Comment Re:Good gravy (Score 2) 465

cid=56442457 Here it is.

It seems that the US story is falling apart fast. The Pentagon claims that all missiles hit their target and the Syrian claim of shooting down ~3/4 of the missiles is nonsense. But there are online videos of missiles being shot down and the Pentagon now says they're going to study the attack. Trump is using the issue of chemical weapons to flip-flop and now refuses to pull out the thousands of US troops who presently occupy/control 28% of Syria.

The Pentagon has bluntly said:

Q: General McKenzie, the three targets that you struck, were those manufacturing or researching chlorine or sarin?

GEN. MCKENZIE: A little of both. And particularly in the Barzeh target, but there’s a little of both. (source)

But the OPCW, the int'l org which is responsible for enforcing the chemical weapons treaty, inspected the Barzeh site in mid-March and said they saw no evidence of chemical weapons there. (Their PDF report point 8 on page 2.)

When Bush told his lies about Iraq's chemical weapons, at least the BS story held up for a couple of months. :(

Comment Re:Good gravy (Score 1) 465

At the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey said a number of curious things, but one comment in particular stood out. When asked about Russian influence in the U.S. election and the ability to combat a foreign actor’s misinformation campaign, the Director said, “We need to arm ourselves with good troll armies pushing back.”

The U.S. Department of Defense spent an average of more than US$626 million annually on propaganda

Countries are allowed to defend themselves you know - Anyhow, it is perfectly fine for America to do this - that's the hidden issue with whataboutism. While presumably to show that your hated opponenet is hypocritical, it merely says that it is okay for you, the aggrieved innicent to do it, because your hated enemy does it. And two groups doing the same thing have to be the same.

Ain't it great tovarish?

Pentagon employees account for 40 percent of the federal public relations workforce and also have the highest combined salaries, the audit revealed.

These 2 are about America expanding it's propaganda to domestic audiences, that's a kind of trolling isn't it?

My Gawd! This is an outrage. Time for only other countries, preferably ones who know of 'Murrica's evil wayds to disseminate any news to Americans.

Comment Re:Why does the WSL exist? (Score 1) 167

I'm in the same boat. Every couple years I try Linux on the desktop and each time something frustrating happens within the first few hours - it's usual one or two fairly trivial things but together they have enough of an impact on my workflow or patience to make me decide it's too much effort.

I've got 20+ years now of Windows desktop knowledge, tools, muscle memory, workflows, etc. It's hard to break that habit; when I need Linux I just ssh to one of a few VPSs I maintain or load up one of a few local VMs I keep.

I'm too scared of Windows 10 to want it for WSL though, but I assume I'll inevitably be forced into it and I look forward to having WSL available as an alternative.


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Comment Distributed Invention (Score 1) 64

I imagine a scenario where distributed software exists, kind of a cross between seti@home and cryptocurrency mining, that performs processing for a deep-learning algorithm. The amount of total memory and processing power devoted to this could be as large as the larger cryptocurrencies, let's say. Now let's say that this algorithm is dedicated to creating new inventions. It's been said that a machine that's smarter than humans is the last thing we'd ever need invent, and this would be like that. Now, the algorithm and its results wouldn't be owned by any one entity, but it'd patent its ideas through a corporation it effectively controls (people would be needed legally, but the corporate charter could say that they have to do what the algorithm says). The fees for licensing its patents would then be distributed proportionately to those performing its processing.

If people dogpiled A.I. to the degree they're jumping on cryptocurrency, we'd have the singularity already :)

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Comment Re:8 Billion Isn't Enough To Make People Eat Shit (Score 1) 93

I don't want conservative shows, I certainly don't want liberal extremism. I watch stupid shit on Netflix, Amazon, etc (basically, anything I watch on Netflix, Amazon, etc - not trying to suggest an entertainer is capable of being more than an entertainer by any means) for the amusement of it. The moment it gets preachy it's just obnoxious. It's like the fucking court jester acting like he's a king - that shit would have gotten them beheaded in the past. This isn't to advocate for reality TV or similarly dull nonsense either, I'm a nerd and I like sci-fi/fantasy the most, but when every fucking episode or every major theme is some politicized bullshit that is such fucking garbage it doesn't even make sense after a year worth of hindsight it's terrible. Even from the perspective of an intelligent show of any kind - if the writers were remotely intelligent they would understand the concept of moderation - if they have some burning message they must get out then by all means, stick it in the show - the WHOLE show, over all half-dozen seasons. If they have more than one such message then they can fuck themselves because you can't get that preachy without making things remotely viewable. Even The 100's singular message of "people are equal and tribalism is dumb" gets old when they preach about being sick of caring about "my people" or "our people" or "their people" - if it weren't of reasonable quality otherwise or if it had any more messages mixed in it would be utterly unwatchable.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Google's loss in right to be forgotten case to set a precedent - SlashGear (


Google's loss in right to be forgotten case to set a precedent
Sometimes winning a court case isn't a complete victory, especially if the case wasn't dismissed outright. At the very least, it could set a legal precedent for more of the same cases. Naturally, the chances of that happening increase even more when ...
Google Loses Precedence-Setting Right To Be Forgotten CaseAndroid Headlines
Google loses landmark 'right to be forgotten' case in UKMid-Day
Let bygones be bygones: Anurag K AgarwalDaily News & Analysis
CNNMoney-Newser-Brinkwire (press release)-eTeknix
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New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Shows Off Playable Disney-Themed Mini-Games
Originally aired at the Kingdom Hearts Union Dandelion meeting that just took place this past week, we got a glimpse at some of the mini-games that will be available to play in Kingdom Hearts III. You can check out the brief trailer down below. The ...
Kingdom Hearts 3 May Arrive With Multiple Endings!Brinkwire (press release)
Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Have Some Weird Old School Mini GamesPress Start Australia
Kingdom Hearts III 'Classic Kingdom' trailerGematsu

all 5 news articles

Comment Re: Senators (Score 1) 419

Yes, gerrymandering is a big problem, still how does California's representation compare to Montana's or other small States? Or even medium States? Ideally each district across the country should be close to equal though there is always going to be exceptions as each State should have at least one representative.
How does this affect Puerto Rico's wish for Statehood as well? Their seats would have to come from somewhere, or more likely, they'll never be part of the Union.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 246

It should be on a case by case basis. If the machine is just out of factory then it should be the company. If the machine was brought as a kitset from various manufacturers then maybe the builder is the person not the company that made the parts. If the Gun I have kills someone it is not the gun maker that is at fault unless the bullet come out the back or it explodes or something. This is not a universal here is the answer, there are times when the answer could be one or the other.

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Comment Quantity over quality (Score 1) 152

As long as the academic research system values quantity over quality (AKA "publish or perish"), researchers will be pressured to publish papers as frequently as possible regardless of their quality or that they make meaningful contributions to science. Yes, it's really difficult to reproduce incoherent trash. Give "good" researchers tenure and reward the quality of the science they do, then we might learn more interesting and useful stuff. Prioritising quantity over quality just creates more noise in which to look for the good science.

Comment Re: Unfortunate choice of words (Score 0) 351

I think this is irony. You fail to understand his point just like the tech guys. Comey sees them as helping the scum of the earth, not protecting some privacy of innocent Americans. This is still all with warrants and shit and not wide open keys handed over. If you want to be a hardcore douche because he said "drove me crazy", you'll need to have words with just about every fucking parent, teacher, or fill-in-the-blank that said those words.

Comment There is no WSL, only Zuul (cough) Windows (Score 2) 167

WSL is not a virtual machine running Linux, in fact it's not Linux at all. Linux is a kernel. People think of distributions built around the Linux kernel as being Linux, but you can run other kernels with the same tools. Depending on your objectives and kernel choice, you can get very different or practically identical functionality while still not technically running Linux. That's all WSL is; it is a bundle of tools associated with Linux distributions but running on the Microsoft Windows kernel instead.

Your concerns about Windows accessing the Linux RAM don't make any sense in regards to WSL because it isn't a separate or hosted OS. Of course Windows has access to WSL memory; WSL is an integrated part of Windows. The point of WSL is to give Windows users less motivation to switch to a different OS, which it does fairly well. Most of the things I want to do in Windows but would normally have to switch to Linux to do are easy to do with WSL, meaning no switch is necessary. Most of the work I get paid to do needs to be done in a Microsoft OS (not always Windows) but it is easier and sometimes massively faster to do some things with the tools that were previously only supported by dual booting or running a VM. WSL makes my job simpler in that respect.

All that said, your concerns make sense in regard to Hyper-V. I think you're wrong about MS's goals there too, but at least it is a debatable topic.

Comment Re:Good gravy (Score 1) 465

Of course, our mass media tends not to emphasize such American skulduggery and propaganda. They'll do an initial report on the issue, but it's rarely, if ever, put into the news loop and repeated over and over and over again. Funny how that works, eh? It makes one think of Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, who once bluntly said, "There's really five companies that control 90 percent of what we read, see and hear."

If you want any more you'll have to search for it.

So I declare that the AMericans are just fine with this, because the Russians do it too. It isn't skullduggery and propaganda if it is only on one side. So it's all good!

So anyhow, What are you demanding? That every one of these stories be run every day? That America be nuked? That we commit mass suicide?

Seems like there is asolutely no secret, and if we have been deliberately interfereing in Russia's electoral process ( I guess that means we're pro Putin since our deliberate interference garnered him 70 percent of the vote. And don't forget how we elected a president for life in China.

Seeems like the Russians a a hella lot better than we are. But it's okay, because you just expressed that it's okay. Thank you.

Comment Re:Irony: liberals loving America's secret police (Score 5, Insightful) 351

We liberals don't worship Comey, etc. We just see that they are trying to do the right thing in a very difficult circumstance. The easy thing is just go away. The hard thing is to stand up for what's right. In this case, the right thing is to speak honestly about Trump and the horrible behavior of the republican party, the part that is trying to justify trump as normal behavior and totally legal and fine.

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Comment Re:old news (Score 1) 113

Do we even want a cure? Alzheimers generates a lot of revenue....

This is something that's a real tragedy and it feels very wrong to joke about it, based even on the fact that some companies want to not cure things but reduce them to get continuing money. My grandmother had it, it was the worse thing to see her go slowly.

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Comment Re:Jumping the gun just a bit? (Score 2) 246

One simple example is Roomba vacuums. Based on their sensors/AI they vacuum your house... but they could mess up and bump into a table... knocking over a candle and burning the house down.

An insurance company is likely to find you liable for leaving a burning candle unattended. If anyone is harmed in the fire, you could be looking at a criminal prosecution. Nobody would care about the robot vacuum cleaner.

If you create situations that put people and/or property at risk, you'll be accountable under the law regardless of how you do it. Whether corporations or organisations get prosecuted for putting people and/or property at risk will more than likely follow the same patterns of power and politics as everything else.

That machines might one day be considered as having free will and therefore legal culpability is science fiction.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: New iPhone Leak 'Confirms' Significant Design Decision - Forbes (


New iPhone Leak 'Confirms' Significant Design Decision
We know the iPhone X will not last long, but now it seems Apple AAPL +0.26% Apple AAPL. $174.64$0.45(+0.26%). As of 04/15/2018, 08:00pm EDT. has already given the first cancellation order. And the source could not be more credible... Newly ...
Leaked Apple memo says company found 29 'leakers' last year, and arrested 12MarketWatch
Apple made a gold iPhone X and never released it — here are the photosBusiness Insider
Unreleased gold iPhone X leaks thanks to the FCCZDNet
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