Comment Re:WIndows 10 is crap. (Score 1) 218

is you have a PC/Mac with an older system that "just works" why are you gonna buy some new hardware that likely will lock you into the latest OS that just "doesn't seem to work right"?

The biggest reason to run macOS is macOS-exclusive applications, and among Slashdot users, the most prominent of those is probably Xcode. The version of Xcode that targets the current version of iOS runs only on macOS Sierra and later, which needs a Mac from 2010 or later. My Mac mini is from 2009.

Comment Re:it needs to be easy. (Score 1) 180

this is why we need the federal CONgress critters to pass a simple bill to deal with this:
1) have the shipping company collect 10% tax on the item.
2) they are to keep 1% for doing the work and remit 9% to the feds
3) the feds keep 2% and then forwards 7% to the state in which the item was delivered (not the billing).
4) the state then decides how to deal with that 7%.

With this approach, it is simple for everyone; the seller, the buyer, the shipper, the feds and the state. The only issue is would all the states go along with it? Thankfully, it is the feds that decide this issue, not all the states. And if they do not want the 7%, then let the feds keep it and pay down our massive debt.

Comment Re:Most companies have EEO policies (Score 1) 393

No, they don't. You only see that shit in Silly Valley, and webscum companies like GitHub (which is ALSO in Silly fucking valley). In the real world, none of this shit is accepted, supported, or even believed because it doesn't make a lick of fucking sense. Tl;dr: You're stuck in an echo chamber, soyboi.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: The Difficulties With Facebook's News Feed Overhaul - New York Times (

New York Times

The Difficulties With Facebook's News Feed Overhaul
New York Times
Imagine you're a cookie mogul. You figured out a way to make lots of money by giving away delicious cookies for free, and in less than a decade, you created a global cookie behemoth. But recently your cookie kingdom has begun to crumble. Scientists are ...
On Facebook's Nuclear BombAdweek
Facebook's news feed changes are latest blow to publishers,
How Facebook plans to change your mindThe Boston Globe
Santa Cruz Sentinel-Seeking Alpha-Duluth News Tribune-Big Think
all 516 news articles

Feed Techdirt: Senate To Vote Tuesday On Surveillance Bill; Four Senators Try To Rally Others To Oppose (

Following yesterday's bizarre vote in the House, in which many members who opposed President Donald Trump and warn about his abuses of office voted to give him much greater surveillance capabilities, the issue quickly moved to the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a procedural move to ensure no amendments are added, and the bill the Senate will vote on will be basically the awful bill in the House.

On top of that he put out a misleading statement, playing up the usual fear mongering about Section 702 and even name-checking 9/11.

“Republicans and Democrats agree that we must not deprive the men and women who protect our country of this important tool. Five years ago, a reauthorization of Section 702 passed the Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support. Al Qaeda, ISIL and associated terror groups remain intent on striking our people, and those serving us overseas. I look forward to renewing the bipartisan consensus on this issue now that the time has come to approve a new extension.”

“With each day that passes since this nation was attacked on September 11th, 2001 it seems that the concern over terrorism has waned. That is in part due to the success of our defense and intelligence community in preventing another attack. And they rely upon section 702 to accomplish that mission. But as we know, Al Qaeda, ISIL and associated terror groups remain intent on striking our people, and those serving us overseas.”

Of course, this ignores that Section 702 didn't even show up until almost a decade after 9/11 -- so really wasn't responsible for most of the intelligence work that McConnell is giving it credit for. And, on top of that, it ignores the widespread abuse of Section 702 programs that we now know about. It also ignores that in some ways this new bill expands the power to conduct surveillance on Americans without a warrant and to use that surveillance for law enforcement, rather than intelligence purposes.

An intellectually honest debate about this would address these issues. But McConnell does not appear interested in an intellectually honest debate, preferring to scream "9/11!" and demand Senators vote to approve the plan. There is a group of four Senators pushing back against this: Senators Rand Paul, Ron Wyden, Mike Lee and Pat Leahy have sent a powerful letter to their colleagues, detailing the many problems with the bill.

This bill allows an end-run on the Constitution by permitting information collected without a warrant to be used against Americans in domestic criminal investigations. It endorses the possibility that the government will resume “about” collections on Americans, a practice that the government was actually forced to abandon last year due to significant non-compliance with privacy protections ordered by the FISA Court. And it does nothing to protect innocent Americans from expanding warrantless surveillance.

  • Continuing the “backdoor” loophole: The bill does nothing for the thousands of Americans whose private communications are searched without a warrant every year, including those who are not even the subject of an investigation. Nor would it prevent unlimited searches for Americans’ information, even for non-national security purposes. The so-called “warrant requirement” reform in the bill applies only to criminal suspects, and then only to the government’s access to their information at the final stage of an investigation, a situation that, according to the most recent annual data from the Director of National Intelligence, has occurred once. This means that the bill actually treats those suspected of a crime better than innocent Americans.
  • Restarting “About” collection: The bill, for the first time, would statutorily recognize the possibility of the government restarting “about” collection, essentially by default, which would necessarily include warrantless collection of communications to and from Americans for whom there is no suspicion at all. The government was forced to abandon this problematic form of collection last year due to extensive compliance problems, and should not be allowed to resume it without specific Congressional approval.
  • Unreviewable end use: The bill grants new, unchecked powers to the Attorney General to allow data collected without a warrant to be used in domestic criminal prosecutions of Americans. The Attorney General merely has to determine that a criminal proceeding “affects, involves, or is related to the national security of the United States” or involves a “transnational crime.” Alarmingly, the bill explicitly prohibits any challenge to the Attorney General’s decision.
To be clear, FISA’s purpose is to collect foreign intelligence, but without additional meaningful constraints, Congress is allowing the government to use information collected without a warrant against Americans in domestic court proceedings. We have introduced two separate bills which preserve the government’s ability to pursue terrorists abroad and protect the country from foreign threats while also making the necessary reforms to protect the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans here at home.

The FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act, however, further expands the risks of unconstitutional spying on innocent Americans, and we encourage you to join us in opposition to this bill. We believe that a clean, short-term extension would be markedly preferable to this legislation. Section 702 was last extended for the length of the Continuing Resolution; if Leadership does not allow any amendments to the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act and it does not pass this coming week, then Section 702 authorities can be extended again on the next Continuing Resolution to allow the Senate to fully debate how to appropriately reform this powerful surveillance tool.

It would be nice if other Senators actually paid attention and listened to these four... but the fact that it is just these four (and they tend to be the most reliable four Senators talking about protecting the 4th Amendment) suggests that McConnell knows that he has enough votes to pass the bill and allow the NSA and domestic law enforcement to increase their warrantless surveillance of Americans. This also means that it might be a good time to call your own two Senators and make sure they're voting against this. Fight for the Future is crowdfunding to buy billboards advertising against some Senators who vote for the bill, but the more these Senators hear from constituents saying that this bill obliterates our 4th Amendment rights, the better.

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Comment Sales are flat because progress is flat (Score 1) 218

I couldn't buy a PC today thats better in any significant way than a PC I bought 3 years ago, or 5 for that matter. CPUs haven't improved in any way and end user can see, Hard disks stopped getting bigger, SSD stopped getting cheaper, and GPUs are impossible to acquire thanks to the miners. So there is no replacement driver, and the market is saturated. Anybody who needs a PC already has a PC. Short of a PC mass extinction event or some actual progress on the platform, this is the end of the road. Its a mature market, and the rate of sales as it is today is pretty much what its going to be for the foreseeable future.

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Comment Windows 10 (Score 3, Insightful) 218

I'd love to buy new hardware but I WILL NOT buy a PC that runs Windows 10 or similar spyware OS's.

I'm going to stay on Win7 and if Microsoft persists on collecting data on users with their OS, I will migrate to Linux.

Game over unless Microsoft cleans up their act and I suspect they won't.

That's one reason PCs aren't selling.

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Journal Journal: 2017 Real Estate Market Report

The Samuel Team and John R. Wood Properties are pleased to provide the 2017 Real Estate Market Report for Bonita Springs, Estero & Naples and Marco Island. Check out the data if you're interested in the SW Florida real estate market :)

Comment Re:Not a Constitutional issue (Score 2) 180

this is why I would like to see the feds implement a 10% tax on all sales that move across state/federal borders. Then have the shipping company collect the 10% of the sale and return 9% of it to the feds, keeping 1% for themselves. From the 9%, let the feds keep 2% and then pass 7% down to the state where the good was shipped to. Then have the state figures out how to deal with the 7%. If a state does not want that sales tax, then the feds keep the full 9%.

THis really is the fair way to do this, and it is LONG overdue.

Submission + - Instagram ifresiz Takipçi Hilesi Sitesi (

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Comment Re:Not a Constitutional issue (Score 1) 180

It's both a CA sale and an NV sale, but if there were any justice then there wouldn't be any tax collected by either state. The states would produce revenues from other fee sources, like actually charging the companies which run the delivery trucks over the roads for their share of road maintenance, and so on. Then those costs would show up in the shipping cost, and ultimately be paid for by the people who buy the products without having to pay sales taxes, which are inherently regressive. People would then be induced to buy products with lower actual shipping costs... which will hopefully be more likely to come from within the state.

Comment Re: I probably would have done the autism angle (Score 1) 1175

It wasn't used because it would win. The angle that's being taken is a little more difficult to prove in most cases, however, in this case all pieces are in the right place to demonstrate that discrimination against anyone should not be tolerated.

I also guess that the lawyer, who is at the pinicle of her career, is looking for a challenge.

Comment Re:With good reason. (Score 2) 275

Agreed. There are too many variables. Our roads aren't uniform. Some roads are unmarked full of potholes, uneven surfaces. There's no reliable way to delimit boundaries mid-lane and at road edge.

How about the vulnerabilities with respect to other vehicles on the road, weather, light distractions... it goes on.

Add to that the impossibility for software to recognize infinite variables related to image recognition and other unique and changing parameters and we have a recipe for disaster.

It blows me away that our "government" thinks this is a good idea (rtm).

Comment Chekov died because of this crap (Score 2) 113

I'd just like to point out that user interface design changes for no good reason other than change's sake resulted in the death of Chekov's actor, Anton Yelchin. While Snapchat's UI is unlikely to result in death, the point remains the same: once users buy into an interface and grow the skill set to use it well, you can't shake it up in any major way without causing serious problems and pissing off a lot of people. Microsoft made a major change in Office 2007 with the "ribbon" that user testing indicated was necessary and was successful in reducing hunting and whatnot, yet that stupid ass ribbon and the shuffling of formatting options to hidden places without decent discoverability is still an enormous pain in the ass for me to use even today. It used to be that I could right-click on text and get paragraph and character formatting boxes with everything but the kitchen sink in them organized into wonderfully neat hierarchical tabs. Now every time I want to do something that doesn't start with B/I/U I have to go on an Easter egg hunt.

Changing user interfaces willy-nilly kills well-known actors and pisses off millions of teenagers. Don't do it.

Comment Re: Lower the voting age to 15 (Score 0, Troll) 498

AC, sorry, but not funny.
My mother lived with me (and my wife, and my two young kids) while she slowly declined due to Alzheimer's disease. At that time, I lived with my only living parent. Is this grounds for denying the right to vote?

Lemme tell you, I sure learned about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, as I dealt with her finances.


Why the World Only Has Two Words For Tea ( 229

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: With a few minor exceptions, there are really only two ways to say "tea" in the world. One is like the English term -- te in Spanish and tee in Afrikaans are two examples. The other is some variation of cha, like chay in Hindi. Both versions come from China. How they spread around the world offers a clear picture of how globalization worked before "globalization" was a term anybody used. The words that sound like "cha" spread across land, along the Silk Road. The "tea"-like phrasings spread over water, by Dutch traders bringing the novel leaves back to Europe.

The term cha is "Sinitic," meaning it is common to many varieties of Chinese. It began in China and made its way through central Asia, eventually becoming "chay" in Persian. That is no doubt due to the trade routes of the Silk Road, along which, according to a recent discovery, tea was traded over 2,000 years ago. This form spread beyond Persia, becoming chay in Urdu, shay in Arabic, and chay in Russian, among others. It even it made its way to sub-Saharan Africa, where it became chai in Swahili. The Japanese and Korean terms for tea are also based on the Chinese cha, though those languages likely adopted the word even before its westward spread into Persian. But that doesn't account for "tea." The te form used in coastal-Chinese languages spread to Europe via the Dutch, who became the primary traders of tea between Europe and Asia in the 17th century, as explained in the World Atlas of Language Structures. The main Dutch ports in east Asia were in Fujian and Taiwan, both places where people used the te pronunciation. The Dutch East India Company's expansive tea importation into Europe gave us the French the, the German Tee, and the English tea.

Submission + - Kegiatan Pesan Label Sekarang Jadi Mudah Dengan Online (

samuel27 writes: Keberadaan label baju pada sebuah produk menjadikannya sangat diburu oleh para produsen fashion karena peran besarnya dalam membantu memasarkan suatu produk hingga bisa sampai kepada tangan konsumen dan nama merknya bisa dikenal dan diingat oleh semua orang

Comment Re:There's No Reason to Trust Them Yet (Score 1) 275

I've just spent the last hour looking through those reports. All of the accidents as far as I can tell where caused by human error on the part of other drivers.

When the Cruise AV decelerated to merge into the left lane, the driver of the Honda Accord-who appears to have been distracted, looking at a person standing on the sidewalk-failed to notice and rear-ended the Cruise AV.

The signal changed, giving the vehicles a green left-tum arrow. The Cruise AV began making the tum and was then rear-ended by the Volvo

The Waymo AV was rear-ended by a Toyota Camry while slowly creeping forward with traffic at the red light. The Waymo AV was travelling around 1 MPH at the time of collision, the Camry was travelling around 7 MPH at moment of collision

While passing through the intersection at 11thStreet, the Cruise AV followed the lane markings, which shift to the left as the road transitions to a one-way street starting east of 11th Street. All lanes on Folsom Street shift left that that intersection and are clearly marked. A Toyota Camry traveling behind and to the left of the Cruise AV, and gaining on the Cruise AV, did not shift left with its lane and instead crossed over its lane boundary and lightly swiped the side of the Cruise AV.

Really all you are proving is that humans shouldn't be allowed to drive.

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