Comment Don't forget about the official certifications (Score 4, Insightful) 35

It almost looks like a risk free investment if the Ministry of Finance hands out official certifications to all those bitcoin investment companies. And with interest rates close to zero on savings ($.48 on $100K saving) and no ROI on any other type of investments, a lot of Japanese are looking for other ways to invest their money.

Comment Re: But hey, at least they're not selling your dat (Score 1) 229

You do realize that all those things you plug into the wall are 5v power supplies (or higher with the new quick charge standards) . They have no charging circuitry in them at all. The actual charging circuit is in the phone.

And yet there are multiple reports of crappy iPhone and Android chargers burning up. Doesn’t really matter if the term charger is a misnomer the point remains.

Comment Re:Hate Speech (Score 2) 471

If anyone (general public) can join the website then it should be classified as "public space"

Why 'should' it? The courts have ruled, repeatedly, that private property is private even when open to the public. Protestors have been asked to leave public malls because the mall is privately owned. You want the constitution to apply to the right to speech, but want the rights of private property to be weakened. Interesting position.

Banning "hate speech" is censorship.

Yes. It is. Where do you stand on libel, slander, false advertising, false listing of ingredients in food, perjury, etc.?

Comment Re:It's not a free speech issue (Score 1) 471

It absolutely is a free speech issue. What it's not is a 1st Amendment issue. But it's rapidly becoming one, even though we're talking about private entities. The government threatens ruinous investigations, forcing self-censorship (following the news this week?), that's a valid 1A issue.

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Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 471

No, they were not left wing. The used the term "Socialists" for political cover. But they fuckin hated left wing groups and political parties.

The full name of Adolf Hitlerâ(TM)s Nazi Party, the political movement that brought him to power and supplied the infrastructure of the fascist dictatorship over which he would preside, was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the National Socialist German Workersâ(TM) Party. According to historians, the complicated moniker reveals more about the image the party wanted to project and the constituency it aimed to build than it did about the Nazisâ(TM) true political goals, which were building a state based on racial superiority and brute-force governance.

Given that Nazism is traditionally held to be an extreme right-wing ideology, the partyâ(TM)s conspicuous use of the term âoesocialistâ â" which refers to a political system normally plotted on the far-left end of the ideological spectrum â" has long been a source of confusion, not to mention heated debate among partisans seeking to distance themselves from the genocidal taint of Nazi Germany.

Richard J. Evans: âIt Would Be Wrong to See Nazism as a Form of, or an Outgrowth From, Socialismâ(TM)

Despite having declared, at various times, âoeI am a socialist,â âoeWe are socialists,â and similar avowals, on a personal level Hitler displayed little regard for the actual tenets of socialism, or, for that matter, socialists themselves. This excerpt from a speech Hitler gave in 1922 (quoted in William L. Shirerâ(TM)s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, published in 1960) is indicative:

        Whoever is prepared to make the national cause his own to such an extent that he knows no higher ideal than the welfare of the nation; whoever has understood our great national anthem, âoeDeutschland ueber Alles,â to mean that nothing in the wide world surpasses in his eyes this Germany, people and land â" that man is a Socialist.

And this is what came out of Adolf Hitlerâ(TM)s mouth on another occasion when a comrade riled him by harping on socialism (as reported by Henry A. Turner, author of German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler, published in 1985):

        Socialism! What does socialism really mean? If people have something to eat and their pleasures, then they have their socialism.

In his 2010 book Hitler: A Biography, British historian Ian Kershaw wrote that despite putting the interests of the state above those of capitalism, he did so for reasons of nationalism and was never a true socialist by any common definition of the term:

The proof was in the pudding. Not long after acquiring the reins of power, the Nazis banned the Social Democratic Party and sent its leaders and other leftists identified as threats to the National Socialist program to concentration camps. According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia: ...

Despite continuing certain Weimar-era social welfare programs, the Nazis proceeded to restrict their availability to âoeracially worthyâ (non-Jewish) beneficiaries.

In terms of labor, worker strikes were outlawed.

Trade unions were replaced by the party-controlled German Labor Front, primarily tasked with increasing productivity, not protecting workers.

In lieu of the socialist ideal of an egalitarian, worker-run state, the National Socialists erected a party-run police state whose governing structure was anti-democratic, rigidly hierarchical, and militaristic in nature. As to the redistribution of wealth, the socialist ideal âoeFrom each according to his ability, to each according to his needâ was rejected in favor of a credo more on the order of âoeTake everything that belongs to non-Aryans and keep it for the master race.â

Above all, the Nazis were German white nationalists. What they stood for was the ascendancy of the âoeAryanâ race and the German nation, by any means necessary. Despite co-opting the name, some of the rhetoric, and even some of the precepts of socialism, Hitler and party did so with utter cynicism, and with vastly different goals. The claim that the Nazis actually were leftists or socialists in any generally accepted sense of those terms flies in the face of historical reality.


In short, Nazi's used the term "socialist" but were not socialist. They were not left wing.

To be blunt, there are left wing authoritarian dictators who are responsible for killing millions of people. For example, Mao and Stalin.

Both left *and* right wing authoritarian leaders are dangerous.

The Alt-Right has strong authoritarian tendencies. They are violent when they have numbers. And cowards when they do not. They are a bunch of pathetic anti-democratic authoritarian losers from the perspective of this old, white, texan.

Comment Summary cuts off too early (Score 5, Interesting) 155

The summary is perhaps a little misleading, the paper says in the very next sentence that CT angiography turned up reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome which can cause this kind of headache. Since capsaicin can cause arterial constriction, and this started immediately after eating the pepper, they are tentatively assuming a causal relationship.


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Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 2) 471

And when I see them on the news marching on cities, running down innocent women with cars, talking openly about ethnic cleansing on camps, I'll address them just as forthrightly.

Anyone who worships the greatest enemy the u.s. ever faced isn't really american. Nazi's are flat out evil.

Don't get nazi tattoos, carry nazi flags, and throw nazi salutes.

Comment Re:Do they really need an AI? (Score 1) 471

And why the fuck not?

No room to ramp emotional tone. Peaked too early. Dull. -1 to Fun.

Technology is our servitor, not the other way around

Poor attempt at diversion. -1 to Troll.

You trans-Humanist piece of worthless filth.

Too great an exaggeration of conservative behaviour, fail Poe's Law. -2 to Troll.

Dull. Try again.

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Comment Re:Can iFixit die already? (Score 0) 172

So you didn't read my post.

That's your problem, I did read your posts in all their glory.

Show the schools the good ware and they'll reconsider. Also who is the system administrator at home?

Same oh-so-generic complaints that could apply to any platform. Yawn.

I thought Apple was so high and everything works mighty that system administrators aren't needed.

If the school buys a printer with Windows-only drivers or doesn't know how to configure the Wi-Fi settings, that's Apple's fault because they should work on Jobs Fairy Dust alone. Or something.

Yeah? Did you write entire reports in it?

You just being willfully obtuse now? Aside from the Google Docs that you dismissed out of hand, there's also Word, Pages, and innumerable other text/document editors.

The entire app ecosystem from both Google and Apple is sheer and utter rubbish for education completely littered with apps so incredibly special purpose that they are completely useless beyond acting as a learning guide for whatever textbook students are reading from.

Same oh-so-generic complaints that could apply to any platform. Bigger yawn.

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Comment Re:Exceptions are made for high quality acronyms (Score 0) 136

Initially I balked at the introduction of a new bullshit term like "edge-provider", but that's a mighty fine acronym.


I don't want HyVee telling anyone I buy 10lbs vats of mayonnaise. (don't judge me).

I suggest that, next time, you try reversing the order in which you present those two particular fragments.

*It's Not An Acronym.

Comment Re:Easy Fix (Score 1) 71

We do exactly that for gateway devices (mail/web filters) and it works out ok, and severely reduces the amount of crap which reaches end user's systems.
For a desktop this would incur an overhead and make the AV product slower and more bloated than it already is, and there would still need to be part of it running with a high privilege in order to intercept data.

Feed Techdirt: More Drug Lab Misconduct Results In Massachusetts Court Tossing Nearly 12,000 Convictions (

If everything keeps falling apart in Massachusetts, there won't be a drug conviction left in the state. The eventual fallout from the 2012 conviction of drug lab technician Annie Dookhan was the reversal of nearly 21,000 drug convictions. Dookhan was an efficient drug lab worker -- so efficient she often never performed the tests she was required to. The state moved much slower, dragging its feet notifying those possibly affected by Dookhan's lab misconduct until a judge told it to stop screwing around. There still could be more reversed convictions on the way as the state continues to make its way through a 40,000-case backlog.

Those numbers alone are breathtaking. But there are even more conviction dismissals on the way. Another drug lab technician convicted for stealing samples to feed her own drug habit has tainted thousands of additional drug prosecutions. A judicial order related to her questionable drug tests is erasing a whole bunch of prosecutorial wins.

The Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) of Massachusetts said Thursday an estimated 11,162 convictions in 7,690 cases tainted by former state drug lab chemist Sonja Farak were ordered for dismissal by Supreme Judicial Court Associate Justice Frank Gaziano.

Farak apparently used whatever drugs she came across during her decade-plus with the Amherst, MA drug lab. This lab was inspected in 2012 by state police, shortly after the Boston lab was shut down following the discovery of Annie Dookhan's misconduct. This apparently cursory inspection turned up nothing, and the police who can smell drugs the moment they pull over a car apparently couldn't tell Farak had smoked crack just prior to her interview with state police inspectors. Her misconduct wasn't discovered until 2013 -- nearly eight years after Farak began using drug lab drugs regularly.

By 2010, Farak was snorting, smoking and swallowing not only the lab “standards” but also the police-submitted evidence, frequently siphoning from the powder cocaine. In one case in 2012, where police in Chicopee, Mass., had seized a kilo of cocaine, Farak “took approximately 100 grams from the same and used it to manufacture base cocaine” — crack — “at the Amherst Lab.” She also began seeking treatment for her addictions, the report states, creating another source of records about her drug use. Soon she began stealing from her co-workers’ samples as well, and manipulating the computer databases so that wasn’t noticed. Finally, a colleague looking for some of Farak’s lab samples found they had been tampered with, and she happened to get caught in January 2013.

Once this was uncovered, the state attorney general's office released a regrettable statement claiming Farak's eight years of drug use wouldn't "undermine any cases. Three years later, a full report showed Farak's abuse of her position affected nearly 8,000 cases. It also uncovered a complete lack of standards in the Amherst lab. According to the AG report [PDF], lab security was almost nonexistent. The running of "blanks" through testing equipment (to clear residue from previous drug tests) was supposed to happen after every test to avoid tainting new tests with previously-tested substances. In reality, this only happened "every 5 to 10" tests and was wholly at the tester's discretion.

The exposure of additional drug lab misconduct is more than concerning. It's terrifying. Based on results from labs subject to minimal standards, security precautions, and state oversight, people were being incarcerated. Drug sentences are notoriously harsh. Stealing from people is treated as a less severe violation than selling someone drugs they want to purchase. So is rape, assault, and a number of other crimes where no consensual transaction takes place. And yet, the evidence in these cases -- the ones capable of delivering 25-year-minimums and life sentence-equivalents -- is treated carelessly by the labs testing substances and the government overseeing them.

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