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YallaminiCards writes: Our City One Tour will take you to Al Ain one of the 7 Emirates in the UAE. We will take you on a sightseeing Journey through the Meydan Hotel where the Famous Gold Cup Horse Race is staged once a year. We will pass the Outlet Mall as we move onto the Al Ain Palace Museum, Al Ain Oasis, and Date Farms.

Comment What?! It really could go wrong. (Score 1) 238

No. It is VERY HARD to see how this could go wrong.

You might want to look at your example again.

Your example is music writers can "compose and create music recordings (and put on YouTube) even though he cannot play any of the instruments", but what if youtubers can now click one button and the computer can compose and create music recordings even though he cannot play any instruments at all?

See what I did there? This is what we are doing with machine learning (the media calls them AI).

Imagine one day, no one will ever create/upload a video for youtube, instead the youtubers simply click one button to generate a video. So "solo movie creators", "writers" would no long exist, just algorithms and meat potatoes left.

That, the concept of taking out everyone and it's effect, is very wrong, at least for the existing system. Unfortunately, it is already happening. But real assure, regular robots and simple computer generators will take over before any real AI is completed.

Whether it's "good for humanity" however is a different question, as you could still prove that it is good for humanity even when it is wrong.

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Comment Re:I say its like cooking ... (Score 1) 340

Yes, the risk in that metaphor is that of revealing a truth about programming. That is, some people like to code instinctively, as well... As for self-evident or situational steps, we have libraries that give us those. As for baking a cake: you gotta do the cooking by the book, you know you can't be lazy.

Comment Re:What's what WOL is for (Score 5, Insightful) 139

Yes and no. WOL can wake a sleeping computer, but not reboot it if it hangs, nor provide any other sort of remote administration beyond what the OS gives you once it comes up. And if it doesn't come up, WOL just left you in the lurch. You need remote-hands to recover.

I've gone so far as to repurpose a WOL-capable network card as a reset-on-lan device, because my always-on machine doesn't need waking, but inevitably if I'm on the other side of the country, it somehow manages to need rebooting.

IME sounds like it could serve this purpose and more, perhaps providing a useful subset of iLO/DRAC functionality, but not just for server boards.

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reyecomops writes: Everywhere we see the salesperson selling the products by influencing the buyers about them, by boasting about their characteristics and qualities. However, not every time the clients or the shoppers are interested in what they tell or sell, especially when they are in a hurry or want to avoid the spiel. Moreover, the real persons may get tired of doing the repetitive task of presentations and may not possess that level of diligence. In such a situation, the most advanced and ultramodern solution is hiring a virtual salesperson.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: AirPods sold out from Apple & other retailers until 2018, frustrating last-minute holiday shoppers - 9to5Mac (


AirPods sold out from Apple & other retailers until 2018, frustrating last-minute holiday shoppers
As we enter the final stretch of holiday shopping this week, Apple's AirPods are again facing supply issues. After once improving to 3-5 day delivery, and even quicker in some cases, you now won't get them in time for Christmas if you buy straight from ...
AirPods now shipping post-Christmas from Apple, many other online retailersAppleInsider (press release) (blog)
It's Now Too Late to Get AirPods From the Apple Store (and Most Other Places) Before 2018Gizmodo
Apple is Currently Sold Out of AirPods Until JanuaryMac Rumors Arena
all 9 news articles

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via tokopedia :

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Comment Re: It depends on your risk-management philosphy (Score 1) 139

And then BO2K was horribly bloated with all the plugins that seldom played nice with one another and, at least according to this humble scribe, failed to deliver on most of its promises because it was overly ambitious and took too many steps forward all at once.

But the release party for it was quite an affair..

Submission + - All There Is To Know About Probate And Wills (

Advance Inheritance writes: The inheritance of property is not a simple procedure. You may have written your Will already and assume that when you are no more the property and everything you own will automatically be passed over to the person indicated in your Will. Unfortunately legal proceedings are not so simple.

When somebody dies the belongings will have to be passed on to another and this is done through the probate court. Regardless of if the deceased has a Will written or not the procedure remains the same. The probate process is a way in which one proves the ownership of the deceased person's belongings.

The court will first verify if the property mentioned is indeed that of the deceased. This is confirmed by an individual who is noted as an Executor in the Will or by an Administrator if there is no Will written. The Administrator is appointed by the court.

It is the duty of the executor or administrator to ensure and document all the files identifying the titles. Apart from this they also confirm if all the dues on the property have been cleared. The next step would be for the court to look into the instructions on disbursement of belongings.

One should also understand that if the estate is considerably small one can go ahead and skip the probate court. This limit which identifies if the estate is small varies from state to state and by dollar amount too.

Since these records are considered public records, anybody can request to look into them. It is also common to find people with lots of assets setting up trusts to avoid expense and public disclosure after which ownership is transferred into the trust created.

These trusts have the ability to go through probate since they have already proven title. These trusts when set properly have the ability to keep estates out of the public record which is considered a very important privacy concern. However, it is very important that the setup is done meticulously.

If people with a trust have missed to add something to the trust, they are free to have a Will written. The complexity of trusts and probate are very high. Though the process followed is much the same every time, there are a lot of exceptions and legalese. In the process of recovering a judgement the divorce court and probate court prove to be a valuable resource in providing good and authentic information.

There are number of inheritance advance companies that provide loan against inheritance. However, checking for reputation is very important when requesting for a loan. Visit for more information.

Comment Re:PLATO I Hardly Knew Ye (Score 1) 59

There was a Plato in High School, though I don't know if I ever used it. We had actual computers, Apple and DEC, that we could actually code on and that is what most of us did. I probably was assigned work on Plato, but it recall it being boring.

I think what we can learn from the past is that simply that motivated students are going to learn anywhere, and less motivated students are not going to be more engaged just because throw new technology at them. I am a practical person so I learn when I solve practical problems. Have a computer instead of a worksheet did nothing.

I saw this several years ago when I working with a adaptive learning software. The motivated students, the ones who would learn everything no matter what, really learned a lot. Of course they would have learned it no matter what, so the advantage was that one could have a class ratio of 50 to 1 instead of of 30 to 1.

OTOH, the student who were most reluctant, the one who require personal attention,quickly figured that if the got everything wrong, the software would revert to the lowest level questions, and they would get their full completion credit for not really learning anything.

I see this 'magic bullet' fa;acy in many other places. For instance, Tesla want to makes public transit obsolete by selling autonomous cars and building tunnels. Of course the highways system and cheap cars were supposed to make public transit obsolete, but we see how that works. There is simply a geometry and physics issues, and stacking can only do so much.

Computing devices, if we really use them to redefine the way we educate, can really help the reluctant student. But if we are just trying to generate a profit by making it cheaper to educate the motivated student, we are not really doing anything at all. We are already very good at educated the motivated student. That is why most of the work that Gates and people like him has done has been a failure.

We need to learn from Plato that we can't just do the same thing, but simply put it one a screen or make it a game. We need to reach the student that will game the game.

Comment Articles (Score 1) 139

"Intel clearly didn't do a good job marketing the feature..."

I agree. It seems to me that Intel ME could be a good idea. What is extremely self-destructive to Intel is that customers have insufficient understanding and insufficient control.

Intel news stories (April 17, 2017 )

Articles about spyware in CPUs (June 18, 2017)

"ME is turning into a colossal dumpster fire." (December 10, 2017 )

Comment Re:Flaw? You mean... (Score 1) 48

Sometimes you can make a password management system that takes your single secret password (or a keyfile), adds the host name and the username, tosses it through a SHA-512 HMAC, then uses the first n characters, n being the max the site allows. The nice thing about this method is that the password can't be figured out even if an attacker gets your site passwords.

My ideal password manager would be one that synced to a cloud provider, but had each device have its own private key, and a record so it can unlock and decrypt the master database key. A symmetric key would also be present for recovery reasons. This way, even if the cloud provider were hacked, there would be the database, and a bunch of entries encrypted to a number of public keys, forcing the attacker to either try to factor one of the keys, or go against the entire AES-256 keyspace [1]. Since Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS all have OS level protection mechanisms for keys, one can use those for device protection.

[1]: Or if one wants to up security a notch, cascade AES, SERPENT, and some other Russian/Chinese standard algorithms. This isn't to brag about having 1024 bits of key space, but in case one of the main algorithms has a significant weakness, the data is still protected. This is why VeraCrypt offers a two and three algorithm cascade.

Comment Re:Unless someone discloses the signing key... (Score 3, Interesting) 139

since it loses code on poweroff

Yeah, but then when power is restored, the OS boots, and the application just re-registers itself with AMT again. There's a public API to do it. It doesn't have to be burned into the firmware to work. It just needs to wake the OS when a request is made.

Comment Re: It depends on your risk-management philosphy (Score 4, Informative) 139

Many many years ago there was an exploit called "Back Orifice" which was more properly named "Cult of the Dead Cow".

Just for the record, Cult of the Dead Cow was the name of the group which created it; Back Orifice was the name of a program which they released.

And yes, it was tiny enough to be easily attached to even something as small as a keygen, turning it into an easy trojan, while also being a great remote administration tool for more legitimate use.

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Comment Still in my life (Score 1) 59

I had an author signon in the University of Maine group (mainei) which I lost when I annoyed many participants in the =events Notes forum. They were angered by my expressing Conservative views, and caused much trouble. Annoying sysops can lead to entire systems being deleted. I surrendered.

But I played a lot Avatar, lots. Among other things, Avatar had an in-game chat system most useful for players to organize and accomplish what they could not alone. But it was multipurpose.

I found that my afternoon sessions (that lasted into evening) began to get a lot of game chat from members of a group called 'pima'. Mostly asking "asl" and then nothing,.. Few of them had significant characters, and in fact didn't seem to be playing at all. Sure enough, it was 3pm in Arizona, and the Pima Correctional Facility, which hosted many juvenile offenders. When they finished their classwork in the GED curriculum, they were permitted to play games. Mostly however, they used these in-game chats to connect with anyone outside of the jail. Being teenagers, they were mostly just looking for contact, wanting to know age, sex, and location of anyone willing to respond. Kids.

But I left mainei for two years, getting a signon and hanging out in a USM room where terminals were, no dialup permitted since the unwashed kept causing problems. But that ended.

And I found Cyber1, and play Avatar in that game universe when I can. Cyber1 has done well with their implementation, very well. They have some great lessons available. And they beg for more, if you have any files to share.

Great fun , PLATO. Still remarkable, with email, chat, instant messaging, forums, and of course courseware. Remarkable. They also built plasma displays for terminals at UICU, and those were noted by IBM among others...

Submission + - Why Choose Mobile RFID Readers (

An anonymous reader writes: Radio-frequency identification (RFID) has been of great use to establishments and other products, such as pants, perfumes, shoes, and more. It is made of electromagnetic fields that have the capability to automatically identify and track tags that have been attached to objects like the ones mentioned here.

However, did you know that when paired with a person's gadget, such as the smartphone or even a tablet, the use of RFID is even wider and more varied?

The mobile RFID readers have been increasingly become a trend especially for business and even for application developers due to its uses, which include the following:

Asset Management: It aids in keeping track of your products from the moment they are manufactured to the time they are delivered to its destination.

M-commerce: Mobile RFIDs also has become useful for those who want to learn more about a product on the spot. All they need to do is scan the code and let the power of the Internet do the rest.

Used by Major retailers: Product management, Anti-theft, etc. are just some of the reasons why retailers have also shifted to using mobile RFID readers.

It cannot be denied that one of the most useful gadgets today is the mobile devices. Almost all of the people who are capable of using a mobile have one. Plus, mobile devices have become a must and an all-in-one gadget used in the workplace, during travel, and so much more.

One of the reasons why there is a huge demand for RFID reader products is that an increasing number of workers have become accustomed and comfortable with the functionality of their smartphones. Thus, it would be easier for them to adjust and get accustomed to the uses of the mobile RFID readers.

According to Michael Liard, an independent analyst who focuses on RFID technology, "These are not typical handheld readers or bar-code scanners; these are devices employees use in their everyday lives. So there is a measure of friendliness and ease of use."

"The total cost of ownership is lower with these types of devices," Liard says. "And if people bring their own devices into these environments, also enable cost savings."

Another remarkable benefit of mobile RFID readers is that it is user-friendly. The installation is easier, especially when compared to their fixed counterparts. Plus, it's easier to navigate and bring or carry.

If you are a business owner or an establishment operator or manager who is looking for a high-quality yet affordable RFID reader, it's time you check out iDTRONIC Professional RFID. It is a company that has become the leading manufacturer of AutoIDs. They develop, manufacture, and sell high-end RFID products.

Each RFID product manufactured by this company has undergone a rigorous quality check conducted by their technical team for development and support. As a result, their RFID products feature an innovative design, high performance, and reliable quality, for an excellent value.

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An anonymous reader writes: n vi chua Huong, bn có th i bt k mùa nào trong nm. Vào tháng 11, nhng sc tím ca hoa súng ã bung n sui Yn. Ti sao không thu xp làm mt chuyn vào dp cui tun nh? Hôm nay vn phòng cho thue xe 16 ch s gii thiu n quý bn c nhng thông tin cn thit cho chuyn i chùa Hng ti ây.

Di chuyn n chùa Hng th naò?

Có khá nhiu phng tin cho bn la chn. Bn có th t túc i xe máy, hay bt xe bus. Nu i bus bn i chun bus 211 hay xe 75, 78 tùy thuc vào a im bn xuât phát. Nu i xe máy bn s i ng Nguyn Trãi, thng n Hà ông, tip tc r trái sang Vân ình. Sau ó i tip 40km n T Tiêu và hi ngi dân a phng cho chc chn. Còn trng hp bn thuê xe có lái ti công ty cho thuê xe Hoa Mai bn s không phi lo lng vn di chuyn. Chúng tôi có i ng t vn viên có th lên lch trình cho bn và i ng lái xe giàu kinh nghim. Bn ch cn tn hng chuyn i và lu gi khong khc ca mình.

Comment Re:Depending on the failure, Generators won't help (Score 2) 189

A backup system limits the common points of failure with the primary system. While there are plenty of airports with co-generation plants that can backfeed the primary utility circuits supporting the airport, this is generally not considered a backup system. (LAX has about 20MW of generation in their central plant, but IIRC it doesn't have black-start capability, as an example.)

Airports have the benefit of being big; generally, a properly designed system will maintain reduced operations under failure conditions. It won't eliminate an incident, but it can drastically reduce the impact of a major problem. You can sacrifice a concourse, but you limit the impact on other concourses so you can keep moving in the degraded state.

Comment Re:Christianity largely responsible for science (Score 1) 458

I agree with your point that Christianity at the time was a de facto standard and everyone pretty much had to be Christian on the surface in order to function. However, this does not explain why, out of all the myriad religions in the world at the time, did only Christianity foster the development of science?

Technologically Europe was behind both the Muslim and Chinese and yet not only leapt past them but did so spectacularly that they have only just caught up recently. It's hard to believe that the education, free exchange of ideas and work ethic that Christianity enabled and encouraged had nothing to do with this.

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To help customers achieve their trademark needs easily and conveniently, our trademark services include the following scope
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        Transliteration and translation services
        Notarization for Statutory Declaration

Comment More damage control (Score 2) 46

Facebook is evil and everyone with a brain knows it.

Facebook was so invested in because its potential to break down society was realized by its big investors. It wasn't a shot in the dark with their billions of dollars. It wasn't a surprise that social media would transform our society. They knew what it was to become and it profits them immensely.
Why do they want to break down society? Because they want to increase the level of control they have. Instead of programming society on the scale of groups, they want to control every atom; every individual, and open up new roads to exponentially more power.

People always explain away things like this saying "well that's just what people want and the company is just giving them what they want and making money, so this isn't really bad, this is progress! There's no conspiracy! People are smart, they aren't so easily suckered into things! They know what's good!"

The thing is that people are actually not that picky. They will accept just about ANY given solution for their basic needs as long as authority backs it consistently enough. So it becomes a question of what exactly we are progressing towards and who's interest it really is in.

Humans are not some transcendent creature with the guarantee of self awareness and intellect and rationality because of how much inherently better they are than all other life on Earth. These are optional features supported by a certain way of life. If you take away the nuances from the human way of life, if you take away the culture that support these higher functions, people go into "backward compatibility mode"; they re-adapt to a simpler, savage, prehistoric world. Simply put they devolve.

While most people don't know themselves well enough to see this, there are people who know this about humanity, and they know about it deeply. These people are leaders.
Leaders either choose to try to raise people up to their own level of awareness or leaders choose to plunge people down so they can never rise up. Leaders choose either cooperation or enslavement.

Humans are tribal creatures. They are beyond racist. They are beyond nepotistic. They will kill members of their own families who displease them. Humans are not only genocidal by default, they a fratricidal by default.
We can see this at every point in our history. We can see this in our close relatives like the chimpanzee that continue to live a way of life that we departed from eons ago.

Leaders cooperate and enslave in degrees. The closer you are to directly supporting the substance of the leader, that is, the more you share in common with the leader that you align with that leader's will, the more cooperation you will receive. The further, the more enslavement you will receive, up to the point that when your interests drift sufficiently you are immediately killed or otherwise neutralized.
What this amounts to is simple: as time goes on you will only become more distant and unable to adapt to the leader. The leader's own will replace everyone else. Eventually you drift into the zone of no return in relation to a current leader and unless the leader changes, your line will end: you, your family, your children all die and there are no more children thereafter.
Usually this takes a long time, so long that the diverse interests in the world shift and leaders change and most tribes survive at least long enough to make a compromise and intermingle with the dominant tribe. But things are becoming unusual: power is being consolidated on unprecedented scales with unprecedented stability, and it is making ever more exacting demands on its subjects as their numbers swell to challenge the Earth's ability to sustain them.
Humanity's genocidal nature has risen to the surface.

This all sounds very grim, until you consider the fact we've been up and down this situation for millions of years and have some pretty good solutions to the pitfalls and the problems that lead to them.
All the machinery is in place for us to CHOOSE our own leaders. Are you choosing yours? Are you prepared to? Can you make your voice heard when authority tries to suppress it? Have you realized what happens to suppressed voices when power becomes too consolidated?

When you have no borders, as in an economically globalized world, because the focus of the connection is material and is therefore fueled by greed, one tribe will come to dominate by enslavement. The tribe with the most immediate advantage is the tribe the travels the most conducting the most mercantile transactions, providing the most banking, thereby connecting money and people across nations and diverting a portion of every transaction into their own coffers. Every border broken, physical or conceptual, results in a new avenue for transaction and a shower of gold.
Any guesses as to what's going on now? Who's the tribe?

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