Comment Re:When browsers jump the shark (Score 2) 307

Mozilla also have a pretty bad reputation for forcing stuff on people, a real clique arrogance. Your tabs, screw you, we want they where we want they, bugger your choice. Same as for appearance, like the old look, meh, we don't, new millennium style, don't like use IE suckers. They can be pretty bloody rude and like a lot of these types or orgs, a particular crowd worms they way in and it is all about serving their ego and fuck everyone else. Mozzilla certainly ain't what it used to be and it stinks of Google actively working to fuck up firefox in order to drive users to super invasive chrome, the chrome plated versions of Windows anal probe 10. The stink of the big shit at 'Alphabet' is string in this action, designed to damage Mozzilla's reputation and win a monopoly for chrome.

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Comment Re:Shit hole city planning and false liberals (Score 1) 372

You strike me as a "fairy tale" liberal. This is a liberal who believes that we can have everything great, all the time, in an affordable manner, and in a way that acknowledges free will. Your living wage solution to the housing shortage is a blatant giveaway to this; giving people more money to chase after a scarce resource solves nothing, the resource is still scarce. Likewise with your solutions that have absolutely no means of implementation. I suspect you're just naive.

"Real life" liberals like myself, acknowledge reality. You can't have a highly desirable place to live and not allow for growth without repressing the working class. It's literally impossible. At the end of the day, a housing shortage is a housing shortage no matter how you want to frame it and not working to solve it will harm the lowest income people far more than anything else. Hence my description of the liberals who favor maintaining their small towns as "false liberals". They're literally subscribing to the tenets of conservatism in their objections to growth. Maintaining the old is literally conservative politics.

You live in a dream world where the people of silicon valley can maintain the past without acknowledging the present.

Comment Facebook knows exactly how guilty it is (Score 1) 63

Facebook was so invested in because its potential to break down society was realized by its big investors. It wasn't a shot in the dark with their billions of dollars. It wasn't a surprise that social media would transform our society. They knew what it was to become and it profits them immensely.
Why do they want to break down society? Because they want to increase the level of control they have. Instead of programming society on the scale of groups, they want to control every atom; every individual, and open up new roads to exponentially more power.

People always explain away things like this saying "well that's just what people want and the company is just giving them what they want and making money, so this isn't really bad, this is progress! There's no conspiracy! People are smart, they aren't so easily suckered into things! They know what's good!"

The thing is that people are actually not that picky. They will accept just about ANY given solution for their basic needs as long as authority backs it consistently enough. So it becomes a question of what exactly we are progressing towards and who's interest it really is in.

Humans are not some transcendent creature with the guarantee of self awareness and intellect and rationality because of how much inherently better they are than all other life on Earth. These are optional features supported by a certain way of life. If you take away the nuances from the human way of life, if you take away the culture that support these higher functions, people go into "backward compatibility mode"; they re-adapt to a simpler, savage, prehistoric world. Simply put they devolve.

While most people don't know themselves well enough to see this, there are people who know this about humanity, and they know about it deeply. These people are leaders.
Leaders either choose to try to raise people up to their own level of awareness or leaders choose to plunge people down so they can never rise up. Leaders choose either cooperation or enslavement.

Humans are tribal creatures. They are beyond racist. They are beyond nepotistic. They will kill members of their own families who displease them. Humans are not only genocidal by default, they a fratricidal by default.
We can see this at every point in our history. We can see this in our close relatives like the chimpanzee that continue to live a way of life that we departed from eons ago.

Leaders cooperate and enslave in degrees. The closer you are to directly supporting the substance of the leader, that is, the more you share in common with the leader that you align with that leader's will, the more cooperation you will receive. The further, the more enslavement you will receive, up to the point that when your interests drift sufficiently you are immediately killed or otherwise neutralized.
What this amounts to is simple: as time goes on you will only become more distant and unable to adapt to the leader. The leader's own will replace everyone else. Eventually you drift into the zone of no return in relation to a current leader and unless the leader changes, your line will end: you, your family, your children all die and there are no more children thereafter.
Usually this takes a long time, so long that the diverse interests in the world shift and leaders change and most tribes survive at least long enough to make a compromise and intermingle with the dominant tribe. But things are becoming unusual: power is being consolidated on unprecedented scales with unprecedented stability, and it is making ever more exacting demands on its subjects as their numbers swell to challenge the Earth's ability to sustain them.
Humanity's genocidal nature has risen to the surface.

This all sounds very grim, until you consider the fact we've been up and down this situation for millions of years and have some pretty good solutions to the pitfalls and the problems that lead to them.
All the machinery is in place for us to CHOOSE our own leaders. Are you choosing yours? Are you prepared to? Can you make your voice heard when authority tries to suppress it? Have you realized what happens to suppressed voices when power becomes too consolidated?

When you have no borders, as in an economically globalized world, because the focus of the connection is material and is therefore fueled by greed, one tribe will come to dominate by enslavement. The tribe with the most immediate advantage is the tribe the travels the most conducting the most mercantile transactions, providing the most banking, thereby connecting money and people across nations and diverting a portion of every transaction into their own coffers. Every border broken, physical or conceptual, results in a new avenue for transaction and a shower of gold.
Any guesses as to what's going on now? Who's the tribe?

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Journal Journal: With obesity on rise, Paris reflects on mirrored 'fatphobia'

PARIS /December 15, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — France gave the world butter croissants and foie gras, yet it has often been a place where being overweight was seen as almost sinful.

Now, after taking a hard look at the contradictions in the mirror,...

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Comment Re:That's just nonsense (Score 1) 183

Here, the range just above the FM broadcast band is available; it was just cleared out of analog television.

That's where our digital FM ought to go - they have to make new receivers anyway, might as well put them up there where they don't screw up everything.

I take it you're still keeping the high analog television channels over there?

Comment Re: When browsers jump the shark (Score 1) 307

Look, the outcry is real and fair. But let's not call it illegal, because it's their software and you clicked to agree to updates.

Legally they're in the clear, but I find that permission is given almost under duress. Like you can either agree to this or hackers can root your computer, steal your identity and blackmail you through cryptolockers. It's like refusing safety recalls to your car only worse because they're remotely exploitable, like if someone honks three times your brakes stop working. What sane, responsible person wants to run an Internet-facing piece of software with no support or security patches?

So I understand they need my permission for that but when I say "you do what you gotta do" it doesn't mean I'm happy when they replace my cup holder because the interior decorator doesn't fancy it anymore. Sadly more and more software is turning to the Darth Vaderesque style of updates, if you want to keep using it there's a new agreement, a new look and it works differently. Pray that I don't alter it further. You can wrap it in all the "constantly enhancing the user experience" marketing bullshit you want, but really I want my security-only updates back.

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WASHINGTON /December 15, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — The Latest on President Donald Trump's visit to the FBI (all times local):

8:50 p.m.

President Donald Trump has unleashed a blistering attack on the FBI's leadership.

He is denouncing the bure...

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A dual mode pump contains a piggyback plug, which allows the pump to be used as either manual, wherein the pump bypasses the switch and is plugged in directly into the socket or as automatic, wherein the pump is plugged in through the floating switch and works only when the switch is activated.

Due to a possibility of sewage overflow, it is generally not advised to use a manual sewage pump inside of a sewage basin.

Sewage pumps are centrifugal pumps, with special design considerations enabling solids to pass without clogging the pump. When the pump is turned on, the motor starts to rotate the impeller, creating the pressure that pushes water into the impeller and from there into the discharge pipe.

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Comment Re:Citations are abused (Score 1) 91

I wonder how the citation numbers would change if you subtract the citations with authors citing their earlier works and work of others in their own research groups...

You also need to subtract "cycles": I cite your papers, you cite mine. Sometimes citation cycles have 3 or more participants: A cites B, B cites C, C cites A.

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Comment Re:Patent? (Score 1) 183

An analog FM signal slowly fades over distance. A digital radio signal is fine one moment, than nothing, and the nothing happens at a much closer range.

You mean an FM signal gradually fills with static.

I consider this to be a huge advantage of digital radio, because I have a very low tolerance for static. If I can't get a clear signal, give me silence. This wouldn't be such a problem except that it always seems that everyone else in the car has a much higher tolerance and doesn't want me to turn the static-filled radio station off.

Of course, I also have a very low tolerance for too-frequent, too-long, and too-loud ad breaks. And for guffawing DJs who don't know how to shut up. Digital radio will do nothing to fix those problems, unfortunately.

As well, there is no advantage bandwidth wise.

This is simply false.

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Journal Journal: Americans pessimistic about Trump, country: AP-NORC Poll

WASHINGTON /December 15, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — President Donald Trump frequently casts his first year in office as a string of successes and campaign promises fulfilled. But less than a quarter of Americans think Trump has made good on the pledge...

Comment Re: This is political, not technical (Score 1) 183

In the UK, DAB is quite popular (less so in cars), having been pushed by the BBC, and recent governments who would have liked to sell off the FM spectrum though it looks like we're still some years away from that. There are many AM/FM stations which don't have a DAB presence because of the cost.

From Wikipedia,
In the UK, 49% of all radio listening hours were through digital platforms, with DAB making up the majority of digital radio listening (74%) and 61% of UK households claiming to have access to a DAB radio set.

DAB radios have advantages including ease of tuning and broadcast text with the station name, "Now playing ...", etc. I have a radio which can rewind the last 15 minutes and another which has a speech synthesizer which reads out the station name or the time. The binary quality, all or nothing (though there can sometimes be a warbling stage between the two, reception is stable and unaffected by weather) at least removes the need to decide when the FM hiss has become too much to bear.

One potential problem with DAB is that more stations can be put in the same bandwidth by lowering the quality so the temptation is there - more stations means more listeners - to see how much distortion your audience will tolerate (similar to the optimal amount of adverts).

The UK's DAB standard is not the best use of bandwidth and the stations are almost all broadcast in lower quality than FM is capable of.

Wikipedia again,
DAB technically provides low audio quality in the UK due to 98% of stereo stations using a bit rate level of 128 kbit/s. with the MP2 audio codec, which provides poorer sound quality than FM-quality (assuming good reception on both DAB and FM).

Note also the "stereo"; there are apparently stations broadcasting in mono.

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Comment Re:Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (Score 1) 215

I didn't say it had to be weighed like a vote, just that it had to be conducted. You should let the NY AG know that you're such an expert on whether massive uninvestigated criminal fraud matters in the commenting and he's filing a frivolous suit without merit.
And while abuse of discretion is absolutely a high bar, if there's ever an action that meets it this is it. If this doesn't qualify then the concept is meaningless.
Finally, they weren't really seeking public comment at all. Pai made it crystal clear the decision was made and was final before commenting even started. All the "novel legal arguments" in the world wouldn't have changed his mind no matter how valid they were. He made a mockery of the public commenting just like he laughs at and dismisses everyone and every argument against repeal.
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Journal Journal: Peru's congress launches process for president's ouster

LIMA, Peru /December 15, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — Lawmakers in Peru launched proceedings Friday to oust President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who refuses to resign after being accused of failing to disclose decade-old payments from a Brazilian company embr...

Comment Citation cliques shouldn't be counted (Score 5, Interesting) 91

I was once the director of a university lab. I would expect completely uncited papers to be rare, perhaps the last in a series of useless papers. Most academics cite their own papers and the papers of a small circle of peers. The citation web has to be full of these self-scratching cliques. The papers that are cited across multiple cliques are the real influencers. These are much less common. Rather than debunking the uncited myth, they should be debunking the myth that cited papers are influential. Most are not.

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