Comment Re:Honest reasons why 'Windows 7' isn't good enoug (Score 1) 237

That used to be the case, but it's completely changed now. Now you pay big money, and you are still the product being sold. In fact there's absolutely no way to not be the product being sold with most new products these days. I miss the days when you could say that only the free services were selling you as the product, now you have to assume that every service does that. No matter how expensive.

Comment Re: Of course (Score 2) 1014

Well, if they are producing more (increased sales) with less people, the first statement is true.

If the minimum wage bump leads to them making more, the second part of the statement is true.

I'm not going to bet on the veracity of the summary, but if it's true they'll have less people producing more and getting paid more (as claimed) then it's true.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 1175

California is an employment at will state. Damore could have been fired for that essay he wrote. That's not the problem here. The problem is the blatant and indefensible racism, sexism, poltical and religious discriminations shown by Google management and employees leading up to the firing. Just do a quick read of the lawsuit. There is no way Google wins this, even in California,

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Comment Re:Finally and ignorant aggrieved white person! (Score 1) 1175

I get where you are pointing, however the only standard that need be applied in these circumstances, the only moral compass necessary, is the Constitution.

Well, at least one of the guys who helped write the US Constitution would appear by his own words to disagree strongly with that opinion:

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." -- John Adams

No offense, but I think I'll go with Adams on this one.


Comment "Partial Taking" (Score 1) 122

The utility can retain ownership of the poles, but the municipality can grant an easement to whomever it wants and it doesn't cost the municipality anything.

Sure does cost the municipality something (if the utility chooses to enforce its rights).

Granting an easement to someone else's property is a "taking" under the Fifth Amendment. Without the easement the utility could charge whatever it pleased for the use of a zone on its poles, refuse to grant it if they thought that was in their interest, insist the attachments occur at a convenient time and manner for them, hire their guys to do the hookup, etc.. With the easement they must let the tenant use that section of the poles at the tenant's convenience, for free or for a government-defined price. This reduces the value of the property, so the government granting the easement must pay the difference.

It's less than just taking over the poles, but it's still not free. (Just for starters it will amount to a substantial fraction of what it cost the utility to put in all those poles.)

See "partial taking" and "regulatory taking". There's a LOT of law there and a simple web search will show you far more than you'll want to read right now. B-)

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 1175

It is true that a lawsuit certainly only presents the biased view of one party. But, the statements shown in screenshots of emails and internal social media posts made by Google employees and management in this lawsuit are indefensible in ANY situation. Google is going to lose this lawsuit. Read for yourself.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1, Troll) 1014

This is *exactly* what you should expect when you attempt to socially engineer a solution that violates the rules of business, in this case, artificially raising the cost of labor beyond the market value. One hundred percent entirely predictable, and predicted.

This is *exactly* what you should expect when you allow corporations to socially engineer a solution that puts greed above society's well-being, in this case by anthropomorphizing, hallucinating intelligence and purpose in, and then outright conferring godhood upon, "the market". One hundred percent entirely magical thinking, and getting old and stale really fucking fast.

Comment The CEO who thinks differently is a fool (Score 5, Insightful) 1014

If robots are available, less expensive, and acceptable to consumers... the CEO who DOESN'T replace their workers with them is a CEO presiding over a failing company. Because while they're not doing it, others are, and have greater profit margins to work with.

Comment Re: Breakable encryption != no encryption (Score 1) 442

OTP is largely impractical for most purposes, and isn't commonly used in commercially available devices. I was referring to practical use, not principals. I was also unaware of the OTP.

I do agree that it is best practice to assume as a matter of principal that there is no "unbreakable" encryption, as any decryption option available can be compromised, even the OTP. Furthermore, most information has a source, which can be compromised, rendering the encryption in vain.

Comment Re:Allow right of way to the polls and conduits (Score 2) 106

You nailed the real problem. Let's not forget that a number of telecoms also actively lobby for (and win) legislation against any form of community broadband, condemning vast areas of the country outside of urban centers to outrageously expensive wireless or dial-up.

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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 1175

Read the lawsuit. Screenshots from Google management and employee's emails and internal social media show that your premise is completely and totally wrong. Google is not going to win this. I hope Damore refuses a settlement that does not admit guilt, because Google is guilty as fuck.

Comment Re: Of course (Score 2) 1014

But this is exactly what we want.

Increased productivity through automation.

This is a nudge towards natural progress, bringing the future a few years earlier.

The remaining employees will be more productive, and appropriately rewarded with more money. Jack in the box will have more sales, likely in high margin items (upsales tend to be).

Hopefully taxpayers won't be subsidizing Jack in the box employees as much as they are paid more too.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 4, Insightful) 1014

If you do the totals you get the same answer regardless, self service cashiers work out even in countries with 2-3x smaller minimum wage. You still need some cashiers to overseer the mechanical slaves, deal with customers experiencing technophobia or buying booze and tobacco.

Comment Mc Burgers (Score 0) 1014

ok, so i can imagine something like McDonalds automating the food "preparation", since it's basically already "pick up item A, drop on location B, wait for xx time, then drop on location C" type of work, but I don't see machines making my steak-frites in the way a proper chef would prepare them any time soon, or any other proper meal.

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