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Nativity is the guy with his fingers in his ears pretending he can't hear reality.

How many hundreds of billions of dollars need the Pentagon "lose"?

How about insider trading? Are you aware that Congress specifically exempted itself from insider trading laws? i.e. if you approach your Congressman and ask him to push your business towards the Pentagon (for example), he can run out, but a shit load of your stock, "suggest" that the Pentagon gives you a nice fat juicy contract, and then when your stock price goes up, he can dump the stock for huge profits with no legal ramifications whatsoever.

HOW THE FUCK IS THAT NOT CORRUPT? If you or I did that, it's a trip straight to the big house (like Martha Stewart)

I suggest you read this if you don't believe me:

Only a complete idiot or tool thinks there is anything, at all, noble about our CURRENT government. yeah, a while ago, it was way less bad, but it gets worse year by year..

Remember the whole check kiting scandal of the 80's?

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Yet the bastards at YouTube continue to fail to enable blocking of uploaders, why the fuck not. Youtube would be so much better if they just implemented the ability for end users to block specific uploaders so they never see their content, never have to deal with that empty crap. Would produce great statistics to be analysed for bad players who should be kicked off. Simply allow blocking and a lot of problems go away.

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Daily Deals: God of War, Nintendo Labo, Yakuza 6 Out Next Week
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How Bear McCreary Composed God of War's Soundtrack, Out Today on Spotify – PlayStation.BlogPlayStation.Blog

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Therefore, it's convenient to have a name for people in masculine gender roles or feminine gender roles, since it doesn't line up precisely with male/female, and you're fine with that under the current circumstances. "Gender" is in common use for this.

Correct. But you erroneously conclude from that that gender is a "social construct". It is not. Gender and gender roles are biologically determined, it is just that the mechanism that determines them fails in a small percentage of people.

Therefore, current society is imperfect.

Society is always imperfect. It is also always unfair.

Differences in outcomes based on gender or race or whatever are suggestive of differences in opportunity, and should be investigated.

They have been investigated and the results are clear. First, differences in outcome occur naturally even in the absence of any differences in opportunity or even any genetic differences. Second, the differences in outcome that we see correlate with gender and race specifically are the result of different choices, not different opportunities.

But be that as it may, you are equivocating. Specifically what "differences in opportunities" are you talking about? Where exactly are there documented differences in opportunities based on gender or race? Specifically which government laws discriminate based on gender or race?

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Comment Racking up views and revenue? Seriously? (Score 1) 99

Surely, YouTube/google doesn't just pay people instantly, do they? It would be easy enough for them to either not pay the money or switch it to the actual content creator, long before any check was sent out.

Yes, this does mean that you have to be watching to see if your content is being plagerized, but this is part of the whole DMCA legislative compromise - just from the content creator's point of view.

Comment Re:partial security / insecurity -- what's the poi (Score 2) 114

Was it not just last week we had reports of new chip cards being intercepted in the mail, having their chip pulled off and replaced with the chip from a dummy card, the real chip put onto the dummy card, and then the modified card placed back in the mail, so that the customer receives their card and activates it, thus enabling the thieves to use their dummy card with the real chip on it, leaving the customer up a creek with their useless card, and charges they did not make?

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Tech Times

Gmail Redesign Sneak Peek: Do You Like What Google Did For The New Look?
Tech Times
Shortly after reports of a new Gmail design, we now have a sneak peek at the new look of Google's email service, courtesy of our friends from Android Authority and The Verge. The Gmail redesign was long overdue, and Google finally promised a "fresh ...
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Google Assistant Gets 450000 Marriage Proposals In IndiaAndroid Headlines
Gmail's new design will include a 'Confidential Mode'The Verge
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One thing that might give Intel an edge is the upcoming AVX-512 extensions in the next cycle of processors. It'll allow two more registers for vector operations, along with a bunch more opcodes. It doesn't accelerate all operations, but what it does accelerate usually gets a pretty good speed boost. There's an HPC blogger that benchmarked the heck out of a couple of SSE/AVX/AVX2 chips, and each successive part increased some SPEC operations by 20-40%. Video encoding in particular got a good 30% boost from generation to generation - much more of a boost than the CPU optimizations alone.

Of course, AMD could clone these features, but they've been lagging in support for AVX. The Ryzen parts have half the AVX registers of the Intel chips. Sometimes they can make up for it through sheer parallelism, but not for every workload.

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Sega Has Unveiled The Mega Drive Mini To Coincide With The Original Console's 30th Anniversary
At the recent Sega Fes 2018 event in Akihabara, Sega unveiled the new palm-sized Mega Drive Mini with plans to release it later this year. Released in the U.S. as the Sega Genesis, the Mega Drive was originally released in Japan back in 1988. That ...
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If AMOC stopped then the climate of Europe would line up with that of its corresponding North American latitudes. Which is to say, it would be come like Canada, not the North Pole. New Foundland is snowier than contemporary France but the latter's albedo would not significantly change. In any event, the AMOC is unlikely to stop any century soon without a significant forcing event. Perhaps if a meteor hits Greenland.

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