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Comment Re:Obviously, it has transcended right past us. (Score 1) 65

"Not so handsome now", thought Harry as he dipped Hermione in hot source. The Death Eaters were dead now, and Harry was starting to get hungry.

One can interpret some of those words in a couple of different ways, and one of the interpretations (not the literal one, the vulgar one) sounds very much like typical fanfic.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: "Hey Google" hotword for phones rolling out to more users - Android Police (

Android Police

"Hey Google" hotword for phones rolling out to more users
Android Police
For years, the Google Search app for Android has listened for the voice command "Ok Google." This carried over to Google Assistant, but it hasn't become any less awkward to say. When the Google Home was first introduced, it could listen for "Hey Google ...
Google Assistant on phones now offers a choice of hotwordsEngadget
"Hey Google" wakeup command for phones seeing more widespread roll out
The Google spy who loved me (and who I loved back)Brinkwire (press release)

all 4 news articles

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Comment Re: Intel is evil (Score 2) 139

I won't get into an argument over whether you're right about that or not, but I will say we can work to make that point entirely irrelevant. If we work to give AMD and Intel roughly equal market share, then start propping VIA up until we have 3 equal players (VIA could catch up in performance and power efficiency with some funding; they've got the engineering capabilities, they simply lack funding). As each of the smaller players gets bigger, the bigger player gets smaller; we begin opening the door for a fourth serious player, then a fifth, and so on.

If AMD and Intel are both compromised in the market, and let's go ahead and assume they are for the purpose of this discussion, the correct response is to redistribute market share in a way that shrinks the biggest players and makes room for new players who may not be compromised.

Since VIA is not an option for the typical desktop or workstation user, and there are no other players, that means growing AMD even if they're also compromised, simply to shrink Intel. Then, we start growing VIA for lower-power needs, until they're able to catch up in performance-per-watt; then we grow them to be Intel and AMD's equals. We show other foundries that there is room to grow in the x86 market, they step up, we grow them, then we win.

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Think about that.

If you don’t face up to your excess body fat, you’re walking around with a time bomb ticking in your body, just waiting to explode and ruin your life.

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Comment Re: They must go nuts (Score 0) 458

We should be using terms like "forced birthers" because that describes what so-called "anti-abortionists" are supporting. Not saving a fetus, but forcing a woman to give birth without her consent.

Riiiight... because every abortion is because the woman was either raped or experiencing an immaculate conception, 'a la the virgin mary'. She didn't consent to having the man engage in all the requisite steps to impregnate her - it just 'happened', she's a victim of her own completely unpredictable fertility cycle and some innocent sexual activity...

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toms john writes: Dining used to be a simple affair, with people seated around a table sharing a meal, complimenting the chef if the food was exemplary, and the like. Fast forward to the present – dining as a concept has been revolutionised with mind-boggling variations to a simple, predictable activity! In Sydney, you have fine dining options to restaurants where you can dine and enjoy live music or a live show, and even luxury Sydney dinner cruise as well!
When we look at the history of dining, ancient Romans were the ones who started hosting dinner parties with exotic and intricately prepared dishes. During or after the dinner, the Roman Emperor and senators would congregate and discuss matters of state. The English dinner parties hosted in the late 1880s were more formal affairs, with printed invitations and elaborate food displays. They would be followed by entertainment that included singing or poetry recitals.
The first entertainment accompaniments with dinner were string music and jazz. Having a live band playing tunes gave the place an elegance that was missing from the average restaurant. As times progressed, there would sometimes be a lead singer accompanying the band, or there would be a routine from a stand-up comedian who would make the audience erupt into peals of laughter, as they tucked into their meals.
A little later, dining started to get more innovative, especially in cities like Sydney, which boasts the most beautiful natural harbour in the world. There are many dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour that offer it’s guests a luxury dining experience, while enjoying brilliant views of the city’s iconic attractions. There’s even one that offers a gourmet three-course meal as well as a live cabaret show on a vessel that’s designed like a New Orleans-style paddlewheeler.
As the world moved to new ages, multiple activities were being clubbed with dining. Dining became less of a recreational pastime, and more of a stage for other activities. It’s the stage for business meetings or interviews for potential job aspirants. The food aspect of dining seems to have been sidelined with other activities taking centre stage.
You get more for your money’s worth now though, with all the added entertainment inclusions. But are we missing out on something – the core part of dining, the food? We used to select a restaurant or a diner based on the dishes they were known for, and not the entertainment options available. Dining used to be a passionate affair, tasting eclectic flavours and enjoying the flavours and spices that went into making it. All these added accompaniments might have also lowered the standards of cuisine, as the main focus has shifted from dining to entertainment elements.
The experience of dining is only remembered during festive occasions like Christmas or Easter, when everyone sits down to share a meal, taking in the flavours and expressing gratitude to the ones who toiled in the kitchen to put the feast on the table. There will be lively discussions and conversations with each other, but the food and feasting always hold centre stage!
It’s sad though, that we are not able to experience this joy of dining more often, appreciating the flavours and the good work that goes into making each dish.

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