Comment Be Careful What You Wish For (Score 2) 449

You can argue a lot about what Trump says, but it is still foolish to believe that it serves the goal of a transparent republic to silence anyone, espececially the guy the runs 1/3 of the Federal government and the worldâ(TM)s most powerful military. If he talks shit, let him. If he makes an ass out himself, so be it. Are you really so naive as to think that it serves any purpose to keep those tendencies bottled up or limit the outlets for them?

Comment Re:erase before entry (Score 1) 71

Re "True, but this is about passing the cursory inspection without raising the kinds of flags that a fully deleted computer would raise."
A brand new computer with hidden encryption would be discovered.
An old computer will not hide the use of hidden encryption.
A new OS on an old computer with no user files is also too different from average users.
Have something very normal to inspect. Work files that are allowed to be worked on during a holiday. Holiday images and video clips. Just remember to remove all camera data from the "edited" photography. Software can be set to remove all such dat when saving a new file. GPS and camera data in any file is always collected and considered. The nation/s a person said they visited might not be the same as what the image GPS showed.
Interesting people often forget just how much location data is in some modern image files when they claim to have only been to a few very boring nations.

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1. Keep Your Software Update

Microsoft and Oracle update there software to fixed bugs that cloud be exploited by hacker. So Update your software and save your computer from virus and malware.

2. Use Free Antivirus Software

You don't pay to download antivirus software to protect your computer. Microsoft security essential is free. Avast is also a free antivirus software.

3. Don't Click on Link Within Emails

Don't click on any link within if you don't recognize a sender of an email. Microsoft say 44.8% of windows virus of infection because the computer click the unknown link.

4. Use A Strong Password

Password security company says the most common password are 123456, 0123456789, password.The company say to use the same user name and password. Try to make a password like this.

5. Backup Your Computer

Do you regularly backup your data or information on your computer ? If You value your data so as soon as backup it.

6. Minimize Download

Make sure that your browser security setting are high to delete unauthorized downloads.

7. Use A Pop-Up Blocker

The says never clicking on the link of pop-up screen. Web browser has ability to stop pop-up browser.

8. Use A Firewall

You have antivirus software running it doesn't mean that you have a firewall. Be sure to check that it is enable.

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Twitter says world leaders like Trump have special status
ThaiVisa News
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Twitter Inc on Friday reiterated its stance that accounts belonging to world leaders have special status on the social media network, pushing back against users who have called on the company to banish U.S. President Donald ...
Trump's tweets rattle the globe, but aides say North Korea policy is carefully calibratedWashington Post
Twitter statement reveals why it won't ban Trump over his controversial tweetsCBS News
Is President Trump purposely trying to pick a fight with North Korea?The Hill (blog)
CNN-CNNMoney-HuffPost-ABC News
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Comment Finally! (Score 1) 508

A tool that can identify Pepe, the flag of Kekistan, cartons of milk, and the "Okay" emoji.

All of these have been deemed "white supremacist dog whistles" in the last couple of years. I'll let you in on a tip; each time, you're being trolled. Hard. And the clever thing is, by having a meltdown over something as benign as "they're drinking milk!", you're desensitising a lot of people to words like 'racism', 'nazi', 'white supremacy', by tossing them around so freely.

These were words used to carry an awful lot of impact. Now, you can be a racist for doing the "okay" hand signal, while sipping milk.

This revolutionary NSA hacker with her AI (is it just some sort of idiotic neural network trained to spot Pepe / look at Richard Spencer's Twitter feed and track new memes?) is going to be a massive success.

It'll be up there with the advances in AI used to power Twitter blocklists.

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Comment Re:What exactly has Trump done to deserve a ban? (Score 3, Interesting) 449

He called Hillary Clinton a traitor. Treason is punishable by death.

He also famously stated, "If she gets to pick her judges: Nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know. But I tell you what, that will be a horrible day.”

He has called for the death penalty to be used on specific people (NYC truck terrorist) and on general classes of people (those who kill policemen).

Do we need to go on?

Comment The Verge (Score 3, Insightful) 449

Exactly the kind of bullshit article I've come to expect from The Verge, as they continue to push far-left clickbait in a desperate attempt to remain relevant. They're approaching the level of BuzzFeed at this point. What's incredible is that anyone continues to pay attention to the ham-fisted Trump condemnations that are now the bread and butter of these publications, and apparently the only kind of article they're capable to producing. Online journalism has become so lazy it's almost unbelievable.

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Comment Re: erase before entry (Score 1) 71

AC re "The worst case is that they seize it"
Then the use of encryption is discovered by contractors later.
Why is a person returning to the USA with an encrypted fie system? What is in the files?
What kind of encryption is been used? Consumer grade that is junk? Can another agency decrypt?
That starts a lot of questions that might not just stop when "paperwork to get it back or a refund".
That person who feels the need for so much good encryption is now interesting. What are they doing in the USA? What did they do in another part of the world that needed encryption? What did they do over the years?
The need for encryption is a nice way to find out someone is interesting even if they get a "refund" or their "stuff" back later.
The next holiday, business trip? US law enforcement might suggest another nation interview that interesting person. They are watched and "randomly" selected for a search and a few questions. Law enforcement cooperation is great like that in the modern world. That nation might have a law that required decryption when asked.
The "Use of encryption is not a crime in the US." is then not such a problem as it might be a crime in that nation.
AC the really neat thing about US customs is that demand for "constitution" has been tested over many decades by many generations of very different people and their teams of skilled lawyers thinking they could prevent a search, not be searched, not be asked questions, block a US court from looking at what was found.
That they could lie to US customs...
The "constitution" is not diplomatic immunity when returning to the USA.
People still get searched after decades of trying to demand that they cannot be searched because "constitution" when returning to the USA.
Become a diplomat for another nation and then enjoy some protection.
User Journal


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Comment Re:gotta work first (Score 1) 89

I have both an Echo and Google Home. I have found Google Home to be far more capable when I actually want information about something.

Even for home automation, I have found Google Home to be far more capable than the Echo. I can tell Google Home, "Turn off all lights in the living room", something the Echo is incapable of doing. When asking for information, usually Google is far more capable and it also understands context. Google understands the difference between 'what's the closest pizza parlor' and 'what pizza parlors are nearby' whereas the Echo only lists the ones nearby.

Of course, the best was when I asked 'What do you get when you multiply six by nine" where Google Home gave me the correct response, "42" and an explanation why whereas Alexa just gives 54. I guess Alexa is better if I want to do shopping through Amazon. I tried Home for shopping and it worked fine as well but I don't feel comfortable buying something purely by voice. I want to see what I'm buying first.

Both support music and I already have Chromecast so Google Home ties into that nicely. All of my devices are supported by both. I use Insteon with a Universal Devices controller which works with both and my thermostat and car are also supported.

All that said, both definitely have a long way to go but when it comes to actual intelligence for AI I think Google is definitely ahead. If I need information, Google Home is far ahead.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Alexa could live in headphones, wearables thanks to new developer kit - Ars Technica (

Ars Technica

Alexa could live in headphones, wearables thanks to new developer kit
Ars Technica
The next frontier for Amazon's Alexa may be the devices you keep on your person most of the time. Amazon announced the new Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit today, which will allow manufacturers to more easily integrate the company's voice assistant into ...
5 Big Things to Watch for at CES
Amazon Brings Cooking Controls To Alexa With Smart Home Skill APITech Times
Amazon releases Alexa developer kit for wearable devicesZDNet
Android Police-GeekWire-Engadget-Android Headlines
all 215 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Check Point Discovers New Adware Affecting Play Store Apps - Android Headlines (

Newburgh Gazette

Check Point Discovers New Adware Affecting Play Store Apps
Android Headlines
Researchers at Check Point Software Technologies LTD recently discovered a new category of adware on the Google Play store which uses malicious scripting to show ads and prevent users from removing them. Due to the software's tendency to show up in ...
Sensor Tower: Mobile game spending hit $48.3 billion in 2017VentureBeat
Why Downloading Flashlight Apps From Google Play May Be a Bad IdeaFortune
App revenue climbed 35 percent to $60 billion in 2017TechCrunch
ZDNet-eWeek-Christian Post-Gizmodo
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Curiosity Rover Spots Weird Tube-Like Structures on Mars - (

Curiosity Rover Spots Weird Tube-Like Structures on Mars
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity captured this image on Jan. 2, 2018, with its Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI). Using an onboard focusing process, the robot created this product by merging two to eight images previously taken by MAHLI, which is located on the ...
Curiosity finds strange, tiny Mars feature: trace fossils possibleSlashGear
NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Finds Mysterious Weird Squiggles On PlanetInternational Business Times
LIFE ON MARS: NASA rover finds 'unique fossils' on Red (press release)-International Business Times UK
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Comment Re:Sounds plausible (Score 1) 60

Or at least in an admirably-decent format. MP3 @ 320K, or AAC @ 192, for instance, is fine. (Perfect? No. But fine.)

They could force FLAC or 44.1/88.2/192k PCM, but that just encourages people to use workflows that they might not be used to, and/or lying through conversion from a very lossy format to a lossy one.

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User Journal

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Comment Re:A perfectly good idea (Score 1) 299

You seem to assume that some of what you listed is not in that category, and that this is just a qualitative difference. It's telling that your core question isn't on principles. It's "which items on my list are propagandistic enough?"

I on the other hand am arguing about the core principle of the issue. Which is why I just call spade a spade here, having been able to read Soviet propaganda in its original language and what it did to its targets, and having the excellent opportunity to compare the two.

Your refusal to engage in any kind of discussion on principles, and merely discussing the "shades of propaganda" is the exact same mindset as those people who voluntarily went in front of the NKVD shooting squads, "because our ideology demands it, and our enemies will win if I don't".

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