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If, OTOH, many of them went back to buying printed pornography (as they did pre-Internet), then we'd have to account for the additional energy spent manufacturing, delivering, and procuring billions of additional paper magazines.

The fine article makes the point that the net has made it so easy to get porn that people consume so much more, that the much lower cost per image or second or whatever the right way to measure porn is (cost per boner?) is more than canceled out by the greater number of images/seconds/boners.

Is pornography in the digital era leaving a larger carbon footprint than it did during the days of magazines and videos?...But if pornography expertsâ(TM) estimates are accurate, they suggest a rare scenario where digitization might have increased the overall consumption of porn so much that the principal of dematerialization gets flipped on its head. The internet could allow people to spend so much time looking at porn that itâ(TM)s actually worse for the environment.

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The electric company wires are a great place to string fiber optic cables to every house. You already have the right-of-way, and fiber isn't affected by emi from the power lines. Put a tripple-play box (tv, internet, phone) inside the power meter and rent the bandwidth to anyone who wants a piece and you bypass all those pesky cable monopolies too.

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Trax3001BBS writes: if FCC won’t for the nation, Inslee says

"OLYMPIA – Washington will enforce its own version of net neutrality if the Federal Communications Commission votes Thursday to change national rules, Gov. Jay Inslee said Wednesday.

Standing with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, tech executives and state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Inslee said internet service providers that restrict access, block content or charge varying rates to different customers could find themselves facing sanctions from the state.

“There are some things worth fighting for,” Inslee said. “This is a free-speech issue as well as a business development issue.”"

Yep, my State is fighting back...

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dry season ... the newletter needs its quotum
my opinion on UFOs is "plato and the cave" i once saw a guy talking for 30 minutes straight to his hamburger on acid too (well the hamburger wasnt on acid as far as i know) and two people reach out at the same time for a "ball of light" that came down and hovered in front of them (at the same time ... yes on acid too .. it was a "thing" when i was 20 , i'm 44 now) no peer pressure, just availability
and quite fun in the right company
other than that, plato and the cave ... perception is reality, if you got ufos on your mind, anything from a distant flashlight to ball lightning might be one ... which doesnt mean there arent any ... as to why they would come fly over like "HAA HAA here we are, you cant have what we have LAlalala" then make like jack and hit the road ?
well, who is to say how aliens would reason if there were actually any here ... i'm more inclined toward Sagan and the Dolphettes (-ins, not nazis) that it becomes more unlikely to encounter "intelligence" (lets not call it life i mean the hackers-on-meth are "life" too, so is phoneboy-the-floormanager and that government official dyke who thinks she has power cos a title) lets call it "intelligence" (encompassing all kinds of Q from I- to E- and between and around) its more unlikely the further away from the center of "a" galaxy (or in the homocentric plato and the cave view) "the" galaxy ... which means its more unlikely the further away from the center of "a" universe or (blabla etc...) "the" universe as you get less galaxies per cubic (what would that be ? per cubic lightyear?) so statistically sapients (lets call it earthlings are slightly fucked) living in an old box on a shelf in a forgotten barn at the backside of a trailer park in the far side of the desert of "a" galaxy which doesnt make it impossible reasoning on "alien" reasoning is a waste of time imo, most sapients are quite homocentric in a way such as that they "assume" rules of logic apply (while not even rules of nature might all apply depending on where they're from) "what hooood yuw at ?" so , ufos might be a construct but they dont have to be, alien life might be "drill" the alien in your lightbulb flashing, thinking to itself GODS DAM that homo (sapiens) doesnt understand jack fucking alien morseshyte SO, thats my opinion, part of it (maar dat was niet masjen and no college degree so shut up and do as you're told i suppose) SURE .. (nods and smiles)

Comment Interesting to watch this develop (Score 1) 113

I ran some of my own ARM code through this. While I did build with -Os, I did not strip the .elf. The source it produced was a reasonable approximation of what I wrote, but it was far from legible. Little things like using hexadecimal for memory addresses are a minor nitpick, but I found it had trouble even with basic interrupt handlers. I would have expected something aimed at targeting embedded systems would do a better job of of this, but still... very interesting (and very fast)!

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An anonymous reader writes: You can earn s from different sources. Newspapers and magazines show information about various products and how they feed in the market. You can obviously get information about particular brands, their features, their advantages, and disadvantages from these reviews. Different companies announce up reviews of their products on the web for the growth of the consumers. Samsung Microwave oven Repair Center in Hyderabad There are certain firms which hold out the comparison of their produce with competitors and achievement the benefits of their own product. By experts are extremely successful to consumers.

Comment You can't legislate competence, or even interest (Score 1) 208

There are plenty of "mandate by law secure systems" already. Doesn't do much good because laws don't create competence. "Requiring" that agencies be secure doesn't even make people *want* to do a good a job - an apathetic sysasdmin indeed becomes MORE apathetic with each new regulation.

I've been required to follow federal security standards before, at a government job. The federal standards required we use MD5. We wanted to use SHA256, because it's FAR more secure. MD5 has been broken for several years. But regulations are regulations. Gotta follow the regulations, although it means any script kiddie can access your account.

Another poster pointed out DoD has been hacked over and over again. One reason is that DoD suckerity standards *require* you to do really stupid things. Even government standards such as NIST which are optional and therefore more quickly updated say you must NOT do some of the things DoD requires, because following the government mandates forces security weaknesses.

The fact is, Amazon has hundreds of security professionals working for them and they've put thousands of man-hours into the security of RDS. I'd challenge anyone to find even one federal government database server anywhere that is as secure as RDS with the default security group. There is no perfect security, but the "security" mandates the feds operate under result in some of the least secure systems around.

That said, if an underpaid, unqualified, apathetic diversity hire at a government agency fires up a *Windows* server on AWS and install their own outdated copy of SQL Server, then actively sets the security group to allow connections from everywhere, they aren't going to benefit much from all the security efforts that have been applied to RDS. They certainly can screw up with an AWS server just like they can screw up with a physical server. They'll screw up a lot less if they let Amazon handle the servers and they use services like RDS, Glacier, and Lamda.

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