Comment Steps (Score 2) 127

Start webpage. Something you have total control over.
Add blog, forum, live chat support. IRC. A gui for browser web chat. Video updates for your site.
Live webcam chat with a groups of supporters.
Translations. Have a list of contact details for your site. From security to press, media, general questions, offers of support.

Someone wants to do an interview at 2 am from their part of the world? Do it. Thank them and be ready for lots of different questions.
Be ready for video, sound only, the need for lights, a mic and a good background setting on video chat.
Ensure a good internet connection with another way to connect on the day of the interview.

Someone sends in a security question. Thank them. Given them a clear time line of how the issue will be responded to quickly. Days, weeks, months.
Show them the results and ask if they want recognition. Thank them again. Update any blog, security comments as needed over time.

Set out how the project will be worked on and show progress.
Update the blog every day. Have more detail over weeks and months. Video clips.

Keep control over your forum, your blog, your clips. Sites and social media can change their TOS at anytime so social medias offer of "free" and lots of "ads" can change at any time.
Read all TOS on any hosting and code site and what owners have set out as their politics and conditions when using their site, tools.
Upload examples, a guide, FAQ and what is supported so people can get an overview. Then how to support the project.

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Comment Re: Europe using more coal too ... (Score 1) 225

So not due to decommissioning nuclear power plants but rather that they're not reliable enough.

The decommissioning put them into the position where they no longer had surplus capacity. When a failure occurred they had to resort to coal. Had there not been these decommissionings they simply would have had a smaller surplus and no need to increase coal usage. So the root cause is still the decommissioning.

Comment Re:You can build them (Score 1) 255

An 8 guage wire, running at 5 million volts DC will power all of China, run from Death Valley CA (might have to use an orbital ring to keep the power wires from arcing). Molten Salt power storage is a mature technology, and scalable to any size we want. Drive electrons in through a resistive heater, draw heat out to turn a steam turbine running a generator.
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Journal Journal: Real Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Mercury Edition - YouTube

For Real Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Mercury Edition, Click Here: The Real Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Mercury Edition delivers an immersive surround s...

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Here's how to see, edit and delete the topics that Facebook advertisers use to target you - Recode (


Here's how to see, edit and delete the topics that Facebook advertisers use to target you
If we've learned anything from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's lengthy congressional testimony this week, it's that most people are woefully unaware of how much data Facebook collects about them, and then how that data is used. Earlier this week, we ...
What does Facebook know about you?
Facebook's Zuckerberg got grilled, but nothing's really
Facebook-quitting advice from a professional internet quitterThe Verge
VentureBeat-Android Headlines-Seattle Times-EFF
all 10,957 news articles

Comment Re:How about I keep my data to myself (Score 2) 103

The user data is being given to those clients

No it isn't. The clients specify the profile of the users they want to reach, and Facebook uses the data it has collected to place those ads. They do not sell the data to their advertising clients, they only sell access to specified segments of their users.

They would be foolish to sell the data itself, since they could only sell that once.

All this, of course, is not considering leaks.

Comment Methodologies Are For Hacks (Score 5, Interesting) 270

Management and leadership styles need to depend on your team, if you use agile/scrum/kanban/etc it means you are trying to make up for shitty management skills, and in turn are making everyone else waste 10-30% (50%-75% in extreme cases) of their time to make up for it. There is no one management or leadership style (two VERY different things, mind you) to bind them all.

Managers are glorified communal secretaries, they exist to arrange meetings, sit between upper management/clients and developers, and ensure the developers have the appropriate resources while having out extraordinarily high-level orders (e.g. "we have a new project, figure it out,") they don't make decisions but ask for input from all parties involved and arrange the information such that people who make decisions can make them quickly and accurately.

Leaders are just the most applicable guy for a given project the others will listen to, they're in the trenches do the work and can (often should) change from project to project both due to differing skillsets and to prevent burnout of the leader.

Nearly every shit place has the same problem, and it has nothing to do with Agile/Scrum/etc - the shit problem is when you have a person who thinks they are capable of both leading and managing at the same time - nobody is.

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Journal Journal: 4 Business Lessons from Mother Nature to Accelerate Your Growth

You're reading 4 Business Lessons from Mother Nature to Accelerate Your Growth, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Albert Einstein once said, "Just look deep into mother nature, and then you will understand things better." I couldn't agree more with this quote, as I have myself learned many things while spending time in the lap of mother nature. Once it was raining heavily, and

Comment AGILE is utter shit (Score 3, Insightful) 270

Look, spend the time (and if needed, money) to actually make a solid product from the get-go instead of relying upon adaptability. This is what will net you the best results, customer satisfaction, and fewest warranty/support issues (thus saving TONS OF MONEY.)

Around the 90s is when software development was truly in its prime, despite the shit languages and lacking hardware. It was that shit hardware that forced programmers to figure things out in effective and proper manners rather than relying upon huge amounts of error-correcting glut and hardware to cover up for their n00b-level mistakes that even a TI-BASIC programmer couldn't make.

Our current hardware is literally overpowered for every task we need it to do, if proper coding would be taught and implemented. How can I say this? We've been doing this exact same shit since the 90s. Online video? Yea, back then it was 320x240 if you were lucky, and a fake 640x480 (upscaled 512x384 IIRC) using RealPlayer's codec. Still, we had it, and when the P4 came around, 720p video was a breeze if you had something like a 64MB GPU.

But people tend to ignore history, so there's your historical quip for the night for good measure.

Comment Whip it out (Score 1) 127

Disclaimer: bullshit from the ignorati follows.

1. Make an pre-announcement to popular geek sites - like you just did here. When it's ready, get both your targeted audience and vaunted coders to review the beast on those sites.

2. Make a WEB site like or, with announcements, news, conference and event dates, examples, comments, downloads, documentation, Q&A, important people info, email, sponsor and donation links, and thanks.

3. Create a 501(c)(3) organization. If you want a viable community, it's gonna cost money. And tax-exempt is good for both you and your donors.

4. Do what docker did, have a URL pointing to a QC'd step-by-step user-interface that lets the visitor create a simple little example, easy to grok, showing the language's power and potential.

5. YouTube tutorials, starting with a beginner-friendly instructor who goes into an overview of the language's virtues, then writes and runs the obligatory 'Hello World!'. Next, the tutor explains the awesomeness of the language. The other tutorials that follow should have a similar format - somehow this makes it easier on the student.


In writing a new language, what are you going for? Is there something missing from the plethora of languages out there now? What are the newbie's virtues and problems? Simplicity? Completeness? Is the language completely or partially objective? Are there tools to write code with? Plugins for things like Vim? Does it have garbage collection? Compiled? JIT? What's the programming paradigm - is it tightly structured? Are there dependencies? Is this a server side language? How insulated is it from being hacked?

Many developers are legitimately concerned about the long, lingering Oracle v. Google legal case. Once considered 'fair use', you now might be sued over API 'misuse'. With that in mind, is there anything programmers should be worried about in this new language?


Survey Finds 'Agile' Competency Is Rare In Organizations ( 270

An anonymous reader writes: The 12th annual "State of Agile" report has just been released by CollabNet VersionOne, which calls it "the largest and longest-running Agile survey in the world." After surveying more than 1,400 software professionals in various roles and industries over the last four months of 2017, "Only 12% percent responded that their organizations have a high level of competency with agile practices across the organization, and only 4% report that agile practices are enabling greater adaptability to market conditions... The three most significant challenges to agile adoption and scaling are reported as organizational culture at odds with agile values (53%), general organizational resistance to change (46%), and Inadequate management support and sponsorship (42%)...

"The encouraging news is that 59% recognize that they are still maturing, indicating that they do not intend to plateau where they are." And agile adoption does appear to be growing. "25% of the respondents say that all or almost all of their teams are agile, whereas only 8% reported that in 2016."

The researchers also note "the recognized necessity of accelerating the speed of delivery of high-quality software, and the emphasis on customer satisfaction," with 71% of the survey respondents reporting that a DevOps initiative is underway or planned for the next 12 months.

Submission + - É Provável Aprender Lusíada Mais Rápido? (

mestrevitalidade41 writes: Hoje eu prosseguirei falar de um assunto bastante essencial- como aprender inglês mais rápido. princípio para a realização dessa devolutiva foi à observação e as anotações realizadas durante período destinado as sessões de auxílio psicopedagogico, conclui que canguçu. e uma criança bastante feliz, e que esta comportável com nível de desenvolvimento para sua faixa etária pré operatória (6 anos).em relação a leitura e a escrita encontra se no nível pré silábico escrita diferenciada cm valor socorro inicial,nas atividades realizadas,este fez registros diferentes entre palavras modificando a quantidade e a posição e fazendo variação nos caracteres, d

Comment Re: Senators (Score 2, Insightful) 419

Well, let's be honest: you SJW communists would really be happier in another country besides America. It's constant stress living with us deplorables on a daily basis. This depletes your telomeres and shortens your life. Really. In fact, that's one of the arguments you use against free speech: that when your telemeres are shortened by hearing our ideas, that counts as violence, and thus when you hear us speak we are committing violence on you. Yup.

If words can cause stress, and if prolonged stress can cause physical harm, then it seems that speech - at least certain types of speech - can be a form of violence.

So, where will you be going? It must be a relief to finally come to this conclusion. Canada? France? There are the countries that have implemented your left-wing systems, so you'll obviously want to check those out: Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba. Bon Voyage! Good luck in your stress-free home where our words can't harm you.

Submission + - Ensino Inclusiva E O Ato De Conviver Com As Diferenças Na Educaçã (

subirsempre69 writes: Vários professores ainda se questionam sobre a importância ou não, da memorização da tabuada. Este estuda, revê conteúdo e imagina todas e cada uma das questões que podem surgir de seus alunos, tudo isso com o propósito de ele tenha como falar com firmeza tudo que sabe e transmitir bem seu conhecimento para os que estão querendo ouvir. Este post, vem para lhe ajudar no estudo online individual, fornecendo diversas dicas para um melhor aproveitamento do tempo, da aprendizagem e aplicação do conhecimento adquirido.

Quando uma prova está próxima

Comment Re: You can build them (Score 4, Insightful) 255

I just don't see the point of this. People can grow microgreens enough to feed their families in window sills...

People CAN do many things, but they don't want to. I grow most of my own fruit and vegetables, keep chickens in my backyard, have a beehive, and ferment my own yogurt. But I also realize that most people have no interest in doing any of those things.

I'd be more interested in yams or other calorie dense options like that.

That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Yams require a long growing season with lots and lots of direct sunlight. They grow long vines that require plenty of space. They can be transported easily and can be stored for months with no loss of taste or quality. Also they are cheap. I can't imagine a dumber crop to grow under lights in a city.

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Journal Journal: Kisah Sukses Rich Brian, Rapper Indonesia yang Mendunia

Simak kisah sukses Rich Brian, rapper Indonesia yang mendulang kesuksesan di usia belia. Awalnya hanya iseng, tapi karyanya mendapat pujian banyak orang bahkan dari para rapper dunia. Selamat membaca!

Comment Re:I smell bull%^& (Score 1) 330

From a cutting engineer's POV, it is more accurate to say that the track spacing is dependent upon the volume, not the other way around - dynamically adjusting the spacing was part of his job. Nothing new here.

But there was another issue: pre-echo, a phenomena caused by the cutting stylus distorting the thin wall between the current groove and the one cut just before. This would transfer a faint copy of the outside of the fresh groove onto the inside of the prior groove. This is most often heard at the start of a track, where a faint copy of the music is heard precisely one revolution (about 2 seconds) before it starts in earnest.

Pre-echo is prevented by spacing the grooves widely enough such that the wall between the grooves doesn't deform. Laser cutting would eliminate that inter-grooval pressure, allowing the grooves to be more tightly packed. I suspect that that is where the capacity boost comes from.

Comment Re:Draper has gerrymandered California (Score 1) 419

If you haven't been living under a rock, you'd know that the House is also gerrymandered out the wazoo.

It was also gerrymandered up the wazoo when Democrats were in power. Gerrymandering simply strengthens whoever is currently more popular. If congressional districts were assigned rationally, Democrats wouldn't do very well anyway. The only way Democrats could do well if the US went to strict national popular majorities, but that is utterly unacceptable and incompatible with federalism.

In actual fact, liberals only make up about 17% of the US political spectrum and California is thoroughly unrepresentative of the country. The reason Republicans are so strong is because Democrats have fallen out of favor with the political center: moderates and independents.

I'm a good example of that: I used to be a registered Democrat but loathe what the Democratic party has become over the last decade. I won't vote for Democrats again until they clearly disavow people like Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Corey Booker, and Elizabeth Warren.

Comment Re:Senators (Score 1) 419

It seems I may be confusing this with another proposal that put San Francisco and LA together in a single "coastal" state, with the rural inland state around them. This proposal is slightly less gerrymandered in that it puts San Francisco into NoCal. But it still creates a SoCal that excludes LA in order to carve out representation for Republicans from the state, and as someone else pointed out, they carve out a tiny bit of affluent LA to fund their backwards SoCal state without tipping the votes too much.

Comment Re: Senators (Score 1) 419

Go read the Constitution. Every state is guaranteed one representative, no mater how small the population. The average population per representative, based upon the 2010 census, is about700,000. CA had about 37,254,000 people in 2010, 53 representatives, or about 702,000 for each. This process, as detailed in the Constitution, is what makes a republic.

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Comment Re:Stereo System (Score 1) 98

If you are on the market for a Bose or Sonos, this is for you.

Not even close. SONOS will play just about any source on Earth, not just iTunes. You can use any device out there to control it - not just an iOS device (OSX, Windows, iOS and Android). And a pair of Play:1 speakers ($298) will spank a HomePod - and provide REAL stereo as opposed to simulated - or synch'd audio in two different rooms. If you are in the market for a Bose or SONOS system - the HomePod isn't even in the same league from an audio quality standpoint.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: 'Think like a proton' and other witty signs from the March for Science - CNN (


'Think like a proton' and other witty signs from the March for Science
(CNN) March for Science crowds may have been smaller compared with last year. But their signs were just as entertaining. While the main event took place in Washington on Saturday, people around the world turned out at more than 230 satellite events ...
March For Science: Palatine Planner's 5 Ways To Renew The
After you march for science, we'll help you keep up the causeMassive
March for Science 2018: Passionate advocates push the cause for research across the globeUSA TODAY
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