Comment Re:Will it (finally) prioritise the user ? (Score 2) 245

Don't know about the task priority but the Amiga UI was definitely amazingly responsive, and that was with a 7.16 MHz CPU (I had a RAM expansion that pushed the total to a whopping 1.5 MB). Sure, the Amiga 1000 didn't have virtual memory, or networking, but my current machine has 4 cores, each running over 300 times the clock speed, 20,000 (!) times the RAM, and software that still sometimes forgets that the person is the most important part of personal computing.
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Comment Re:Oh come on (Score 1) 179

Recently we had a learning neural net that identified white posts and empty grass fields as sheep.

We also had a learning neural net that identified sunny days as one nations tanks and overcast days as the other nations tanks.

A.I. doesn't have to be smart to do *exactly* what you trained it to do and as a result have a failure of friendliness.

Automated weapons are very dangerous because of the mistakes we won't understand. It doesn't need to be skynet to go on a very efficient killing spree because anyone in a turban is the enemy. Or anyone with a beard is the enemy.

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Comment Re:NO!!! (Score 1) 85

I use Ooma for a land line, and it has had this same feature for quite some time.

On rare occasions its spam filter has a false positive, and it would be rather annoying if a call I was expecting got dropped with no trace. Ooma lets you do several things with suspected spam messages including continuous ring and "number disconnected" messages, but I keep it set to voicemail for this reason.

At any rate, the vast majority of spam calls that end up in voicemail simply hang up. We delete ones that do leave messages after about three seconds of listening.

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pkthientam711 writes: Co rat nhieu chi em gui thu den cho phong kham voi cung mot thac mac, do trong thoi gian moi sinh khong chu y da de mang thai tiep nhung khong biet pha thai bang thuoc khi dang cho con bu co duoc khong? Va neu roi vao tinh trang nay nhung khong the giu thai duoc thi phai lam nhu the nao? hom nay
hay cung cac chuyen gia phong kham Thanh Duc tim hieu ve van de nay!

Comment Re:Hate Speech (Score 1) 469

you're asserting that limiting 'hate speech' is the denial of free speech - essentially arguing that any limitation or diminishment of the right is the loss of the right as a whole

Yes. Because the law cannot accurately describe subjectivity through which "hate speech" is routinely and only able to be defined properly in the context of law. It is an ever changing thing that can be expanded ad hoc whose meaning will be divorced from any layman subjected to the whims of government interpretations.

If you have subjective limitations on a right then that right is effectively null because it becomes a privilege of the government to take away by its own discretion and interpretation. It no longer is a fundamental unalienable right that you are born with.

You completely ignore that free speech has many existing limitations

You are misunderstanding those limitations that have historical common law precedent for good reasons as compared to subjective thought crime. Any existing limitation on speech comes down to harm. Libel, credible threats, defamation, etc. all can damage another persons rights, property, and liberty. It requires a person to respond to defend themselves. Hate speech doesn't have that kind of harm. A racist can be a racist that doesn't cause harm to anyone even if they express their racist views. It doesn't require anyone to respond to defend their rights, property, and liberty. Racism requires action to take away the rights, property, and liberty of anyone. That action is already illegal in all circumstances.

all rights are limited when you wish to live with others who have rights.

No. You are uninhibitedly free to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness so long as you do not infringe on the rights of others. Speech has very limited capacity to infringe on rights in and of itself. That limited capacity is where you see those limitations such as libel and credible threats. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution are an attempt to protect those inalienable rights that you are born with. They do not come from government and it is the role of government to protect those rights not to take them away because you are subjectively offended.

hey are all labels and, frankly, are a tool the plutocrats use to keep useful idiots

All of language is a label so that we can properly understand each other. You are blind if you cannot see the philosophical differences of "left" and "right". You and I have a fundamental philosophical different understanding of rights and the role of government and that difference will impact our voting behavior. It may look tribal because in some respects it is. Those plutocrats are elected by people who chose them to be the plutocrat to represent them in the halls of power.

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Comment Private ownership key to "well-regulated militia" (Score 1) 187

The first amendment protects an intrinsic attribute of being a person, while the second regulates a very external piece of optional property that arguably exists only to destroy.

You are mistaken. In the constitutional era private ownership was key to having a "well-regulated" militia. "Well-regulated" in that era was commonly used to describe something as effectively functioning, in the militia context properly equipped and trained. This usage is less common today, the resulting confusion a matter how phraseology and fashion changes over the centuries.

Militia often carried their personal weapons, and those weapons were at times technologically superior to the military issued weapons. For example the Pennsylvania and Kentucky rifles of hunters as opposed to the military issued muskets. The establishment of the right to private ownership helped ensure properly equipped militias. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The *people* have the right so that the militia will be equipped and trained (private ownership, hunting, private target shooting, etc).

Keep in mind that then, and *today*, the militia included all able bodied male citizens of military age. Today, the federal militia has both active and inactive components, the active the national guard and the inactive all abled bodied males age 18-45. The latter do *not* have to sign up, do *not* have to show up anywhere, ... yet they are legally part of the inactive federal militia. Well, they don't have to show up until drafted, which is legally a transfer from inactive militia to the regular reserves.

Comment Re:The world is not a static system (Score 0) 303

Sorry, are you some bot built to promote Mark Shephard? Otherwise what was the point of that?

Point is "climate change" is a faith based political issue for most people. It's bad ideology, but that's never mattered to ideologues hell bent on coercing other people into your preferred behaviors based on "evidence" that you don't fully understand. Studying mathematics is hard, being an ideologue is easy.

Comment Re:interesting (Score 2) 245

It's one of the steps toward that goal. By eliminating the Linux kernel and using only stuff they invented at Google, they can later pull the rug out from under open source software by simply changing the licensing terms to what is now entirely THEIR software.

At the moment, with a Linux kernel underpinning the Android ecosystem, it's impossible for them to completely close the door on open source because plenty of outside Linux developers aren't going to go for that. Get rid of the Linux kernel though and those guys will have no say on future license terms.

"Do No Evil" becomes "Do Know Evil."

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Comment Re:If it were unoirtant enough (Score 1) 183

Netflix already does that with a theater in Los Angeles in order to qualify for Academy Awards. But French law differs from that of the USA. By French media chronology law, doing what you suggest would require Netflix to make the movies in question unavailable on its own service for 36 months after release.

Comment Re:Hmmm.... (Score 2) 183

Why do I get the feeling that the big Hollywood studios are behind this?

It's not the studios as much as the theater owners. The studios want to shorten the release windows, to the point of offering BD, DVD, or a la carte VOD at the tail end of a movie's 4-month theatrical run instead of waiting for its conclusion. The studios want to earn some money from people who would otherwise settle for infringing cam/telesync/screener rips, while theater owners don't want to have to compete with legitimate home theater.

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Comment Re:Where there not already apps for this? (Score 4, Informative) 85

I don't know if there is a technical reason, but there is a good reason.

Spammers are now spoofing numbers in your local exchange in hopes that you'll think they might be someone you know because it's a local number. If you call the number, you'll find that it is a real person's number, not the spammers. If you start blocking all of those numbers, you're not blocking spammers - they'll use a different local number every time - you're blocking your neighbors.

Comment Re:TVs are junk (Score 1) 98

Also how much is decent quality food that's not full of pesticides, cellulose, and water?

The water levels in meats are completely insane these days.

Likewise, many home utility items last under 25% as long as they used to.

The guy above mentions a TV set. My friend has a CRT Tv Set which is over 20 years old. I have a dishwasher and a water heater that are both over 20 years old. Today's water heaters last about 9 years. Today's dishwashers breakdown in less than that.

Four years ago, the capacitor on my a/c went out. It was 27 years old. The repairman said, "wow, the new one will probably last under five years. It broke after 2 years." The total appliance and the parts comprising the total appliance are junk.

Microwaves. My friend replaced a 1990s microwave a few years ago. The new microwave is already broken in a couple minor ways. Junk. It costs $1000 to get a good quality microwave (a miele) .

Clothing-- clothing that used to last forever decade (like jeans) are shredding in 8 years. The fabric looks real- but it just doesn't last. It's low quality. And there is no way to tell. Thinner metal, more plastic. Then lower quality plastic.

Everything is slowly dropping in quality and become less reliable. Folks are not getting the bargain they think they are getting.

Comment Difference is Oscars are in USA, not France (Score 5, Informative) 183

ts not just Cannes, the Oscars also has rules requiring a theatrical release.

Unlike the Cannes festival, which requires a release in France, the Academy Awards require a release in Los Angeles in the USA. Unlike France, the USA lacks national regulation of motion picture release windows. This means after a movie completes its 7-day run in LA, it can go straight to Netflix with no mandatory 36-month waiting period.

Comment Re:interesting (Score 5, Informative) 245

Android is far away from Linux, but it still has the Linux kernel at its core. I recently wrote an app that uses Linux ioctls to talk to a USB device from native code in order to achieve minimal latency. Sure, I have to initially get things going from Java to obtain permissions in Android, but once I've got the file descriptor for the USB device I want to talk to, I'm off to the races.

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