Comment Re:good luck getting past the UPS (Score 1) 131

Except there are plenty of buildings where a restricted area is next to a public space. For example, a building on a college campus. Plenty of restricted labs, but the buildings and hallways are all open. This also holds true for buildings where a different company leases each floor. I can listen in from my own, leased space and not have to break-in anywhere.

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Comment "Deleted". LOL (Score 5, Insightful) 172

"Deleted". Sure. No, Facebook does not delete anything. There is just a flag that is set that says "don't show this to anyone but Facebook employees." All the data is still there and will never be removed. All your photos, all your facial recognition, your relationships with friends. It's still for sale as it ever was, and if you ever get politically active it will be used against you by our scary intelligence agencies.

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Comment Re:ALL SPEECH.... (Score 1) 661

"Free Speech" isn't just a governmental/legal concept. It is also a concept that applies to society's handling of ideas, and the flow of ideas on a societal level as well.

Conceptually yes, but there's no fundamental right for you say whatever you like on my property. The legal right only applies to govt. The rest is a perception thing that has no legal basis, merely a moral direction we're all leaning towards.

Comment Re:If that claim is true,.. (Score 5, Insightful) 172

There is actually a way to make sense of this: a lot of people deleting mostly dormant accounts, with hardly any content posted, having almost no discernable impact on Facebook's daily churn.

Basically, it would be that group of people who only filled their Vicodan Rx once, and never actively sought a renewal to begin with, all suddenly flushing their nearly empty pill bottles, after a news report goes out that the smell of Vicodan pills is a randy Bugblatter aphrodisiac (but no-one else).

Comment Re:ALL SPEECH.... (Score 1) 661

you have to tell me HOW allowing hate speech is going to benefit society at all

Because protecting someone else's right to speak today, even if I find their speech vile and reprehensible, ensures my right to speak tomorrow, even if my ideas become unpopular.

People should remember the Robespierre lesson. The laws you pass today to guillotine your enemies will be used by your enemies to guillotine you tomorrow. I mean, are you really so naive as to believe that hate speech laws will never be turned around and used against you one day?

Comment Re:ALL SPEECH.... (Score 1) 661

When the political discussion has moved to a private site, you need to allow free speech ALWAYS.

So for example if you have a dinner party and someone mentions politics you have to open your doors and let anyone in off the street to participate in the discussion. And they can say whatever they like in your house and your not allowed to interrupt or stop them from talking. Sounds legit...

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pakarherbal writes: Lindungi mata Anda dengan makan lebih banyak makanan yang dikemas dengan nutrisi ramah penglihatan, terutama jika Anda memiliki riwayat keluarga degenerasi makula atau katarak. Berikut ini ada beberapa makanan / biji bijian yang sangat bermanfaat untuk kesehatan mata yaitu biji bunga matahari dan biji gandum.

Comment Re:Lots do (Score 1) 313

Bernie showed he was worthless when those two BLM fuckwits shoved him away from his own mike at his own rally and pwned his ass. As Joe Rogan so aptly said on his recent podcast about that incident "you can't even control your own stage, you have no chance in hell of controlling a country".

Even if Shillary wouldn't have rigged the primary Bernie was dead in the water the second that was aired, it was his Willie Horton. Frankly Bozo the clown could beat Bernie now, all they would have to do is show him being shoved aside and looking lost and pathetic and have a voice over say "He couldn't even control his own rally, you want this man controlling the country?" and that is it, game set and match...and this is coming from someone who until that aired was hoping against hope he would beat Shillary as I already knew she would flip flop like a fish on the bank while getting ready for the back stab just as she had did her whole political career. But that bit fucked him man, he is done.

As for Pocahontas? Unless she takes the blood test and backs up her bullshit I don't see her going anywhere, that bit is just too damned easy to use. When her lily white ass pulled that bit (which if she did use it to get special favors in college as a minority was fraud) she painted a big red bullshit that Ray Charles could hit. Frankly the only way I see her pulling a save is if she takes the test and it shows what she said was true, otherwise she be fucked.

Don't know about Grayson, never heard of 'em but Franken fucked himself with that pic, trying to say you are a champion of women while doing creepy as fuck shit like that?, just no, not gonna fly. BTW the ones I saw going after him the hardest? The Feminists and they sure as fuck ain't right wing, they are about as militant leftist as you can get.

Comment Re:Woo Quantum, must be better... (Score 1) 139

I would have thought thermal noise in a resistor or semiconductor (which is in itself generated by subatomic so quantum, events) would be just as random.

It is, and that's exactly how Intel's hardware-based random number generator in their CPUs works (so, yes, we have used a truly provably random source of RNGs... that is, if Intel is telling the truth about how it works)

If you run the same code on the same CPU under the same conditions, how similar is the thermal noise generated? Is it completely different or will there be any similarities at all?
TIA, just curious.

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sunnyflybeauty writes: The strip lashes are principally made from four types of materials, namely animal fur, human hair, silk and the synthetic fiber.

Comment Re: The world is not a static system (Score 0) 303

You keep suggesting that variations in global mean temperature drives solar output, but you haven't provided any evidence. Please show us the physics and we will gladly solve the math.

Please keep up: I'm suggesting solar output drives global mean temperatures. You haven't studied enough mathematics to understand the physics.

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Arcade fame turns to infamy as Billy Mitchell's record-setting Donkey Kong score is invalidated
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Comment Re:ALL SPEECH.... (Score 1) 661

Free speech is a fundamental human right.

No it isn't. Show me where that is written?

The First Amendment specifically protects you against government taking away that right, sure, because that's the scope of the Amendments: protecting you from the government.


But free speech remains a fundamental human right in any context.


Free speech was enshrined


because the concept came from a time when you had to stand up for what you say, you couldn't just spew hate speech anonymously without consequence.

Ok you're just making stuff up now.

This is what kids learn instead of history? I blame the schools.


But I come to the same conclusion: free speech is a fundamental human right, while taking offense at speech is your problem.

Good for you. But I think you're confusing your opinion with some imaginary law of the universe that doesn't exist. As you already pointed out, free speech comes from 1A and only applies to that specific circumstance. Anything else is up for debate.

Comment Re:If that claim is true,.. (Score 2) 172

This reported number doesn't pass my smell test, either.

With such a precipitous drop in users, you'd probably hear the entire fabric of the universe groaning and throwing off glowing metallic divots as it passed through some kind of nearly impenetrable Wrong Stuff barrier.

If true, this story would already be the Mount Krakatoa of the social media era.

Maxwell Smart: Would you believe "1 in 10 are thinking about maybe deleting their account"?

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Comment Re: Apple vs. Facebook? Seriously? (Score 1) 326

Yes, but none of those phones consider "touching it anywhere on the metal ring around it" holding it wrong. You're a fucking toolshed. I've owned every iPhone made up to the 6s (still using it)
The attenuation on the metal ring was a whoops. Trying to defend it... is fucking stupid. Here's your sign.

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Comment Re:Hate Speech (Score 1) 471

Sorry but no. Hate speech is a bullshit term used for "I disagree with this, there fore I am offended by it. So the person uttering it must be hateful."

And, it's subject to usage creep, since it's naught but a nebulous term.

You cannot simply ban speech because someone finds it offensive.

Someone ALWAYS finds some speech offensive.

Offense is something that it TAKEN, not given.

It's time to start acting like adults here. If you don't like what someone says, change the channel.
If you don't like what someone's saying in your presence, argue it with them or simply walk away.

But demanding someone be silenced because they "blasphemed" your ideals?

No. Sorry. You don't have the right to not be offended.

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