Comment Re:One step forward, two back (Score 1) 307

Dutch Gun I share your sentiment - this is so disappointing. Actually thought the changeover to Quantum would be bad, but it went well, I would have preferred the old customizable UI and plugins, but could live with it.

Saw Mozilla talking about not getting enough data from users for analysis of the browser, so they were considering having opt out on that (that got barked down quick). But I enabled it on mine just to help - no more.

Then this tone deaf - partner with the content megacorp / E corps to embed a plugin in your Firefox install (not something Mr. Robot would have liked). The fact such a thing happened shows how 4ucked their leadership is - to have approved and run with this.

Disabling all telemetry from now on - all installations. Will use Vivaldi more, was already using it more anyways (very nice customizable browser by the guys who made the original Opera).

Comment French tourists in Canada have a better deal! (Score 1) 184

When they say that the price is high because Canada is a big country and few people... I simply answer this:

French tourists in Canada have a better deal than Canadian themselves!
So last time I went to France, I went to one of their SIM card vending machine where I bought the SIM card using my Canadian Credit Card and I'm still using it in Canada!


Using Free Mobile, you get a very good deal in France where you can call in more than 100 countries in the world and 100gb data...
But they get also a pretty good deal in 35 countries!

For 20€/month (no contract):
- Unlimited calls/sms/mms in that country and France
- 25gb data (not as fast as LTE... I get between 2mbit and 4mbit AND 25gb!)
- You can choose the network. In Canada, I can choose between Bell, Rogers and Telus (Videotron doesn't accept the connection). So when the speed or network reception is not good in one place, I can switch to another network.
- You can "Pause" it by downgrading to the 2€/month deal

That means that my mother, who also kept her Free's sim card, can call me for no extra cost even if we are anywhere within those 35 countries
That means also that if I go to USA, I also get this deal for no extra cost

The only thing that cost much more is the Toll Free number. So I just ask them for their "not Toll Free number" so I can call them... for free! :P


Feed Techdirt: New Documents And Testimony Shows Officers Lied About Their Role In An Arrested Teen's Death (techdirt.com)

Earlier this year, we covered the horrific story of the death of a 5'4" 110-lb. 18-year-old at the hands of the Mesquite (TX) police department. The teen, suffering from a bad acid trip, was tased multiple times, threatened with death by an officer, and left to die in a jail cell with little more than a cursory nod towards his health and wellbeing.

Graham Dyer's parents were unable to obtain any details about their son's death from the Mesquite PD. The department refused to turn over records, pointing to state law allowing it to withhold records on arrested suspects who never faced criminal charges. This exemption may have made sense to lawmakers at the point it was passed. But in-custody deaths are inherently questionable. This exemption does little more than give law enforcement agencies everything they need to cover up misconduct.

Fortunately, Dyer's parents didn't stop there. They asked the FBI to open an investigation into their son's death. The FBI closed its investigation without forwarding it to the DOJ for charges but the investigation did serve at least one purpose: it allowed Dyer's parents to finally obtain records related to their son's last night on earth.

What they found was horrifying. Video showed their son thrashing around in the back of a police car, incoherent and completely unrestrained. Captured audio captured an officer threatening to kill their son if he didn't calm down. The in-car video also showed the same officer repeatedly tasing their son in the testicles. (The officer claims he was aiming for the "inner thigh" but Dyer kept moving. Considering a taser is effective almost anywhere it's placed, why place it so close to a person's testicles unless you're hoping to "accidentally" tase that part of the arrestee?) They also saw their son dragged from the police car at the jail sally port, laying on the floor with an officer's foot on his head.

Without these records from the FBI, the Dyers would never have known what led to their son's death. The Mesquite PD's refusal to turn over records also served its own purpose: it ran the clock on the statute of limitations. The state can no longer bring criminal charges against the officers -- despite the DA saying there's evidence of criminal behavior.

But that can't prevent the officers from being sued. The Dyers have taken the Mesquite PD to court and now, at long last, the PD is being forced to hand over the documents it refused to give to the teen's parents. What's in these documents -- and the officers' testimony -- only adds to the portrait of these officers' depraved indifference.

To begin with, the officers who arrested Dyer showed almost zero concern for his wellbeing. Not once did they consider bringing the teen to a nearby hospital. Nor was any sort of health check given when Dyer was turned over to the local jail. But the arresting officers had every reason to believe Dyer might be seriously injured.

While being loaded into a cruiser, Dyer banged his head several times against the car. During the first mile on the drive to the city jail, he slammed his head 19 times against the side door, back seat or metal cage separating the car’s front and back.

Halfway to the jail, in what they have described as an attempt to calm him down, the officers pulled to the side of the road. One used his Taser, shocking Dyer in his testicles.

Some police departments call for a medical evaluation after Taser use. Instead of diverting to the emergency room a half-mile away, however, the officers resumed driving. No additional restraints were applied, and during the second half of the trip Dyer hit his head against the car’s interior 27 more times.

At the jail, officers unloaded the handcuffed and leg-tied Dyer onto the sally-port floor outside the jail. There, they watched him bang his head again on the concrete pad.

According to their own testimony, none of the officers informed jail staff about possible head trauma suffered by Dyer. Nor did anyone ask for medical care until after Dyer had been laying motionless in a jail cell for two hours.

On top of that, the officers' stories -- backed by apparently falsified reports -- are falling apart.

The Dyers have noted that, at the least, the depositions given by the five police officers who responded to the middle school on Aug. 13, 2013, have challenged the official version of Graham’s arrest that police initially presented to them.

In their pleadings, police described Graham and his friends as belligerent and combative. But in individual depositions, the officers conceded the teens were mostly cooperative. Graham, for example, was kept on the ground for more than 10 minutes with modest effort, they said.


In their original incident report, the Mesquite officers had written: “Dyer could not calm down and walk to the patrol unit, therefore officers had to carry Dyer to the patrol unit.” Yet the video depicts him walking to the cruiser.

At the jail, the police report again described Graham as combative: “It took multiple officers and detention officers to remove Dyer from the back seat of the patrol unit, escort him inside the jail, and placed him in a restraint chair and padded cell for his safety.” The video, however, shows him lying mostly motionless on the ground.

It's a compound lie. Dyer was never placed in a restraint chair. He laid on the concrete floor until officers booked him and left him in a cell to finish dying.

Even though the statute of limitations prevents the DA from bringing charges against the officers, it doesn't prevent the Mesquite PD from handing out its own discipline. But it has done nothing. All officers involved in Dyer's death remain employed.

Fortunately, the FBI's investigation has given the Dyers the documentation they need to pursue legal action against the Mesquite PD. But that may be the only good to have come out of this. A bill brought by a state rep to close the exemption the Mesquite PD used to wait out the statute of limitations died on the House floor. And in the end, it won't be the involved officers paying for the teen's death, it will be the state's taxpayers.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: 'Jacobs letter' unsealed, accuses Uber of spying, hacking - Engadget (google.com)


'Jacobs letter' unsealed, accuses Uber of spying, hacking
Waymo's lawsuit against Uber for allegedly stealing technology for self-driving cars hasn't gone to trial yet, because the judge received a letter from the Department of Justice suggesting Uber withheld crucial evidence. That letter, with some ...
A bombshell letter charges that Uber hacked into competitors' networks and wiretapped people at a hotelBusiness Insider
Uber Accused Of Espionage, Bribery, Hacking, And More In Bombshell LetterBuzzFeed News
New Evidence Could Blow Open the Uber/Waymo Self-Driving LawsuitWIRED
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: What If Life On Earth Didn't Start On Earth? - WBUR (google.com)


What If Life On Earth Didn't Start On Earth?
Half a billion years of hell before the planet's molten seas of liquid rock cooled to give the world a solid surface. Story continues below. Most Viewed Stories. Buses idle as drivers wait for students to board outside the Orchard Gardens K-8 Facing ...
Stephen Hawking's search for extraterrestrial life came up shortQuartz
Scientists keep eye on 1st interstellar visitor, which some say could be an alien spacecraftWFLA
It looks like `Oumuamua is just a big rock after allNew Atlas
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Comment Re: Peering? (Score 1) 142

The problem they're trying to solve is that there is a lack of competition for last mile access networks. Without legally mandated network neutrality, competition is the only way to ensure that the internet doesn't deteriorate into a new version of cable TV.

No, the last mile isn't the issue - it's the carriers that bring the data up to the last mile.

Comment Re:Another round of nothing (Score 0) 535

SJWs always project. The big news orgs started tossing around "fake news" in an attempt to slander other news sites. But, true to the 2nd rule, we found out that they were the worst offenders.

Remember how all of the news sites said that Hillary was going to win? That was Fake News. And there are collages of and video compilations of crying people who put their faith in that fake news.

Submission + - E-COMMERCE PRODUCT DATA ENTRY SERVICES (linkedin.com)

reyecomops writes: E-commerce is the extraordinarily advanced and easy way to do business but many small and medium business owners do not know the term and it can be explained as a model of business in which business operations are conducted over a network.

Comment Re:Google failed trying to do this (Score 1) 142

Awesome, you are going to compete with carrier-grade infrastructure with a consumer-grade alternative, your going to expect people to buy, configure, and install them themselves, and then your going to charge them for the privilege of sharing a mesh network node with everyone else.

I'm sure Comcast, Verizon, Time-Warner are all quaking in their boots at the thought of your "poking holes in the ISP stranglehold on the last mile."

Submission + - Lil Pump Dives Into Crowd During "Gucci Gang" Performance In New York (toptopixs.com)

Toptopixs writes: Lil Pump Dives in the Empire State.

America’s favorite Harvard-educated rapper was up to his usual antics last night in New York, performing the hell out of his hit song “Gucci Gang,” the short but popular song that has guided Lil Pump to the top of hip-hop’s list of young hitmakers. For those who showed up to his Tuesday concert (December 12th), they sure didn’t leave disappointed.

As the below video shows, Lil Pump kept up his tradition of executing death-defying stage dives at his shows, leaping from a ledge that overlooked the floor section of the venue, an area that was swarming with a sweaty mass of excited supporters. Screams of delight erupted from the crowd as Pump took flight, landing safely in the arms of several fans. He continued to perform the song seamlessly after his dive. Check out a clip of the performance below.

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Comment Re:Another round of nothing (Score 0) 535

If you aren't reading 20 or 30 different sites and cross referencing the stories, and checking sources, and watching videos to find out what people actually said - you aren't well informed. If you are getting all of your news from like 2 or 3 sites, no matter which sites they are, you might as well be reading the news from another planet.

Pretty much every news site you come across has a bias. The cable news sites (CNN, MSNBC, etc) are sure that Mueller is going to impeach Trump any day now. Pro-Trump sites are less monolithic, but they are hoping that Sessions is about to indict half of DC.

Elsewhere in this thread, I linked to conservativetreehouse.com, which has a far better record than most sites at digging for actual facts, but you need to pay attention when sundance is offering his opinions - he tends to be guardedly optimistic. It is probably the best starting point around, but you still need to use it as a starting point, not an ending point.

The_Donald on reddit and /pol/ will throw a ton of stuff at you with highly variable quality. CNN or MSN or nearly any other part of reddit will do the same thing but with the opposite slant.

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Journal Journal: Craig Tuttle Fitness

Providing Unprecedented Fitness and Nutrition Guidance http://craigtuttlefitness.com/onnit-total-primate-care-review/

Comment Re:get doors offline idiots! (Score 1) 53

Both mechanical and electronic locks have good and bad points. A good mechanical system, if done by a locksmith who knows what they are doing with software to allow for proper keying, a lock mechanism that is reasonably high security [1] and allows a ton different keys, and quick responsiveness (if a guest leaves with a key, change the lock.) If this is done, the lock mechanism can be simple, yet very secure. I remember one place where when you closed the door, it threw the deadbolt, which was easily opened from the inside by the door knob. This lock couldn't be opened with a credit card.

Electronic locks may be easier to "rekey", but instead of picking, there is bypassing, and there tend to be as many ways to bypass a certain model of electronic lock (if not more) as there are for mechanical locks. For a smaller place that can't really have a locksmith on duty, electronic locks (with everything kept offline) are arguably the best option, but for a five star place, maybe having a high security key to hand to a guest would be a better option.

[1]: Most US door locks are shit. Five tumblers, maybe six. It actually is astounding why something like Medeco, Abloy PROTEC, Mul-T-Lock M3+, Evva MCS, or some other high security brand is not used as a standard. Even China has gone wild with dimple locks with at least 10+ security pins. When I mean high security, even something like Medeco3 which can be opened by a good locksporter would suffice, but the ideal would be an Abloy PROTEC2 or EVVA MCS where there are no known tools (other than a drill) to open the lock.

Comment Re: Another round of nothing (Score 1) 535

It's just been proven by Weinstein and Crosby victims you stupid, fucking piece of shit. Jesus fucking Christ you're a cunt. Let's see how you deal with sexual abuse from very powerful and rich men and see how you fucking deal with it. Oh, and fuck you. (I really hope you don't have sisters or daughters, because you are a piece of shit)

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Being A Facebook Wallflower Isn't Good For You, The Social Site Says - HuffPost (google.com)


Being A Facebook Wallflower Isn't Good For You, The Social Site Says
Passively reading Facebook posts — without posting messages or responding to comments — makes users feel bad about themselves, some studies have discovered. The surprising development is that Facebook itself is getting the word out about the negative ...
What Facebook's fight with a former executive says about social media's futureWashington Post
Facebook Conceded It Might Make You Feel Bad. Here's How to Interpret That.New York Times
Facebook tackles the question of whether social media is bad for usEngadget
The Mercury News-New York Magazine-Business Insider-Wall Street Journal
all 67 news articles

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Submission + - Thi gian làm vic bnh vin Hòa Ho TPHCM (ghevanphong.org)

ghevanphong writes: Bnh Vin Hòa Phát là bnh vin chuyên khoa v xét nghim, chun oán hàng u ti TPHCM và khu vc. Bnh vin Hòa Ho có a ch ti 254 ng Hoà Ho, Phng 4, qun 10, TP.HCM. ây là mt bnh vin ln có nhiu y bác s chuyên môn k thut cao.

The Science That's Never Been Cited (nature.com) 91

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Nature: One widely repeated estimate, reported in a controversial article in Science in 1990, suggests that more than half of all academic articles remain uncited five years after their publication. Scientists genuinely fret about this issue, says Jevin West, an information scientist at the University of Washington in Seattle who studies large-scale patterns in research literature. After all, citations are widely recognized as a standard measure of academic influence: a marker that work not only has been read, but also has proved useful to later studies. Researchers worry that high rates of uncitedness point to a heap of useless or irrelevant research. In reality, uncited research isn't always useless. What's more, there isn't really that much of it, says Vincent Lariviere, an information scientist at the University of Montreal in Canada.

To get a better handle on this dark and forgotten corner of published research, Nature dug into the figures to find out how many papers actually do go uncited (explore the full data set and methods). It is impossible to know for sure, because citation databases are incomplete. But it's clear that, at least for the core group of 12,000 or so journals in the Web of Science -- a large database owned by Clarivate Analytics in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- zero-citation papers are much less prevalent than is widely believed. Web of Science records suggest that fewer than 10% of scientific articles are likely to remain uncited. But the true figure is probably even lower, because large numbers of papers that the database records as uncited have actually been cited somewhere by someone.
"The new figures [...] suggest that in most disciplines, the proportion of papers attracting zero citations levels off between five and ten year after publication, although the proportion is different in each discipline," the report adds. "Of all biomedical-sciences papers published in 2006, just 4% are uncited today; in chemistry, that number is 8% and in physics, it is closer to 11%. In engineering and technology, the uncitedness rate of the 2006 cohort of Web of Science-indexed papers is 24%, much higher than in the natural sciences."

Comment Re: Another round of nothing (Score 1) 535

You just validated everything he said with "We understand those of you living in your coastal bubbles think that might be passe' but us gun-totin, bible-thumping, Constitution lovin rednecks still believe in it." I've mostly only heard this when a bumpkin is defending their racism and prejudice. Claim they're simple and not city folk. Oh how you think you're righteous, rather than informed. I mean, you still pick and choose from a 1600-3000 year old book from people you don't like rather than get with the science times. I say this as having heard this twice this week from Kansas and Missouri people who stand by their convictions but are so uninformed/misinformed and there's no changing their minds because they don't want to hear otherwise. It's almost like they're told all their lives they are stupid, so don't bother having critical thinking skills.

Submission + - Cara Menghilangkan Bekas Luka Di Wajah (obatasamuratalami.net)

adnan herbal writes: Obat Penghilang Bekas Luka Di Wajah — Bagi Anda yang mempunyai bekas luka di wajah terlebih lagi bekas luka tersebut menghitam sehingga membuat malu dan merasa minder kurang percaya diri untuk tampil dimuka umum. Demi rasa kepedulian, Kami hadir membawa SOLUSI TERBAIK bagi yang mempunyai keluhan bekas luka di wajah yaitu QnC Jelly Gamat yang TERBUKTI AMPUH, AMAN, dan NAYAMAN mengobati dan menghilangkan bekas luka di wajah yang saat ini Anda keluhkan.
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