Submission + - Restoring a Bricked iMac Pro Requires a Second Mac ( 1

dibdublin writes: From the article: "If an iMac Pro becomes unresponsive and requires restoring, like if there's a power failure during a software update, there are a special set of instructions iMac Pro users must follow, which require a secondary Mac."

Submission + - Pentagon's Mysterious U.F.O. Program - with video! ( 1

Joosy writes: Until 2012 the Pentagon had a program, the "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program", that tracked unidentified flying objects. Finally the program has come to light, and a few videos have been released.

Submission + - Certain CDC Officials Forbidden To Use Words Like "Science-Based". (

hey! writes: On Friday the Washington Post reported that the Trump Administration has forbidden the Centers for Disease Control from using seven terms in certain documents: "science-based", "evidence-based", “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” and “fetus".

It's important to note that the precise scope and intent of the ban is unknown at present. Scientific and medical personnel as of now have not been affected, only policy analysis preparing budgetary proposals and supporting data that is being sent to Congress. So it is unclear the degree to which the language mandates represent a change in agency priorities vs. a change in how it presents itself to Congress. However banning the scientifically precise term "fetus" will certainly complicate budgeting for things like Zika research and monitoring.

Submission + - CDC banned from using words such as 'Science-based' or 'Evidence-based' (

Ayano writes:

Policy analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta were told of the list of forbidden words at a meeting Thursday with senior CDC officials who oversee the budget, according to an analyst who took part in the 90-minute briefing. The forbidden words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.” — VoxWP

Aside from the more political words, this is especially troubling that rather than disagreeing about the science, that the current administration would rather ban the use of such language .

Submission + - Reverse Engineering a Frame of Metal Gear Solid V (

An anonymous reader writes: The Phantom Pain concluded the world-renowned Metal Gear Solid series as directed by Hideo Kojima. Two years after the release of the game, an article revisits the process of rendering a frame of the Fox Engine. It is an in-depth analysis of every computing step happening on the GPU in a modern game engine every 16 milli-seconds.
The article also experiments with hacking the rendering, revealing the true face of some masked character the players were never supposed to see, enough to re-ignite some fan conspiracy theory.

Submission + - Windows 10 Bundles a Password Manager. Password Manager Bundles a Security Flaw (

An anonymous reader writes: A Google security researcher has found and helped patch a severe vulnerability in Keeper, a password manager application that Microsoft has been bundling with some Windows 10 distributions this year. "This is a complete compromise of Keeper security, allowing any website to steal any password," Tavis Ormandy, the Google security researcher said, pointing out that the password manager was still vulnerable to a same vulnerability he reported in August 2016, which had apparently been reintroduced in the code.

Based on user reports, Microsoft appears to have been bundling Keeper as part of Windows 10 Pro distributions since this past summer. Keeper issued an update and fixed the problem.

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