Submission + - EU to review if Daylight Saving Time is worth it, could abandon it entirely (

AmiMoJo writes: Earlier this week the European Parliament voted 384 to 153 to review whether Daylight Saving Time is actually worth it. "We think that there's no need to change the clocks. It came in during World War One, it was supposed to be for energy savings — the indications are that there are very few energy savings, if any — and there are an awful lot of disadvantages to both human beings and animals that make it outdated at this point" said Irish MEP Sean Kelly. The resolution asked the European Commission to review the costs and benefits of Daylight Saving Time.

Submission + - How to "Bribe" Our Way to Better Account Security ( 2

Lauren Weinstein writes: It’s time to face the facts. Trying to “scare” users into adopting 2sv has been an utter failure.

Maybe we need to consider another approach — the carrot rather than the stick.

What can we do to make 2sv usage desirable, cool, even fun?

Submission + - Scientists Ask Whether The Human Body Can Be Pushed Any Further (

Dave Knott writes: As the Winter Olympics begin in Pyeongchang, some scientists are wondering how much faster, higher and stronger human beings can get. One recent study, published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, concluded that — after more than a century of pushing the boundaries of our bodies — a plateau has been reached for both sexes. The researchers analyzed athletic performance data going back to the start of the 20th century. After more than 70 years of record-breaking trends, performance starting levelling off in the 1980s. Simply put, our bodies have peaked. And that may mean fewer world records will be smashed in the coming years.

Submission + - 1,600 PS3 Games Can Be Played At Up To 10K UHD Resolution On Windows PCs Now (

dryriver writes: An impressive open source Playstation 3 emulator called RCPS3 ( has reached the point where almost 1,600 Playstation 3 games can be played emulated on Windows PCs at up to 10K UHD resolution now. PS3 games and model textures in particular look much sharper on PC in UHD than they did on the original PS3 console (sharpness demonstration video: The developers state that on an up to date gaming PC with a decent GPU, emulated PS3 games can be run at the full framerate of the original console version but at 4K UHD resolution. Development of the emulator and reverse engineering of the PS3's custom graphics hardware is still ongoing — a few of the game videos on the emulator's Youtube channel show small glitches like polygons flickering on and off in some games. But it appears that playing PS3 games emulated on non-Sony hardware may soon become as easy as playing, say, old Amiga or Nintendo games emulated already is today. This is an impressive feat considering that the PS3 hardware is far more complex and difficult to emulate fully than the much simpler hardware of older 16-bit computers and consoles.

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