Comment Re:What the actual fuck? (Score 1) 119

Look up Goubau line. It is a single conductor waveguide.

My guess is that this is what's going to be used. I've seen this transmission line in use and it would be a good fit.

Continuing to guess, I would think the USA Federal Communications Commission could find a few GHz of spectrum in the 30GHz-80GHz range. If there are no sharp turns in the wire, the radiation from the line and susceptibility of unwanted pickup of signals into the line is quite low.

So definitely not an "airwave," got it.

Comment Re:Stupid Move T-Mobile (Score 1) 92

There will always be a place for live TV, if they got a good enough deal on the purchase they may be able to make money.

If the tech really does more efficiently stream live TV over IP, they could be the ideal choice for things like HBO (GoT finale was hard to watch on HBO go), Sports, Special events, idle background with no need to make a decision (I'm pretty sure this is HGTVs entire market).

Sure, the live TV market isn't going to be as big as all of cable, but that doesn't mean they are overpaying for the tech to be better at it.

They aren't buying a big established business for its customers, they're buying a small one for the tech, which may or may not be worth it, but isn't completely braindead either.

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Comment Re:Clueless? (Score 1) 66

Aggregation is pretty much their core value proposition.
How could they "underestimate" this?

Because it turns out that aggregation isn't much of a business. If Patreon decides to maintain their current business model (and that is their main value to me), I don't know whether they'll actually go bust, or just be economically moribund, but either way, it turns out that there's not money in being the sort of business I need.

It's much like KickStarter started out as an Arts funding model, but eventually realized that their real value to people was as a pre-order house. Allowing people like me to support artistic creators might sound wonderful, but it's pretty much a loser's game. The customers of any real worth have enough money for real subscription services.

(It's sort of like when I finally realized that my small donations to charities were financially worthless to the charity - they literally spent more raising than I was willing to give. The worth of my donation was solely its help in providing the appearance of widespread support, which was necessary for the charity to get the real donations they were looking needed to do anything useful - those in the $100K+ range. My job was simply to help them establish credibility to the real donors.)

So, yes, we helped Patreon establish the credibility it needs to become a subscription business. But we have to face the fact that most of us are financially worthless to the businesses we'd like to serve us.

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Comment Re:What frequency? WIll ATT be tertiary use of fre (Score 2) 119

BPL was used as an experiment a few years ago in a community nearby. The interference to HF ham radio and the CB frequencies extended about a block or so in each direction. The problem works both ways though. If you keyed up a transmitter on CB or Ham at the 50-100 watt level, the BPL would overload, quit, be silent for a few seconds, then recommence.

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satishpandey01 writes: No one can assume/predict at what time target price will trigger, sometimes targets get triggered within some days and sometimes it takes weeks/months. Investing in quality stocks with strong fundamentals would be a great decision, if you want to earn for long term and don't want to trap yourself in overvalued or small capital companies with much higher volatility in their stock prices.

Earning money by investing for medium/short term in long run is only possible if you can wait and only invest the money you don't need for other means.

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Journal Journal: The Latest: IRS says bill could benefit taxpayers by Feb.

WASHINGTON/December 14, 2017 (STL.News) —The Latest on the Republican tax overhaul (all times local):

9:30 p.m.

The IRS says taxpayers could begin seeing less money withheld from their paychecks "as early as February" if Congress passes a Rep...

Comment Re:Humans! (Score 4, Informative) 422

They have been doing something like this with kids for years in the UK. Instead of robots they have speakers outside the building that play classical music all day. The cool kids don't want to hang around asking people to buy them booze any more.

Of course, all it does is displace the problem.

Comment Brought to you by congress (Score 1) 208

US government procurement is a NIGHTMARE!
It literally takes an act of congress to buy almost anything.
By moving it to cloud service. It's a service contract.
What Amazon, or whoever else gets certified, does to maintain the service is their problem (expense).
Congress has painted the US government into a corner. Since the government can't buy anything, service contracts are the only way.
Regardless of my other opinions of trump, this is a reasonable business decision.

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Top 5 Research Market writes: The study analyzed that the uveitis therapeutics pipeline comprises 33 drug candidates in different stages of development. Uveitis is a type of inflammatory disease that causes swelling and destroys eye tissues. Occurrence of this disease can result in slight reduction of vision or lead to complete vision loss. Uveitis occurs when the middle layer of the eyeball gets inflamed (red and swollen). This layer, known as the uvea, has many blood vessels that nourish the eye. Uveitis can damage vital eye tissue, even resulting in permanent vision loss.

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pSivida Corp. is using durasert technology platform for the development of Medidur for the treatment of uveitis. This technology platform is used to provide sustained, localized delivery of drugs to the back of the eye. Durasert products are developed with a drug core surrounded with one or more polymer layers, the permeability of those layers and other aspects of the design of the product, controls the rate and duration of the drug release. However, changing the elements of the design, can help in altering both the rate and duration of release to meet different therapeutic needs. The later generation durasert products and product candidates are injected at the target site, while early generations were surgically implanted.

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Many companies are involved in the development of drugs for the uveitis therapeutics pipeline, with their products in different phases.

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Comment Re:Goverment System = Secure Stable Durable (Score 1) 208


For some govt data I agree that there needs to be geographically diverse, hot redundant systems with RPO measured in seconds. But only for a small amount of it.

There really is no reason why the phone directory for the department of guinea pig racing needs to be this over engineered.

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An anonymous reader writes: UC browser mini is here to help you in surfing on internet very fast. UC browser mini is the small size pack of the application name uc browser. This application is no doubt very much small and having small size storage but the thing is that it is enabling you to download all kind of music, videos, movies and many more thing in very fast speed. The high speed of this application is so amazing that allows the song and music to download in very few second.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 208

No. It got a LOT harder.

On one hand you have a cloud supplier, Amazon / Google / MS, that have people that's sole job is look after racks and racks of identical hardware running their own tuned OS. They do 1 thing and they do it very well. Encrypt at rest, encrypted backups, and serious physical access security.

Then on the other hand you have the IT team that does dev, infrastrucure, helpdesk, support, architecture all the while explaining to a non techie why they can't do X without Y$. Which of those builds the better option?

MS is opening an Azure Tenancy in a datacentre in Canberra in April next year. It will be inside the CDC datacentre complex which is overseen but the Australian Signals Directorate and audited for secret classified data. That Azure tenancy will be infinitely more secure than anything some random govt dept develops.

Comment Re:They did what? (Score 1) 92

MetroPCS was a real cell company before Tmobile purchased them.

Now they're basically Tmobile with a different price structure ($30 less/month, prepaid (I think), no international, and always throttled like a tmobile unlimited user that broke 35GB (Tmobile customers get priority over metroPCS)

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Journal Journal: GOP says it's got a deal on taxes; cuts coming for next year

WASHINGTON /December 14, 2017 (STL.News) —Confident congressional Republicans forged an agreement Wednesday on a major overhaul of the nation's tax laws that would provide generous tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans — Donald T...

Feed Google News Sci Tech: The 100-million-year itch: Scientists find ticks that fed on dinosaur blood - Los Angeles Times (

Los Angeles Times

The 100-million-year itch: Scientists find ticks that fed on dinosaur blood
Los Angeles Times
Scientists have made a skin-crawling discovery: Ancient ticks, trapped in amber, that fed on the blood of feathered dinosaurs nearly 100 million years ago. The specimens, described in the journal Nature Communications, include the oldest dinosaur ...
Ticks Trapped in Amber Were Likely Sucking Dinosaur BloodNew York Times
Dracula's terrible tick sucked the blood of dinosaurs 99 million years agoQuartz
Amber Fossil Shows Blood-Sucking Ticks Terrorizing Feathered DinosaursDaily Beast
Fox News-The Verge-NPR-Yahoo News
all 95 news articles


Author of BrickerBot Malware Retires, Says He Bricked 10 Million IoT Devices ( 149

An anonymous reader writes: The author of BrickerBot -- the malware that bricks IoT devices -- has announced his retirement in an email to Bleeping Computer, also claiming to have bricked over 10 million devices since he started the "Internet Chemotherapy" project in November 2016. Similar to the authors of the Mirai malware, the BrickerBot developer dumped his malware's source code online, allowing other crooks to profit from his code. The code is said to contain at least one zero-day. In a farewell message left on hundreds of hacked routers, the BrickerBot author also published a list of incidents (ISP downtimes) he caused, while also admitting he is likely to have drawn the attention of law enforcement agencies. "There's also only so long that I can keep doing something like this before the government types are able to correlate my likely network routes (I have already been active for far too long to remain safe). For a while now my worst-case scenario hasn't been going to jail, but simply vanishing in the middle of the night as soon as some unpleasant government figures out who I am," the hacker said.

Comment Judging the nonexistent (Score 1) 130

AI, of any complexity, is purely functional. Ergo, it is a machine. It is sentient if and only if your toaster is sentient.

You're claiming to define the limits of a prospective technology you've never laid hands upon, because it does not yet exist.

This is precisely like a caveman trying to explain the nature of the telephone.

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Journal Journal: India's Modi duels with his predecessor amid local election

NEW DELHI /December 14, 2017 (STL.News) — Against the backdrop of a bitterly fought local election, India is witnessing the unusual spectacle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi locked in a bitter verbal duel with his The post India s Modi duels with his predecessor amid local election appeared first on STL.News.

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Journal Journal: Asian shares mixed as Fed hike gives investors few surprises

HONG KONG /December 14, 2017 (STL.News) —Asian stocks were mixed on Thursday after the Fed raised rates again, meeting investor expectations but providing few surprises.

KEEPING SCORE: Japan's benchmark Nikkei 225 index dipped 0.2 percent to 22,...

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