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Comment Re: Fair Comparison (Score 2) 293

would you pick
a system where 50% of the workers arbitrarily make 30% less pay for the same work
a system where the pay for 100% of the workers was roughly the same?

Why would I pick one of those two systems, when there's a third alternative that's not only superior, but already the one that most closely matches reality: Workers getting paid according to their skills, experience and contribution.

Only pay me the same as some people that pretend to be my peers and watch me drop to a 15 hour week, during which I'll easily match their level of (non)performance.

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Comment Re:Why not move to High Sierra? (Score 1) 67

So the apps you get are smaller individually than if you downloaded them to iTunes first and transferred them to the device, and take up less space on the device.

But each device specific app that I download would not be smaller than half of the app I download in iTunes so I'm still pulling down more bytes. Plus I still have to actually go to both devices and do something to start the update process. Right now I just update the apps in iTunes and the next time I connect the device to charge it gets backed and any new apps, podcasts, and music gets put on it.

The system works very well for me and may not for others. But this is just a continuation from Apple of forcing people to work in the one workflow that they want people to work in. They've been doing it with their interface. They've been doing it with the bigger phones because nobody wants to use a phone one-handed anymore! /sarcasm When Steve Jobs was around there were a number of ways you could do your tasks and they were simple. That methodology has gone away from the products and they aren't as nice to use because of it.

I used to use Apple products because I really liked using them. Now I use them because I haven't found anything better out there. I think that there are a lot of people to think like I do and if a company does come along that makes products that are fun to use again then Apple is in trouble.

Feed Engadget: The Puffco Peak is the future of dabbing (

Dabs arent just for Cam Newton. Its also a great way to consume cannabis concentrates. Problem is, dabbing traditionally requires the use of either a butane blowtorch and titanium nail or a clunky electronic heating ring (aka enails). But no longer...

Comment Not sure about that (Score 5, Interesting) 222

Why would anyone expect the cost of natural disasters to do anything but go up? The price of everything is going up, from real estate to building materials to labor. Every time there is damage the cost of repair will be greater, sometimes much greater. Every year is probably going to be the most expensive. To claim (or imply) we had larger disasters than ever before is simply false, we've had bigger hurricanes, and worse wildfires. Especially speaking of wildfires, THAT is due to Californias stupid policy on never doing controlled burns and the sky-high price of real estate there. Wildfires there are nothing but a man-made disaster, probably caused by "Raw Water" freaks smoking pot as they collect.

I also like how they casually imply the year being warm has strong ties to all the disasters - which include things like a freeze.

I'm not quite sure of your premise, one thing about natural disasters is that we get to learn from them.

For example, the Loma Prieta earthquake (California 6.9, 1989), worth $5.6 in damages, caused changes in building codes to make the buildings more tolerant of earthquakes. There have been further earthquakes of roughly the same magnitude, with much less damage. It's not completely comperable, the 1994 Northridge earthquake caused more damage, because earthquakes happen at different places and magnitudes.

The New Orleans Levee breaches that caused all the flooding: OK, we should have seen that coming, but have we fixed the problems there? Would another hurricane cause as much damage?

And there are near disasters that cause us to harden our defenses. The recent Oroville Dam crisis in California is getting fixed to better withstand seasonally unusual conditions, and no one wants to build nuclear reactors after Fukishima.

Historically speaking, I'm not entirely sure that the costs of disasters should keep going up.

Disasters tend to have happened before, and people tend to make plans.

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Feed Techdirt: The Stasi's Tiny Torn-Up Analog Files Defeat Modern Digital Technology's Attempts To Re-Assemble East Germany's Surveillance Records (

It is nearly 30 years since the wall separating East and West Berlin came down, and yet work is still going on to deal with the toxic political legacy of East Germany. As Techdirt readers are well aware, one of the defining characteristics of the regime in East Germany was the unprecedented -- for the time, at least -- level of surveillance inflicted on citizens by the Stasi (short for Staatssicherheitsdienst, or State Security Service). This led to the creation of huge archives holding dossiers about millions of people.

As it became clear that East Germany's government would fall, and that its long-suffering citizens would demand to know who had been spying on them over the years, Stasi officers began to destroy the most incriminating documents. But there were so many files -- a 2008 Wired article about them says they occupied 100 miles of shelving -- that the shredding machines they used started to burn out. Eventually, Stasi agents were reduced to tearing pages by hand -- some 45 million of them, ripping them into around 600 million scraps of paper.

After thousands of bags holding the torn sheets were recovered, a team working for the Stasi records agency, the body responsible for handling the mountain of paper left behind by the secret police, began assembling the pages manually. It was hoped that the re-assembled documents would shed further light on the Stasi and its deeper secrets. But it was calculated that it would take 700 years to deal with all the scraps of paper by hand. A computerized approach was devised by the Fraunhofer Institute, best-known for devising the MP3 format, and implemented following a pilot project. After some initial successes, the program has run into problems, as the Guardian reports:

A so-called ePuzzler, working with an algorithm developed by the Fraunhofer Institute and costing about €8m of [German] federal funds, has managed to digitally reassemble about 91,000 pages since 2013. However, it has recently run into trouble.

For the last two years, the Stasi records agency has been waiting for engineers to develop more advanced hardware that can scan in smaller snippets, some of which are only the size of a fingernail.

The ePuzzler works by matching up types of paper stock, typewriter fonts, or the outline of the torn-up page. It has struggled with hand-written files that were folded before being torn, leaving several snippets with near-identical outlines.

While the hardware engineers try to come up with a suitable scanner that can handle these tiny fragments, a small team continues to match up the more crudely ripped pages manually. Inevitably, some people will be thinking: "If only the Stasi had used blockchain, all these problems could have been avoided..."

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Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 2, Insightful) 222

You actually don't know what a trend is, do you? And of course, despite that you're a super genius who is the first to think "should we enter solar output into our climate model". Despite your obvious lack of knowledge of statistics, my god, you must be so goddamned smart. You'd better right over to your nearest university, go kick in the door in the atmospheric studies department, throw them out and make it clear you expect a Nobel Prize for your brilliant, if utterly unfounded, insights.

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Comment Re:I probably would have done the autism angle (Score 1) 1175

Yeah, but don't all ADA accommodations made by the employer have to be reasonable? To be a bit stereotypical, if you have Asperger's (which I understand to be a high-functioning form of autism where one of the major symptoms is irritability), you can't just be an asshole to co-workers, customers, etc. That would, at least in my opinion, be an unreasonable accommodation.

Comment Uh huh (Score -1) 222

While I watch as about a foot of global warming slowly melts after the second longest deep freeze on record slowly lifts, I will also point out that if last year was colder than. 2012 and 2014, an equally valid guess is that those two years were a peak. But the operative word here is "guess." Wait a few more decades for a few more solar cycles to elapse and then you can do some dispassionate analysis. Strangely enough, it's from the humanities that we can take a lesson here: the historians have understood for quite a while that anything more recent than a few decades ago cannot be evaluated objectively.

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Comment Re:How to cause panic with statistics (Score 1) 222

You know what's disappointing?

It's that you have a low userid which implies you've been on /. for a while.

Also implied is that you are a candidate for "news for nerds, stuff that matters."

Your point about inflation is correct and you missed a major point about how people are populating the shit out of coastal and other prime real estate acreage.

Your last sentence.

That's what's disappointing.

And, because you've been around so long, I won't waste your time and mine pointing out your error.

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Comment Re:Note: This feature is only available in the US. (Score 1) 69

This is interesting, because France is one of those countries where they explicitly don't support the service. I guess if they are compatible with some standard (like the one Paywave and whatever Mastercard calls it use) it might still work. But on the website I initially found for Android Pay it said "Note: This feature is only available in the US", while on another website I found comparing the different mobile payment options from Google, Apple and Samsung it lists 17 countries.

I'm just not convinced that putting 6 different payment services under one brand is going to reduce confusion. Is the India-only payment system suddenly going to become compatible with Android Pay used elsewhere, or are they going to remain mutually incompatible but with the same branding? If I can use Google Pay to pay for apps online, why can I not use it in stores via NFC when other people can?

User Journal

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Comment Re:How to cause panic with statistics (Score 2, Interesting) 222

also most hurricane and flooding damage is due to stupidly overdeveloping coastline....and we won't talk about building cities below or at sea level, next to the sea

this has everything to do with weather, and nothing provably to do with "climate change", and reputable scientists will still affirm that

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Comment Re:Rather Predictable (Score 1) 65

The message to future people with skills is to keep innovating.
When 4K60 is about to become a low cost product for consumers, be ready, first and with a good product.
Dont expect sales of last gen product lines to keep the creative and gifted people brand loyal.
The most creative people want the next gen product now to be more creative with.
The next brand to offer that is the brand they will be using and telling the world about.
Other brands are waiting to offer just that product, service, support, software, hardware.
Got to keep been innovative and actually listen to the best users who enjoyed your products in the past.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Starting a Design Company | SZ Story

Starting up your own business is not an easy task as it comes with many challenges, here we will go over some tips on starting your own design business.

Comment Re:Chris Farley (Score 5, Insightful) 317

Yeah - that was awesome!

(Remember when you said it was OK to do that?)

Executive orders in the face of a Congress & Senate that outright refuse to even talk about the issues you want heard is one thing. Writing more than all other presidents in the last 50 years because you really wish you were a dictator and not bothering to even ask the legislature who is your own party and holds majorities in both Congress and the Senate is quite another.

Also, taking something you hated when the other guy did it and going completely wild with it when you're in power, is not winning. It's just being a ginormous hypocrite.

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Comment How to cause panic with statistics (Score 4, Insightful) 222

Why would anyone expect the cost of natural disasters to do anything but go up? The price of everything is going up, from real estate to building materials to labor. Every time there is damage the cost of repair will be greater, sometimes much greater. Every year is probably going to be the most expensive. To claim (or imply) we had larger disasters than ever before is simply false, we've had bigger hurricanes, and worse wildfires. Especially speaking of wildfires, THAT is due to Californias stupid policy on never doing controlled burns and the sky-high price of real estate there. Wildfires there are nothing but a man-made disaster, probably caused by "Raw Water" freaks smoking pot as they collect.

I also like how they casually imply the year being warm has strong ties to all the disasters - which include things like a freeze.

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