Submission + - Google's New "AMP" Plan for "Interactive and Engaging" Email is Awful (

Lauren Weinstein writes: AMP in the mobile space has been highly controversial since the word go, mainly due to the increased power and leverage that it gives Google over the display of websites and ads.

But the incorporation of AMP concepts into email, to provide what Google is calling “a more interactive and engaging” email experience, is nothing short of awful. It seriously sucks. It sucks so much that it takes your breath away.

Submission + - Don't believe in climate change? Energy companies do

pyroclast writes: The Houston Chronicle https://www.houstonchronicle.c... outlines energy companies recent efforts to combat climate change.

While some conservative political leaders still deny that the Earth is heating up due to humans burning fossil fuels and releasing greenhouse gases, the people who produce those fuels and chemicals have recognized the imperative to limit global warming to a rise of 2 degrees Celsius.

BP CEO Bob Dudley:

"We anticipated governments would adopt policies that would make low-carbon energy more competitive. Unfortunately, policy changes didn't happen at the pace we expected," he explained. "This time the global commitment to action feels different, and the national pledges are a good start. But frankly we need even stronger and clearer signals to create the confidence to invest in and grow low-carbon businesses at scale".

American Electric Power:

[...]pledged last week to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from generating facilities by 60 percent from 2000 levels by 2030, and then cut 80 percent from 2000 levels by 2050.

"Our position on climate change has always been that it should be addressed at the federal level in the United States and that it must be economywide. We also have always expressed the need for an international approach," the company said in its annual report. "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's action to repeal the Clean Power Plan creates uncertainty for near-term regulatory action on climate change."

Submission + - Microsoft's rose doesn't smell all that sweet, regardless of the name (

flopwich writes: Back when Microsoft was trying its best to ram Windows 10 on to everyone's computers and trampling the wishes of the computers' owners face down in the mud, one of the updates that looked like trouble was Knowledge Base (KB) 2952664. Back then they claimed it "...helps Microsoft make improvements to ease the upgrade to Windows 10". Some of us refused to apply that update then or since, along with the other "updates" that jammed Windows 10 down your throat. Today's Windows Update upgraded KB2952664 from Optional to Important, but in order to get you to swallow it, Microsoft now calls it "Compatibility update for keeping Windows up-to-date in Windows 7" and tells us that it performs diagnostics that "...evaluate the compatibility status of the Windows ecosystem". They also assure us that as opposed to back then, now it contains "no GWX or upgrade functionality". We're apparently supposed to forget all about that nastiness back there, trust them because they've changed the wording and accept this Trojan horse from them now. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?

Submission + - New Horizons probe captures record distance image of Earth (

jwhyche writes: The New Horizons probe has captured the farthermost image of Earth. The probe took a image of Earth from a distance of over 3.79 billion miles on December 5th of 2017. This beats the image taken from Voyager One 27 years ago. The Voyager image was taken at a distance of 3.75 billion miles and has become known as the "Pale Blue Dot" photo.

Submission + - Check your CPU usage - major websites hacked to secretly cryptomine ( 1

Wolfrider writes: I noticed palemoon browser using 200% CPU on my Linux system at home today and saw this headline from El Reg. Tried using ' iptraf-ng ' in realtime and searching/following my Squid proxy logs, and no indicators of where it was coming from.

FIX: Installing the browser plugin "noscript" and bouncing Palemoon appears to have solved the issue.

Submission + - Amino Apps is a new social network for teens that doubles down on anonymity (

gooddogsgotoheaven writes: The mobile-first platform aimed at teens is organized similarly to Reddit—which also doesn’t require real names—but has the emotional, nerdy attitude of Tumblr. Amino Apps CEO and co-founder Ben Anderson believes anonymity is integral to self-expression—and the way the platform engineered identity has uniquely shaped how it functions.

Submission + - "Island Time" is real: even Atomic Clocks move slower

bbsguru writes: Those beach vacations seem to slow time itself? While the theory has been around for years, there has now been a real-world demonstration of the effect of altitude on time. The Los Angeles Times has an article about the first successful use of an optical lattice atomic clock outside of a laboratory. Researchers at at Germany's National Metrology Institute were able to "break the optical lattice clock into pieces that would fit in a temperature-stabilized, vibration-dampened car trailer big enough to hold two horses."

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