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Comment Re: Oil Tax (Score 1) 433

Income tax in the lower tax brackets is comparable to the USA, but at higher levels, the tax can get much higher than the USA. I think at the highest level a person can be giving up 40% of their income just in income tax.

Also, Canadian employees have to pay their own EI premiums and pension (comparable to social security in the USA), which is deducted from their gross pay, rather than being paid by the employer as it is in the USA. The net result, even where the income tax level itself is comparable, is that Canadians have a lower level of take-home pay than those in the US.

And you think *YOU* have it bad for gas? The cheapest place to buy gasoline in all of Canada is in the province of Alberta, where it is currently sitting at about $1cdn per liter, which works out to $3.50 usd/gallon. Where I live, the price is over $5 usd/gallon.

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Global Digital Oilfield Market is expected to grow at a CAGR between 4.0% and 4.5% over the Forecast period 2016 to 2022. It is was worth USD 24.60 billion in 2014. Digital oilfields refer to the digital platform used for connection and collaboration of on and offshore operation in oil and gas sector. The digital oilfield helps improve the production and maximizes Oilfield recovery, limiting non-productive time thereby increasing profitability of the firm. Automation and Instrumentation accounted for the largest market size in 2015 and it is expected to dominate the revenues in the digital oilfield market over the forecast period. The Global Digital Oilfield Market is expected to be primarily driven by Factors such as growing demand for crude oil, Need of Integrated operations to increase efficient and optimal E & P and Producing Oil from Mature Oilfield. However, the growth in the Global Digital Oilfield Market is likely to be restrained by factors such as High investment costs and longer duration of implementation, and Volatile crude oil prices.

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Segments Covered
The Digital Oilfield Market is segmented on the basis of Services, Processes, and region. The segmentation on the basis of Services covers Automation and Instrumentation, and IT Services. The Automation and Instrumentation segment further includes DSC, SCADA, Smart Well, Safety Systems, Wireless Sensor, PLC, CPM and Others. The IT Services segment is further divided into IT outsourcing, Software, IT Services and Commissioning and computer equipment/hardware. On the basis of Processes the market is segmented as Reservoir, Production optimization, Drilling Optimizations and others. Among the processes the production optimization segment accounted for the largest market size in 2015.

Company Profiles

        Baker Hughes Incorporated
        Schlumberger Limited
        National Oilwell Varco, Inc.
        Halliburton Company
        Pointcross Inc.
        Honeywell International Inc.
        Weatherford International PLC
        Paradigm Limited
        Pason Systems Inc.
        ABB Limited
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1. Report Overview
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Hands On With the Vivo Phone's In-Display Fingerprint Scanner - PCMag (


Hands On With the Vivo Phone's In-Display Fingerprint Scanner
LAS VEGAS—Dear old fingerprint sensors, your days are numbered. CES 2018 bug art At CES here, a Chinese vendor is showing off a smartphone built with a fingerprint reader that's hidden behind the display. The Vivo smartphone is using an optical sensor ...
Unlike Apple, this phone maker put a fingerprint sensor under its touchscreenMashable
Vivo unveils under-the-display fingerprint sensor at CES 2018; here's how it worksFirstpost
CES 2018: Samsung Galaxy S9 tipped to add on-screen fingerprint unlockThe Australian Financial Review
Biometric Update-Brinkwire (press release)-EDMTunes (press release) (blog)-MENAFN.COM
all 14 news articles

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Comment Re:people still care about achievements? (Score 1) 38

In some games, they let you know about content you can otherwise miss. For example Psychonauts has a bunch of triggered events that you can miss if you just push through the game as fast as possible, and the achievements let you know that you've seen them. In the Steam version of Canabalt, there are achievements to let you know you've seen the entirety of the rearmost scrolling parallax layer.

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Comment Re:the majority of internet users already use mobi (Score 1) 145

I have similar concerns as the OP. I've had days where I've used nothing but my LTE service, including tethering my laptop, and it wasn't terrible. This challenge seems like a good way to confuse the issue, rather than convince people the new standard is unacceptable.

10Mbps might be acceptable for most uses, but all of the bullshit surrounding cellular data is not. A single day won't really reveal the true impact of making LTE the minimum standard.

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Comment Re: Of course (Score 1) 1012

No, it's that shitty situations happen to everyone.
It's incumbent on THEM to lift THEMSELVES out.
Having the government mandate that their employers give them a hand-out simply disincentivizes people from actually trying to better their own situation.

Because, when given an ACTUAL choice, most people are lazy and will just take the hand-out.

Comment Why so long? (Score 1) 58

A preliminary assessment indicates that condensation from heavy rainfall caused a flashover on one of the facility's transformers.

But the rain had been over for nearly 20 hours at that point. Why did the water take so long to short that transformer? On the other hand it is entirely believable that the roof leaked into that transformer room, since it was leaking everywhere else in the convention center. Apparently whomever built the thing didn't understand water at all.

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Date: 2018-01-11 04:17:27 Alchie is disease, here s Resources to you Fighting back: Responsible ing: A Manegement I Need to ing!: How to get back Yous self-respect. Why You and How to : A Journey to Freedom: Alcholicism Anonymous: The Big Book: Alcholicism: an Alcholic Great-grandaughter Member, Friendship or Someone You Love: Watch MORENET How to Alchie videos: http://www.howcas

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