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Comment Sad (Score 1) 310

Why, you ask? Apparently, advertising sells stuff. But I wonder what sort of personality sits around and waits for an ad from - the TV? The radio? a magazine? A website? His f-ing CAR? to tell him or her how to dispose of any cash or credit balance he or she may have lying around.

Shouldn't it work like: "Hmm. My shirt collar is frayed so I think I will go to Nordstrom's where I buy all my shirts and buy another one."?

Do people REALLY hear an ad for two fidget spinners for the price of one, forget about the frayed collar and rush to the nearest Dollar General to "save" a dollar and buy two fidget spinners for the price of one?

It's hard to believe that the public en masse is so malleable that advertising on every blank surface, every quiet moment, every damned thing you look at, hear or read is glommed onto by peddlers. But that's the acquisitive mentality in our world today.

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 1) 310

If they only thinned themselves I'd be cool with that. The problem is there are others of us out there still and until work is (and I am) good with telecommuting, I have to deal with these idiots. Time to break out the Recoilless Cannon for the car I guess.


Comment Re:OK but how about the dead people (Score 1) 315

show some numbers. Give any evidence to support your assertion that it's safe.

Easy peasy lemon squeeze. See how far down cops are? Take out car crashes (that kill everyday drivers every day) and they don't even make the top 20.

Use some common sense and realize that the over-armed aggressive police response is a response to imagined dangers in the job.


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Four years ago LG Display showed us an 18-inch OLED screen capable of rolling up like a newspaper and promised larger versions in the future. Now its delivering, with a 65-inch OLED thats flexible enough to roll up and store when not in use. Beside...

Feed Google News Sci Tech: LG Display's crazy 65-inch OLED TV can roll up like a poster - CNET (


LG Display's crazy 65-inch OLED TV can roll up like a poster
Before (left) and after: LG's rollable OLED display descends into its base. LG Display. When you roll your future TV out of sight into a little box, thank LG Display. The leader in big-screen OLED manufacturing, not satisfied to debut the first 88-inch ...
LG Display has made a 65-inch rollable OLED TVThe Verge
LG's 65-Inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Up, Hidden AwayPCMag
LG Display delivers a 65-inch rollable OLEDEngadget
I4U News-The Korea Herald-Mighty Gadget (press release) (blog)-10,000 Couples
all 30 news articles

Comment Re:creativity is overrated in STEM (Score 1) 123

>So, in REALITY, "Brain Storming" actually occurs MANY TIMES during EVERY Development Project more complicated than "10 GOTO 10".

That is true. Still, it constitutes a small part

> If you believe anything else; you're delusional, clueless, or both.

And you are a presumptuous nincompoop

But a presumptuous nincompoop with a +4 Insightful on my post...

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Comment Re:Why all the hate against Bill? (Score 1) 64

You can't spend your life as an evil robber baron and then make it up with charity. It doesn't work that way. Bill Gates held computers back for a decade with his illegal monopoly. People here had to deal with it on a daily basis. He did tremendous harm, all so he could not get rich, but get richer.

Comment (Score 1) 359

"The reality is that we now need to create something new, free from any legacy entities and baggage that has been driving the industry and dragging it down the past 40 years. Just as was done with Linux."

For Linux you just needed a copy of gcc. Chip design and fabrication requires just a weee bit more.

Comment Re:Can we go back to the actual killer? (Score 3, Informative) 315

If it had been a real situation and the cop hadn't shot him everyone would be screaming at the police for not taking action when they had the chance.

Nope. Still bullshit:

it wasn't that clear cut, the fuckwit on the phone that called in the threat had supposedly shot his father and was holding the rest of his family prisoner and preparing to shoot them.

For all the cops knew, that was a hostage walking out the door.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Stretch Marks Elimination – Justin E. King

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Comment Ford (Score 1) 310

"Auto makers including Toyota, Lexus, Ford, GM and Cadillac already use the company's connected-car products, the spokeswoman said. "

I don't know about the others above, but Ford's (you don't have any...) privacy policy SUCKS, so I don't use their services. It's only going to get worse. I can not use their services now, but it's not too far over the horizon where they're mandatory and you'll basically have a shrink-wrap license/privacy policy for you car that you'll have to accept in toto just to be able to drive it.

And get off my lawn.

Comment Intel may go bankrupt? (Score 1) 359

The comment above mine said, "While I don't think your post should have been modded down, it is unnecessarily rude."

Bruce, I agree with that comment. Don't act out anger.

Another quote from the comment above mine: "I doubt that open source hardware would prevent hardware bugs, but it would provide a way of avoiding backdoors that are intentionally placed. You're absolutely right in that respect."

The possibility of backdoors may cause Intel to go bankrupt. How can Intel be re-organized so that it can stay in business?

Previous comments about this issue:

Intel news stories (April 17, 2017)

Articles about spyware in CPUs (June 18, 2017)

"ME is turning into a colossal dumpster fire." (December 10, 2017)

In more than 11 years, I haven't seen anything like full awareness by other people of the fact that Intel is badly managed. To me, the fact that Intel has provided forced secret access to its hardware, later found to have vulnerabilities, is a tragedy for Intel, the United States, and the world.

I mentioned that in another comment to a Slashdot story: FREE BOOK about the Intel Management Engine. Part of what I said: "A Slashdot comment of mine from 11 1/2 years ago: More Intel employees should say in public what they have told me in private: Intel CEO Paul Otellini is not a competent leader. He lacks social ability. (June 09, 2006)"

Otellini is no longer the CEO of Intel. The present management does not seem much better. For example, Intel advertising is wacky, in my opinion. I got an email message from Intel on December 18, 2017 ago that says: "Final call for awesome prizes -- train now or miss out". I don't need "awesome prizes". I need excellent technology and excellent, reliable explanation of Intel's technology.

Again, very important: Intel needs better management. Intel surviving and thriving would be good for the entire world, IMO.

Comment Less connectivity in cars (Score 1) 310

>> owners will pay more for connected-car services if they decline the ads.

I already won't buy any "connected car". I purposely avoid GM (onstar) and Tesla cars just for that reason.
If it gets to a point where you literally can't buy any unconnected car any more, I'd either build my own or only buy cars where you can still hack the connectivity hardware out.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 310

You don't have to go that far back. Any GM vehicle built while OnStar was still analog-cell-based will do. My '01 Tahoe could definitely use a refresher on the inside (new carpet, seats re-covered), but the outside has been restored, and it's mechanically quite sound. You can even get simple dash mods to put a double-DIN sound system with a decent screen in it, so you can have the useful modern things like a backup camera. If I used it more, I absolutely would. As it is, I installed a cheap Bluetooth-capable single-DIN radio a while back. Took me maybe an afternoon, and I'm a complete novice when it comes to cars.

Comment Make lists of the brands and never buy their cars (Score 1) 310

List the news cars that do this and rank them below the most defective decades of car designs.
Ensure customers looking for a new car online find the warning about ads in cars before they consider that new car.
Defective by design and to avoid will be the results found, not your brands good reviews.
Sell ads with a car, enjoy the online comments and news about the car with ads to avoid.
The more a company tries to sell a car with ads the more the internet will inform people considering that brand and year of car.
Your brands good engineering reputation cultivated over decades of safe design and style excellence vs the year of the ad.
Was it worth it?
Show the ads and people will reconsider what your band is really worth.
Your brand becomes a warning sign, a joke not a trusted brand of car.
A car joke shared by generations of people who would have once considered your brand. They now stop, point and LOL at your car with ads.
They could have been your loyal customers who would have told their friends about your car design, low costs and good price.
Want to risk people creating images of the ads in your car with your brand as a funny meme that never gets boring for decades?
Every new ad in your car, your brand shared as a new joke in real time?
What did your car brand try to sell its captive audience today? Shampoo? Dog food? Lipstick? A big boat? Heath insurance? A coat? A message from a charity? NGO? The political policy of another nation? That last one gets interesting.

Will a car brands upper management really want to face the US government about spreading "fake news" in their brands cars that millions of US drivers/passengers had to watch everyday all over the USA?
Did upper management know about the fake news in their ads? Did they report the attempts at fake news to the US gov as required? When did they stop the fake news in their cars ads? Did they accept another nations direct funding to keep the fake news in their cars?
Have they ever visited the nation that spreads fake news? Do they have a factory in the nation that spreads fake news? Is their brand selling new cars in the nation that spreads fake news?
If upper management thought questions over catalytic converters, software, crash reports was fun for the brand over the decades, wait for the party political questions about the politics of the ads their once trusted brand showed.

Your brands upper management, another nations fake news ads displaying in every car sold? Even the security services might take an interest in that ad sale.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 310

I was wondering if they were going to tie it into the GPS to make sure that you were actually at a traffic light or stop sign if you were stopped and not waiting to merge into traffic as you are going on/coming off the highway. Or stopped to let an emergency vehicle by or stopped for a school bus when the whole point is to have your attention looking out for pedestrians.

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