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Comment Re: Here's something to worry about (Score 2) 125

Most of these systems are highly networked. Frequently they are linked to business networks for data collection. It's usually only 1 or 2 hops off the general internet. A system I am very familiar with has publicly routable IPv4 IP addresses going into the main control rack for all of their process systems. The only thing preventing access is a firewall. But even then, if you get into the business network, its all wide open. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of security, but it's also connected and one hop away from being wide open.

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Comment Re:primu posut (Score 1) 225

E.g. the word for "ticket" is "billetto". The english "bill" comes to mind, and in german we have the word "Billet", which is not in wide spread use, but we adopted it via French.

It's "bileto", actually, only a single letter away from Spanish "boleto". And yes, it's a very good example you came up with. The whole "-eto" construction is common in Spanish and Italian, and almost never found in non-Romance languages.
If a common stem word was what was wanted, there was no need to add -eto, and especially not the -o. The only plausible reason I can see for it being bileto and not, say, bilet or bille is to increase the similarity to Spanish and Italian.

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Comment Re:549$ for a case? (Score 1) 97

Thats a nice list, But you seem like you would benefit from a RAID 5 array.. not so much loss of data. And if you have full control of the linux box, you should have no issue with it losing data like in the past. Other than that i think the HGST 8tb drives are still the absolute best drive available as far as failure rate goes.

This is my first system with an M.2 slot, and i will never look back. That being said looks like you got one of the best of those also.

When i originally purchased my setup I had the C6H board, It was fucking awesome! but I couldn't get it to boot with 2 video cards in it that were not identical cards, and after a week or two of waiting for bios update and trying everything possible to make it work... I returned it and got the Gigabyte board. Which worked great out of the box. Kind of wish I had an external clock on it. but sine I knew it was only temporary until this upcoming release was out I didn't mind too much. It is still a hell of an overclock board and has awesome VRM. I'm hoping asus brings out a new crosshair for x470, as that will probably be my board of choice when it happens. Their CS is garbage, but their motherboards and GPU's are great, high end stuff atleast. I had one of their headsets and on the 2nd day I got it it literally started on fire on my head. Here is a link to the pictures... Wasn't very happy. To say the least, Motherboards and GPU's are the only ASUS item I will purchase anymore.

Comment Exploit them (Score 2) 125

The only way we are going to see any change in the industry is if it starts costing them money because simply continually cleaning up the messes of careless companies isn't going to change their attitude toward security. The reality is that you are actually enabling them to continue on with their poor security practices.

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Journal Journal: Trend

buy now $11.99 12 Track CD from this Oxford Supergroup featuring Members of Razorcuts, Blue Kites, Anyways and Contributions from Amelia Fletcher (Marine Research and Heavenly) and Andy Bell (Ride).

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Comment Internet and intranet access should not mix (Score 2) 125

If you allow remote access to factory systems with anything else but special purpose laptops with hardware VPN and zero Internet access, you're doing it wrong. Any data crossing between from internet to intranet should require red tape, any software mountains of red tape (all on physically archived paper). Any data from intranet to internet should be across busses verified to be strictly unidirectional (ie. not tcp/ip with some ungodly complex stack written in C).

Almost everyone is doing it wrong ... the only place you should BYOD is the unemployment line.

Comment Re:US wide spectrum is in the national interest (Score 5, Insightful) 98

I'm no expert, but It seems to me that access to specific spectrum by cell providers is not the issue with mobile connectivity. It's not like you can't manufacture a radio that can't transmit on more than one band. It's that the various players have never had an incentive to share/pool or at least wholesale resources to each other. This is clearly in the "Regulate-able" zone, since this is *our* spectrum we're talking about. A resource that we can all benefit from, and that we literally *have* to share it in order to use it effectively.

I live in a rural area, there is a cell tower 1/2 mile from my house, but I don't have signal, because the tower doesn't talk to my "brand" of phone. I don't even know what the specifics are, and I could switch providers, but this particular provider has no signal in other areas where I often go, whereas the one that doesn't work at my house works most other places that I go.

If there had been a regulation 20 years ago that said "Hey, let's find a common industry solution so that all phones can talk to all towers, and then let the owners of those towers worry about billing each other" we wouldn't have the mess we have now with competing standards and antagonistic competitive business. I sometimes even end up places where I have *signal* but the tower tells me (essentially) that while I can talk to you, I won't let you use me, since your provider doesn't have a billing arrangement with me in this area. I realize these things are complicated, and I'm perhaps oversimplifying, but they've been made more complicated than they need to be.

It's like "Hey! you can't drive on this road! You have a Ford! Only Chevys can drive on this road!" That's insane, right? But we put up with it with mobile communications, because... why, exactly? I realize this isn't an issue in metro areas (they have issues too, just different ones) but if the system were managed and engineered properly we wouldn't have this type of issue at all.

Letting the incumbent competing players have even MORE power and control is probably not going to solve this problem. This is one of those issues that's going to have to play out over a long time now, since the window for regulating a unified system probably closed long ago.

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Comment Re:With all the homosexuals Obama appointed (Score 1) 1174

Don't forget Keith Ellison also tweeted his support for do you REALLY think mainstream USA is gonna be for a party whose head supports black masked thugs burning city blocks?

Of course I have to give Trump credit, he has taken off the gloves and made it clear the right isn't gonna be browbeaten by calls of "you're an ist!" and being told you are a monster for wanting the USA to have borders or for the USA government to put USA citizens first, and by doubling down all they are doing is driving more and more away. Mark my words the USA is about to have a HARD right shift, much harder than what happened in 79-80. those of us old enough to remember can tell you the country changed overnight, it went from being an apologist to the world and as hard left as you can get to moral majority virtually overnight and the same thing is about to happen because people are tired of being called an "ist" just for caring about their own country.

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Better manage the customer life-cycle with ease of handling part payments, foreclosures, re-structuring and control portfolio quality with provisioning and accounting configurations to achieve greater profitability through the Indus Loan Management System.

Key Features:
Supports Account management and customer management operations
Integrated Financial Accounting with compliance to IFRS standards
Supports multiple repayment options
Supports rule configuration of receivables apportionment
User configurable rules for Provisioning and NPA Management
Manage customer correspondence and communication
Greater insights through account and customer history information

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