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Comment I think we've got a much better shot (Score 1) 143

of taking over the Democratic party from the corporate Dems (Nansi Pelosi, Diane Fienstien, Chuck Schumer, etc) then getting a third party in place. Also, I think the too most viable third parties (Libertarian & Green) are hopelessly naive when it comes to policy. Libertarians would gut the gov't to let the free market take over, but there's a reason that 'Libertarian Paradise' meme exists. Sure it's a caricature, but in practice weak gov'ts don't work in complex societies. If all else fails someone comes along and makes a strong one on you lose out by not participating in it.

As for Green.... probably fine but they're a haven for a lot of the really radical feminists. I can sympathize with those people (we're allies with Saudi Arabia, who treat women awfully), but they're not helping. They tend to make men feel threatened, not by a strong women, but by a women who'll lock them up if they make a pass at them. I'd rather see them integrated into the Dems with their good parts (equal opportunity, wage parity, etc) intact and like any radical mellow out and focus on realistic policy.

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The distance between Lima Pisco is 242 kilometers, in which there is a special chalising for 31 kilometers of racing. (DAKAR RALLY Hosted By Lima/Peru Travel- Argetina)
Motorbike racing was held in Pisco Peru today, in which Qatar's Nasir al-Attiyiyah (Toyota) and Britann Sam Sunderland (KTM) were placed at the top of the first stage of the Dakar Rally of 2018 in the car and motorcycle sections respectively, between Lima and Pisco The initial phase of the sand was 31 km long by the mound, the start of the race was easy, but after the noon the sun started pouring in the dust of sun Making it difficult to see the surface of the circuit.
The drivers were facing exceptional situations in the opening stage in Lima, and to reach the starting point for the 31-km-long select area of the day, it had to be a distance of 242 kilometers. The most successful driver, Peter Hansel, has 13 titles 7 out of 7 cars in motorcycles and 7 were outside the top 10, they complained about poor visibility, they were able to identify the track side point. Facility was's general,
Carlos Sian of Spain had similar problems, he ended up in 16th place, 2 minutes, 39 seconds. In the motorcycle category, Sunderland started its title firmly, the adjoining French Adrian van Beveran (Yamaha) and Chile Pablo Quintanila (Husnna), who came from Britt 55, after the third.

Sunday's race is also difficult, in the quads, Chilean Ignacio Casale, one of the former rally favorites, went ahead with 27 minutes 32 seconds, followed by Russia's Sergey Karaikakin and Pablo Cobetti of Argentina saw the share of events in the first phase. German rider Jujeran Drosiger left the race due to the sun's heat and hot air.

                      — () () 2018 , , 31 , , 31 242 , 13 7 7 10 ,

              242 31
                        16 , 2 , 39 , , () () , , 55 , , , 27 32 , ,


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TVs and voice assistants dominate the biggest day at CES
You don't have to wait for Las Vegas Convention Center to open its doors to see what CES 2018 has to offer. A long lineup of press conferences on what's officially called Press Day (confusing, I know) brings a slew of new gadgets and services from some ...
Lenovo and Google have created their own Echo Show that supports YouTubeThe Verge
Google Assistant wants to be everywhere you are in 2018Engadget
Amazon and Google's Dumb Fight About YouTube Videos Makes More Sense NowGizmodo
Reuters-TechCrunch-Search Engine Land-The Mercury News
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Comment definition (Score 1) 1171

The actual definition of conservatism is "a dedication to traditional values and opposition to change or innovation". Sometimes change is bad, sometimes innovation is a dead end. Conservatives are the balance that tames the chaos of unrestrained creativity. It is a boring job but someone has to do it.

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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 1171

You can see that more Republicans than Democrats supported the Civil Rights act []

Way to lie and then provide the proof you were lying.

Democrat votes for the Act are higher in both House and Senate according to your Wikipedia article. The majority of both parties supported the Act, you could have just said that and been done with it without the need to be dishonest.

But I guess Republicans are so use to saying the opposite of what is fact that you probably didn't notice.

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