring people in from Mexico as Visa employees as they can't find qualified employees etc.

No. They will pay more, adjust process accordingly, and you as the end customer will make up the difference.

Comment Re:Fight for $15 (Score 0) 423

This is one of the main arguments for the left pushing "Fight for $15."

I lean pretty far left on the political spectrum, but this is one area where I agree with the right.

All you accomplish by raising the minimum wage to $15/hr is a huge jump in inflation. Minimum wage should more accurately be called the minimum cost of labor. You wouldn't be happy about the price of fuel going up, or groceries, or smartphones, so why would you be happy that the dollars in your wallet (or bank account) now have significantly less buying power in the form of human labor?

People making minimum wage would be the least affected by this change. They were making crap pay before, and they'd be making crap pay afterwards. For them, we'd have simply just redefined the number associated with crap pay.

For everyone else, they'd feel the typical effects of inflation.


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Comment Re:It's not Amazon (Score 4, Interesting) 423

Why would it be better to take away their job???

It is not clear how much increases in the minimum wage actually "takes away jobs". Evidence is ... mixed.

A higher minimum wage encourages businesses to replace labor with automation, unskilled labor with more highly skilled labor, and to ship jobs overseas. But are these effects bigger than the increase in income? That isn't clear, and also depends on the conditions. A study of a small MW raise in New Jersey found negligible job losses. A very big increase in Puerto Rico devastated their economy, sending them into a spiral of unsustainable debt and emigration.

Comment Re:Rationality is not rewarded (Score 1) 307

The 40 hours is already much lower than the 12 hours a day, six and a half days a week many people worked in the 1800s.

But it stopped. High income people now work longer hours than low income people. Also, the 12 hours 6.5 days a week was very short lived. Before the invention of the light bulb the number of hours worked per year was considerably less that 40 hours per week. The revolt against the light bulb is what got us the 40 hour work week but today a large percentage work more than 40 hours a week even though our efficiency is many order of magnitudes higher than it was in the 1800s.

Comment Re:Cashless = No tips (Score 1) 471

If they paid a living wage, your bill would be 15% more. So just pay the 15% more. You're punishing the employee for a situation that isn't is his or her power to change over an amount of money you'd claim you'd pay anyways were it part of their salary. It doesn't paint your reasoning as having anyone's interests other than your own in mind.

Chefs get paid more. Many places just share the tip totals anyhow. No system is perfect, but you're trying to reason with the world the way you think it should be, not the way it is. That's something most people mature out of at some point.

Comment Re:Just because you can doesn't mean you should. (Score 1) 384

I like Amazon, but just because a company appears to leave cash on the table, doesn't mean they actually are.

The math can be done to show that giving refunds generously or offering free return shipping, while costly, can actually be profitable as it can lead to additional sales. Actions like this can be done even if the company's only motivation is increasing shareholder value.
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Journal Journal: How to Transform Failure into Success | Chance and Confidence

We have all messed up at some point in our lives and it is easy to let those failures, disappointments, and mistakes haunt us. They remind us and often loom over us like an infinite shadow. Maybe it was something we did or failed to do. Maybe it was a choice we made that we no longer believe was the right choice. Maybe


NYT: Lynchings Around the World are Linked To Facebook Posts ( 171

An anonymous reader quotes the New York Times: Riots and lynchings around the world have been linked to misinformation and hate speech on Facebook, which pushes whatever content keeps users on the site longest -- a potentially damaging practice in countries with weak institutions and histories of social instability. Time and again, communal hatreds overrun the newsfeed unchecked as local media are displaced by Facebook and governments find themselves with little leverage over the company. Some users, energized by hate speech and misinformation, plot real-world attacks.

A reconstruction of Sri Lanka's descent into violence, based on interviews with officials, victims and ordinary users caught up in online anger, found that Facebook's newsfeed played a central role in nearly every step from rumor to killing. Facebook officials, they say, ignored repeated warnings of the potential for violence, resisting pressure to hire moderators or establish emergency points of contact... Sri Lankans say they see little evidence of change. And in other countries, as Facebook expands, analysts and activists worry they, too, may see violence.

A Facebook spokeswoman countered that "we remove such content as soon as we're made aware of it," and said they're now trying to expand those teams and investing in "technology and local language expertise to help us swiftly remove hate content." But one anti-hate group told the Times that Facebook's reporting tools are too slow and ineffective.

"Though they and government officials had repeatedly asked Facebook to establish direct lines, the company had insisted this tool would be sufficient, they said. But nearly every report got the same response: the content did not violate Facebook's standards."

Comment Re: Don't Be Silly (Score 1) 423

They don't have to have SNAP, they just qualified. These workers accepted their wages, and we (the public) decided who qualifies for SNAP). If I could have qualified, I would have purchased groceries that way too, why not? I promise you if you remove the SNAP programs, food will still be purchased by them, and their next iPhone payment plan won't be for the most expensive version. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Comment Re:Walmart (Score 1) 423

I don't know about the comparison, but many different companies have had stories about paying some of their employees so little that they had to live off some form of welfare. This implies that the problem is something in the design of the system.

That said, some companies definitely appear to be worse. I've already been boycotting Amazon for years for other reasons, but this is an additional one that confirms me in my decision.

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Journal Journal: 13 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic - Natural Food Series

Garlic health benefits includes controlling blood pressure, enhancing body immunity, reducing levels of LDL cholesterol, helps in preventing neurological-degenerative diseases, removes heavy metal toxins from the body, benefits bones tissue, preventing blood clots, and helping in treating yeast infections.

Comment Re:Isn't surprising (Score 2) 423

If you read the OP, 'The average warehouse worker at Walmart makes just under $40,000 annually, while at Amazon would take home about $24,300 a year," CNN reported in 2013.' So how can you include Walmart in your statement? Think about that: the AVERAGE warehouse worker at Walmart made 40k in 2013, 5 years ago! That's almost $20 an hour and pretty good money for people driving forklifts and pushing skid jacks.

Not only that but Walmart increased its minimum starting wage and gave $1000 bonuses to employees just this January. Walmart also does not have a parasitic relationship to the U.S. Postal Service.

Comment Re:Don't blame Amazon (Score 1) 423

While you've got some good points, I think they belong to a different story. E.g., many of the workers talked about (summary didn't say what proportion) are temps, and definitely wouldn't have health care through their employer.

FWIW, I oppose the minimum wage, and instead support the "possibly negative income tax". In the simple form your tax burden is: tax = income * rate - base
The base should be set so that if your income is zero, you are paid a "minimum wage". There should be NO exclusions, capital gains, or any other fripperies. Income is all the money you take in from every source, including gifts of food. (That makes it a bit difficult to figure, of course. Perhaps gifts with a value of less than some amount shouldn't be counted.) If they want to pay some business to stimulate their business, do it separately, and keep it out of the tax code. (But payments by the government for any reason, except as a tax refund, are themselves income, and thus taxable.)

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Journal Journal: 12 Cerita Fabel Anak-anak yang Mengajarkan Bagaimana Menjalani Hidup

Ada banyak pembelajaran dan nilai positif yang bisa kita pelajari dari sebuah cerita fabel anak-anak. Artikel Finansialku kali ini akan membawa Anda mengenang masa kecil Anda dengan cerita fabel anak-anak. Mari belajar poin penting di balik cerita fabel anak-anak yang penuh dengan fantasi dan juga khayalan, namun penuh dengan nilai-nilai kehidupan yang membangun karakter diri. The post 12 Cerita Fabel Anak-anak yang Mengajarkan Bagaimana Menjalani Hidup appeared first on Finansialku Perencana

Comment Re:And hilarity ensues!!!! (Score 1) 669

Poor minorities who tend to vote Democrat are disproportionately likely to lack government issued IDs.

Having a valid government issued ID is also a pre-requisite to work legally in the United States. So instead of whining about lost votes, you could also argue for a federal law that provides no or low-cost ID options to low-income households.

Arguing that there is no need to use ID when voting is equal to arguing that there should be no border controls: now those poor, poor minorities are not even able to go to Canada. And I'm not even mentioning that they can't legally buy alcohol until they're 30. Are you going to stand in front of your local Bevmo with a sign?

Money isn't the only issue and whatever the cause there is a big discrepancy.

I do agree with you that not having ID is a problem for those who don't have one, but that is the problem that needs to be fixed. Not having an ID causes a shitton of issue, and not being able to vote should be the least of their worries.

I wouldn't have an issue if every legal voter had an ID, though getting minorities IDs isn't a Republican priority and they seem to actively make it more difficult.

I have an overwhelming suspicion that the moment you get all the minorities photo IDs the GOP suddenly stops caring about it.

So yes, the Florida election was stolen by exactly the anti-Democratic voter suppression tactics for which you are now advocating!

For the record, being an immigrant I'm a left-leaning moderate. I'm an favor of universal healthcare and free education. I don't like the policies of our current Supreme Leader. I never liked Bush Jr (Sr was a bit better). I liked Obama and would vote for him with my eyes closed.

BUT. You can not have democracy without fair elections, and showing proof of eligibility to vote is one of the necessary safeguards.

I understand why it sounds like a reasonable safeguard, but until you get everyone photo IDs you will end up disenfranchising eligible voters.

And the only thing that photo IDs fix is in-person voter impersonation at the polls, but if that kind of voter fraud were happening at a large scale we'd see the signs, and they're simply not there.

You're advocating a policy that will disenfranchise people to fix a problem that is not happening.

Really, if you're that concerned about the integrity of the vote go after mail-in ballots, there is way more potential for not only voter impersonation but coerced votes as well.

But you'll never hear about trying to take away absentee voting, largely because absentee voting skews Republican.

Comment Chicken and Egg (Score 0) 423

"Many Amazon Warehouse Workers are on Food Stamps"

Now why is that? Why is it that Amazon can pay such low wages and still get people to work for them? Is it because they know that Government will subsidize their workers for them, so they can pay them shit? Bingo!

Get rid of the food stamps, suddenly Amazon and everyone else has to pay more to get workers.


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