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Journal Journal: SEC Names Kenneth A. Johnson as Chief Operating Officer

Washington, DC/December 14, 2017 (STL.News) -The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Kenneth A. Johnson has been named the agency's Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mr. Johnson has served as Acting COO since February 2017.

In h...

Comment Re:uber was set up to break laws (Score 0) 34

I think it is early in the investigation and it likely means the investigation is going to be quite deep, the announcement because it has a huge impact on market value and something that can not be dumped upon an investing public late in the investigation because it would wipe people out. Own Uber, pretty solid advice would be to sell and sell now, likely one or two insiders are looking to pick it up on the super cheap after arranging it's slaughter because nothing done for months even years, now all of a sudden.

Comment Re:How about a coinless currency? (Score 5, Interesting) 186

The good that will come out of this whole cryptocurrency bubble is a testing of numerous approaches to decentralized transaction processing. There is no mystery about Bitcoin hoarding. It's a direct outcome of the limited money supply, which has transformed what was intended to be a digital currency into an imaginary investment.

Yes, just focusing on decentralized transaction processing with national currencies would be a good idea to explore. Goal: is there a way of handing this which is inexpensive at reasonable transaction volumes? Such a scheme doesn't have to match Visa's 24,000 transactions per second. It just has to be high enough to serve a population interested in anonymous transactions.

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Comment Want it to be real, base it on something real (Score -1) 186

It is all a joke, a currency based upon nothing more than marketing, not based upon any value what so ever. Countries currencies are based upon the capital worth of the country, screw with it to much and you devalue or over value and than collapse a countries worth. Crypto currencies are factually based upon nothing more than marketing and public relations, with zero real worth backing, zero. What has the highest value today, highest real value, useful energy and the ability to generate it, next up land and beyond that not much else, have energy and land and you can create anything, no water, you can create it. How much energy you have and how cheap it is, that is the only 'REAL' capital asset in a modern economy, ain't dollars that make the world turn, it is useful energy.

Want a crypto-currency base it upon deliverable energy futures, that is the only thing that makes sense, all else is a lie.

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Journal Journal: White House aims to sway opinion on immigration overhaul

WASHINGTON / December 14, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — The White House is embarking on a major campaign to turn public opinion against the nation's largely family-based immigration system ahead of an all-out push next year to move toward a more merit-base...

Comment Re:How do you map non-invasively? (Score 5, Informative) 28

I'm really curious how you can map a heart without actually touching the endocardium.

Just off the top of my head:

There are a number of non-invasive imaging technologies that can be "strobed" in synchronization with the heart's motion to produce a series of 3-D images which, together, amount to a moving picture of the cyclic activity, complete with various annotation (such as blood velocity maps, electro-chemical activity, etc.).

One stock device for cardiologists is synthetic-aperture doppler ultrasound sonar imaging. A wide hand-held probe, with the junction to the skin joined by a slimy jelly with about the same speed-of-sound as soft tissue, connected to a high-end laptop running appropriate software, can construct such mappings in real-time, in sessions lasting minutes, annotated with blood flow information.

Other possibilities include magnetic resonance imaging (the functional version if you want to visualize the cyclic electrochemical activity) and computer aided tomography scanning.

And that's just for starters.

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Comment Re:Don't Roll Your Own Crypto (Score 4, Interesting) 186

horribly centralized is a good thing. The reason "cryptocurrency" will never take off is that it can't be easily controlled. Nation states require monetary policy. Also, 1% inflation is "good" for the economy. If the main currency were deflationary, as bitcoin is, the economy would crash. Also, bitcoin burns electricity like a small country. A small country would need 100% of power generation going into a crypto currency to ensure it was stable.

There are thousands of reasons why bitcoin will never be used as a currency replacement. And even more ACs who will complain when any of those massive failures are addressed.

Submission + - Cay ghep xuong ham tien tien giup phuc hinh rang bi mat (

Dencos137 writes: Cay ghep xuong ham duoc coi la mot trong nhung phuong phap tien tien nhat giup phuc hinh cay ghep implant vao vi tri rang da mat va duoc ap dung rat pho bien hien nay Phuong phap nay khong chi dap ung duoc niem mong uoc ve mot ham rang khoe dep ma con co the thoa man chuc nang tham my va kha nang an nhai nhu rang that

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Kiss net neutrality goodbye: The FCC just sided with telecom companies - USA TODAY (


Kiss net neutrality goodbye: The FCC just sided with telecom companies
If you're reading this on the Internet (so...all of you), then you're about to see some changes: The Federal Communications Commission voted to scrap rules meant to bind giant Internet providers from slowing or blocking users' access to sites. The move ...
Indie games could suffer without Net Neutrality, devs sayPolygon
Net neutrality vote: Why all the fuss? Here's my simple fixZDNet
Don't freak out over net neutrality deregulationWashington Examiner
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: iMac Pro: Save some cash & buy from B&H/Expercom, RAM upgradeable only by Apple - 9to5Mac (


iMac Pro: Save some cash & buy from B&H/Expercom, RAM upgradeable only by Apple
Apple officially released its 'most powerful Mac ever' earlier this morning in the form of the iMac Pro. After initial availability through Apple's Online Store, the machine has now become available through authorized resellers like B&H. Furthermore ...
Apple details iMac Pro's T2 chip, which handles secure boot, system management, ISP, moreAppleInsider (press release) (blog)
iMac Pro Will Be Available at Apple Stores by Mid Next WeekMac Rumors
The iMac Pro isn't for everyone (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 114)CNET
The Verge-ExtremeTech-Motley Fool-Ubergizmo
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4WD Supacentre is PROUD to announce the launch of the BRAND-NEW RANGE of Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box’s.

Available in 4 handy sizes 40L, 60L, 80L and 100L, they are made from a durable blue polyurethane plastic with highly efficient CFC-...

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4WD Supacentre is PROUD to announce the launch of the BRAND-NEW RANGE of Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box’s.

Available in 4 handy sizes 40L, 60L, 80L and 100L, they are made from a durable blue polyurethane plastic with highly efficient CFC-...

Comment Re:A lack of imagination? (Score 2) 285

So if you agree that pure research and long-shot investments can be worthwhile, despite no immediate prospect of profits, why do you feel that "sending a bunch of crap into space" is done for no reason?

Apart from the many ancillary benefits of space research (spinoff technologies, entertainment prospects etc), the science we learn in space and on other worlds is often clearly applicable to our own world, or at least could well be in the future.

And for human space travel, there's no denying the enormous inspirational boost that society gets when humans achieve something as epic as travelling to a different world. How many of today's terrestrial scientists and engineers, valuable and productive members of society, were inspired by their childhood memories of Apollo?

Then there's the prospect of vast resources in the asteroid belt, the longer-term objective of habitat redundancy for the species, general ongoing growth and expansion etc etc - all clearly beneficial to society, at least at longer time scales.

Comment How about a coinless currency? (Score 5, Interesting) 186

It seems like the big problem with Bitcoin is hoarding, which discourages trade. How about a decentralized ledger without a "coin"? If you just had a secure, decentralized record of trades, *and* you could transact in less than a second, *and* you were simply creating a secure record of transaction in pre-existing currency *then* you'd have something that might compete with what the credit card companies and check clearinghouses do. Then you might actually reduce fees for the rest of us, even if we don't use it directly.

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Journal Journal: Daftar Taruhan Bola Online Terpercaya Bank Danamon 50rb

Daftar Taruhan Bola Online Terpercaya Bank Danamon 50rb - Sbobet merupakan situs judi online yang sangat banyak dikenal oleh semua bettor yang ada di Indonesia dan SBobet sendiri memiliki sistem permainan yang tidak pernah membuat para pemain judi on...

Comment Re:Arrest records... (Score 1) 175

The issue isn't "someone's mistake." The issue is some dumb and/or malicious cop's mistake in arresting someone for a crime they didn't commit. There's an issue with people being punished for OTHER people's mistakes (or malice) without trial.

Especially if the record only has a name and DOB, and it can "punish" multiple people who weren't even involved in the incident, but happen to have the same name and DOB.

Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things (Score 1) 215

The internet is no more complex than it was 20 years ago, it is just bigger and moves more data per second...more complex absolutely not. Still just alot of ICMP, TCP, UDP on the same old ports Bit less trusting of BGP announcements yes....not complex. Buffers are repetitively the same size, MTU and MSS have not changed one bit. Data is more encrypted stronger and more of it rides on generic port 443 but the internet is no more complex. Honestly it is simpler that routers are not 6000W 300 pound beasts anymore. That carriers demark/hand off on only about 3 media types at this point. Telex and other vendor have meet-me rooms at every major telecomunications hub in the world. You want an alternative software defined network, it is about 4 clicks and a credit card away. The SKU count in my spares bay is 1/100th of what it was 10 years ago. I never see another media converter or a tap with a wall wart power supply. Inside the corporate firewall is complex, with QOS but everything just works if some thought is given to design and automation. Never had the frustration level with todays networks like I had with faxservers, multilink and dialup.

Comment Did you also think the Patriot act was patriotic? (Score 1) 215

Protip...Congress likes to name bills the OPPOSITE of what they actually do. All this changes does is revert things to the way they were in the long ago time of...2015 while removing ISPs from the same regs that were used to justify the AT&T wiretaps. All those "ZOMFG they are gonna kill the nets!" FUD? Yeah there are already multiple federal laws preventing that already on the books.

But hey don't listen to me or anybody else's opinion on the subject why don't you actually read the bill? Raise your hands how many of you actually read the bill you are screaming to save versus how many of you are just parroting what you heard some talking head say? the same talking heads that I might remind you said HRC wasn't a crook while she smashed her phones with a hammer to destroy evidence and bought the DNC and the superdelegates to make sure Bernie couldn't win, said there was WMDs in Iraq despite there being ample evidence that wasn't the case, and again sang the praises of PATRIOT? Think for yourself people, don't just believe what you are told!

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Journal Journal: California issues 1st licenses for its legal pot market

LOS ANGELES /December 14, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) —California on Thursday issued its first batch of business licenses for the state's upcoming legal marijuana market, setting the stage for sales to begin in January.

The first temporary license was a...

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Journal Journal: Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Phase II Of Ballpark Village

ST. LOUIS, MO/December 14, 2017 (STL.News) Construction of the second phase of Ballpark Village is underway. The St. Louis Cardinals and The Cordish Companies broke ground Thursday morning on the $260-million project. The 700,000 square The post Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Phase II Of Ballpark Village appeared first on STL.News.

Feed Techdirt: Suburban Express, Which Sued Over Online Reviews Claiming It Had Racist Drivers, Cheerfully Sends Out Racist Advertisement (

Remember Suburban Express? It's been a few years since we've had the pleasure of writing about the company that buses students between the University of Illinois and Chicago, or its lawsuit happy owner, Dennis Toeppen. Toeppen and his company have engaged in some fairly anti-consumer behaviors, most of which have to do with hefty three-figure fines unilaterally assessed to passengers for the most minor of infractions, like showing up for the wrong bus or on the wrong day. But some of the online critics also brought up issues with drivers for the company who treated foreign exchange students like trash in front of other passengers.

Now, one of Toeppen's excuses for filing lawsuits against those specific critics is that this foreign exchange student was apologized to, though the company has never said from who or at what time that apology was issued. One would think such an apology was an indication of regret over those racist comments, had such an apology ever actually been issued. Judging by a recent advertisement Suburban Express sent out for its Christmas bus schedule, it seems like the drivers take their cues from the company at large.


Companies generally don't advertise that students will ride buses with: "passengers like you. You won't feel like you're in China when you're on our buses." Why? Well, because catering to any asshole that can't stand being on a bus with someone who looks a bit different from them isn't the MO for most people with a soul. One does wonder whether any lawsuits over the reviews accusing the company of racism would have survived all this being entered into evidence.

But, as per usual, Suburban Express was quick with an apology. And it's just dripping with remorse.

When called out for a racist advertisement, companies don't generally apologize for that by insisting that a major public university is terribly run because it admits a large number of foreign students, nor does it call that "selling out." For the record, the actual percentage of Chinese-born students at U of I is much lower, not to mention that the claim that higher-paying foreign exchange students somehow are a burden on Illinois residents seems like a self-defeating argument.

Regardless, the Illinois Attorney General has decided to get involved, opening an investigation into the company to determine if Suburban Express violated the Illinois Human Rights Act. And, whaddya know, shortly after Lisa Madigan got involved, the company apologized again.

No need to read the entire apology. It's actually apologetic, both for the initial advertisement and the first apology. Apologizing for an apology isn't generally a good look, but the reputation Suburban Express has built for itself practically begs you to read this supposedly sincere apology in a tone of sarcasm, because nothing in the history of the company suggests that we should take this as anything other than the shivering, whimpering attempt to avoid the scrutiny of a state attorney general known as a bulldog.

Best of luck to Suburban Express in getting itself out of this one, and even more luck to any foreign student finding herself in need of a ride to Champaign-Urbana.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: No, Scientists Haven't Found a 512-Year-Old Greenland Shark - Live Science (

Live Science

No, Scientists Haven't Found a 512-Year-Old Greenland Shark
Live Science
A Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus), swims under ice near northern Baffin Island, in the Canadian Arctic. Credit: Photoshot/Zuma. Headlines circulating on the internet today (Dec. 14) breathlessly described the discovery of a 512-year-old shark ...
Scientists find incredible shark that may be over 500 years old and still kickingBGR
512-Year-Old Shark, Believed To Be Oldest Living Vertebrate, Found In North AtlanticInternational Business Times
Longest-living vertebrate might be a 512-year-old Greenland sharkZME Science
Outer Places-Morning Ticker-Inhabitat-The Inquisitr
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A Cryptocurrency Without a Blockchain Has Been Built To Outperform Bitcoin ( 186

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency on a hot streak -- plenty of alternative currencies have enjoyed rallies alongside the Epic Bitcoin Bull Run of 2017. One of the most intriguing examples is also among the most obscure in the cryptocurrency world. Called IOTA, it has jumped in total value from just over $4 billion to more than $10 billion in a little over two weeks. But that isn't what makes it interesting. What makes it interesting is that it isn't based on a blockchain at all; it's something else entirely. The rally began in late November, after the IOTA Foundation, the German nonprofit behind the novel cryptocurrency, announced that it was teaming up with several major technology firms to develop a "decentralized data marketplace."

Though IOTA tokens can be used like any other cryptocurrency, the protocol was designed specifically for use on connected devices, says cofounder David Sonstebo. Organizations collect huge amounts of data from these gadgets, from weather tracking systems to sensors that monitor the performance of industrial machinery (a.k.a. the Internet of things). But nearly all of that information is wasted, sitting in siloed databases and not making money for its owners, says Sonstebo. IOTA's system can address this in two ways, he says. First, it can assure the integrity of this data by securing it in a tamper-proof decentralized ledger. Second, it enables fee-less transactions between the owners of the data and anyone who wants to buy it -- and there are plenty of companies that want to get their hands on data.
The report goes on to note that instead of using a blockchain, "IOTA uses a 'tangle,' which is based on a mathematical concept called a directed acyclic graph." The team decided to research this new alternative after deciding that blockchains are too costly. "Part of Sonstebo's issue with Bitcoin and other blockchain systems is that they rely on a distributed network of 'miners' to verify transactions," reports MIT Technology Review. "When a user issues a transaction [with IOTA], that individual also validates two randomly selected previous transactions, each of which refer to two other previous transactions, and so on. As new transactions mount, a 'tangled web of confirmation' grows, says Sonstebo."

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Waistbagforwomen writes: With a designer look, high-quality construction and clever practical features our waist bag for women are thoughtfully designed for running, gym and travel. WIth this wrist bag, you can carry small cameras, notepads, and other essentials.

Submission + - Todd Shupe (

holly84cc writes: Todd Shupe’s time spent trying to improve the lives of the less fortunate has had a great impact on himself and those around him. He travled over a dozen times with a team from LSU to assist in the restablishment and improvement of the local wood products inudstry in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Whether working as a volunteer on fishing trips with the children of incarcerated parents, ministering to the homeless in Baton Rouge or volunteering his services for churches
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Journal Journal: Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Phase II Of Ballpark Village

ST. LOUIS, MO/December 14, 2017 (STL.News) Construction of the second phase of Ballpark Village is underway.

The St. Louis Cardinals and The Cordish Companies broke ground Thursday morning on the $260-million project. The 700,000 square foot mix...

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Journal Journal: E-Billing Pajak: Cara Mudah Bayar Pajak Secara Online!

Sudah tahukah Anda mengenai informasi terbaru e-billing pajak online? Tentunya sistem baru ini akan mempermudah pemenuhan kewajiban perpajakan Anda. Untuk itu, mari kita mengenal pajak termasuk informasi mengenai cara bayar pajak secara online atau e-billing.

Comment Re:A lack of imagination? (Score 1) 285

we should develop a permanent colony on the Moon, build industry there, especially space industry

One quarter of all slashdot stories anymore are about how no one is going to have a job in ten years because of robotics. Why won't the same thing apply to the moon? Are we just going to ship hundreds of people there to consume air as they sit around watching automation do all of the work just as they would be doing if they were sitting on Earth?

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Journal Journal: The Era of Smart Implants and Nano-Tech

The Era of Smart Implants
To replace entire organs, smart implants are now being tested. The long-term goal is to eliminate the waiting time for patients for a donor transplant. The bionic heart is the most anticipated organ replacement device. Out ...

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Journal Journal: Asian stocks mostly lower as US tax bill uncertainty weighs

HONG KONG /December 14, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — Asian stock markets were mostly lower Friday as uncertainty about the progress of a sweeping U.S. tax revamp outweighed an optimistic Japanese economic survey.

KEEPING SCORE: Japan's benchmark Nikkei...

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