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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Users Report Google Pixel 2 XL Voice Bug In Many Apps - ValueWalk (


Users Report Google Pixel 2 XL Voice Bug In Many Apps
The Google Pixel 2 XL has been eagerly anticipated since its announcement, but the release has been plagued by various issues – the most recent being the Google Pixel 2 XL voice bug in many messaging applications. Google Pixel 2 XL Voice Bug Image ...
Google blasts Pixel 2 XL's Settings app with popup survey and it feels
Google asking random users to answer survey on Pixel 2 XLAndroid Community
Google's latest Pixel 2 update isn't as big as we thought (update)TechRadar
NDTV-The Independent-Android Authority (blog)-XDA Developers
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: This Soft, Self-Healing Robot Mimics How Human Muscles Move - Gizmodo Australia (

Gizmodo Australia

This Soft, Self-Healing Robot Mimics How Human Muscles Move
Gizmodo Australia
The aim of soft robotics is to create machines that move more like humans -- robots that can, say, sensitively grasp delicate objects without crushing them. Engineers have recently created an artificial muscle that can mimic the way that the human body ...
Scientists Developed Self-Healing Robot MusclesValueWalk
This Artificial Muscle Costs 10 Cents to Make. And It's As Strong As an Elephant.National Geographic
New robot 'muscles' are strong enough to lift a baseball—and nimble enough to pluck a raspberryScience Magazine
The Inquisitr-The Denver Post-ZME Science-The TeCake
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Feed Techdirt: New York State Appellate Court Says Cell Site Location Records Have No Expectation Of Privacy (

The Supreme Court will deliver its ruling on the issue of cell site location info later this year, possibly changing the contours of the Third Party Doctrine for the first time since its erection out of thin air more than four decades ago. Until then, a patchwork of decisions has been handed down by state courts, some finding state law provides more protection for cell phone users than the US Constitution. At the federal level, however, years of precedent has resulted in a mostly-unified front by appellate courts. According to their decisions, cell site location info is a third-party record, undeserving of Fourth Amendment protections.

One of New York State's appellate courts has sided with the federal level. According to its recent decision, there are no privacy expectations in CSLI collected and stored by cell phone providers.

[W]e conclude that the acquisition of that information was not a search requiring a warrant under either the federal or state constitution. As the People point out, this case involves only historical cell site location information, contained in the business records of defendant's service provider, which placed his phone within a certain cell site "sector" at the time he used the phone to make calls, send text messages, or receive calls or messages.

Under these circumstances, we conclude that the acquisition of the cell site location information was not a search under the Fourth Amendment to the federal constitution because defendant's use of the phone constituted a voluntary disclosure of his general location to his service provider, and a person does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed to third parties

The court goes on to declare that even if it had felt like suppressing the evidence and extending privacy protections to CSLI, it wouldn't have helped the defendant.

As a final matter, we agree with the People that any error in the court's refusal to suppress defendant's cell site location information is harmless. The evidence of defendant's identity as a participant in the crime is overwhelming, and there is no reasonable possibility that the verdict would have been different if the location information had been suppressed

This decision will stand even if the Supreme Court upends 40+ years of Third Party Doctrine rulings. Decisions like these are rarely retroactively applied. Even if Carpenter wins his Supreme Court case, it's likely the lower court will allow the evidence to remain in play, pointing out officers were reasonable to rely on precedential decisions finding no Fourth Amendment protections for third party records. The same goes for the defendant here. Post-decision alterations to the contours of the Constitution rarely help those whose rights have been determined to be violated after the fact.

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Comment From owner of three Raspberry PI 3 (Score 1) 116

Raspberry PI 3 is far from a toy. The main thing is to install the Raspbian Lite without GUI desktop. Most of the computing "power" is spent on handling of the HD, 4K, 8K, etc. display.

I installed Apache 2, PHP 7, SSH, SFTP on one RPI3 and MySQL database on another. This system is incredibly stable and quite fast. I think of moving to self-hosting with this setup. It practically does not consume any electricity.

I realize now that it does not requite too much computing power to send HTML files and even JPGs to a network.

Raspberry PI 3 is a good hardware for learning server administration. I plan to move from MySQL to PostgreSQL. On RPI3 it is possible, on my commercial hosting service it is not possible.

Comment Re:"certain" (Score 1) 179

That's one way to look at it, I suppose.

That's the way it is, so that's a reasonable way to look at it. You're buying a service. Just like buying a bus ticket to Las Vegas is buying a service, and you expect the bus to go all the way to the destination. A data cap on the Verizon VoD service would be like a bus ticket that includes only a limited amount of gas for the bus. The gas required to get there is part of the service you bought from the bus company.

Contrast that with buying a hypothetical "bus pass" that includes a set number of miles but no set destination. You get on the bus to Las Vegas but oops, you run out of miles before you get there. That's what buying a service from Netflix for video but only data service (with a cap) from Verizon is like.

I pay my ISP service fee and that covers the cost of bandwidth with Verizon on my end.

That's right. With a cap. And you pay Netflix for the service of streaming video, which does not include the data from Verizon to get it to you. You've paid Verizon for a limited amount of bandwidth.

and VoD will suddenly not be free anymore.

It never was free. You either pay Verizon for the service, or you pay Netflix for the service. How can it "not be free anymore" when it has never been free?

Reminds me of how the major selling point of Cable TV was that it was commercial free.

This fucking nonsense again. No, cable TV was never sold as "commercial free". Cable TV began life as and has always included the retransmission of OTA broadcast services, which contain commercials. (The only OTA that has ever promised "no commercials" was PBS, and they now carry a lot of them.) Very few specific and limited cable-delivered networks (such as HBO) could promise "commercial free" because they controlled the content. The local cable company does not control the content of the cable networks it carries. If that content provider has commercials, you get commercials. What do you expect the cable company to do when a content provider inserts a commercial, go to black for four minutes or more? Really?

Please, stop spreading this nonsense.

Never said anything about data caps.

You said:

Well your traffic will count towards Verizon's data caps

That's not referring to data caps?

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 2) 509

When you buy a wedding cake you pick the design out of a book. The only reason they're made to order is that they're larger than the cakes people usually need, not because the baker has to come up with a unique design that reflects his opinions about your specific choice of spouse.

Custom and made to order are not the same thing. I am not a baker--my partner, though, has worked as one--but I've been inside quite a few bakeries that do custom cakes of various types.

However, I've also actually been in several different cake stores when people were placing an order for a custom wedding cake, and... A custom wedding cake is a custom wedding cake, not merely a made to order deal. This was not just 'pick a design out of a book' deal; you sit down with somebody and work out all the details, quite possibly with sketches to confirm that the cake designer understands what you want correctly, with prices being negotiated.

A made to order cake? There is a description and a price under the photo and possibly a couple options. The book will include all types of special occasion cakes, ranging from wedding cakes to "Happy [Pick A Holiday]!" cakes.

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ghevanphong writes: Maritime Bank là ngân hàng có quy mô va ti Vit Nam, ngân hàng này có khong 242 phòng giao dch trong c nc. S lng khách hàng ca ngân hàng ri vào khong 1,3 triu ngi.

Comment Re:Hyperbole much? (Score 1) 252

The U.S. averages 640 people freezing to death per year already.

Even a 1% increase would be 6 more people frozen to death.

Humans are really bad dealing with high impact, low probability problems.

This is one of those cases.

I wouldn't have a thermostat that ran over the internet personally.

And I wouldn't use an internet service that said they might mess with thermostats.

And if they did, and someone dies, I would want them to go to jail for murder.

Because they are doing it out of pure malice.

Comment Re:The Left can't out-stupid the Right (Score 1) 509

That is only a tiny piece of BLM's stated agenda. Again, an important macro point thesis statement: the American left (or leftists talking in American forums, I suppose) can't get away with being sneaky, sloppy or tolerant of partisan nonsense like the American right can.

I believe I already acknowledged that our left wing politicians were very moderate indeed, but the far left (the same far left you guys have, more or less) DOES exist over here and is politically active, and this is a huge liability in ways that it is not over there in part because the distance between it and our mainstream left is so much larger than the distance between it and your mainstream left.

There's some other stuff going on here complicating things but yes, the horseshoe is unbalanced and no, nothing I said applies to the UK. Y'all got your own distinct issues.

Comment Re:celebration (Score 1) 179

Why do Americans put up with that shit? I can see them setting a minimum like I believe it works here in Canada and will with marijuana (18 yrs) but here the Provinces decide on the actual age, 18 some places and 19 other places with various rules on minors drinking in the presence of their parents/guardians and such.

Comment Re:to bad they dump all IO on the usb bus (Score 1) 116

If you need GigE you get a Pogoplug. They ruined the software so that you have to solder to the motherboard to get a serial port and root the thing, so they are now cheap AF. SATA which supports port multipliers, USB3, USB2, and a SDHC slot, for around ten bucks. And yes, GigE. runs Debian. Makes a great little fileserver. The TDP is under 10W...

Comment Re:You guys... (Score 3, Informative) 116

Everyone seems to have lost perspective here. 1) In order for you to be "vulnerable", you must be running some kind of malware. If you're running malware, you are already fucked with a sand-paper dildo.

It would be surprising if the average user didn't encounter malicious code, because malicious Javascript is a thing. At least one of these attacks can be made through your browser. How are you enjoying your anal sanding?

Comment Follow the money (Score 0) 449

Of course its all about ad-revenue and attention. While technically they are correct, that it takes more than one person to drive a conversation; in this case it's one person on a bully pulpit shouting to his people.

"This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period" - Sean Spicer

Comment Re:"generous subsidies" (Score 1) 192

Your brain illogically connects unrelated things.

Confiscation of wealth from the majority to subsidize expensive and economically uncompetitive cars for the well-do-to does not achieve reduction of fossil fuel usage nor lowering of pollution.

Alternative energy will be used when it is the superior choice.

Electric cars are not the superior choice right now. They can't compete.

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Comment Re:Hyperbole much? (Score 1) 252

I'm not saying their policy for copyright infringement is right or wrong. But, it is their policy. I know how few choices most people have for internet provider in the US. Saying "go with another provider" isn't really a good solution for a lot of people. However, the copyright infringement policies that ISPs introduce is to protect their asses. DMCA holds the ISP accountable if they don't at least attempt to prevent the activity. It doesn't make the situation right, it just is.

Comment Re: Hyperbole much? (Score 1) 252

What about the elderly? Are you setious? So you think an ISP, throttling your internet connection (which runs from the San connector on your router to their year-end equipment) somehow will prevent a an elderly customer, sitting in their living room, trying to control the temperature in the thermostat on their wal!? How? Because the app on their iPhone reaches out over the phones cellular connection, passes they the UPS network, into their home, and then as a Wi-Fi signal to their thermostat? That sounds a litt!e rube Goldberg to me.

More likely the app communicates with the thermostat as a peer on the internal Wi-Fi connection they share, never touching the public internet.

And let's not forget, this warning explains the implications clearly, it won't be a surprise to anyone.

Comment Re:Try not through the FCC ffs (Score 1) 77

sometimes the interests of an amazon (etc) can be the same as mine.

what I can say is that anything the R's want, is NOT what I want. they are doing all they can to fuck the common person over and if allying with an amazon will help fight the evil R's, fine.

I don't think for a minute amazon is my friend; but if they can do battle for something I believe in, fine. no one else in the gov is lifting a finger to help us out. I'll take the help when and where I can get it.

(OT: I kind of like referring to those companies as FANGs; facebook, amazon, netflix and google. they are the FANGs.)

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Toshiba Launches Symbio Smart Hub In The US - Android Headlines (

Android Headlines

Toshiba Launches Symbio Smart Hub In The US
Android Headlines
Toshiba has now officially released its Symbio smart home hub in the U.S. according to a recent announcement. Symbio is similar to devices that have been available to the country's consumers for some time – such as Google's Home or Amazon's Echo – and ...
5 Big Things to Watch for at CES
People do actually want to use their smart speakers to buy thingsCNBC
Amazon wants to bring Alexa to more mobile accessories with new dev toolsAndroid Police
all 213 news articles

Submission + - Nhng iu khin phòng bp hao tn tài vn tt (

Noi That Nelin writes: V trí phòng bp trong nhà là rt quan trng, rt nhiu ngi không hiu rõ rng, trong phòng bp nu nh sp xp không thun theo phong thy nhà s phá v tài vn may mn, thm chí nh hng rt ln n sc khe ca các thành viên trong gia ình. Sau ây hãy cùng NI THT NELIN tìm hiu xem nhng sai lm nào khin cho tài vn ca phòng bp không tt nhé.

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