Comment Re:Naturally.. (Score 1) 220

Intel are double big time fucked and make no mistake. They were aware of the fault and continued to distribute product without informing the customer of that quite serious fault. Probably because the CIA/NSA were ruthlessly exploiting that fault for all that is was worth, now it comes time to pay the piper, Intel are fucked, globally majorly FUCKED. They are liable for every CPU sold when they were aware of that fault and did not notify the customer. The biggest worry, any hacks that can be attributed to the fault makes them criminally negligent, youch, custodial sentence time. The second they became aware of the fault, they should have halted CPU sales and fixed the problem, the security ramifications, makes them criminally negligent if that fault was exploited once discovered. Which is why the CEO sold shares, the civil liability for that fault, the global civil liability.

Comment Re:Oh Really (Score 3, Interesting) 359

t Raspberry Pi, while not exactly open source, is pretty close, and it's available now. Feel free to trick that out and use it as your primary workstation.

I do have some issues with documentation. Have they now documented the GPU (or whatever it is) that first has control at boot time, before the main CPU is enabled? I'd also like to use the LVDS for an SDR rather than the camera and display, and that was not documented either the last time I looked. There was also some chat about additional entirely undocumented coprocessors on the die.

Comment Re:Commodity "currency" makes no sense (Score 1) 141

Still, it is the market that determines their value, just like with cryptocurrencies. Market speculation can bring down fiat currencies (and the economies attached to them) rather easily. In this case, I see no government being attached to them as an advantage and not a hindrance.

Comment Re:Help a simple guy like me out (Score 1) 310

``When these people are all sitting around that big mahogany table, in their fancy suits, do they *really* talk to each other like this, or do they think that guys like me are that stupid? If someone came up to me on the street talking like this, I'd punch them right in the mouth.''

Not really. There's usually a lot more discussion about `leveraging' things and `reaching out' to `stakeholders'.

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Link to Original Source

Comment Re:"Value" (Score 1) 141

This indicates the danger of NOT paying attention to market cap. If you think buying Dodgy-coin at four cents per coin is a great deal (four cents is a lot less than $20,000!) you haven't properly evaluated the meaning of paying four cents for a 1 twenty-five billionth share of something some college students copied and pasted while high.

Comment Re:Stranded? (Score 1) 76

Travel with right credit card (just for that trip), that allows you to draw local currency from secured locations. Have enough in card for entire trip and use local currency for local spend, avoid using the card as much as possible (kill card after trip). When you leave your card details behind, your wallet effectively remain in that country and now you have difficulty challenging claims. Keep in simple. Holiday credit card with cash, withdraw cash to spend, holiday over, so is the card and that account. Seems the safest method.

Comment Re:Not unless the FPGA/Fab process is also Open... (Score 2) 359

What is heck "Distributed Memory"?

Distributed memory is just that - memory distributed along side the LUT/FF elements. Using this memory "consumes" some LUTs but it is far more efficient then 1 bit per LUT. See the following quote from the MachXO3 datasheet - note that a Slice has 2 LUTs and 2 FFs, 4 Slices per PFU block.

RAM Mode

In this mode, a 16x4-bit distributed single port RAM (SPR) can be constructed by using each LUT block in Slice 0 and Slice 1 as a 16x1-bit memory. Slice 2 is used to provide memory address and control signals.

All from 1 PFU block. And this is why a device with 640 LUTs can provide 5K of memory.

MachXO3 Family Data Sheet

Comment Re: How that actually works (Score 1) 299

Perhaps you are right. My view of judges, lawyers, the whole juridicial apparatus, are based on my observation of the American version. It's possible that other countries implement rule of lawyers in a less disastrously bad way.

Otoh the great contemporary writer Tiqqun is French and expresses a really very unflattering view of the judiciary. So I just don't know. I've never visited France.

Comment Re:Suits may be dismissed (Score 1) 220

That would be a defective door, not a door that works as intended.

A closer analogy: You bought a door with 50 security features, but then someone found a very clever way to break in anyway. (But they didn't actually break in, they just wrote a white paper describing the method.). All 50 security features still work correctly, and your door still works correctly. But you want to sue because the door company didn't provide the 51st security feature that no one in the world ever thought was needed when your door was designed.

Submission + - Plantation Shutters (

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  Having said that, one cannot ignore the expenses attached with obtaining a massage which is nothing less than an extra for the common man. However, you ought to not feel really bad as there is a wide variety of products which act as massage stimulants which enable it to easily be bought in shopping stores etc.

Comment Re: A perfectly good idea (Score 1) 299

You've rather twisted my words or misunderstood. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a misunderstanding. I'm most certainly not saying that being honest is more sneaky than lying, that's rather absurd. What I was really getting at is that if you think such laws guarantee those reporting the news are being honest then you're fooling yourself. It's my suspicion that legislation of this kind, like all legislation that attempts to control speech, could end up causing increased subversion and sneakiness in an effort, conscious or subconscious, to further the message we agree with. Let's not be absolutist about it though, please don't think I'm saying this is true for all reporters or journalists working within such regulations, merely that thinking they assure truth is utterly foolish in my view.

Comment Re:Commodity "currency" makes no sense (Score 1) 141

No, NicknameUnavailable. Cryptocurrencies are not commodities.

Yes, ignorant-but-outspoken-CrankyOldEngineer. Cryptocurrencies are treated as commodities by the IRS. Everything I stated was based on the current and ideal legal definitions of the words used, not what you pulled out of your ass.

Comment Re:By all means, give back (Score 1) 64

Is that idea even relevant any more. Perhaps you are still trapped in the lie that US main stream media has any value beyond advertising. They are straight up propaganda, all the big hoop de doop about a first ever guest what ever, so the guest did it themselves instead of paying an editor already on the payroll to do it for them. Who is advertising whom in this piece. Is Time desperate for attention, ohhhh look we have Wee Willie Gates the turd as editor, is Wee Willie, desperate for attention, ohh look I am an editor on yesteryears Time (they are just no longer relevant having dived too deep in the corporate propaganda pool), is it just collusion of the attention whores, mmm, boo hoo no one is listening to us any more, Gates and or Time.

Ahh, the opinions of the elites, what are the worth any more, they only have one true opinion "I want more, More, MORE OF EVERYTHING", this regardless of how much they already have, all they are is greed. Rather sad and something to be pushed into the past, rather than being celebrated in the media from the previous millenniums.

Comment Re:Germany 2nd Most Expensive Power in the West (Score 1) 262

The numbers absolutely do make sense. The problem is not the numbers. The problem is you. You are incapable of acknowledging a fact that contradictions your preconceived notions. You previously said "It does not matter how the numbers are exactly" which is strong evidence of cognitive dissonance.

Comment Re: That's called deflation, not inflation (Score 1) 141

Negative interest rates are tricky. The central bank may post a negative rate, but that just means the government is giving money to the commercial banks.

The banks themselves are unlikely to actually have a negative lending rate, unless the government strong arms them into it. The banks may well *pay* negative interest though, charging you to keep your money in their bank.

Comment Re:Indication that overpopulation is false (Score 1) 262

I lost track about what we are talking.
The web site you link is not showing the day by day wind production. It shows two selected grid operators and how much wind/solar they feed into their grids. That has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of wind/solar power is fed into the whole german grid.
So no idea about what you want to talk.

Fraunhover is a good starting point to get informations about german grid(s):

Comment Re:No (Score 3, Informative) 359

You mean IC manufacturing? I'm pretty sure design is largely independent.

Well, I'm pretty sure you're an idiot. I also know only one of us is right in our certainty. Chips average about a million dollars per prototype run. You can simulate things and have them work flawlessly, but you still have to manufacture a masks, run through the steps of chip fabrication, then do your tests to see if it even remotely works. On the scale of GHz with nanometers of precision things happen like inductive and capacitive effects you can't properly simulate but will utterly fuck over your design. All of hardware development is like that, and there is very little open source hardware (depending on your quality standards you might even argue there is none.) IC design is the apex of painfully-expensive-hardware-design.

Comment Easily fixed... (Score 1) 310

... with several strips of duct tape. (Yeah, yeah... I know the display is used for other things.)

Seriously... with smartphone storage capacity as large as it is, who hasn't already downloaded a metric ton of MP3s to their phones that they can listen to in the car obviating the need for an online connection?

This company is selling a solution in search of a problem. I don't see this addressing any problems encountered by drivers.

User Journal

Journal Journal: JUST NEED TO SLOW DOWN!

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Journal Journal: The Power of Certainty Imagine how easy it would be to lose weight if you absolutely knew that you could do it. If you knew for a fact, if you were CERTAIN, that you could actually look slim and healthy, the daily steps along the way would come with ease and joy. It comes down to having a Continue reading The Power of Certainty

Comment Re: Oh Really (Score 4, Informative) 359

I doubt that open source hardware would prevent hardware bugs, but it would provide a way of avoiding backdoors that are intentionally placed. You're absolutely right in that respect.

Use of gate-arrays would make the bugs reprogrammable. And now that we have mobile gate-arrays, performance is actually getting pretty good.

Comment Re:No (Score 4, Insightful) 359

Yeah, no. That's very, very wrong.

Much of a processor can be designed in RTL (the type of code you could open source), but there are critical components (as in, CPUs do not function without them -- at all) that require detailed knowledge of the underlying process. Any sort of clock distribution, selection, skewing, or balancing, for example, pretty much requires not only detailed knowledge of the types of gates available in process libraries, but also exhaustive simulations across all kinds of different timing scenarios to ensure that designs work as intended. Additionally, these types of circuits are not trivial to design, and they're often tightly integrated into the rest of a design in a way that isn't exactly modular (as in, even if there are separate clocking modules, design assumptions make removal or modifications of those clocking modules quite difficult).

Maybe you could get away with an open core on an FPGA, but if you do that, you're going to sacrifice a lot in terms of performance -- as in getting at best into the 100s of MHz range compared to GHz for an ASIC. Moreover, you're not going to squeeze multiple cores and huge caches onto a single FPGA, so you'll need some sort of stitching to get anything even remotely close to your most basic Intel off-the-shelf processor.

Basically the best you'll be able to say with a purely open source CPU is, "buy this for 10x the cost and at 1/10th the performance... but you can feel good that it's open source." At that point, all I can say is, "good luck with that."

Comment Re:Oh Really (Score 3, Informative) 359

Unfortunately, as you well know, this approach means goodbye to virtually very computing-type device most of us have become accustomed-to.

Maybe you haven't been following gate-array development. There are mobile ones now. They use FLASH to store the program bits. And the rest is CMOS which we know how to power-manage. The gate-arrays of yore were more power-thirsty because nobody cared back then.

Comment Re:That's called deflation, not inflation (Score 1) 141

The thing you're missing is that the majority of the money we spend is on luxuries. Food? You could probably do with less than half the food budget if you had to. Mortgage? Owning a home is a luxury. It's almost always a poor financial decision (the 2010s being a notable, and scary, exception). Buying a car? Buying a new car is a terrible financial decision, even worse than owning a house. Buying used is better, but you can probably get away with a fraction of the cost if you have to.

A modern economy is built on transactions. The money is mostly imaginary, the production and consumption is mostly frivolous, but all our metrics depend on money being exchanged. The thing that maintains the whole illusion is keeping that happening as much as possible. Inflation is a strong incentive to spend. Deflation is a strong disincentive to spend.

Comment Re:Remove Illegal, Leave The Rest (Score 1) 171

"N-word" is such a cop-out. Just say n*gger (thanks, Slashdot, for forcing censorship!)--you're already implying it to everyone that reads your comment.

Also a big thanks to /. for their "lameness" filter automatically blocking my submission. Those scary words sure are better off blocked! Someone might be offended, after all, which is literally the worst thing that can happen to a white, upper/middle-class woman.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Epic pins 'Fortnite' server woes on Meltdown patches - Engadget (


Epic pins 'Fortnite' server woes on Meltdown patches
The Meltdown vulnerability is bound to have far-reaching effects on the computing industry, but it's having a very tangible effect right now: it's causing chaos for multiplayer gaming. Epic Games has blamed Meltdown patches for login problems and ...
Fortnite will have server issues this week as Epic upgrades its serversDestructoid
Epic Games blames Meltdown CPU performance issues for Fortnite downtimeThe Verge
Fortnite Faces Service Issues After Intel Vulnerability UpdatesGameSpot
PC Register
all 12 news articles

Submission + - Getting The Christmas Karaoke Party Just Right

leilaawka writes: Now, what you supply totally is dependent upon you since the host. Most people seriously don't care what they are singing, as long as they know what, (at least can learn them easily enough). Because of this, it is best to choose Christmas music that is known nationally. Songs like 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' is a perfect starter, and free karaoke music which is similar to that is extremely easy to find online. Depending on which karaoke machine you have, you'll be able to burn your own personal disks via music and on-screen lyrics that it is possible to create online.
And simply because it is the holidays doesn't mean you have to stick with ONLY holiday music. In fact, people will not need to participate in if that is the one genre that you have to select from. Instead, make an attempt to have a diverse range of various varieties of music, so that you'll be able to maintain audience interested and looking to interact. Having a large assortment of songs for website visitors to pick and select keeps people from repeating the identical song continuously. When we say have different genres, we are referring to current songs, older songs, pop, rock, country, plus more that will not have anything to go about doing with Christmas.
One thing that people usually tend to often forget would be that the free karaoke music is exactly what drives these to the party, as well as some munchies, you could always request individuals to volunteer prior to the party to sing and get their songs ready. People may choose to dress up since the celebrity singers to really make it a lot more fun, this can keep the entertainment costs down too as you are providing your individual amusement for the evening. While some may be more engulfed inside the 'Christmas spirit', some is probably not, bluetooth speaker with microphone
bluetooth karaoke microphone
microphone speaker and rendering it too outrageous or crazy may drive many people from coming in the first place so make sure the evening does not spiral too much uncontrollable regarding people dressing.
If you are interested in free music that you'll be able to apply to your karaoke machine, just sift through Google and discover the songs that you want. It is easier to find newer, widely used songs, particularly when it's only the instrumental and never the particular words. This is because of copyright conditions have previously been enforced being relaxed over time.
With the best mix of fun, entertainment and refreshments any Christmas party can be quite a huge success and be remembered for years to come. The important part is people involved and helping as Christmas could become busy very quickly.

Comment Re:Police didn't care (Score 1) 315

The law enforcers went to the wrong address, the hoax call killed no one, incompetent law enforcers murdered an innocent person. The individual is of course guilty of a hoax call and should face consequences for those actions. Repeated offence, pattern of behaviour, all indicative of someone suffering from a mental condition and the sound consequences should be compulsory medical treatment, if necessary, for the rest of their lives. The law enforcers who went to the wrong address and murdered someone should be charged with criminal negligence, not just for the murder but also going to the wrong address.

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