Comment Well managed? (Score 3, Insightful) 200

It ran for a number of months and was clearly well-managed as the group was able to open an office and appear at multiple events.

If this is the kind of due diligence people do before investing(*) in crypto-currency, I see why so many people get scammed. "Well, they have an office, this company is clearly well-managed, must be legit".

(*) And when I say "investing", I mean in the same way that someone feeding their paycheck into slot machines is "investing"

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Comment Re:sexy stallman benis (Score 1) 367

Why do we need a law when using Facebook or any of the other Social Media application and services are non-mandatory?

Because of the notion of freedom of choice, RMS wants to make that choice for you rather than you be free to make it yourself. His logic is that you shouldn't be free to give up your freedom or privacy, now maybe that would be true if 'freedom' was a blanket definition but it isn't.

If you use proprietary software the concept that you have "given up your freedom" is not really true, you just haven't been granted specific freedoms and even then that is only for a very narrow definition of "freedom" and only in a very specific context and for a specific time (which is almost always at the behest of the person involved), for example yes, when I use Photoshop to edit an image I wasn't granted the freedom to modify Photoshop but I never had that in the first place and - much like pirates can't take away the profits that MPAA affiliates never had - nobody can take away the freedom to modify Photoshop that I never had. More to the point, freedom of choice means I can use GIMP if I want to but that doesn't mean my freedom to use Photoshop should be taken away simply because I can't modify it.

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Journal Journal: GW Pharmaceuticals' CEO talks Epidiolex, future of cannabidiol medicine

This is a make-or-break spring for GW Pharmaceuticals and its billion-dollar investment in a cannabidiol-based drug. The London-based firm aims to develop the first FDA-approved medicine from plant-derived cannabis compounds. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration could decide as early Read More

Comment Re:Fuck Richard Stallman (Score 1) 367

The courts have long upheld that what happens in public is, just that, public. The police can observe it (and record it) just as you can observe (and record) the police. If you don't want pictures of yourself urinating in public, don't do it. If you don't want pictures of yourself pouring a mug of beer over your own head, don't do that in a public place.

Since the dawn of civilization, people have known what other people did in public. Although, now, with larger more anonymous communities coupled with the ease of mobility allowing one to easily move hundreds or thousands of miles away every few years, you have more privacy from those around than you once did (unless you do something so notorious and stupid that it goes viral).

Comment Pointless statistics are pointless (Score 4, Insightful) 136

That's partly because automating all ships could generate a ridiculous amount of revenue. According to the United Nations, 90 percent of the world's trade is carried by sea and 10.3 billion tons of products were shipped in 2016. According to NOAA's National Ocean Service, ships transported $1.5 trillion worth of cargo through U.S. ports in 2016. The world's 325 or so deep-sea shipping companies have a combined revenue of $10 billion.

Notice how none of these statistics address, at all, how much money there is in automating ships? Besides the hand-waving, the article doesn't address it at all.

I mean, I'm sure that there's some, but just because most cargo goes by sea doesn't necessarily mean anything in relation to whether automating ships can save any money or increase revenue.

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Journal Journal: Rep. Curt Nisly shares state updates with Syracuse Town Council

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Comment Re:Fuck Richard Stallman (Score 1) 367

The interpretation required would be so extreme as to render the Free Speech and Free Press clause of the First Amendment to be nearly impotent. It would require judicial handstands almost as extreme as some want the courts to do in an attempt to invalidate the Second Amendment because they know there isn't public support for repealing it.

So, maybe the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals would uphold a "right to be forgotten" law, but neither the "liberal" or "conservative" wing of the Supreme Court would let their ruling stand.

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Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 152

I've found the longer the paper takes to read generally means the less worthwhile the paper is. I've read some papers in fields I'm familiar with, and when I get done I still don't know WTF they're talking about. So I start breaking it down, slashing through all the jargon and word soup, working through the math myself, and finally when I understand what they're actually saying.... I realize they really don't have much. A bunch of dense language, big words, and technical terms thrown about with some fancy-looking charts and it all looks very impressive, but in reality what they've done is pretty minor and not that novel. They know it too, and know it's not good for a multi-page paper, hence a massive amount of filler - most of which is just reiterating basic things that everyone already knows once you've managed to hack through it.

On the other side, go pick up one of the famous, ground-breaking papers in the field that everyone knows about and cites. In comparison, you'll find those papers easy to read - they are clearly written, using simple language, and easy to follow and understand (maybe longer to digest though). There's really no reason to have to dress it all up, as the science stands on its own.

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uyenxiu writes: Testosterone la hormone sinh duc dac trung cua gioi tinh nam, tac dong den co the nam gioi tu than kinh nao bo tim mach xuong co bap. Vay Testosterone sinh ra tu dau giu vai tro quyet dinh kha nang sinh ly sinh san tao va tang ham muon tinh duc su cuong cung cung nhu san xuat tinh trung.

Comment Re:I've had bosses force me to use Facebook (Score 1) 367

once all jobs require a Facebook account

Is this something you worry about? I don't see this in our future. A LinkedIn account might have helped me find a job, but I found a good job without one. I'm friends with a few past coworkers and bosses on Facebook, but nobody at my current position. I just checked to see if my current employer has a FB presence; we don't.

you will still be free to starve

There's always crime. Roving mobs of the FB-less. Organized crime might be out; they might want you to 'Like' the gang.

Comment again? (Score 5, Interesting) 62

I'm a nanotechnologist. Actually, I founded a graphene chip company that actually has a product and customers (Nanomedical Diagnostics).

There are two companies that already produce graphene roll to roll like this (Samsung and Grolltex). Not surprisingly, there's not much of a market for it. There are far fewer people working on graphene applications than on developing the raw material.

There are a few reasons for this. First, investment in commercialization of graphene applications is not popular (because market research is a necessary skill to pitch a product - not so much with a commodity). Second, devices and applications are just harder to make. Most people in my field don't want to work on the kinds of problems that are common in manufacturing (or if they do, they go work for Intel).

The result of all this is that it's actually very easy for someone like me to grow my own graphene (growth tech and know-how is cheap), and it's very hard for a graphene growth company to demonstrate applicability (meeting real industrial cost or QA targets).

In short, a third source of graphene of this type is not needed.

Comment Re: Low-Income bad credit no credit no problem! (Score 1) 96

If I could loan someone money that they could never default on, and never declare bankruptcy to get rid of....I wouldn't, because I'm not a fucking sleazy asshole. But there are enough of them that they've both made this system and have taken advantage of it.

The student loan racket is obscene. The year my wife and I paid that shit off was almost better than the year we got married. Because frankly, we can get out of marriage if it goes south. But we couldn't get out off student loans.

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